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tv   Today  NBC  November 29, 2016 7:00am-8:47am MST

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at his graduation last pun from community state college. on monday nearing the end of his first semester at ohio state, police say he launched a deliberate attack on his classmates calls poured in to 911. >> i think it is some type of terror attack. he d it purposely.was a guy do? consciously. >> reporter: shortly before the attack, campus surveillance cameras captured the suspect alone driving a relative's car. artan jumped a curb crashing w in unsuspecting facultand students. that's whepo car with a butcher shot and killed artan
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then the campus went i lockdown. >> it's not real. you go numb.?w>> reporter:aw en officials say they are still far from determining a motive but have notuled t?v?d?u?o authorities sa?oy artan alleged left behind a messx?age on his facebook page, attacks on ?c a boiling point, it read. "i can't take it anymore.""rhe anwar al awlaki killed by a u. drone in yemen law enforcement officials say ?u
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vestigors wie see if there was anyone who gave him any help or pection from ov. theyre looki at his persf?lq life to see if there w any d?h kind of trigger that led him to do this.
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it's been by morning for the presi official a new top pt in his administraon. interviews,ncluding one other b cabinet positions and all of it follows a busy night for him, at least on twitter where he took aim at those unsubstantiatedlafraud. today, a new name for the new cabinet, the person picked to head health and human services
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options over the high profile position of secretary of state. mitt romney is set to visit new york today with a second round of?jxa talks with president-ele trump despite months of?qaion. >> do you still think he's a con artist, >> romney never awering that question. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his attacks earlier this year had one of trump's top aides publicly putting romney down. >> we don't even know if he posting this photo with the president-elect, a clear rebuke
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after. >> if you have ever, if you have proof, bring it forward. if you don't, then to allege it is very, very irresponsible. >> the president-elect and his team have also been speaking out against a recount initiated by the green party in wisconsin with today being the deadline for that party to pay the $3.5 million expense for the recount in that state. all of it as the party led by jill stein backs a recount
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with the deadline there tomorrow. matt, savannah. >> thank schools and government offices in cuba will be closed for a second day country. back here at home, the fbi is investigating a bizarre incident that happened at houston's airport. a passenger jumped out of a plane that had just landed. the united airlines flight from new orleans was on the tarmac waiting to taxi to a gate when a woman opened the emergency exit door and jumped out. in this surveillance video, you can actually see her. yeah. there she is. running away from the plane toward the terminal. she was stopped by police, questioned by the fbi.
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with a bomb-sniffing dog as a precaution and just this morning nbc news has learned she will not be charged. she's at a psychiatric hospital for evaluation. >> imagine being on that plane when that happened? >> some scary moments. >> let's bring back al for another look at the weather. >> we had an area yesterday down through the gulf coast where some severe weather. that area's a little juiced up, and it is back again. a strong line of storms moving from atlanta down into the panhandle of florida. so we have another enhanced risk from tupelo all the way down into central louisiana. 14 million people under risk for severe weather. a few tornadoes possible with this storm. rainfall amounts, beneficial rain. though it won't get rid of the drought but we are talking about anywhere fm one to three inches of rain stretching from new orleans almost all the way up to washington, d.c. by the next 72 we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next
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weeks after she wasabducted. she was set to speak with investigators today. we're live with some new developments in that case. and america's chernobyl. is this the most toxic place in america?
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itent down on approach to the intel airrnationart in
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video game consoles, andtelevis. lso this morning, there that my?kerious abducon of a california mother who was found
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long process of telliin she
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to tha him for her supp >> they wer b?o?loth very thank. i'm sure feeling relieved it way over. now the healing begins. facts of the case and what w k wit?.atio.
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?? two to four inches of rain in spots. if you can take the train, do it flights may be a bit of a problem. look at this also. we've got some heavy snow and
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an ireask of iecs and lowered ability to fight them may occur..
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7:40 now. we're back with our 7:40 now. we're back with our special series "undercovered" which exposes issues you don't always see in the headlines. >> nbc correspondent ronan farrow is here with a closer look at containing america's nuclear waste. for this story we headed to
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an underground ckdhernyl waiting to happen. american government is spending $2 billion taxpayer dollars a year but a lot of lives are in the balance. >> i wake up. >> reporter: seth says he's never smoked but has severe lung disease usually caused by smoking. an athletic 35-year-old father of four win hours began to experience symptoms. >> i started having breathing problems and it hasn't gone away since. >> reporter: 70 years ago the site produced plutonium for america's nuclear arsenal. today it is run by the department of energy through its contractor, washington river
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last the next 50 years. 56 million gallons of chemical and nuclear waste stored in 177 tanks like the ones behind me. they're underground but they are leaking. there is a vapor leak just today not far from here. vapors containing toxic and radioactive chemicals known to cause cancer, brain and lung damage. this year alone, 61 workers have been exposed. >> i've evaluated 29 people symptoms range from respiratory to cognitive. some of the worst cases of dementia that i've seen in young people, more likely than not i think is caused by the exposure they had at hanford. >> reporter: we put out a call for current and former workers who believe they were exposed. we could only fit 11 in our interview. diana's story is all too common. >> i have shaking on the right side of my body and dementia. >> i've been diagnosed with some pretty bad nerve damage. sometimes the pain gets so great i just pass out. >> losing my memory.
