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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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are . from now on, it's going to be america first. okay. america first. >> on the heels of the carrier jobs news, president-elect trump taking a victory lap while also the american military. the death toll rises from a one, two punch from massive wildfires in the southeast. news on an nfl player shot in a road rage incident outside new orleans. buzz aldrin forces a high rescue mission from the north pole. heroes are now looking for new homes.
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food friday morning, everyone. aim ayman mhyeldin. >> i'm fran cyst says rivera. >> it was like the president-elect was embarking on a victory tour in cincinnati. bringing back showboating candidate that navigating his way to the white house. take a listen. >> we have people running our country that truly didn't know what the from now on, it's going to be america first. okay? america first. >> and trump made a big announcement while rallying supporters, surprising aids and the media, declaring his secretary of defense? i don't want to tell you this because i want to save the suspense for next week.
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as our secretary of defense. >> and trump there, you we heard him referring to mad dog mattis, he was talking about a marine general james mattis. >> and just as trump zeroed in on defense, he is widening his ropes for secretary of state t. one-time lewandowski saying while mitt romney and rudy guiliani are leading for the job the decision is far from done. last night the cincinnati crowds bursting in a chant of no romney. the trump and vice president-elect mike pence doubled down on building the border wall and repealing obamacare and lowering tacks.
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carrier executives to keep over a thousand manufacturing jobs in the united states. >> the company are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. it's not going to happen. >> the carrier deal gives the heating and air-conditioning company $ million in tax breaks over ten years, that's inexchange for carrier investing $16 million into its however, another 1,300 jobs are slated to go to mexico. former usc standout and jet joe mcknight was shot and killed outside new orleans. they tell us it was a possible road rage incident. ems acted quickly performing cpr on mcknight on the highway.
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ongoing investigation. >> at the present time we are interviewing a number of witnesses, as well as mr. gasser at the bureau is that mr. gasser did, in fact, shoot mr. mcknight. >> mcknight was a highly recruited new orleans football star who also plays for the kansas city chiefs as well as joe mcknight was just 28-years-old. people remain without power from the deadly weather and wildfires. four tornadoes killed five people in alabama and tennessee. an additional 11 people were killed by the massive wildfires in eastern tennessee that started late monday night. gatlinburg remains blocked to the public with a mandatory evacuation order. they are putth out structural
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look at this, on wednesday morning, this photo was taken of these heroic firefighters, after battling the fire for over 33 hours. there they were getting a well needed nap. buzz aldrin is waking up in a hospital after a medical evacuation from the north pole. he left for a luxury tour on tuesday, bus his deterioratesed, leading toing a serious lung condition. his manager releasing these photos saying he is recovering well. they say the astronaut has fluid in his lungs. aldrin became the second man to walk on the moon alongside neil armstrong. an arm bank robbery turned into a life hostage situation. the showdown dragged on for hours.
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dangerous gunmen. nbc's ja kosh rascone has a harrowing story. >> reporter: they were hostages, now survivors. >> i was little skampltd i thought it was a degree. but it was so real, it was real. >> reporter: it was around:00 when the alleged gunman walked into the bank with a dog and a handgun and demanded money. >> but when he shot up in the air, then i knew existence. >> reporter: initial reports indicated someone had been shot. >> you'll units responding to district 24, gunshot wound. >> reporter: that turned out not to be true, humphrey told negotiators, he would start shooting if his demands were not met. >> he was putting the shut gun at the back of some head. >> reporter: they negotiated two hostages, two minutes later they
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>> at that point they made entry into the bank. >> they used a battering ram, putting thems between the suspect and hostages, surrounded, humphries surrendered. family overjoyed as the hostages shaken but unhurt were freed at last. here's a heart warming homecoming story of sorts. it's for a pack of heroles. 13 retired bomb detectiondogs took their vests off t. the past few years serving our country and keeping our troops safe. now the pups are getting ready for a well deserved retirement. the mission k-9 will work to rehabilitate and reintegrate them in society. they hope to have them in homes by the time for the holidays. you can visit mission still ahead here on "early
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civil conversation between the clinton and trump campaign teams. instead it got downright nasty and mean. you will hear the personal attacks just ahead. but first, check out the scene in de kalb county, georgia. a tornado hit and wind swept through the area taking down trees and causing other damage. our will cairns joins us for a look ahead after what can only be described as a severe week. >> this will be a quiet weekend. we are going to track rain. it begins in areas of texas, much of the northern half of the country, seasonal, chilly, as you'd expect fordecember. then the rain begins to spread. saturday all through texas into oklahoma. then it spread into arkansas and louisiana. by the time we get to sunday, the rain will be all the way through the southeast. maybe heavy rain and thunderstorms and brief severe weather, louisiana into east texas. we are not expect a tornado
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ahead. . so again, south texas could be the first area that could see showers and storms. we will see some snow and rain showers off the great lakes. cloudy and cool throughout the region. we're theep say we will not have anything too bad over the weekend. not a lot of snow just yet. >> thank you very much. just ahead, president obama tried out some new holiday we'll let you be the judge. then it is certainly anything but bun u funny a. man records himself driving over 115 miles an hour. things go terribly long. details next. this is for you. you didn't really have to...
