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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 25, 2016 11:37pm-12:04am MST

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ust got them more excited. [ laughter ] inducted into the national toy ? and finay, a cn called arrest recently after he tried to s of gold out of his work pl hidden in his rectum. even crazier, he had a backpack.
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if any dogs are out there goes. [ lahter ] oug be?ooo to our broom.?o and h sleeps in his room.
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i'll open the beoodo, d ? she'llo. and she has to go into the baby's room and she goes io that bathroom, and then she just cos right back. anthen wheshe comes oh, it gets creepier. and then she just like, head io the thing. talng this morni?wng and she was sayi,
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close my eyes. look. [ laughter ] set on devil. [ light laughter ] you should put it on the devil setting. as we mentioned yesterday, very little is known about w actuall govern as president. one way to glean what he might do is to look at his personnel choices. and when it comes to those personal choices there seems to be some internal divisions. for more on this it's ti for "a closer look." ? >> seth: remember trump had different campaign managers ove( the course of the election.
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the appoino>?
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interest. whcome president i my i have inka and eric and don sitting the company kid. have a good time.
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? [ cheers and applause ]
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hey uickcome q. my new beer, stella artois, is finished. the people will love it. originally brewed for the holidays. enjoyed ever since.
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? [ cheers and applaus]?rdda? h:g< please give it up r th 8g band right over there.?t?: [ cheers andpplause o me" is out now. say hello totom willar yb eethank you souch for ing back >> seth: sh a plsure to have you.edw abo?mut this.?u oufirsu&t est toght is an ?t
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ch true meaning of christmas? >> exactly. >> seth: please welcome to the show billy bob thornton, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> seth: how are you? >> not bad. >> seth: i'm really, really happy to have you here. >> i'm glad to be here. >> seth: we were talking back
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15 years. >> 15 years. >> seth: the last time we saw each other was in this building. you hosted "snl" the thanksgiving episode 2001. >> that's exactly right. >> seth: yeah. >> and we did some fun skits together. >> seth: we did some fun skits. >> and you were just a fledgling at the point. >> seth: i was -- i did not know what was going on. >> and i was terrified. >>es it was exactly like you guys said it would be. u not going to know what you're doing. and we're going to look like we don't know what we're doing. and we're nogoing to tto do. and the show is going to fly by going to want to do it again. >> seth: yeah. >> and that's exactly what it was like. >> seth: that i think is -- >> yeah. >> seth: i hear that over and over again. >> it was fantastic. >> seth: so, this is very exciting for me. usually when a movie like "bad
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>> right. >> seth: and it feels like we're past the window and yet here we are now with "bad santa 2." >> that's right. that's right. [ laughter ] >> seth: but it's very exciting because you have the original -- the kid, thurman is back, and he's a grown man. >> oh yeah. and it's creepy. yeah. >> seth: did you always -- was this something you were always planning on doing. having a second one? >> we always talked about it. i mean, we were pretty sure we would make a sequel at some point but, you know, the studio kind of changed hands a couple of times. and then the studio came back in it's new incarnation so once all you could -- we were clear to do one and all of that. and took three or four years to get the right story and the right script. because we didn't want to just throw one out there, you know. >> seth: right. >> i think a lot of times when comedies have sequels they think "well how can we make this one different and yet the same?" so they just make it broader. >> seth: sure. >> and we just made this one creepier. >> seth: i think your fans will enjoy it. >> yeah. >> seth: well it is so funny you mention that it's creepy but it also seems to have now entered
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every year. it's like a modern "miracle on 34th street" with just awful people in it. >> exactly. >> seth: yeah. >> it's got -- >> seth: are you surprised at the age of people who have told you they have seen this film? >> oh yeah it's shocking. i mean grandmothers come up to me all the time. you know, people i normally wouldn't mention the movie to. and they do it all the time. sometimes i'll be out, you know, in the glendale galleria as i do. >> seth: sure, yeah. >> aor story i'm at the glendale galleria. >> seth: gotcha. >> and like a little kid will say "mommy that's bad santa." like a little kid, you know. and i'm like "what kind of parents are you anyway?" >> seth: that's not age appropriate. >> yeah. it's weird. >> seth: is it true that sometimes people take issue with the fact that you have taken the sacred holiday of christmas and your film haruined it.p( >>eah.1?