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?( safety problems at the site. including this one from 2014, finding a causal link between vapor exposure and lung and braige or safe. yw?t nothing t worabout. >>ow does it meous. >> repr:anyf th reports recommd wearfirefighters. but for years, thatt to y to
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>> almner. they wou l. >> rorter: the hanforde, a loca group, says that at least three deaths have a documented link to exposure at hanford. some washington state officials are now intervening. >> the federal government has known about it. the fact that they've not doing anything so far is an absolute scandal. >> reporter: the lieutenant governor has pledged to investigate. >> you consider the risk not only to our workers but the water supply, it is like a stephen king novel. the country should be thinking about. >> they've known for decades, year after year, report after report. >> reporter: attorney general bob ferguson is taking an even more unusual step, suing the federal government. why haven't they acted? >> to me it is unforgunforgivab. they have to live with themselves about that. how many more workers have to be sick before they do something? that's my question. i really want to know. >> reporter: we headed to hanford to do just that. site is highly restricted by the
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with the senior official, mark whitney. >> all the workers to date referred for medical evaluation have been returned to work. >> we have spoken to workers that have not returned to work that are seriously, even terminally ill. is it the department of energy's position that these illnesses are not related to the exposures? >> i wish we had a more complete understanding of those circumstances. but a lot of effort has gone in to the last couple years to strengthening our efforts to deal with the vapor exposure, potential vapor exposure issue. >> this is of a woman named diana. when they say that her serious possibly even terminal illnesses are a direct result of exposure here at hanford, what do you say to that? >> well, again, i am not a medical professional and can't provide a qualified medical opinion. >> reporter: whitney says this year the department of energy invested $50 million in air monitoring. i asked one subcontractor testing the air next to a set of tanks what readings he was
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allowed to say. >> you're>> no. r here diffeerent froir??rs the >> not really. >> reporter: whitney told me t? partme m posure limits.ional we have documents showing internal rdiy 2009, mercury 473% above occupational limits. ammonia, 1,800% above occupational limits. why were workers not told? >> i'm not aware of what workers were told readings. potentially those measurements were taken at the top of a 20 or 40-foot stack where workers would not be. >> reporter: but the department's own study found workers at that distance are at risk costs??g money?p? kee safer. >> reporter: king fiveo> chief investigator reporter susanna frame says the danger goes beyond the workers like the risk a tank could xloed and contaminate a large area. >> if you care about peopleha are doing the wor of this country, that is needed so that
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you should care about hanford. >> nobody wants to hear us. they just want to scoop it under the rug. >> our lives don't matter. our health does not matter. we are simply a business decision. >> the thing that bothers me is that there are still people out there that are walking around taking these exposures. >> so the contractor running this site did reach an agreement with the unions to provide air tanks to all workers for now. but experts say that doesn't solve the broader problems. it is impossible to or died as a result of exposure at hanford, but we know the department of labor has put that number at about 11,000. 11,000, you guys. >> she said it is all about money. what kind of money is it going to take to make that place safe as they continue to try to clean it up? >> it slows down work to have them wearing heavy protective gear and expert after expert tells me that's something that the contractor just doesn't want to do here. the hope is that as a result of this lawsuit, as a result of the attention we are giving this
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still to come, natalie portman willoin$=?-?5?r us. she covered gifts for women
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?#a?f?#?1?9 that sound. like nails on a but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound.?9 thsound of the weekend.
