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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  March 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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ambulance. but so far, no word on what happened to that person. most of the outages were in the 89122 zip code area... with more than seven thousand affected. there were a few thousand others without lights in the 89014 and 89011 zip codes. power should be back in all areas now. we may be only two months into the new year... but violent crimes... all across the valley are spiking. las vegas metro police say they are aware and the trend... and admit they don't happening. fox5's miguel martinez has the details of a caught on metro's cameras. but first, cyndi us live from the mroe on what crimes were seeing... and what we know so far... metro tells me they are doing can to combat the murders... and but they say they cant do it all on tonight theyre your help. hadfield - statistically
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violence in las vegas we are up 80 pecent homicides up 18 percent in robberies in our violent crimes categories are spiking its unacceptable sexual assaults and assaults using a deadly weapon are also up this year... las vegas metro police tell us they are not sure what's causing the spike in violent crimes... this is 28 people who have died in our jurisdiction regardless of what type of criminal activity or not thats familes affected thats neighborhoods affected those are victims of crimes in just the first two months of 2016 there have also been just under 500 robberies equaling about 8 per day...that number also includes an alarming number of home invasions.... like this one from a home near town center drive and canyon run. home invasion is a crime we dont know a lot about because msot agencies across do not record them officially burglaries or home invasions offenders are looking for certain
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dr. bill souza a criminal justice professor at unlv... specializes in neighborhood crime.. he says the numbers shouldnt cause alarm just yet. to determine if this is a trend we need comparison data to go back a little ways crime does ebb and flow to some extent metro tells us the public can play a huge role in stopping these crimes.... they are encouraging everyone if you see something report it. we are working diligently on solving this issue we have a couple tactics were using however we cant do it with the publics assistance police recommend if you see something that you think is suspicious call 311... they are also encouraging people to take pictures of things or people that seem out of place... they say that could crack multiple other live in the cyndi lundeberg
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just last week alone there were six homicides... 49 robberies... and 57 assaults using a deadly weapon.... totalling more than 100 violent crimes in a seven day period. the henderson police department hopes to crack down on crime, with a new neighborhood safety app called "h-p-d". the department teamed up with "next door"... a free private social network for neighborhoods. you can get police information on-the-go about anything from sex offenders to animal control issues. neighbors can inform others about issues in their area. we have more information on how you can get this app on the links page of our website, fox5 vegas dot com. an argument between two woman ends in a stabbing this happened earlier today in a neighborhood near fremont that metro has been keeping a closer eye on to try to deter crime we're continuing our team coverage with fox5s miguel martinez-valle... who shows us how police were able to respond to this stabbing so quickly. i am here on
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where todays stabbing took place the neighborhood has a reputation for crime, so much so that metro decided to put this mobile survelillance camera on the streets to keep on eye on things, however it seems that today the camera did not serve as a detterent like they intended according to police, the stabbing started as an argument between two women in front of the home... they then took the argument to the street.. thats where one of the women stabbed the other in the chest... what police dont know is what caused the argument or the womens relation to each other... they say the woman stabbed is critical and not expected to survive. the stabbing happened in front of the police cam, which metro says is a surprise since they felt the cameras were working as a detterent " " i have not been down here on a homicide since i've been here since july 15, so somethings are working, so they've made some improvement, you can see a lot of kids
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police say while the camera didnt stop the crime this time around, it will help quickly wrap up the case. they have witnesses, the suspect, and surveillance video in order to determine what exactely happened... other neighborhoods around the valley have used these type of mobile police camera to control crime, once metro decides its working, they usually install a more permanent camera... mmv ffn ll the suspect in today's stabbing is in custody, the victim is critical.
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officer-involved shooting we told you about last night on fox5 news at 10 and 11. metro says the gun a man aimed at officers, was a fake. ""drop the gun sir! drop the gun!" gunshot - he shot him..." this exclusive video was sent to us last night by a neighbor, who recorded the whole thing on her phone. the shooting happened around eight last night, in a neighborhood near las vegas boulevard and saint rose. metro says the suspect was sitting on a wall and pointing a gun at people in the area. when he started to point the gun at police, an officer shot him in the shoulder. neighbors say police warned the suspect to drop his gun several times, before shooting him. " i think my video kind of showed that the officers in this scenario handled everything incredibly. very safe. they didn't unload their weapons on him." the man's injuries are not life- threatening. this is metro's third officer involved shooting
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a man is behind bars, accused of firing a gun several times at a party, and killing a man. "terell moore" is facing several charges including murder with a deadly weapon. this happened saturday night, near h-street and owens. metro says two people were hurt in the shooting. one of them, "ronald abram", died later at umc. abram's son was injured, and he told police moore got in an argument with his father. he says moore then pulled out his gun and shot abrams, then took off. moore was identified in a photo line-up and arrested yesterday. a man accused of kidnapping two teenage girls pleaded guilty to sexual assault charges. it was a relief for ththfamilies... who say the girls have a long road to recovery. " justice i think has been served that's the most important thing. im very satisfied with the way district attorney protecting the victims that's very important. 26-year-old jimmy kim waived his preliminary hearing today...
