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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  November 30, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm MST

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yesterday. the last time anyone saw them the xt-door neighbor said yon there were no red flags something was wrong with jennifer >> erybodev??ue?isno ?vdica?kt that. ?w
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need the love and support of others around them at this point. thank you. the jefferson county middle schoolteacher who is facing charges of sexual assault, last 9sthe 17-year-old run-away. the teen was found shortly after midnight at a family owned cabin ?'in aewith her, a p.e. teacher and assistant football coach at conifer high. several open containers were found at assault of a person of trus crews arworking to determine a cause for the fire in green mountain in lakewood that started monday night. it was fully contained yesterday afternoon. it was downgraded from initially 300 acres to 96 acres after more accurate mapping was available. it was visible for several miles. there have been several smaller fires in the green mountain area lately all still under investigation. it's the first day of the
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most area didn't get out of the low 30s. it was chilly. looking outside at the metro area even with the sun out now meteorologist becky ditchfield in the 9news backyard, the sun really not doing a whole lot for us today. >> it makes it feel a little nicer when you step outside, but when you have that, the cold temperatures and the wind, that really plays a big role how cold it feels outdoors. here in the 9news backyard it's not too bad, but other places it definitelyfeels bit different. let's take a live look outside. that's sunshine over the denver metro area.
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the teens and 20s. leadville it feels keahead of u d another co of ch we also saw the snow wrap up early this morning in the mountains, 24 hour snow reports up there and basically the 2 to 4-inch range along i-7. winter snow in the last 24 hours. a litt bit further south places like aspen, snowmass got even further south of there wolf creek 9 inches of snow there and crestethe last 24 hours. nothing is showing up on the
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per hour gusts in longmont, broomfield and evergreen. so that will make it feel very chilly if you are headed out tonight, but tonight will be a dry evening. 10:30 p.m. some high clouds out to our west over the foothills. here along i-25 and to the east clear skies until depp get to looking at today or even tomorrow. for the remainder of this evening we'll droop to the low 30s through f low 30s through in the kf?pecouple chilly days ahead and the chance for snow. it's a bit of a roller coaster ride because 50s return fairly soon. we'll tell you more about that coming up. >> okay. >> thanks, becky.
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pound rottweiler staying at a done kennel near eagle has been eaten by a mountain -- dog kennel near eagle has been eaten by mountain lion. the dog was boarded in rul tt
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>> reporter: somehow either daisy got over the fence or a l >> quite a horrific scene. there wasn't ?x?t?8?d centeers started searching the area for daisy. eventually they found daisy fairly close to where she was >> just about 50 yards from the backyard where she went missing.
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4and lo afao2?w?-?9
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of fuel before the plane crashed into a mountain. a controller gintoo late. 71 people died. there are six survivors. the black boxes were recovered yesterday and said to be in good condition. investigators haven't given a ?! specific cause for the crash yet. president-elect donald
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a thank you tomorrow. nancy pelosi won over ryan. ryan argued the party needs to better reestablish itself as the party of the working class. democrats are in the minority in the house and nanext year. this will be pelosi's term leading the democratic caucus. today jill stein formally in michigan after counts she illegally coordinated with hillary clinton to raise money in three states. stein's camp said the recount effort is nonpartisan and stein is not coordinating with another campaign. the complaint says clinton is the person who could benefit from the recount and she appears to have illegally helped stein raise $7 million. two high school cross- country runners in minnesota are getting the state's law changed. it wasn't something they planned to involved an incident
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touching. at a district meet it go people across the country talking. reporter boyd huppert takes us there. >> rock, paper, sissor scissors who's crossing with the ball. >> reporter: -- scissors, who's crossing with the ball. >> reporter: children are taught to follow is glad the -- least one person knew how to
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her, don't touch her. she knew she saw somebody in trouble and made that decision to help her. >> reporter: and in doing so broke the rules. >> i don't really remember deciding to do that. ust happen >> reporter: senior leanne blumgremin ?m?s school race was like gracie disquafied. or year in her last rait just means like .
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>> reporter: angel. >> thank you. >> reporter: -- ?@the forget.
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4:17 pm we're taking a poll as we finish no shave november. should i keep this beard? should i keep it or shave it? that's the big question.
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you may have noticed the major sports stadiums around denver are lit up in blue this week. it's to support men's university of colorado teamed up with sports teams around denver to get guys to see their doctors to know what kinds of symptoms to look out for. around here you z"have suffered through the scraggly beards some of the men here at 9news are rocking. don't worry. today is e last day for most of us. it's all about getting the word out disease knows no gender or age. it's bn 10 months since his first visit here. >> just turned 19. my birthday was on a tuesday we
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it. i'm going to be all right and so i thought. >> reporter: he took comfort in the knowledge of his team of doctors at uchealth.