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as it wa but northern
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danger. plus, becoming ckie. withfz
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we're going to light that tree behind us tomorrow night. and it is going to rain hard. >> if it would only stay warm like this because it is really nice out. >> i have a feeling there may be a window of us to be able to get the tree lit. >> really! that's what i'm going with. as we mentioned, natalie portman is here. we are excited about this. she is going to talk about starring as one of the most iconic women of the last century, jackie i "jackie." >> incredible performance. it was ladies first, but this morning it is all about the guys. our pal, jill martin, is back with a new batch of "steals and deals" to help you find the perfect affordable holiday gift. we have a lot to get to this morning. let's start with "the news at 8." i'm stephanie gosk live at ohio state university where you can see students returning to class nearly 24 hours after this
7:55 am
authorities say a student plowed into fellow students, faculty and staff. this morning we have new details about the suspect's past, as well as a post that law enforcement officials say he left on his facebook page just before the attack. >> reporter: overnight, shock and sadness on the campus of ohio state. a pastor breaking down as he led an emotional prayer vigil. late monday, police and federal agents searched the apartment of abdul investigators also poring through posts of what appear to be the suspect's facebook page. law enforcement tells nbc news artan posted a rant that attacks on muslims worldwide "led to a boiling point. i can't take it anymore." the post ends on a chilling note. "by allah, i am willing to kill a billion infidels for a single disabled muslim." a law enforcement source says the message was posted shortly
7:56 am
>> i'm thinking it is some type of terror attack. >> why. >> because the guy ran a car through a crowd of students. >> reporter: 11 people were hospitalized. only artan was killed. shot by university policeman alan horujko. this morning a clearic graduating in honors in may with an associate's degree. he went on to ohio state to continue his studies telling a campus publication -- i wanted to pray in the open but i was kind of scared with everything that's going on in the media. going on to say, "if people look at me, a muslim praying, i don't know what they're going to think, what's going to happen." a somali refugee, he left his
7:57 am
becoming a permanent resident of the u.s. living temporarily in a shelter in dallas before settling in ohio according to records maintained by catholic charities. but authorities are still a long way from knowing what motivated artan to attack his fellow students at ohio state. investigators are looking in to see if artan was given any assistance or any direction. but they are not ruling out the possibility that he acted on his something personal in his life. a bit of good ns out of here th?is morng. we are told that of the six injured people admitted at theb. two remain there in stable condition. matt? >> stephanie gosk, thank you
7:58 am
shelters. officials from the smoky untain national park say they've never seen anything like this in their entire career. they'reefprepared. for now in?m gatlinburg, brando bates, back to you. >> thank you very much. now on the latest on the deadly charter plane crash colombia overnight. 76 people were killed, five survived. . plane was carrying members of a brazilian soccer tournament in medellin, colombia. investigators say the plane may
7:59 am
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? faded glory flannel shirts, classic and comfortable fit. $8 each. save money. live better. walmart back at 8:10. time for what's "trending" today. >> who likes to go out to eat at restaurants? who likes to go out and eat
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>> sometimes. >> what if you could go to a restaurant and actually never speak to anyone? not a host, not a waiter, no one? there is a restaurant in brooklyn that's bringing that idea to life. it is a ramen shop designed to limit your interactions with others. a seating chart lets you know what table is available. you sit down and fill out a menu. a button lets you call for the it with aer. when your food is ready, a server brings it. you don't actually see his or her face. their hands come out andri that's hid behind a partition. it is part of a popular chain in japan. it is the first american location of that chain. buzzfeed calling it a place for introe >> i like to see the person who serves me my food i wouldn't even mind seeing the
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of the people serving your food. it is a little weird. i like the idea of eating alone. but a little chitchat is nice. i know we've all had these moments. you are being looking for something or you walk into a room and forget why you went there, like have you seen my -- cup? this can happen to anyone. i mean anyone. you think it is a senioromen take a look at this. >> i need my goggles. >> say that again. n?,?ee>> imy goggles. you n >> i need my goggles. >> where are they?? >> um, somewhere. >> do like this. what are you looking for? >> my goggles.
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we feel you. >> this happens to me every day! >> i'm talking to somebody on my 94cell phone, i can't find my ever. last week of course she got emotional as she received the t it in to the white house, she nicked whea e ?r9 haler askean important u7 >> we're like midway, almost er and she goesyou have your i.d., right??u i was like, no, i don't. all the honorees are passing me. bruce springsteen and patty are passing and they're like how do
8:06 am
white house? i'm like, this is my i.d., bruce. this is my i.d. someone came out and went, you could come in now. i was causing a fuss. then i'm inside, and it's amazing because everybody's in there and robert de niro and kareem abdul-jabbar are standing there. this is me with robert de niro, kareem abdul-jabbar. >> later ellen said she faced another challenge why she had to explain to robert de niro and tom hanks what the manikin challenge is. the full episode airs today. super cool there. next to one direction and the one question all of their fans want answered -- will the guys ever get back together? right now they are on a break and off doing solo projects. one of the members recently told a british newspaper the guys are doing the break. but is a reunion on the horizon? he was pretty clear saying -- we
8:07 am
ridiculous. he also added, i don't think anyone needs to worry about us. we are fine. there you have. finally jessica simpson proving she's not afraid to laugh at herself. way back in 2003 jessica starred in a reality tv show with then hub nick lachey. we got this classic moment when jessica wasn't quite sure what she was eating. >> is this chicken what i have i know it's tuna, but it says chicken. by the sea. is that stupid? why is it called chicken by the sea or in the sea? >> chicken of the sea is the brand. >> oh. >> jessica didn't understand that chicken of the sea is just the name of the tuna brand. it's actually not chicken. now years later she's been able to poke fun of herself reposting a cute meme showing a chicken floating in water.
