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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  September 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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we continue to follow two we continue to follow two breaking news stories on fox fives news at eleven. the hunt for an escaped homicide suspect has ended. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. police have arrested alonso perez -- who had been on the run since friday. fox 5's vince sapienza joins us live in the newsroom with what we know right now. john christine.. at around eight o'clock this evening...near the area of charleston and pecos.... a 10 member..multi agency f-b-i task force located...and re- captured alonso perez inside a residence and he was taken back into custody without incident... again this arrest ends a four day man hunt.... police took perez into custody as the main suspect in the murder of mohammad robinson after an altercation at a north las vegas mcdonalds.... but just hours after being handcuffed .. and
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questioned....perez broke off his handcuffs...and ran from the north las vegas detective bureau on cheyenne near simmons .. next to the north las vegas airport ... which .. is just eight miles away near the corner of charleston and pecos where perez was taken back into custody..... john..christine.... once fox-5 was able to confirm the re-capture of alonso perez.. i reached out to the girlfriend and mother.. of mohammad robinson.. the man who alonso perez is suspected of killing.... the girlfriend.. told me she is happy.. relieved... but understandably still sad.. knowing it won't bring back mohammad.... the mother told me police called her personally with the news.. she tells me her prayers have been answered..... and she never doubted police......she says she is overjoyed to know the streets are safe.. from another possible shooting spree.... in the newsroom.. i'm vince sapienza... fox5 news local las vegas... two people have been shot to
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complex. it happened on torrey pines near smoke ranch. let's go straight to fox5's miguel martinez valle who is live at the scene with more on the investigation. police are still out here investigating the shooting and looking for the suspects who are on the run... hours ago they got multiple calls reporting shots fired from this apartment complex on torrey pines... this happened around 6 o clock and when police got to the scene they found two men near a car... they were transported to umc with gun shot wounds but were declared dead when they arrived. police tell me they don't know exactly how many times each man was shot ... they do say the men who shot them. still on the loose. they're looking for the suspects. they say definitely more
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how many. this makes those who live in the community uneasy "you know all the kids are out here playing around and everything i haven't heard anything fights or anything not even the kids fight over here so shocking and surprising to see everything going on i usually walk my baby around this time so it's like shocking it's crazy" police don't think anyone else was injured. they don't know the relationship between the victims and suspects, they say they're also not sure wether this is gang or drug related ... as you can see the apartment complex is still taped up for investigation. police. i'm trying
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heard anything or seen what went down in the parking lot of this community ... mmv ffn, ll a henderson man arrested in the death of his one- time roommate has been released from jail tonight. police say michael lanunziata is not a suspect anymore. he was taken into custody after a man was un shot to death in a neighborhood near us-95 and nevada state drive. henderson police say lanunziata remained at the scene after the shooting in the early morning hours of august 27-th. neighbors told us it looked like someone was moving out at the time. henderson police tell us the incident remains under investigation. a community in north las vegas has been the victim of several car breaks-ins within recent weeks. fox5's vince sapienza spoke with neighbors who say these are not random acts... and have the video
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prove it. (nats) doors shut..... (nats) car locked.... neighbors in the eldorado community are now double.. and triple checking their cars before they go to bed..... "people are coming through popping our door handles, trying to see if their are access in our vehicles, rummaging through and taking things out of cars thruoghout the neighborhood." and the proof is in the surveillance video... just this last weekend jennifer erbes' neighbor caught thieves breaking into her cars. and this isn't the first time. "one of their vehicles was unlocked, nothing was taken, but their was some rummaging." up and down the block jennifer pointed out different homes hit. five different incidents have occured in the past couple months. the reason neighbors believe they are being targeted appears here. on this video you can see someone opening up gas tanks. the next night neighbors say cars with gas tanks open were broken into. what's the scariest part through all this? "not knowing, who it is, is it multiple people, is it the
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homes are they tagging our homes to see who is home, who is not." jennifer says she and her neighbors have filedpolice reports back in june. but have not received any kind of response from police. she also says in most cases the cars broken into were unlocked. but she says that's no excuse. "i just feel like that shouldn't be ok for somebody, a stranger to walk in my car and go through my thinigs because i leave my door unlocked." "you get angry, what's next, being unsettled in your neighborhood is not good, we're a very quiet neighborhood, we all know each other, we have our kids play on the street and its a safe place for us to be." vs f5n llv neighbors say they are in the early stages of filling out the necessary paperwork to start a neighborhood watch program. an armed man is wanted for robbing two businesses take a look at this surveillance video. you can see the suspect holding a gun... and getting into a cash register... with an employee nearby. police say the man targeted two
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and desert inn last monday. the suspect was able to get away with money and merchandise. anyone with information on him should call police or crimestoppers. boulder station is now the first station casino in nevada to vote to become part of the culinary and bartenders union. more than 530 employees voted in a secret ballot election over the weekend. 67-percent of them voted to be represented by the union. the vote comes after decades of disagreements between station casinos and the but workers say it's the right move for them and their families. maria: " i feel happy, and glad that it's one step ahead,a nd it's gonna help for all of us, all the workers, to get something that we need for our families..." maria: " because we all wanted better benefits better things for us, thats why we all went in for voting" more than 570 boulder station workers will be
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station casinos released a astatement on the vote .. in which station casino's president richard haskins is quoted saying, "we have been harassed and vilified for almost two decades because the culinary union refused to let our team members have a fair choice through a secret ballot election process," "while we are disappointed with the manner in which the union conducted the boulder station election campaign and with the election result, we accept it and will satisfy our legal obligation to bargain in good faith, with a sincere desire to reach agreement. we trust this brings an end to the corporate terrorism campaign waged against us by the union that was based on the falsehood that the u.s. government is incapable of conducting a secret ballot election." i-t-t technical institute shuts down its campuses nationwide. hundreds of local students and instructors are affected... and some say they found this morning from an email. the options students now have to finish their education. plus... actor channing tatum won't be dancing in the new
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but he's recruited his squad of dancers for a sneak peek on "ellen". we'll show you the performance. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out!
