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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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compensation and benefit package... that includes consideration of their seniority with mgm. last month, mgm announced it would begin charging what it calls 'modest fees' for self parking and valet. that will happen sometime in the spring. the transition with sp-plus is anticipated to go into effect within 60 days. police are investigating a shooting a few blocks away from maryland parkway. metro says a man went to visit a woman at a home on cambridge - near maryland and desert inn around 5-30 this morning. he knocked on the by another man who fired a gun the victim was shot in the abdomen - and walked to a nearby convenience store. he's expected to recover from the injury. off. arrest. two suspects accused in a man's front of his child have been arrested. 23-year-old krystal guice and 25-year-old deonte coleman -- also known as 'tae'-- are behind bars at the henderson detention center. both face an open murder charge. police say the
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dee haney and krystal guice shared custody of their 4-year old daughter. guice came to pick her up at an apartment near green valley parkway and warm springs when haney decided to walk them to the car. police say during the exchange -- coleman fired several shots at haney. he died at the scene. both suspects took off with the four-year-old in a vehicle. they were arrested this morning at a home near cheyenne nad hualapai. the child is now in the custody of child protective services. according to an arrest report, she told police quote "tae shot my dad and killed him." a fight between inmates turns deadly at high state desert prison outside las vegas. the coroner says 26-year-old andrew thurgood was killed from several stab wounds during a fight. his death has been ruled a homicide. prison officials say correctional officers and medical staff found thurman in the dayroom monday afternoon. they tried to save his life but he died at the prison's hospital. thurman was serving time for attempted possession of a stolen vehicle. prison officials
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suspects... but have not said what started the fight. we're hearing the other side of the story in a situation that was caught on camera and has gone viral, between a motorcyclist and a driver. today we spoke to the driver who admits to pulling a gun - and pointed it at the motorcyclist after he started knocking on his window. the driver's defense- there is much more in that video that you didn't see. i felt surrounded and threatened, it was an issue. the driver of this red truck told us anonymously that nearly a dozen motorcyclists were riding around him on boulder highway. you see the second three minutes of it, there's about 3 or 4 minutes of what they didn't show you of all the motorcycles being erratic and causing issues in traffic. one of our guys went off the dirt the rider who filmed the incident and also wants to remain anonymous said it began with a dust up involving another rider and a blue suv. nats of riders/blue suv hand signals, laughter and a back and forth with that driver evident in
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red truck until- one of them leaned against my truck on the front of it, when he left he nudged the truck with his foot peg or motorcycle i don't know it moved the truck a little bit, and then he popped wheely's taking off and about wrecked right in front of my vehicle, and that undoubtedly is where it began. it's at that point, the driver who has a concealed weapons license is infuriated. when i get up to the next light the guy's got me distracted on the left hand side on the passenger side and then this other individual comes up knocking on my, beating on my passenger door get the gun why you flipping me off i didn't do nothing crossing traffic etc undoubtedly it startled me and i pulled my gun out and i was prepared for him, and it's just that simple. sot i didn't really think it was gonna escalate to what it did he said that your hand was on the trigger- yes it was, and it was there for a reason. if i had issues i was gonna use it. i have a concealed handgun license, i've been trained to use it and i will. both men accuse each other of provoking the other one- but in hindsight, only one of them says he would have done differently that's literally the first time i've gone
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window in traffic like that and it will be the last if the same situation happened i'd pull it again. the driver of the truck says he and his passengers filled out reports this morning with henderson police - as did the motorcycle rider. pointing a gun at someone is a gross misdemeanor - but the driver says based on his conversation with police - he doesn't believe hel face any legal trouble. he says police also told him the motorcylists would not face charges either. n-v energy "grandfathering" solar customers from a certain cutoff date. those who installed their for one by of last year would qualify. the utility company chose the cutoff date because it's when the state hit a legislatively imposed limit on net metering. a filing suggests public utilities do the grandfathering.
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higher rates over four years. another proposal recommends customers keep old rates for twenty years. the famous groundhog "punxsutawney phil" predicts an early spring after seeing no shadow. but here in southern nevada -- we have our own version to predict the forecast. we're waiting on desert tortoise "mojave max" at the red rock national conservation area. he's in a reptile form of hibernation since fall. when the weather is just right -- max emerges from his burrow to signal the start of spring. clark county students are encouraged to guess when he'll wake up from his slumber. today -- newton elementary school learned about the desert tortoise to help with their predictions. "earliest hes ever come out is valentines day feb 14 several years ago. latest he came out was last year april 15. it really depends on weather when he'll emerge." classrooms and students can start sending in their guesses for the "mjoave max watch". you can find the
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five vegas dot com under the "links" section. the student who is the closest wins a laptop and digital camera... plus a laptop for their teacher. toss to weather chilly temperatures linger for one more day then we will gradually warm to above seasonal temperatures by sunday. we have a fast moving low approaching us. clouds will begin to return to the valley wednesday into thursday. also breezy conditions will return wednesday afternoon. behind the low a ridge will start building pushing our daytime and nighttime temperatures up several degrees for
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week. maryland parkway may be in for a makeover. tonight - a meeting takes place - to discuss how to revitalize the stretch of road - from the airport to downtown.
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maryland parkway and flamingo after speaking with an architect involved in the project. in this plaza off maryland parkway there are empty units wedged between slow businesses. in the middle an abandoned building that used to be a bank. this dead parking lot was busy 10 years ago. the meeting to revitalize this area - brings hope the couple remaining businesses here. "what do i have to have a huge show out in the parking lot to make this happen again you know?" the persistent owner of cash 4 chaos - melvyn howard is losing hope after 15 years behind the register. "i'd say probably in 2005 before that it was slammin" "have you thought of closing down absolutely almost every week." if he did...he'd join the dozens of businesses that have one by one - moved, or closed. " tower reecords turned into a thrift store and then slowly it just started to." cash 4 chaos keeps their doors open "nat: ding" - because of customers who hold on as tightly as jason shimada does.