8:08 am
that was viral before we used the term "viral." >> tamron, come on over here. now we got a bonus "trending" topic. who says dreams don't come true?
8:09 am
>> i'm going to go -- they float! feel like the jetsons! oh, this is fantastic! well, if you are in the plains, we've got some snowy travel to talk about. you can see a low pressure system. it is just spinning and bringing that colder air in. snow, we are talking -- this is great news for skiers. it is going to be fantastic with snowfall amounts to anywhere from six to eight inches, some
8:10 am
country. you've got enhanced risk of strong storms through the south. high suffer advisories along the pacific northwest. a lot of wet weather in the northeast, travel delays from boston down to washington, d.c. and maybe even atlanta. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. atlanta. >> and that's your latest est weather. oscar winner natalie portman
8:11 am
days following the assassination of president john f. kennedy?lw time when his wife was protecting both her husband's le?lgacy and her own. >> mr. valente, would you mind getting a message to all of our funeral guests when they arrive? >> of course. >> inform them that i will walk with jack tomorrow, alone if necessary. and tell general wishes to ride in an armored car or tank, for that matter, i won't blame him. i'm sure the tens of millions of people watching won't mind either. >> why are you doing this, mrs. kennedy? >> i'm just doing my job. >> natalie portman, welcome back. >> thank you for having me. >> we all went to see this movie. loved it. i want to know before i go et to the specifics of it, what was it like when you were approached to play one of the most iconic women of the 20th century?
8:12 am
knows what she looks like and particularly and what she sounded like, probably more how she looked even than she sounded. i don't particularly look like her apart from coloring. i'm not a -- i've never thought of myself as a sort of mimic or anything. so it was scary. >> what came first? what did you tackle first? did you tackle the accent and the way she spoke? did you tackle the look? did you look in a mirror? how >> well, it all kind ofquickly. it had sort of been gestating for a long time. we did the hair and makeup, costume tests, worked on the accent and the dialect and the voice and also was just reading everything i could find. >> to get the accent, was there a word? you had a lot of tapes you could go back and look at. >> yes. >> there was that television
8:13 am
was there a word and the way she said it that helped you grasp the accent? >> well, there was one sentence in the white house tour that my dialect coach and i would always laugh about because she would say, she says, "i rather love this wall." she says "rather l" like very british, long island where i'm from. >> so many books and articles have been written about jackie kennedy through the course of her public experience. but this movie focuses on seven days really. >> yeah. >> immediately following the assassination of jfk -- and one of the things that struck me is for a large part of the movie you are wearing the wardrobe. you are wearing the outfit. not the real one obviously but the outfit that she wore in dallas that day, the blood-soaked outfit.
8:14 am
the character? >> well, think it was really smart of noah oppenheimer, our writer, to focus the film on these days just after the assassination because it sort of gives you microsome of what -- who she was as a person, to see her in this incredibly pressured situation and to see that at that moment that her husband is killed in her lap and how terrifying and awful and traumatic that is the presence of mind to say i'm going to say in this dress because my image is important right now. it is important for people to see what this looks like. so they were offering to take off this bloody dress, bloody suit, and she said, no, everyone should see what this is. >> i talked to noah about the movie. one thing surprised me -- i almost challenged him on it. i had always thought that the image of camelot had been cemented long before the assassination of jfk and what we
8:15 am
assuming it sticks close to the facts -- he tells me it does -- is that really she is the one who cemented that image in those seven days. >> not only that she cemented but she came up with the term herself, which is so wild to name yourself as the king and queen of this nation that's not a royal government, not a monarchy. so she was the one who came up with camelot and it endured. that's part of what the film is about. >> the gd is talk of another oscar. you've been down that road before. you know about expectations. your own, and others. how do you keep everything in perspective? >> well, it's so flattering. it's such a nice response that people are moved by the movie and of course when you make a movie, all you want is for people to connect to it. so it's exciting that people are moved and reacting well. >> a lot of attention will be
8:16 am
the year. by the way, i mentioned -- you are pregnant. >> yes. >> you are expecting -- >> in spring. >> in spring. >> yes. >> you do have tiny fit. can i just say that? >> well -- >> no offense to >> that doesn't mean they're not swollen. it's not mutually exclusive. >> always good to sons. you're incredible in this movie. >> thank you. >> thanks very much. "jackie" opens in select cities on friday. savannah? >> matt, thank you so much. and a guy.