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obama presidency. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! hey. merry christmas, everybody! >> all the trees are lighting up. this one at the white house the president the first lady, first daughter sasha flipped the switch on the national christmas tree for the first time in a ceremony hosted by actress eva longer why, also an opportunity for the president to make another famous >> last week, i pardoned the turkey. tonight, we're lighting the national christmas tree. this one is easier because the tree does not move. it does not gobble. you just push a button, it's electrify fierksd which is exactly what you don't want to happen at a turkey pardon.
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. >> he cracks himself up. that's the funny part. leading the news, princess cruise lines will pay the most ever, carnival cruise lines, the parent company has agreed to pay $40 million after pleading guilty to several federal charges for trying to cover up an illegal pollution skeel on five of its ships. in an effort likely to cut costs, one used a so-called magic pipe to for years. the company's president says they take full responsibility. >> we are very sorry for the inexcusable actions of our employees and we also deeply regret that our oversight was inadequate. >> carnivale is required to go through a compliance program over the next five yeempblths a rhode island man crashed his car while streaming video of himself
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out of traffic and reaching speeds up to 160 miles per hour. witnesses say he lost control of the car, which spun i'dways. then it hit a garbage truck. in the end, rescuers had to cut him from his vehicle. he had been charged with reckless driving along with a hft of other offenses t. driver of the truck was uninjured. snapchats avoiding people doing that. >> act of the day. luckily no one severely injured in that. personal attacks between the clinton and trump campaigns at a harvard debate. that's already becoming legend. that's next.
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. a political brawl at harvard in every presidential election since 1972. the harvard k campaign teams of each party to capture what they call a first draft of history in real time. the year's discussion largely mirrored what we saw on the campaign trail. just to listen to the fireworks exchange when it waim came to the topic of trump's chief strategist steve ban none. >> he gets held to a standard
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>> wow, that's intense fireworks. incredible. just ahead, 500 instagram followers. she is the most popular person in the world. can you guess who it is? plus, paul ryan didn't see a trump victory coming. that's not all he reveals. you are watching "early today." just gotta get the check.
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the white house launched a new app called 1,600 as do you with most other apps. you download it on your smart phone camera with a dollar bill. you will see a 3d replica of the white house on your phone. sort of like pokemon go. you can see official state visi or marine one take off from the lawn. the app is free.
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>> because it's popular. >> you won't see the norwegian foreign minister playing with it. >> good point. >> the most followed celebrities in 2016. >> this is a surprise. >> i thought the initials would be kk. selena gomez has 103 million followers. she is responsible for the most liked celebrity posts as well. they report gomez has some 200,000 fans and followers, every single day. she adds them. she has been through so much, herhelth.
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>> it's truly nice to add that. very nice. attention to new parents, we have the most popular baby names of 2016. that's good news for people expecting children. the top girl's names are sophia. number one on the spot. sflmpblts . >> spreesed by around of those? >> not at daughter's class, too. you are getting ideas? you are expecting a girl in march. >> some names that could make it to the final list. all right, just ahead, house speaker paul ryan on his relationship with donald trump. you don't want to miss that. introducing, new olay eyes. eyes shouldn't show your age, they should express how you feel.
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y26zsy yvpy will say their final farewells to a colorado state trooper killed on i-25. he's just one of 3 lost the same way in the last 18 months by people not following the move over law. the message law enforcement is sending now in the wake of those deaths still to come. cheryl here with marty, corey and gary. it's another cold one this morning, but today it could lead to snow. at least a little here in the metro. marty has details. . > the community will


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