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other charges he now faces 35 years in prison. investigators say kim kidnapped a girl from arizona, and held her captive for a month. connected to a similar case involving a reno girl kim has another 10th. a young man accused of killing his father, may argue self- defense tomorrow in court. an attorney for 22-year-old daron clanton says he'll try to get a lower bail for his client. right now it's at dollars. police say daron clanton and his father "kevin clanton" got in an argument back in january, about daron no longer attending college. daron clanton admitted to police that he shot his father... but says his father punched him several times first. nevada is getting attention around the country... for the high number of syphillis cases here. what health officials say could be to blame for the alarming outbreak... that many of us use frequently. super tuesday results are in... some of the lower-ranking candidates explain
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presidential race out, at least for a few weeks. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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syphilis cases skyrocketing in las vegas... we've got the highest number of cases in the west. there's been a 130 precent spike in reported cases since 2012.. fox five's elizabeth watts is live at mountain vista and russell with how social media is playing a role. doctors believe smart phone dating apps may be partially to blame.. with
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and people are urged to get tested and always use protection. las vegas- a place where you'll get new tinder and grinder finds every day of the week. but if used for an anonymous hookup... you could pay the price.. chris lilly zip code rule. its a transient tourist town , what happens in vegas could come home with ya in fact health officials say syphilis is on the rise thanks to smartphone apps.. they say not meeting in person first makes it more difficult to have the condom talk.. but christopher lilly says it's not worth it.. christopher lilly/has used dating apps its a minute of pleasure versus gross disease youre gonna know you had syphillis is an s- t-d spread through skin to skin sexual contact when there's a sore or legion in the genital or anal areas or mouth... people may not know they have it right away... vince collins/hiv service manager at the center when it gets to the chronic state you break out in rashes there's legions in the mouth and it's highly contagious. the gay and lesbian community center of
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educate people... de-stigmatize s-t- d's and enocurage testing.. nearly 90 percent of syphilis cases in 2015 were men... and the center's h-i-v service manager says hook up sights aren't the whole problem... vince collins/hiv service manager at the center they may be engaged in a lifestyle such as drug use, where they do just put their guards down syphilis can only be detected with a blood test.. and can be treated with penicillin.. but everyone encouraged to always play it safe. christopher lilly/has used dating apps rejection no condom no sale you're not worth ew f5n llv the center on maryland parkway near ??? has free testing for nevada residents with i-d... you can get tested for h- i-v syphilis and hep c monday through thursday. it's rapid testing with a quick finger prick for blood. they also give out condoms. reporting live ew ffn llv. while syphilis cases are on the rise- the c-d-c says there's also an increase in other
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common- chlamydia has risen to record levels. hillary clinton and donald trump left super tuesday as clear winners. but they still face competition within their own parties. some of the lower-polling candidates say they aren't done yet. mary moloney has highlights from super tuesday. a confident donald trump telling the republican establishment to accept him as the nominee. (donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate): "i am a unifier. once we get all this finished, i am going after one person - that's hillary clinton." (hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate): "what a super tuesday!" hillary clinton winning a handful of states early. her campaign moving past the primaries -- and focusing on trump. (hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate): "instead of building walls, we are going to break down barriers." (nats) "bernie bernie bernie." but bernie sanders - not out of the race. (nats) "feel the bern. feel the bern." picking up his home state of vermont --
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minnesota -- and colorado. (bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate): "this campaign isn't just about electing a president, it's about transforming america." marco rubio winning his first state of the primary season --minnesota. he insists his campaign is in it for the long haul (marco rubio/ (r) presidential candidate): "when i am president of the united states, we will not just save the american dream, we will it to reach more people than ever." after big wins in texas and oklahoma -- ted cruz says it's time for other republicans to rally around him -- to beat trump. (ted cruz/ (r) presidential candidate): "as long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely. and that would be a disaster for republicans, for conservatives and for the nation." but ben carson isn't worried about his poor showing. and says despite the complicated process - he's not dropping out. (ben carson/(r)
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have weaved such a complex web, it will be very very difficult to untangle it, but i'm not ready to quit trying to untangle it yet." i'm mary moloney reporting. we spoke to our fox5 political analyst mark peplowski about super tuesday. he says although our caucuses were a week ago... nevada is still a vital part of this election. "nevada's importance is going to be very strong in the electoral college. right now polling shows either sanders or clinton could beat trump if an election was held today, but that's always subject to change if nevada remains a purple state, meaning it could go either red or blue, is going to be critical to either candidate in this upcoming general election . peplowski also talked about the republicans still battling it out for the nomination. he feels its time for ben carson to drop out, but thinks ohio governor john kasich will stick it out until march 15th... when ohio holds its primary. nevada governor brian sandoval