8:17 am
. here's a look at what's happening for channel 20. people in lake wood are safe to return home but the green mountain fire continues to burn. will the weather help or hurt the fire fight today. >> and a than awaits his fate
8:18 am
convict offend killing a colorado state trooper cadet. >> plus, new information in the case of a womb used of -- woman accused of shooting at officers at the dakota pipeline access. >> the highways have cleared out nicely so i thought we would look to the west. i- slow. in the me astro area, the only thing -- metro area, there is/investigation going on on highway 2. it is snowing in the mountains. one to 3 inches in the mountains. we're also getting flurries over northeastern colorado
8:19 am
per hour at areas from greeley to the north and east, especially the closer you get to the nebraska border. its going to be a raw, win day day there. -- windy day there. clouds hang around through the day today. low 40s. tonight, slowly calming down but not completely. still up to 15 miles per hour tomorrow. light snow, 1 to 2-inch snow is what we anticipate. we'll update that forecast as we need pho getting closer to friday. saturday, sunday, warmer conditions, especially on sunday. get out, enjoy it.
8:20 am
8:21 am
tuesday morning, 29th of november, 2016. remember how a few minutes ago we were saying, man, it's beautiful out? it is not cold, it is not raining? still not cold -- >> exactly. >> -- but it's raining. >> a little drizzle before the soak. >> it's all -- the good news is we don't have to pour water in that three-legged stand that's holding the tree.
8:22 am
>> we're going to light that tree tomorrow night here in rockefeller center. was that a truck or j>> guys, cn love with the "gilmorgi" they are doing it again. we have arevival, "gilmore gi girls", a year in the life. we'll catch up with the cast. and let's hear it for the boys. jill's ready to roll out a batch of holiday "steals and deals" covering all the fellas that you need to shop for. but first, m it is not a big deal. come on! for today we've got that wet weather from the gulf coast up into the northeast with some of the rain heavier at tis.??ut k of strong storms wn in th$letomorrow, snow conti the plains, moves into the
8:23 am
>> announcer: "giving tuesday on today" is sponsored by the
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people know that the holidays are all about community, family and giving. when you see someone out there, whether it is weather like this or whatever, those cold nights, you can drop a donation in or use that #redkettlereason, it makes us feel better about humanity. >> are you going to give anybody lesson? >> on how to ring that bell! yeah. ring it. it's all in the wrist.
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to and jill martin has "steals
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8:36 now. we're back with more of our week of and deals" to help you with a sfres-free holiday, if that's possible. "today" contributor jill martin has you covered this morning when it comes to shopping fo jill, good morning. >> good morning. >> i've been perusing and i like these items. these are great. >> thank you. stress-free for the whole week. all week, then an hour on friday so nobody ever has to go shopping. >> friday is the biggest "steals and deals" ever. >> ever. >> okay. great. start with something that al and i are going to use in about three days, probably, when we get done with no shave november. >> thursday is december 1st. do you have a shave routine? >> i do.
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cream that you put water in and a really good razor. >> this is e-shave. retail is $15 ?y$xthey are calling i all a ma nes set. shave cream, after shave ?e soother a brush. th deal is??8 $47.50, icj9w?o>b th;> these are shirts retail $80 to $118. you can.c ffco ttnscu??th up to 80%? includes the jacket there's no problem with delivery on a t?? the holidays.
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electronics. >> little bit of scotch at 8:39? >> ?s >> i had a sip. it is a five-piece he decanter glassware set. the deal is $30 for this entire set. it is 70% off. retail is $100. >> you get a decanter and four
8:31 am
decan'ters. >> these are all great ideas. again, the products are the shave sets from eshave. men's ware frombuck. knife set from j.a. henckels, and the decanter from fits
8:32 am
8:33 am
>>yeah.which were summarily rej. >> weren't they all kind??t all. i had no agenda. on the top of might have list was, kirk d?0?h?5 and we didn't get . >> someone compared a little bit of a questionf air. which was similarly controversial, yet perhaps artistically satisfying. i don't know. >> well seat. if you hatched by now and you really want to know, how does it end.?u one of the things people love about the ?2 the pop culture references and also the zippy dialogue. what was it like to slip back flu that? do you have to do limbering tongue exercises?