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right, people shouldn't stand up in the back and say richard nixon never robbed banks. >> exactly, how do you feel about >jruining the good name o richard nixon? >> seth: yeah. also not interesting fact, richard nixon did not turn up there either. >> no. >> seth: so you have a lot of the original cast and then some new people. we saw christina hendricks in that clip. and then kathy bates plays your mother in the film. >> plays my mom, yes. >> seth: and i think we find out a lot about why you've turned into a bad person because she is a horrifying person. >> absolutely. >> seth: maybe worse than you. >> oh absolutely. i mean, that's the thing about the new movie. this one pushed the raunchy stuff a little further. i mean it's not, there's not more profanity in this one. it's just we're more descriptive
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>> yeah. >> seth: perfect christmas story. >> it's a great christmas story. one some of us know very well. and by the way, your drummer, who you were talking about earlier, looks like joel cohen. >> seth: yeah he does look like joel cohen. one of the cohen brothers. >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> i'll take that. >> yeah. >> seth: i wanna -- we were talking backstage you are on this fantastic new show called "goliath" on amazon. >> right. >> seth: which i really like. but also last, i guess now two years ago, or so you were in "fargo." we've been mentioning joel cohen. >> right. >> thank you. >> seth: and i loved it for a lot of reasons but here is your -- this is a very unique look. >> oh yeah. >> seth: for those that haven't seen it. you play a cold hearted hit man and that's not what you think, when you -- that's a weird hair cut. >> yeah. what happened was i got a bad hair cut. >> seth: in real life. >> yeah, in real life. >> seth: by accident? >> yeah. it was an accident.
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tell. it's normally this color. but anyway so i looked at myself in the mirror before we started growing the beard out like that ???hthisas an iconic look." >> seth: yeah.mi?j >> and that's methg you're going toemember and if this know? >> seth: yeah. >> i thought it would be an interesting look for a killer. >> seth: and the thing i loved of course when you hosted nl" you met the great lorne chaels. >> that's right. >> seth: your killers name was lorne melvo. >> lorne melvo. >> seth: i really enjoyed that there was a cold-hearted killer named lorne. i want to ask about this as ?j??well. you -- i've heard you mention in interviews. that you and your daughter, who's 12 is that correct? >> yes. >> seth: you guys watch "my little pony" together.
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are you a fan of it? >> you know. here goes my reputation. but, yes. >> seth: i put the cold-hearted hit man first. >> oh good, way to go. >> seth: and then we transition into this. >> that's right. no, actually my daughter and i, we read "my little pony" books. there's a --it's complicated we don't have time but there's the little kid version -- >> seth: sure. >> of "my little pony" but now there's this other version of it that's for older kids. >> seth: "my little pony" like after dark? like what? >> yeah, yeah. exactly. but, we can go so many way >> seth: yeah. >> but one way or the other we fod one of her old books recently and we started watching the ow. >> seth: yeah. >> and the themes, actually underlying themes were pretty heavy. i mean like, there was one about like big brother and "1984" and all of that kind of thing, it's really cool. so then they have this other
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it's the pony characters but they're in another dimension and they're now teenage girls who go to high school and guys, you know. >> seth: but like girl ponies. >> they're the same characters only now they're girls they're not horses. >> seth: oh my goodness. >> yeah. and so now that she's 12 we watch that mostly and she likes twilight sparkle. >> seth: okay. do you have a favorite? >> i like rainbow dash and fluttershy because she talks like marilyn monroe. >> seth: right, right. that's great. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: that's a nice thing for a fatherer. >> a >> seth: thank you so much for being here. let's not make it 15 years until we cross paths again. billy bob thornton everybody. "bad santa 2" isth we'll be right back with lily collins.?=??? ?
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back everybody, our next guest is a talented actress whose new film, "rules don't apply" opens in theaters november 23rd. let's take a look. >> i feel, old. >> old? >> i mean wouldn't you say in hollywood as a rule when you've been here as long as i have that you should have alread maybe i'm not the right girl for this. i mean, aren't you supposed to and casual about everything. i'm a square. i can't really act, i can't dance, i can write songs but i can't really sing. a movie actress should sing ite. wouldn't you say that's true? i mean as a rule -- i mean in this town aren't those the rules? >> what? >> come on, frank, you know the rules. >> seth: please welcome to the show lily collins, everybody. ?
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>> seth: i'm so very happy to have you here. >> i'm so happy. finally. >> seth: finally. >> i feel like i've run into you over the past couple years and every time, "it's like please have me on." >> seth: i know, i beg you. i beg you. >> no, it's me begging you. i just haven't had something, i don't know. >> seth: i'm so sorry that i have said no every time. [ laughter ] >> it's horrible. >> seth: i have this and i say, "no i don't li that, come up with something better." appropriate for our show.?
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?2>> if i'm doing a tumor and i zeing in on it, i like "i ca
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we've got a great show coming it'll include music from holy ghost by way of the regent,


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