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ages 8q20 and , oftentim on >> jeb is doing well. gone. doctors at uchealth contue
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>> we'll see. -- grows it quick. >> we'll see. that's your tease to tune in at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> it's like a woman's hair. it's one of the few things we can actually change. >> i don't give a ton of thought to my appearance, but now that i have this thing on my face and people seem to like it kind of. others are get that thing out of here. >> good way to talk about men's held. get the men in your life to the
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point. >> 68%. if nothing else today, folks, please donate. that's really what we're going for here. 18,000 bucks last year. we broke our goal /wthis year. we've raised several thousand dollars. kyle is doing some cool stuff later today on next. keep it coming. we would really appreciate your help. >> okay. and listen to the women in your lives who are saying keep it or not. >> i'm consulting all of them, mixed opinions. >> now it is a landslide. >> early polling numbers. we all need some later somewhere on our face, on our shoulder, on our backs, on our legs because it's getting awfully cold coming up. >> we'll check with becky soon who reminded me today there's
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pros and cons of keeping the beard. pro? it keeps you warm. con? there aren't a ton. there is the maintenance. there is that. >> the maintenance isn't that big of a deal. >> it does help when it's cold outside. we're talking barely above 30 degrees. i think we hit 40 in denver today, but it's just so darn chilly out there, becky. >> it's a shift. we've just been in this really coat, throw it in the car. it's warm out during the day. you don't need it, not now. >> not now at all. i mean we're expecting to see cold temperatures lasting all the way through at least friday, a little warm-up for the weekend and even a chance for snow is on the way. i fool like i have to address this -- feel like i have to address this because ryan totally threw it out there before we came to break. just google if you have a chance, this would be a con,
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it right before you eat, just saying. >> come on, becky. there's nothing living in this beard. >> becky, becky, becky. >> i sincerely hope not. >> i sit right next to you now, so just saying. >> that's great. that makes me feel really warm and comfy inside. again, don't do it just before you eat. all right. let's move on, talk about the weather today. yes, it was a chilly afternoon, but the pictures were gorgeous, beautiful blue sky, a little breeze outside in front logan. that makes it feel colder outside. this afternoon we officially got up to 40 at the airport. again, it felt colder because of some of that wind. our average high is 46, so we were quite a bit cooler than that average near record setting. that was set in 1883 at 73 it's 37 now at dia, also 37 in greeley, 40 for fort collins. 40s on the eastern plains,
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mountains and middle 30s across the western slope. here outside in the 9news backyard clear skies, yes, chilly. you'll definitely want to layer up. we're at 36 degrees. we'll see temperatures fall into the teens overnight 10, 15 miles per hour, but ou to the west some of the gusts continue in the 20 to 30 mile- per-hour range in our foothills
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acss??e iowa all the way wisconsin. that's going to be that way at least the /?next 24 hours. the leading edge of the cold
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that would be dipping. >> thanks, becky. the cold weather months pretty tough on threatened bee populations, but a team at washington state university is helping bees fight off these threats and survive un?jtil spring. get ??7cold, pack together and warm. researchers have be
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disease ?9sites. >> dorotting. they've also install mesh screens in thentrances to make sure mice can't get. in hone bees are ns endangered honeybees are considered to be endangered and scientists say shirley e-mailed me saying
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thisn --?[ stnver today. they got the chance to meet the boss at his book signing at the tattered cover on colfax. >> among the fans who lined up gary shour bruce n and well worth it. >> reporter: it felt kind of like a springsteen concert without the music. >> this is huge. >> reporter: felt kind of good. >> weren't going to let her miss it for anything. she's been a bruce fan her whole life. >> reporter: like everybody
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springstee?n. all sorts of fans lined up, many ke me ham many years. >> p??been listening to him my whole life, can't believe i'm here. >> i've never been to one of his concerts, but i'm here to see him y.his music. i like the music he creates and his work ethic. >> reporter: bruce's youngest fans springsteen so i'd get my dad. he called me in sick. >> reporter: and some very long time fans, too. [ cheering and applause ] and then the line started moving. >> smelled his cologne, awesome. >> reporter: one by one we all got her very short visit with
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??' heai all books ess, who wendy, anyway? that's okay. aftewaiting to meet him for 40 years i did and i got this cool picture. >> got the photo to prove it, gary. we know gary is a huge fan, some big fans here. >> i saw him right afterwards. he looked like a kid in the candy shop. >> you know if bruce is in town or somewhere in the region that gary will be off a day or two because he's going to the concert and needs a recovery day as well. >> frame that photo, gary. >> gary said the only thing that surprised him about bruce
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was a giant.
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we try not to dwell on these things, but it has been six years since we've had a january without broncos football. right now the broncos are out of the afc playoff picture after the loss sunday with the chiefs. >> the team is getting ready for jacksonville sunday. 9news sports reporter rod mackey has a report from the huddle. >> reporter: the broncos announced today trevor siemian has a sprain foot listed day to day and was in a boot today make his second start of the
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should be exciting, both teams 5-1. colorado state comes in winners of three straight. this is the 126th meeting between the two schools on the basketball court. given that stat cu has only lost eight times here in boulder to colorado state. now one of those eight was two years ago when the rams came to boulder and beat the buffs 62- 60 which sets up another great story line. >> one thing we colorado state is they play hard and rebound the ball as well as anybody in the country as a group. they are just schooled to do it and they do it. so it's going to be a battle. >> our biggest obstacle is who we're playing and where we're playing them and by who i mean five fifth year seniors against sophomores and some freshmen. >> reporter: so here's what
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schools going head to head, love to see some of the in state talent shine in this game. maybe jd page who is playing very well for colorado state, maybe derek white, fifth year transfer playing his only year
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producer ariel tells us 76% are voting to kip the beard. >> keep it. >> if i may real quick, doyle says keep the beard. don't be an amateur, have had mine since 1972. >> amateur. you've only had it one month. >> maybe i'll keep it going. i don't know. tune in tomorrow at 4:00 to
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next at 5:00 what began as a missing persons case involving her mother and two young sons has ended and not the way anyone wanted. the family talks with 9news. >> also ahead. >> one of mckenzie's gifts was she was always reaching out to other people. >> just months after her deat something that will help save the lives of other teens. >> one has a reputation as a party drug used to treat veterans, the fda's new stance on treating ptsd with ecstasy next on 9news. >> this is 9news. a mother from highlands ranch and her two young sons reported missing yesterday were
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deserted parking lot inlone


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