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endorsed anyone for president yet. but he does say he'll support whoever the republican nominee ends up being. this is in response to an associated press survey, where republicans were asked if they will vote for donald trump if he wins the nomination. nevada republicans did not specifically say they would support trump. congressman joe heck and senator dean heller both gave similar responses to the governor... with heck saying he's focusing more on his own senate race. now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty highs stay in the low-80s through the workweek and for saturday. we stand to match a high temperature record on wednesday with an expected high of 82..the record is 82 set in 1967. we should be within 2-3 degrees of record highs through saturday afternoon. saturday gusts to 25 mph from the
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with gusts to 35 mph. we'll also see a slight chance of showers on sunday afternoon with a high of just 65. we'll keep a chance of showers for monday and tuesday morning with highs in the mid to upper 60s. highs stay in the low-80s through the workweek and for saturday. we stand to match a high temperature
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expected high of 82..the record is 82 set in 1967. we should be within 2-3 degrees of record highs through saturday afternoon. saturday gusts to 25 mph from the southwest get much stronger on sunday with gusts to 35 mph. we'll also see a slight chance of showers on sunday afternoon with a high of just 65. of showers for monday and tuesday morning with highs in the mid to upper
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closed captioning will resume shortly there was plenty of commotion outside caesars palace today. crowds gathered in front of the hotel... to be part of one of our
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"crowds cheer and hold up ellen signs " it was a day full of surprises! how our city will be part of tomorrow's episode. and what imposters are doing, to trick people into thinking they are getting a ride with
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looking for the man and woman who robbed a chase bank, then took off. it happened around one thirty, at a location near fort apache and hacienda. a sign was posted later on the door, saying the bank was temporarily closed. police didn't give details on what was taken, or if anyone was hurt. if you have information on this robbery, call crime stoppers at 702-385-55-55. here's a good reason you'll want to make sure your uber or lyft driver is who they say they are. some crooks are pretending to be licensed ride- sharing drivers, using accessories they bought off e-bay. according to "the consumerist"... former uber and lyft drivers are selling their decals and large pink mustaches online. the items are listed anywhere from ten to 80 bucks on ebay. while most of the buyers are new drivers who need accessories... it's important to check credentials before getting in the car. the outside of
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was packed with hundreds of "ellen" fans wanting to be a part of their favorite talk show! "four road trip ladies scream " ellen is sending four of her biggest fans on a roadtrip across the country. las vegas was their first stop, and the ladies said they received the star treatment. a fan will win a life-changing prize in each city. and only ellen knows what that prize will be, or where the road trip fans are headed next. "oh my goodness, it's completely unexpected. i don't even know if that's the right word, i can't find the right words to describe this experience. it's so exciting, we're totally stoked, aaaahhhhhh!!!! " you will see what actually happened at caesars today and what the huge prize was... right here on fox 5 at 4 tomorrow afternoon. a pilot calls for his passengers' attention. and what he had to say, was life- changing for one couple on-board. "got a note handed to me, gonna read it verbatim, it says
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we'd like to do something special for our lucky winners who hit it big here in las vegas nevada." " how these two are taking home a different kind of
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"once upon a time there lived a merchant who had three sons"
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krifaton celebrated nevada reading week by sharing some of his favorite stories with the students of gordon mccaw elementary school today. les read books... answered questions and talked about what it's like to work at fox 5. a few dozen first graders celebrated nevada reading week with some of our furry friends. "belle was happy. she invited the pretty pony to the ball" the kids joined the animal foundation and read to dogs staying at the shelter. organizers say practicing with the pups can help the students become more confident with their reading. it also relaxes the dogs. "we just wanted to promote nevada reading week and show a lot of emphasis on how important it is to help students at a young age feel comfortable reading. not have any judgments from anybody and just be able to read to the dogs openly" the students came from c-t sewell and ronnow elementary school. the kids also braided old shirts to make "tug toys" for the pups. a las vegas visitor found a unique way to tell her husband they are expecting a baby.
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american airlines pilot a note while boarding a plane home to philadelphia. and the pilot read it for the entire plane to hear. "we'd like to draw your attention to seat 29-e, where you'll find eric, whose traveling with his wife lisa. well eric, while you didn't strike it rich in las vegas, you hit the jackpot. congratulations, you're about to be a dad. " the passengers burst into applause at the announcement, as the couple kissed. eric looked pretty shocked at first, but was seen wiping away tears at the end. 17 puppies sound really fun... but being around them 24-7 is a hassle! see how a community is coming together... for a record- smashing dog and


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