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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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and aldebaran the chase ended when shots were fired from the camry. one of the women was found laying in the road. the hyundai then sped off and came to a stop at the cosmopolitan's valet where attendants discovered the other woman and jackson had been shot. the two women died from their wounds. jackson survived. omar talley told police he was drunk and smoked marijuana and that he took a cab to the strip and did not drive. when officers showed him video surveillance pictures of what happened at the miracle mile shops he first said he didn't recognize himself then said that he was only pointing a bb gun at the driver of the hyundai. he also told police he didn't remember how he got home. talley later told his girlfriend to say that she loaned the car to talley's brother. the two women killed in the shooting are identified as 27 year old melissa yvette mendoza and jennifer margarita chicas both from
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talley has a fairly extensive rap sheet. in 2008 he was fined $2000 and ordered to perform for pandering and attempted pandering. charged with kidnapping, pandering and abuse, n nlect or endangerment of a child. he served prison time for all those charges except kidnapping which he was aquitted. talley is now facing multiple talley is now facing multiple talley is now facing multiple murder, attempted murderand weapons charges. he's scehduled to be in court on wednesday. the death of a the bottom of a landry chute at "the d" resort -- is being called suspicious. the coroner says the victim is 26- year-old kalli medina-brown from citrus heights, california. her body was found around three a-m on sunday. police say someone reported she had a medical episode then fell
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chute. homicide detectives were called to the scene. police say it will take some time to find out if this was a homicide. a bicyclist is killed in a crash after being hit by an off-road vehicle over the weekend. nevada highway patrol says 28- year-old driver mark obermeyer was arrested sunday. he faces charges of d-u-i resulting in death... driving with a suspended driver's license... and operating unregistered vehicle. troopers say obermeyer was driving a polaris r-z-r when he struck the back of the bike. here's a look at the photos after the crash near the i-15 and saint rose parkway. troopers say the bicyclist 58-year- old karl vanderwyk died at the scene. he was wearing a reflective jacket. the polaris overturned after the impact. obermeyer was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. bail is discussed for a father facing child abuse charges after his son shoots and
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a gun. "im going to ask the bail to be reset at 150,000..." "he had firearm in house it was loaded. child got a hold it wasn't properly locked up and now we have dead 12 year old because of his defendant action." "...he hasn't had opportunity to say goodbye to son he would love to go down there briefly to say goodbye nobody is hurting except for other children as much as he is." a judge set bail to 25-thousand dollars for 31- year-old olin manuel... and house arrest if he's released. police say manuel was arrested last week after his 12- year-old son died from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. they say manuel bough the gun. fire officials say the power outage that left the hundreds on the westgate's gaming floor in the dark was caused by a faulty transformer. fox 5's ophelia young is outside the clark county department of building and fire prevention after finding out what exactly caused the sparks.
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transformer started smoking - the assistant director tells me a water leak in the area of the hotel caused some corrosion. last friday we showed you what happened from a guests perspective - heres a look at what happened from the fire inspector's point of view. it was 11:40 last thursday night when guests say all of the casino floor but the sports book went dark. guests were left wondering what happened. meanwhile in another part of the westgate - firefighters arrived after reports of smoke. "from my understand it was the transformer itself one of the electrical connections that make up the transformer had problems." the transformer converts electricity and distributes it to different parts of the hotel. palmer says their resort inspection program had examines the hotel including the transformer
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found any problems with it. thursday night - firefighters found water around the transformer. "this one had a little bit of corrosion to it a little bit of wetness in there from a leakage in and round the area - leakage of water - fluids." palmer says the moisture somehow got to the wires and mechanical parts. hotel technicians worked to replace the transformer - when power to the first part of the hotel was turned on again - it set off an alarm. sound after the alarm was muted - fire inspectors say hotel repairmen turned on power to each section of the casino - and the westgate was fully operational by friday afternoon. palmer says the transformer was old and needed to be replaced anyway. he doesn't believe the smoke ever caused a threat to guests in the casino. "case is closed and results have all been taken care of and everythings signed off." ive also been in touch with the guests who were on the slot machines when they went out - of the four ive spoken with - two