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institute closes all of its campuses in the country... leaving students in limbo. more than 400 students were affected in southern nevada. they were issued an email saying the school was forced to shut down immediatly... due to sanctions put on them by the department of education. too many times -- people would go through the i-t programs and graduate... but not have the right certifications demanded by employers. "v three and a half years of studying and putting my all into my education to try and better myself and to find out through an email that my school is closed and no representative to talk to." students who have not graduated yet can have their loans deffered. we put a link to the federal student aide site in this story on fox five vegas dot com. a new hotel and
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strip officially opens later this year. "the lucky dragon" set a grand opening date for saturday december third. the property is on sahara near las vegas boulevard. in honor of the occasion -- there will be a series of asian demonstrations including a firecracker show -- which they say drives away evil spirits. a lion and dragon dance will also be performed to bring good luck to all. the resort says they'll start accepting reservations through its website on saturday october first. a local olympian is given the key to the strip for taking home go and for his work in the community. "i've been all around the world for competitions, but i always look forward to coming home. i love being a resident of clark county, i grew up here, it's home, and it's a huge honor to have my own day and a key to the strip!" clark county commissioners named today "connor fields day". he's the first american to win a gold medal in b-m-x racing. fields was also recognized for his volunteer work. he speaks at
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out at "make a wish"... and is also working on a prom for children with special needs. liberty high school celebrates their biggest football win ever... and what they did after is getting a lot of attention. haka dance nats this is the "haka dance" -- a tribal war dance. on friday night -- liberty upset the top-ranked team in texas... and they're giving some credit to the dance. the players do it before and a intimidate the other team. "when we went to texas, they all didn't even know what the haka was. they looked at us like we were some... they didn't even know who we were, but you know, we them how we do it back in the 702." "we've worked really hard to get to this point. we've had a plan in place. we wanted to kind of emulate gorman and do the things that they were doing. take on nationally ranked opponents and really test ourselves." liberty is looking
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that'll happen if the team plays the best of the best. now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty we waste no time warming back up close to and at triple digit highs. we'll see 99 on wednesday afternoon. thursday we'll see a few clouds with 100 in the afternoon. we'll keep the clouds and the highar friday through the weekend. sunday into next week we'll pick up southwest gusts 25-30 mph and that will drop our highs back down the the mid 90s monday and tuesday. we waste no time warming back up
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triple digit highs. we'll see 99 on wednesday afternoon. thursday we'll see a few clouds with 100 in the afternoon. we'll keep the clouds and the highs around 100 friday through the weekend. sunday into next week we'll pick up southwest gusts 25-30 mph and that will drop our highs back down the the mid 90s monday and tuesday. closed captioning
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"star trek" celebrates 50 years of television and movies this year. how the original series continues to be relevant in pop culture... and why its fan base has continued to
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series "star trek" turns fifty years old... with a progeny of spin-off shows... movies... and conventions. fox's jonathan hunt tells us why this series and its stars still grips fans after all these years.