8:34 am
and felt get back?r?/??x?fc to this show. there's a goodgoodness. i think so many men didn't watch it at first because it is "gilmore girls." but the men on the show are drawn as sympathetic, working hard, there's no bad guys, there's no jerks. you know. they're all just trying to make their way and there is just a basic sweetness. i always think of that when i see the two women sitting in the
8:35 am
that. i go -- nice. that's nice. >> real relationships. >> feels good. >> by the way, alexis, i know that traffic on the west side highway so we'll see you for hoda and kathie lee tomorrow. thank so much for being here. thank you so much. we're so glad to talk to you again. gilmore y"gilmore girls," a yea life, is now streaming on netflix. >> the ending is a bit of a cliffhanger. don't you think? >> that's what i'm getting at. sounds like there is an appetite for it. by the way, lauren is sticking around co-hosting our next hour. >> perhaps with alexis. >> we're back in a moment. thanks, everybody.
8:36 am
8:37 am
? ? all right. t turmeric. it's called the golden spice and the gingerbread is taking over. >> it's been used for thousands of years in religious ceremonies, but as the saying goes what is old is new again. >> turmeric. of years old. and today from coast to coast, >> it's being used in everything from ice cream to iced lattes. >> turmeric all of a sudden became cool.
8:38 am
and it's this beautiful, vivid, orange yellow color and that connotates health a lot of times. >> gwyneth paltrow and beyonce embracing the spice. making it one of the top-trending foods on the internet. >> it comes from the california lifestyle and the boom in juice bars and tonics. >> two years ago you could only buy powdered turmer it's right next to th jiginger and lemorass. nly in indian curries, but in carrot slaw. >> there's such an interest in new ingredients that are not so new, but are functional to the body like charcoal and macha and turmeric.
8:39 am
and shaking in cocktails. >> brews it in teas and down the street at shakedown the earthy thought to alleviate congestion and heal wounds and alleviate the body. >> i think turmeric is probable the new kale. it's going to be a buzz word that will be used across the food industry. >> turmeric is the new kale. >> i didn't know you were such a spiceologist. >> i knew a herbiologist. >> there's a lot you don't know.
8:40 am
tomorrow. >> meantime, birthdays, fire up the smuckers jars! who is on them today? >> 100th birthday to virginia haas sxsz the secret to longevity, a gin and tonic with turmeric every night at 6:00 p.m. >> it's the new kale. >> carrie parrish, 100 years old. one of her favorite memories watching the rockettes perform in new york city. she's got to watch and see them again. happy 100th birthday, and this talented guy is from philadelphia, pa. an amazing dancer and spent time performing in his community theater. >> ada, 101, she makes an eggplant parmesan. >> elizabeth roberts, and looks beautiful planning her days
8:41 am
reading. >> oroville is from chaplain, new york, owned and operated a dairy farm for 50 years. if you know anyone celebrating a 100th birthday or a 75th anniversary, we want to hear about them. >> there you go. >> al, thank you so much. >> lauren graham co-hosting the
8:42 am
. hi everyone. a woman from denver is facing charges for what authorities say she did during the pipeline protests in north dakota. this is rectfawn fallis.
8:43 am
army corp. of engineers which gave people until next week to vacate that area. marty joins us. that's part of that system moving through the midwest now. >> it is and it's creating some of the windy conditions in northeastern colorado. it is that big, it is that powerful. wind gusts to 45 and 50 miles per hour have already occurred over northeastern
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take,"efrom stn here in new york city. november 29th, 2016. i'm al, along with tamron. our special guest co-host, actress, writer, producer, gilmore girl lauren graham. this is so exciting! >> so exciting for me, too. >> can i fan girl over everything about you right now. love this ensemble.
8:46 am
>> you look fantastic and you smell good, too, which you at home might not know. >> she smells like cookies. >> that's really true. the fandom over "gilmore girls." the return. were you prepared for it? >> no. it is still very surprising. it is my honor to be in this show again and i just am so relieved that people largely seem to be pleased with the reboot as opposed to hideously >> that's right. the reaction's been terrific. it is four parts, kind of like a year. it's all four seasons. which is so exciting. we got a clip of your character chatting with her daughter, rory, when she moves back home. >> you remember to label my boxes because i know where nothing is. my boots, my coats, my underwear. >> you have no idea where your underwear is? >> could be at lane's. >> you've been without your unrwear since you moved?
