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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 26, 2016 2:05am-2:26am MST

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emerges in northern california nearly lee weeks after her apparent abduction. the details still largely a mystery. daring escape. they cut through bars, lowered themselves with sheets and clothing. tonight two inmates remain on the run. not allergic? the surprise finding about penicillin that could affect millions of americans. new research shows many diagnosed as allergic might not be. america's mom, remembering the life of florence henderson
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brady bunch" and so much more. and a thanksgiving dinnerw>?? forget. "nightly news" begins right now. ? from nbcews world headqs?y? "nbc nightly news with lester holt." >> good evening, a holiday ritual some say is living on fromast to coast toart the ch and holiday shopping season. but the buying frenzy was not restricted to traditional stores, as more and more ways to cash in.or but it is an especially critical weekend for retailers whose bargains and unbeatable promotions nbc's jolenem1?k?k kenthk1o?"
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shoppers grabbing dp discounts on towels at this walmart in georgia. streaming into the mall of erica, traffic during black fro far, macy saying high vo was tod to ra'1hsil day. a j.c
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cy's hours bef it ?r the hoday shopping ekend is make or?
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and well. woman who was ate t w with her famil being found sc at the side of an isapc'sz is there whelatest. >> reporter: a?h?;?nd 30 a.m. >> p i found 1 miles aycy8
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ati'ar for her began???? right here o three f' ayrom her?< hou. no her nghbors?h supportive everyone has beeether as aagain. >> reporte sr,fa the sheriff's department has what papini has told them bay ty are for two hispanic women armed
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already under a state of emergency after isis attacks kil more than 20 civilians since 2015, foiled a major and imnant icy attack ofcialcaie of the alleged terror cell was in?( strassbourg where the christmas market is up. four suspects were arrested there and another on sunday. but the orders french officials claim came right from icy leadership. the attacks planned for as early as
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from the iraqui, syria region via enkripted apps popular with terrorist, the paris prosecutor said. french authorities say
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?ro >> reporter: isis may be under attack, but that could make it at le in the near ten more dange. the paris procutor you see in movies, the window bars cut?t off, a make-shift rope used to get to the ground, only this time it was real and two inmates who apparently had the tools and imagination to are still on the run this evening. been offered. our miguel guerre has the details. >> reporter: tonight san fr
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escape. >> reporter: the jail break, like a plot out of hollywood. four inmates cutting their way through steel bars, squeezing through a small wi?'tfow, ra pellingbi]j two floors down using bed sheets and clothing to two inmate?xs caught by a sheriff's deputy, pping have been on the run fothey escaped from the oldest section of the santa clara county jail where there are no cameras. with tactical teams ready to tonight, the sheriffsays the s are dangerous, desperate and could also be arm almaguerre, nbc news. >> not much of a holiday break for the incoming trump administration which announced two more appointments today and
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notably secretary of state. the trump team also trying to fulfill a campaign promise of preventing some american factory jobs from going to mexico. let's get the latest tonight from nbc's she is third female appointmenolnational security posts in nixon, ford and reagan ul administrations. 6 shin 201 ran for senate, attempting to unseat new york's then senate hillary clinton. a fox news analyst. >> the united states is in retreat everywhere in the world. >> she is known for her hard line??x vws and criti?)cism of president obama. as?ypx for 48-yearld mcghan,e is a attorney for the trump ca aved
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keep working class jobs in the u.s. mike pence serving as chief negotiator in indiana, aiming to prevent c following through with current plans to move a major plant to mexico. >> reporter: late tonight wisconsin,
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geles overnig '70s tv-2[j icon florence hendson has died. y4 the causef deathas heart failure. though her body of work spanned more than 50 years from stage to daytime shows to reality tv, she will best be remembered as the always upbeat and nurturing mom in that adorable blended tv family we know as "the (k?f brady bunch." ? here's a story ? ? of a lovely lady ? >> she was america's mom, who dealt with problems like this. >> marcia marcia! >> now, sweeeart, you're not in anybody's shadow p. >> and this. >> peter? >> don't sit up here alone. come on henderson, aka mrs. brady, was? beamed intous householdsgs ea week in the sweet comedy "the brady bunch."y?9 born in dale, indiana, she began her career quickly
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in "f" broadway. the spunky blond became a trail blazer. ? walking around ??q screens long after mrs. brady said her last good night. >> good night. >> hereag as a shock to many. earlier this week she was seen in the audience of "dancing with the stars." today condolences came pouring in from her
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be able to still do what i love. i'm just grateful. >> florence henderson, the matriarch of a] generation. >> florence henderson was 82. still ahead here tonight, if you've ever been told you're allergic to penicillin, a new study will make you think twice and may change the way many are treated when they z4? get sick. also, we take you to that accidental thanksgiving dinner that began with a
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up to 50 million americans have been told they're allergic to penicillin, a label that can last for life, forcing peoe to avoid taking the most effective antibiotics. a surprise finding most of those people are not really allergic afteran. nbc's dr. john torres has details. >> spencer jon 15 months old e ?0? peniin>> if it stayed in hs ar given antibtics that weren't as effective, that were probably more >> reporter: ttoy the 10-year-old is at is
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dr. john torres, nbc
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? a different kind of delay of game for nfl fans yesterday, not to mention a most welcome one. national anthem, all four minutes and 35 seconds of it. in case you were wondering, the hch star spangled banner" usually takes a few minutes, but she is queen of soul. you don't earn that title by letting a football game clock get in the way of a fantastic performance. the official white house christmas tree arrived in grand style, 19 feet tall, atop the horse drawn carriage. for the last time, the
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to receive it, accompanied by her nephews, the kids she calls her rye replacement kids jokingly. her daughters were sleeping, it is the holidays after all. a boy in florida determined to spread cheer, so determined in fact he had to make an emergency phone call. >> walton county, 911, what's the address of the emergency. >> hello. you come over because we are having thanksgiving. th and with such nice manners, the invitation was accepted and billie got a visit from a pair of deputies later that day. since it is customary for guests to bring something, the officers gave billy a badge and let him sit in their patrol car. when we come back, an
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finally tonight, an update to an inspiring story we told you about last week. the grandmother who invited a 17-year-old stranger to thanksgiving after accidentally texting him her family's dinner plans. the story sparked a huge response from viewers, touched by their story of kindness. last night there was an extra setting at
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follow up. >> like grandmas across the country, wanda dent spent thanksgiving morning in the kitchen. >> golden brown. >> reporter: but her turkey dinner was one the entire country was waiting for. >> i never in a million years would think this would happen. i am so happy. >> reporter: right up front, jamaal. >> her guest of honor, a young man she didn't know two weeks ago. jamaal hinton is the teen grandma wanda accidentally texted about thanksgiving wasn't her grandson. but when he jokingly asked for a plate anyway, wanda responded, sure, that's what grandmas do. their text went viral. responses poured in from around the country. >> this is an e-mail. >> reporter: including this one from wanda's coworker. >> what we all need to do, we just love, spread kindness and break bread together. you remind me of my mother. she was a beautiful soul. >> reporter: in a year many americans worried about political tension at the table,
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struck a nerve. >> you're a celebrity. >> i guess so. >> reporter: on thanksgiving the two finally broke bread. >> that was pretty risky though. >> to go to a stranger's house, yes. i'm thinking the same thing. i'm thinking the same exact thing. >> reporter: but for jamaal and wanda, what started as a mistake quickly seemed meant to be. >> i just like clicked when i met him, when i first talked to him. i was just, oh, my gosh, i want to get to know this guy. >> you have to send me >> i will, of course. >> reporter: they say their friendship will continue long after the camea
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night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good


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