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trek's ultimate saga trailer..." space, the final frontier...") ((trak)) boldly going where no franchise has gone before, "star trek" is celebrating it's 50th anniversary with a loyal fan base that continues to grow... (snd bite: 8/5/16 george takei convention interview) takei says: "it's the fans that created this phenomenon, this longevity and this prosperity for star trek, it's their undying love, passion and support they have given to us that has given us this 50 years." (snd full: 'star trek: into darkness' trailer / music") ((trak)) the science fiction t-v series created by gene roddenberry in 1966 only ran for 3 seasons...but warped into 5 more shows and 13 big screen films, including the latest "star trek beyond" starring chris pines, zachary pinto and simon pegg. (snd full: 'star trek beyond' trailer: ..."let's make some noise...") snd bite: (zachary quinto and chris pine camera x two shot interview) quinto says: "i think it's got themes and ideas that's set it apart as a franchise, because they are actually relevant and resonant to today's society, and that's something that has always been a
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star trek." (snd bite:simon pegg and karl urban camera x two shot interviews) pegg says: "it's a stand-alone adventure, we wanted it to feel like almost like an episode of the original series had been injected with a little bit of, you know, modern super-pizzazz." (snd full: 'star trek discovery' trailer, music and ship leaving port) ((trak)) and with a new original series "star trek discovery" due to hit the web in 2017, former members george takei and robert picardo believe the central theme continues to 'live long and prosper'. (snd bite: (8/5/16 george takei convention interview) takei says: "we feel very grateful for the fans, because gene roddenberry created the series, it was his vision and his philosophy and his belief, his confidence in humankind's ability to solve problems and move forward." (snd bite: robert picardo 8/5/16 convention interview) picardo says: "it has to be star trek's inspirational message for the future, inspirational and positive. it's a future where technology and
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science ennoble man, rather than destroy him and that's a message that's so important now. " (snd full: 'star trek:the motion picture' trailer: "...this is the epic journey of the starship enterprise.") ((trak)) in hollywood, jonathan hunt, fox news. singer jennifer lopez and rapper pitbull have created worldwide hits together... and now the duo collaborated on another song. pitbull says, "she's militant. she's diligent. she's a hard worker, and that's why she is who she is. so what better record for jennifer t record called 'sexy body.' we all know that jennifer -aye, que rica! - has a very sexy body." that's their new song "sexy body". the hit will be on his new album "climate change" -- which will be released on october 7-th. pitbull will also be back for his planet hollywood residency in two weeks. sadly -- actor channing tatum
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performing in the new "magic mike live" show in las vegas... but he brought his group of dancers for a preview on "ellen" today. we'll have the sneak peek... and how ellen degeneres mom' reacted to the show. the new salami caprese panini from subway. pressed and grilled to cinematic perfection to get a golden brown crust and meld the flavors in melted cheese. part of the new chef-inspired panini collection from subway. we sent him here to fix it. but congressman joe heck became part of the problem. wall street invested over a half-million dollars in congressman heck's campaigns, and heck supports their agenda -- privatizing social security, handing wall street billions in fees, but risking our retirement in the stock market, cutting benefits, putting wall street ahead of us. congressman heck -- what's wrong with washington.
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actor channing tatum is bringing the new "magic mike live" show to the strip. but before that -- he brought the dancers to deliver a sneak peek on ellen -- right here on fox. more's rachel smith has more on the performance. nats of dancing now that's what i call a sneak peak! six months before magic mike live hits vegas - channing tatum gave us a special preview on ellen's season debut - even her mom was enjoying the show!
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showcasing the dancers who'll star in his live show at the hard rock next march...and telling ellen why this show will be different. channing sot yes, love equality at work! and channing even had a surprise for a special group of nurses! nurses nats but news of the show came as no surprise to us here at more... as we were there when channing first got the idea of making his hit movies into a live vegas show! rachel smith says: "we're talking a magic mike on the strip? come on, you guys have to initiate it." channing tatum says: "yeah yeah, we're gonna start on broadway first and then maybe bring it to vegas after." matthew mcconaughey says:
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great idea." a great idea was born and just kept getting bigger and bigger! rachel says: "are you guys going to come for opening night?" joe manganiello says: "sure. who says we're not gonna be in the show?" rachel says: "whoa!" channing - by end of the year... vegas magic mike show. that was scoop we got last spring at cinemacon - and we also learned if his sexy co-stars will be part of the show! channing says: "no. they're not good enough for the show." ((laughing)) rachel says: "do they have to audition?" channing say: "yeah. yeah they all have to audition! everyone. even myself.... i won't pass that bar." rachel says: "you won't? i think you will." channing says: "no, no when you see the dancers that we have you'll be like 'oh.... right.'" and the dancers are indeed incredible! while channing's famous co-stars may not be part of the regular vegas cast - they do plan to be there for opening night! matt bomer says: "i would love that! just like a one night thing to be a part of that and enjoy that experience? why not!" rachel says: "so are you maybe going to get twitch for opening night?" channing says: "i'm gonna basically knock on all of my friends' doors at some point yeah. nats and what about channing? just how much will we see of him at the vegas


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