8:47 am
>> i'm looking for my lucky outfit. >> i told you, low-key obsessed with lorelei. lot of people have named their child rory over the years. >> the quick clip of the dialogue which is perfect because you've got a second book out today which is called collection of essays. in the show you talk like a mile a minute. >> that's what the show is knowb for. it is always something i loved about it. i'm sort of a ft[[x is a collecf essays, including one about kind show the first time, then sort a diary behind the scenes of the latest show. i just thought what an odd thing to get to do in a career. you know. >> did you keep a journal knowing that you would want to reveal things? >> the second time i did because the first time it was such a
8:48 am
so many years. when i tried to write about it i was like, the year where my hair looked weird? so i really kept a little more of a diary this time, also because it was such a special time and i was having such big moments all the time so i tried to keep track of them. >> which is kind of cool. not only did people respond to it but a lot of celebrities as well. reese witherspoon -- >> i just found this out. >> you are not on social media. >> i'm on it but vaguely. >> we it wasn't hard to find all of these celebrities who had reaction to the show. >> wow. >> we've got the reese witherspoon with cheryl strade who wrote the book "wild." reese tweeted her love as well about this. >> my character goes on a big journey that has to do with "wild" and kind of separates the book and the movie which is a
8:49 am
>> a youbov+ af camper? >> my boyfriend's very outdoorsy so i've learned. in fact, one of the essays in the book is called "before my rei card" talking about whether i was sgle and some of the changes that happened in being with an outdoorsy person. >> what's the number one thing that changed being with an ?h outdoorsy person? >> i have fleeces now. an assortment of fleeces. i have a puffy vest. i have s of shoes f specific kinds of hiv hiking. it was encapsulated of having this. are rei card. >> it's outdoor stuff. >> i've been camping. >> you did the bear grylls thing! you did it on the highest level. >> you only time y
8:50 am
christian louboutin made a hiking boot. mae whitman your daughter from "parent hood" viewing the ow. >> mae also has a small cameo in the show. basicallf you were any of my loved ones i wanted you in the ?p?show and put as many people s i possibly could. she never watched the show re has watched the ol it's very gratifying. >> that's so cool. jason ritter, the other "parenthood" ing so funny, movi, and all-aroundu> wolf. >> aw. >> it's streaming on netflix. we're not going to say the four words that end the show which is kind of word because it is bingeing. you can watch the whole thing so you have to be careful about what you say. but it is kind of a cliffhanger. there will be any more? >> it is so funny because we spent all these years being asked if there was going to be a movie or if we were going to revisit the show. we thought, all right, we sfinally put that to rest and nw i think this is going to be the
8:51 am
proud of what we did and like it answered a lot of questions. on the other hand, it was such a joy for us all to do it and people -- some people seemed to be asking for more, so we'll see. >> it is like probably when you have a baby, theneople say when is the next baby? li w thing? but tt's good thing. well, in tv case. "rolling stone" is out with the top album of the year. right? this is their list for
8:52 am slay all day. i came t osleigh. beyonce's lin? >> no, no, this is >> you're getting. i'll get t > so here's the thin. my daughter, lela, is kind of a foodie. was talking about this stuff when we holiday weekend. she wanted to get this stuff called specula. have you had this? it's basically cookie butter. like if lines? >> we go to sw or going t eak? we're teasing. we're going to givafter this. >> this is it.
8:53 am
8:54 am
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8:56 am
"today's take" and our celebritu co-host, lauren graham. we've got this. lela knew about it. here's the made with over 60% gingerbread cookies. go that's right. >> that makes it a balanced break fest. . >> it's like cereal in a jar. >> a lot of waffle places use this instead of -- >> this is the new nutella, as al says.
8:57 am
>> it is kind of like a spreadable ginger cookie. >> wow. >> is that pretty good? had. >> yeah. >> that's not bad. >> it is popular in belgium? oh. it's a cookie! >> by the way, here is a little
8:58 am
lauren -- you got here about 6:30? >> i don't know. >> what's your normal wake-up time? >> left to my own devices, 8:00 or 9:00 or something. >> tell us with the lime on it if that tastes like key lime pie. >> i don't know how you guys do it. i can't go to sleep as early as you guys need to. >> last night i went to bed after midnight. then my alarm went off at 4:00 a.m. >> how do you do that every day? >> i binge sleep on weekends. i like do not call me before 10:00 a.m.
8:59 am
procrastination. >> meaning get in the bed and go to sleep. >> if you don't have a partner, a significant other there to hold you accountable, get a friend to act like a sleep cop. >> squeeze lime on them. >> key lime pie in bed.?? thanksgiving day usually is when all the radio stations stop playing non-stop christmas music. are you a big holiday music person? >> i love holiday music. >> you start playing it now? you do like pandora christmas mix? >> i have a play list. i like oldie christmas music,
9:00 am
>> class ics. billboard magazine listed the most downloaded songs in the last 15 years. "rockin' around the christmas tree." >> didn't it get a rebirth in one -- >> "home alone." drifters doing "white
9:01 am
"all i want for christmas is you." >> best christmasfilm? >> "love actually." >> not as good as "diehard." >> that is not a christmas film. >> is that an ongoing fight? >> you get the judge's seat today. you are like judge judy, but lawye twitter say it is not christmas until hans goober falls off the nakatami tower. >> okay. >> your rem card -- >> rei. rem is the rock group. we can all agree on the weather. and it is not great out there for a lot of folks especially in the east. we've got more wet weather stretching from the gulf coast all the way up into the northeast.