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growing up thats why im here with my daughter now and my son." adjacent to unlv - nobody would guess these plazas would become a ghost town. jason's children may never experience what maryland parkway was - but they'll hopefully see what maryland parkway will be. clark county is partnering with the city of las vegas - unlv and the national endowment for the art - to plan a redevelopment of maryland parkway. a train may soon run from the airport past campus to downtown - and to welcome more pedestrians - architects from bunnyfish studios were hired to decorate. "our goal is to make those neighborhoods is represented with art that is symbolic of who they are and what they represent along this path." and real estate developers will
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months and reach out to neighbors - but already - "nat music" the news has turned up hopes. "ive heard what they did with the art district and stuff and its beautiful and im hoping that will come down here." and both melvyn and jason will hold on a little longer. "itll be nice to see some of these shops reopening again and kind of get that hipster feeling back you know?" no plans yet... right now were still in the very beginning study stages. meeting at the winchester cultural center least three more meetings before ideas of what will look like. reporting live. endowment for the arts granted the county 50 thousand dollars for the study. iowa is in the history books.... and now it's on to new hampshire. "what a victory last night" (cheers) can ted cruz build on his momentum...
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twice in a row? we'll have a live report from iowa. bill cosby - back in court to face sexual assault allegations. how testimony from a person who believes the comedian is guilty... could work in favor of
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delivered a few surprises in their caucus results. now - the candidates are moving on to new hampshire. ryan nobles is live in des moines with a recap of last night's results - and what's next. from the razor thin margin in the democratic race.. to ted cruz's unexpected republican win... to marco rubio's surge... and most of all donald trump's big loss.. iowa's unexpected results have set the stage for a major showdown in new hampshire. as morning dawned in new hampshire.. the candidates for president were ready to move on from iowa. - presidential "i am so thrilled to hampshire after winning iowa!" democratic party declared hillary clinton the winner, after vote totals show her leading less than one clinton is hoping a victory builds momentum to break into sanders lead in new hampshire. on the republican side.. a three-man race is emerging..
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expectations and won iowa despite polls showing donald trump ahead. ( ted cruz / r - presidential candidate ) "tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa, and all across this great nation." cruz's margin of victory was slim and not far behind him sits marco rubio who surged to a strong third place showing.. the florida senator is already laying the groundwork to become the alternative to cruz and trump. ( marco rubio / r - presidential candidate ) "i can grow the conservative movement, i can take our message to people who haven't voted for us before." but while cruz and rubio are feeling confident this morning... donald trump isn't going away. he still leads polls in new hampshire and beyond.. and during a tweet storm tuesday morning he warned that he isn't finished yet. a promise he made to voters in iowa monday night. ( donald trump / r - presidential candidate ) "we have a poll, we're 28 points ahead, new hampshire, we love new hampshire, we love south carolina." every candidate staking ground... as the race for president is just
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and while a lot of talk today is about the new republican big three of trump, cruz and rubio.. there are three governors christie, bush and kasich that focused most of their energy in new hampshire.. they are hoping the conversation changes by next tuesday night.
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caucus is a little more than two weeks away. the democratic caucus is saturday february 20-th. the republican caucus is a few days later on tuesday february 23-rd. breaking news from metro police right now concerning 911 and 311 calls. the department says 911 callers are experiencing longer than normal delays... and 311 callers are getting a busy signal. this has been a problem since about 3:30... and metro is now rerouting all calls to henderson and north las vegas
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departments. they are also not dispatching officers to non- emergency or report calls. it's not clear what's causing the problem but metro says they are working on identifying and correcting the issue. now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton chilly temperatures linger for one more day then we will gradually warm to above seasonal temperatures by sunday. we have a fast moving low approaching us. clouds will begin to return to the valley wednesday into thursday. also breezy conditions will return wednesday afternoon. behind the low a ridge will start building pushing our daytime and nighttime temperatures up several degrees for
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week. chilly temperatures linger for one more day then we will gradually warm to above seasonal temperatures by sunday. we have a fast moving low approaching us. clouds will begin to return to the valley wednesday into thursday. also breezy conditions will return wednesday afternoon. behind the low a ridge will start building pushing our daytime and nighttime temperatures up several degrees for the rest of the
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will resume shortly it may be cold outside... but the top resorts are getting ready for summer.
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it may be cold outside... but the top resorts are getting ready for summer. a look at some of the jobs - up for
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comedian bill cosby - back in court today - to face allegations of sexual assault in pennsylvania. a former district attorney testifed for the defense - but made it clear he's rooting for the prosecution... saying quote - "i want them to win". bruce castor says he decided not to charge cosby in a decade-old sexual assault case - not because he didn't believe the accuser - but because he wasn't enough prosecution. wants to prove if enought evidence then - there isn't now. "what the defense has done is gone on the offensive. they have come out swinging and they've used this opportunity to basically show that what they think is a weak case that the commonwealth has or intends to put on." today's hearing is a bid by the
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get the case thrown out. cosby was arrested and charged last december. the 78-year-old could face ten years in jail if convicted. there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. just a few more days until super bowl weekend. how much money is expected to be wagered... here in las vegas. if you're doing everything right to get by, you're not alone.while our people work longer hours f lorower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people,
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i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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