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two were told they would not get reimbursed. reporting live. the westgate is not giving any updates today regarding the outage. now that jeb bush is out of the race, u.s senator dean heller has switched his support to another presidential hopeful. the nevada republican is endorsing marco rubio. the nevada republican is endorsing marco rubio. he said yesterday he is convinced rubio can unite conservatives and beat the democrats in the general election. heller looks forward to campaigning on rubio's behalf. with the nevada g-o-p caucus tomorrow... republicans are focusing on the silver state. takes a look at the harsh words being exchanged - as the battle heats up on the campaign trail. donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "we're just going one after another!" donald trump.taking a
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(donald trump/(r) candidate) "we won with people, short skinny people. just won." as the campaign nevada. (sen. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate) "when it comes to our campaign what not staying in want to bring it all over the country." with the top three contenders sharpening their attacks. candidate) "gosh, who would marco rubio calling foul on the cruz campaign for what he says are dirty tricks. (sen. marco rubio/(r) candidate) ""it's every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue, and in this case goes after my faith." that after the cruz campaign's communications director tweeted a false report which misstated what rubio said about the bible. (sen. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate) "no one's ever been accountable." cruz today moving swiftly ... (sen. ted cruz/(r) presidential candidate) "this was a grave error of judgment." firing his communications director ... (sen. ted cruz/(r) presidential candidate) "it turned out the news story he sent around was false, but i'll tell you ... even it if was true, we are not a campaign that is going to question the faith of another candidate." meanwhile, despite saying last month that rubio is eligible for the
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presidential candidate) "he was born here. it's definite. he was born on the land." trump now raising some doubt. retweeting a message suggesting otherwise. (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "i'm really not familiar with marco's circumstance." rubio brushing it off. (sen. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate) "i'm going to spend zero time on his interpretation of the constitution with regards to eligibility." the g-o-p frontrunner also stirring the pot with cruz, tweeting that cruz lost evangelicals in south carolina because he is a world-class liar. behind the scenes it's a frenzied scrambleadjustin field.. without the rubio to consolidate establishment support.. rolling out a series (tim pawlenty/(r) governor) "he's bold, he's next generation, he's reform-minded, change-oriented." bush's big dollar donors. rubio/(r) presidential candidate) "we feel like a lot of the people that were on jeb's team are people we're gonna welcome onto our team." ted cruz is in the middle of nine straight campaign stops in here in
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for a rally this morning at the durango hills community center near durango and gowan. cruz says the first thing he would do in office is rescind what he calls every illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by president obama. he also discussed illegal immigration... a big topic here in nevada. "illegal immigration is powerful anchor pulling down wages or working americans taking away jobs i will tell on stage i am only fight against secure borders and american people. frontrunner a rally tonight at the south point casino. on that event... newscast.
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north breezes overnight to 15 mph before an increase in gusts on tuesday to 30 mph. we'll see a high of just 64 degrees..that will be one degree below average. we'll drop the gusts and see 68 wednesday, then 74 thursday. we'll shoot up to 77 on friday, then see mid to upper 70s for the weekend with a light breeze. an uber driver
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aim at random targets... in kalamazoo, michigan. prosecutors say - after appearing in court for the first time today. plus can a gun manufacturer be held liable in court.... after its weapon is used in one of the most attacks in u-s
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an uber driver charged with shooting and killing six people in kalamazoo, michigan confessed to the murders. that's according to a prosecutor - who says jason dalton waived his right against self-incrimination. andrew spencer has more on his appearance in court today. nat pop 45-year old jason dalton appearing before a judge monday, two days after going on a shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan. nat pop -judge prosecutors are charging dalton with six counts of murder -- two counts of assault with intent to commit murder -- and eight firearm- related counts. police say, dalton opened fire at three locations over the course of nearly seven hours saturday night...picking up uber fares in between shootings. a total of eight
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shot...six killed. (derek/ uber customer) "i said, 'you're not the shooter, are you?' and he said, 'no.' and i said, 'are you sure?' and he said, 'no, i'm just tired, i've been driving for 7 hours.'" his first stop.. an apartment complex.. where a woman was shot multiple times. she remains in critical condition. several hours later, police say dalton opened fire again at a car dealership ..where he shot and killed a father and son. minutes later, five people were shot in the parking lot of a restaurant. the only survivor there, a 14-year old girl who remains in critical condition. dalton was arrested two hours later. nat pop monday, a mass was held in honor of the victims.. condolences came from president obama as he addressed the shooting during a governors conference. (president obama) "on saturday, another one of our communities was terrorized by gun violence." butt sot "we have families that are shattered today." i'm andrew spencer reporting.