9:02 am
as you get into the southeast it is going to stay warm. 70s and 80s. it is warm here in the northeast, too, temperatures in the 80s. as you take a look, of strong s do through the south. high-sfisoruthwest. snow and wind in the plains and plenty of sunshine through the
9:03 am
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them. >> on a still?
9:07 am
they had none to start but none of them impacted their lives. again the take-home is not that there is suddenly these new and concerning symptoms following lasik surgery, but rather, there is a validated questionnaire that all doctors and health care providers can administer to their patients to better follow up outcomes following lasik. it is great because it gives the providers that much more information about the procedure. >> good advice. you're not saying avoid lasik. >> oh, no, no. absolutely not. neither are the study authors. coming up, grab a cup joe. wait until you see what's brewing in our "coffee talk." this is a first. we've never had "coffee talk" t? before. lauren, tamron and i answer your questions and nothing it off-limits. >> ? ? i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment.
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we are back with guest co-host lauren graham, one of the stars of "gilmore girls" and the reboot on netflix. if there is one thing they love on that show, it is coffee. >> that's right. our fans have submitted questions we've not seen. whatever comes out of this coffee pot. my darling. you start out. >> the first one is from ray. lauren, did you take something from the "gilmore girls" set? i got asked this soold show tha with no meaning to me because i ew asked. i took a pink flamingo made of tin. it was decoration for lorelei. >> okay. >> it means so much to pea. >> here's something for you to
9:14 am
things. >> mr. roker? >> just keep going. >> this is erica from dallas. lauren, what food can you not live without? i actually drink a lot of coffee. it is just one of the crazy connections i have with my character. it's probably not healthy but -- >> how many cups? >> six? >> ooh! six a day? >> is that too many? >> not judging. where's natalie aczar? oh,?%?9 tamron. what's your biggest phobia? we all know that. it's adult cats.
9:15 am
>> if you could hop on a plane right now where would you go? >> me? >> where would you go? >> i'd like a hawaiian vacation. this has been a big year and i just would like to lie down -- or the caribbean maybe and just lie down on a beach.
9:16 am
coffee pot. >> all right. this is for you. own?or from new orle parises ofu >> ooh! ooh, a girl doesn't tell. >> do you have a dedicated shoe closet? >> i have four. >> four shoe closets? >> but i'm 46. this is amassed over the years. yver get rid of shoes? >> no. if i kept a couple of pair of shoes from each year -- )a >> i don't en have four
9:17 am
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9:22 am
double means double. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. 21-year-old dua lipa has made a name for herself in britain with her soulful pop albums. the british female artist this year behind adele. >> her debut self-titled album is already bringing up the charts. >> good morning. this is so exciting! >> it is. i'm really excited. i've been looking forward to this for a while. i'm really happy. >> is it true your primary music schoolteacher said that you probably might not make it because you can't hit the high notes? >> i guess i've had a really husky voice. when i auditioned for the choir
9:23 am
to the high notes. like, great, sing this note and nothing came out. it was just air. and he was like, okay, maybe next time and i never really got a chance to get a part in the choir which actually might have been a good thing. >> that really is. are you excited finally getting? >> yeah. i'm really excited to get the album out finally. i've been working on it for two years now. it's been my baby for a while. >> let's hear your baby. ladies a ? ? i know it's hot i know we've got something that money can't buy ? fighting to the fifths biting your lip loving too late in the
9:24 am
tame me can't tame me ? tell me i have changed but i'm the same me old same me ? inside hey if you don't like the way ik tn why am i on your mind? ? if you w?6ay?[?mfjisz!in ?tq?> weightm arguef?: ? mess this th ant tonight't mind ? can bl?0?0mwah?p ? ya?zo? you'v ?-?j d?(ueq?ss you're dig show ? ?? the door you?a?g?0?a want so more when you wanna leave let me snow ?
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9:29 am
thank you. our plafor us weh?%?. had anwe>>ou
9:31 am
dozens of people
9:32 am
colombia. 81 people were on the chartered plane... including a brazilian soccer club heading to a tournament in colombia. ?@?w 5 people survived the flight thisning, it's we'll see you over on channel 20 for 9news at 11 a.m., and then back here for
9:33 am
9news at noon. coming up on


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