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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 25, 2016 1:05am-1:30am MST

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[ cl tounge atch and -- "okay, t secds, the c doesn't seezs??m like tt long.? i thk that's theeauty and is becs t uch putti you in a place where you don't have to
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i mean, there's a reason everyone's not there, just enjoying themselves. and seeing as how we're chasing the best conditions we can find, it also means that we're going to places where it snows a lot. and where it snows a lot, you have avalanches. and yeah, in the film, i get swept over a cliff in an avalanche. it's a heavy part of the film, but, you know, it's a -- it's a reality that comes with doing what we do. ? us going up to steeper mountains provides us the ability to have more speed because we need speed in order to operate. it's definitely been said that while, you know, most people are trying to avoid certain things on the mountain and in the back country, usually we have our eye on utilizing it.
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for us, it's to a point where it's, you know, it's creative expression, us snowboarding and what we're trying to do. the weird stuff, the is strange stuff, is just one more thing that allows us a challenge for a, you know, equation to solve. and so, inevitably, yeah, banking off a tree, tapping off a rock, or finding some strange thing to interpret, i mean, that's -- that's what we find. that's what keeps it interesting. >> that's art for you. >> amen. ? >> carson: that was travis rice. "the fourth phase" is incredible, and it's right now. we'll be right back. ? look how big my hands are. yeah. ooh. rawr. how much am i making for this again?
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>> carson: i'd just like to add another episode of "last call" comes and goes. so thanks to everyone here at skylark, you for watching. now, bob mould is going to return and play a little more music for you from echoplex, thanks to them and we'll see you soon. ? ? ? ? ? tears at my heart rips at my soul calling you out
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? open your mouth take my sin look at you on your knees again ? ? i didn't want to let you change my mind so everyone gets everything all the time ? ? outside you go dark confetti fills the sky ? ? oh this place what kind of hell have i made for myself ? ? catch me as i'm losing focus
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around my neck and turn ? ? late at night the party's done the sad broke mess that we've become ? ? basking in the afterglow my whole lifes a fantasy show for no one ? ? ? ?
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? ? in my dreams you fade away from me through time through space and emotion ? ? in my dreams you fade away from me through time through space and emotion ? ? ? ? i could fade away i could fade away i could fade away i could fade away ? ? i could fade away
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? ? ? ? i could fade i could fade i could fade i could fade ? ? >> thank you.
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sexy single thanksgiving. >> you are just being dramatic. >> after her nasty break up, we are on the record about her break up. >> keep the ring. >> a celebrity bake off in a star's kitchen. >> what is this? >> my son is everything. >> the dads and moms.
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>> i'm looking at the turkey dinner with melissa mccarthy. >> behind the scenes of her new movie. >> for november 24th, 2016. >> we are thankful you joined us. 2016oo when she split from her billionaire fiance. >> you will not catch her singing the break up blues. she is rocking in the holidays with paradise. >> we get to see the gorgeous wedding dress. >> what goes through your mind? how emotional is that for you? >> i can sit here and be in an
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>> it's a safe space. say whatever you want. >> those moments, you have to focus on whatever you are focusing on and keep it moving. >> have you had to reedit and your has changed. >> things change from day to day. we're got an advanced peek before the premier and from a quick shot, there is absolutely zero sign of her ex-billionaire james packer. >> you going to keep the ring? i would. >> then you just errored your question. >> something our female fans really love is inconvenience fee. >> we deserve so much more than that.
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>> despite the split, there is no shortage of men in her life. her ex is supporting her through this time and so is her back up dancer, brian tanaka. >> she a hoty and the speculation that you guys are dating. can we clear it up? what is going on? you have to wait and watch the show. >> you are just being dramatic. >> >> how do you guys work that out? >> he was coming to see the kids anyway and i was like do you mind being on the show? it's just about being nice with the other parent and not making it a competition or anything like that. >> what are your plans for the holidays? >> the usual plan. santa claus comes every
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as well. the snowy christmas in aspen. it's my favorite time of year. >> she will be back on stage in honolulu tomorrow and saturday night. if you think your turkey day can be awkward, be thankful you are not a kardashian. >> i'm going to [ bleep ] the diet and kylie is making thanksgiving dinner this year. i can't ask free. i don't want to. >> you know the yams will be ready because they will be really, really soft. >> this is what we imagined it would look like. kim and kanye are talking about their plans as to when they return to social media. don't snap chat me in. everyone posts stuff about dinner and their clothes. >> i'm going to grab my phone.
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will khloe bring anyone? kris will bring cory campbell. two years and they are still together. tyga used to be engaged to black china and she is?:?=??7 engaged and they are parents to baby dream. their sol kid's table with north and mason and reign. it's kendall who will be the in the doghouse after she barbed
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>> here is a family who has been counting the days to the holidays. they will have o doerable baby luna and she has been tooking?op a storm. that's topping my tuna casserole. >> she is all about the homemade comfort food. one look will leave you feeling hungry. knowsow to eak it off. badd, sweet treats. >> iqw lng for he cookg, gover to kate meatbal a
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you?d washed yos? not just abo cookin up?(he?ate the words to can stoth feelg. i feel like i'm?p that guy who bragging on his kid, but he is
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he?a?h?7proud.:'.s hearing davi. ?kli girl. my children?"? ually but i'm stricrith the me i trouble with my w when e asked for z?w children back home. >> kid ther.
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and she went not only halloween 's a wk. i am sweing ofe??music???h?g crazy. the rock is not the onl reon?) we?u?$m want you t meet the n talent sheas one of e most beautifutoronounceit. parve e4ymoing of the!u wind
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d you? >> no. i was a freshman in high school me that. i family ng is andhat has its]?fs] been lik r them? >> increble for?i? all of us. mom is along for the journey and it's the perfect bance betwn the?f celebrity that?@% neut >> you a a star now.
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five thirateful for. >>is hubby and her so?]?j but
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andg eatin c with each other.
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sing. >> right nlaundry. it's cut to hr?>ey?f$? him sayt. ?/?]m dressp occasion and whether:t it's dinner out with yourlfr the red carpet or >> andinally carrie?o?6? perfme a con o the cruise ship wehobe gra all sful for the men and peopleho keeps8 safe.?f >> it's important to say thank you to our militaryfamilies. >> gilmore gls
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breaking down the reot. who is returning and who is ?'n? >> his ey is soerful.
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>> there ahings i am thankful for. is melissa s?carthy. a new comy is coming out and went to visit her and she was shting a scene on a racket she challenged me and i'm thankful >> we are going toit that ball.?"b >> anything goes and the mor
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speaki of not safe melisss husband has be in harm's way a
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affair, and here michaead another super quick moment. four i??2f?4m?> slammedhe door. >> they slam itl4 bter than anybody. ?p>>ouoved the atla


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