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with several people during the rampage... but they're not expecting anyone else to face charges. a lawsuit is being filed against gun-maker remington.... claiming the company holds responsibility for the sandy hook shooting massacre. twenty children and six educators were killed when a young man unloaded 154 rounds from an a-r-15 semiautomatic rifle on in newtown, connecticut. an attorney representing the families of nine victims and a survived announced the lawsuit today. on an automatic, lightweight weapon originally commissioned by the u-s military. "all we want to do, in terms of what we want to acheive, is to prevent other families and communities from going through this. and if we can use sandy hook and our tragedy in order to save others, then that's what we're going to do." the case has the potential to make history if it goes to trial. a 2005 federal law grants gun manufacturers immunity from any
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injuries that result from criminal misuse of their product. the wife of bill cosby - forced to answer questions today related to the sexual assault case against her husband. camille cosby was deposed by attorneys for the eight women who have sued her for defamation. this is video or her attorney's arriving at a marriot in massachusetts - where the deposition took place. one of the women-- tamara green-- filed the defamation lawsuit against cosby in december 2014. she accused cosby of sexually assaulting her in 1970. green along with the others claim that cosby's husband let his defense team paint them as liars after they accused him of sexual assault. bill cosby's lawyers tried to prevent his wife from being deposed - but sunday night the judge denied their motion. if you lost your job there probably isn't a whole lot you your job back. case for metro
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sometimes, officers who metro fired can and metro says that's a big problem. news at ten... we investigate how officers, some of them who breaking the law, can go through arbitration to get their job back. we look at the case of james arrested years ago for beating his wife. even though the case was dropped for a lack of he was arrested for beating his girlfriend. he will try to get his job back a second time.. his ex-girlfriend says the public's safety is at stake. in your opinion, is james burt a threat to public safety? yes, he needs help, he needs help on how to address that rage and anger and how to cope with it. " tonight metro tells us why they need to keep these officers off the force.. and we also hear from the police union... they say metro is a little too quick to throw an officer under the bus and
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get a fair shake. broken badge.. tonight on fox5 news at tne. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty north breezes overnight to 15 mph before an increase in gusts on tuesday to 30 mph. we'll see a high of just 64 degrees..that will be one degree below average. we'll drop the gusts and see 68 wednesday, then 74 thursday. we'll shoot up to 77 on friday, then see mid to upper 70s for the weekend with a light breeze. north breezes overnight to 15 mph before an increase
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a high of just 64 degrees..that will be one degree below average. we'll drop the gusts and see 68 wednesday, then 74 thursday. we'll shoot up to 77 on friday, then see mid to upper 70s for the weekend with a light breeze.
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closed captioning will resume shortly riviera boulevard... is getting a new name. how the street will now honor... a las vegas icon.
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bottomed out. why they could be on the rise - once
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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the strip is about to be renamed. riviera boulevard will be renamed elvis presley way. the county confirmed it
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happening ... but could not tell us when. the riviera closed last year ... and the road with it's name runs east to west on it's south side.. so now, the new elvis presley way will run from the strip to paradise .. in front of the westgate. elvis performed 645 shows there.. when it was the international and then the las vegas hilton. drivers around the valley are getting used to gas prices under two dollars. dozens of gas stations have set prices close to a dollar seventy in the past few weeks. "gas buddy" shows there was an eight cent dive since last week's average. fuel prices have been down more than thirty cents from last month in our state. however - the e- p-a demands a different blend of gas in the summer to meet air quality standards. the blend is more expensive to produce and that cost trickles down to drivers. there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. donald trump is back in nevada. we'll look ahead to his campaign event... tongiht at
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live from las vegas. your only choice for live local news right now. with emmy award winner john huck. christine maddela. and
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chief meteoroligist ted pretty. this is fox5 news at 5:30. local las vegas. thanks for joining us for your only local news at 5:30. let's get you up to date with the latest local headlines. in less than two hours... donald trump will address supporters at the south point casino. fox five's elizabeth watts is there right now. she joins us live... with a look ahead to the campaign event tonight. hey started letting people in after five that's when we got to come inside they did a secret service sweep made sure everything was good togo in the southpoint arena let's show you around they have a giant tump make america great again in the center they've been doing mix checks and run the us of a video they'll be showing americas toughest sheriff joe arpaio will be here speaking tonight as


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