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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  September 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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the spotlight at the 2016 primetime emmy awards a look at the must-see moments from t-v's biggest night. good morning and welcome i'm maria silva. dave hall has the week off. we begin with breaking news, hours after an explosion rocks a manhattan neighborhood. authorities found five undetonated devices in a trash can in new jersey. this morning... the f-b-i is questioning several people in connection with the explosion that injured 29 people in manhattan. cnn's dianne gallagher joins us live from new york with the latest on the investigation... good morning dianne-- ((ad-lib))
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of several suspicious devices found late saturday near a bar and a train bridge... the mayor of elizabeth had this to say: i don't think any mayor prepares for this or wants this to happen in their city. the incident, about forty minutes from where a blast in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood injured dozens. an intact pressure cooker with similarities to the exploded device was found blocks away . with residents again worried - new york mayor bill de blasio says officials are working hard to keep people safe: you will see a very substantial nypd prescence this week..bigger than ever earlier saturday in seaside park, new jersey one of three pipe-bomb type devices wired together detonated in a garbage can. no one was injured
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was probably meant to distrupt a marine corps charity run. police say there's similarities in that incident and the one in new york - but have stopped short of saying they're linked. and the two blasts came on the same day as a man stabbed nine people in a minnesota mall. an off-duty police officer - now hailed as a hero - shot the attacker dead: he clearly prevented additional injuries and potentially loss of life>> ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib))
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locals how they feel about the possible terror- related attacks happening on the east coast. we spoke to one woman who says we should increase security patrols in busy areas like the strip. "ever since the terror attacks in paris, sometimes i feel like it's kind of dangerous to be on the strip." "i'm not suprised because i heard like the major cities are being targeted, so i'm really scared about las vegas, but yeah, it's still a shock because it's still happening and i hope in the futre something will resolve this." we reached out to local police to see if they made any changes. north las vegas police tell us no changes have been made thus far... because there are no specific threats to our
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now let's check in les krifaton. looks like we've got a cool down on the way, right les?! we start off the week with sunshine with increasing clouds throughout the day. high pressure is moving east over the next 48 hours as hurricane paine pushes north off baja. paine could produce some drizzle of showers for the valley monday night into tuesday. a strong trough north of us starts to slide south tuesday. monday's triple digit temperatures will drop to the mid 80's for tuesday. as
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continues to slide south midweek winds are going to pick up. the uv index for monday is 7 or high a fire tears through a vacant property for the third time in two years. fox5's abby theodros spoke with business owners in the area who say the vacant building is now hurting their bottom line.
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one before that - july 2014. all on the same property. abby: have you noticed a decline in business? bm: traumatically. no one wants to come to the property if the property next door is closed. they dont have a fence up. ocassionally there will be homeless people coming in and out of the property las vegas fire and rescue told fox five the property has a squatter problem gf: if the owner doesnt care enough to put a fence around the property to make sure people dont get in if the building is abandoned, then it just hurts the other businesses in the art district. "hey this is abby with fox5." we called the owner of the property to see if they had anything to say proprety owner's son: its not the best area and its just a continuing problem. property owner's son: we're trying to handle the problem, but its hard to know when to break
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the owner's son picked up and asked to stay anonymous but he told us thai barbeque went out of business seven years ago - and the family's been trying to sell the prperty since. adam: the problem is ...its been listed for over a year and a half - and no one's bought. ben medina their neighbor - says he's just tired. i hope they decide to do something about the property - i can only say so much but hopefully something's done abby theodros fox5 news local las vegas>> farewell to the coolest cats in town. ((nats of singing)) the jersey boys took their final bow at the paris hotel sunday night. the show was the longest-running broadway production on the las vegas strip. the hit musical told the story about frankie valli and the four seasons. it featured top ten hits like
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don't cry" and "walk like a man." "jersey boys" performed more than 3-thousand shows since it opened on the las vegas strip in may 2008. "game of thrones" cleans house at the 2016 emmy awards. the show has now received more recognition than any other show in emmy history. host jimmy kimmel and actor matt damon kept their feud alive... as damon mocked kimmel's emmy loss. fox's michael tammero takes a look at the night's other must-see moments.
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nats: "veep." the top comedy was once again "veep" -- with its star julia louis-dreyfus taking home her 5th consecutive best actress gold. fx's acclaimed series "the people vs oj simpson: american crime story" was another big winner... taking home best limited series and 3 out of 4 top acting honors. vance says: "it feels wonderful, as i said to my children win lose or draw, i've already won, so if it happens for me wond doesn't happen for me, it's all good we come home and celebrate one way or the other." nats: "louie anderson, louis anderson - baskets!" other top winners include supporting comedy actors louie anderson and kate mckinnon... "the voice" wins for a second year in a row and jeffrey tambor also did a two-fur for his lead role in "transparent". john oliver nats: "please play me off, i've never had the chance to do this before, thank you." "last week tonight with john oliver" surprise many -- taking home outstanding variety talk series, stealing
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thunder and matt damon made sure he felt the pain. matt damon nats: "you lost and now you gotta...stand out here for the rest of the night in front of everybody." also a surprise was lead actors in a drama series -- rami malek for "mr. robot" and tatiana maslany in "orphan black" jimmy kimmel nats: "everyone enjoying your snacks, james did you get a juice box? there you go." and jimmy kimmel kept the three-hour show moving... poking some jokes at the nominees including "apprentice" producer mark burnett. jimmy kimmel nats: "who is to blame for donald trump? that guy. mar (off cam tag) in hollywood, michael tammero, fox news.>> coming up on more at 9... a celebrity stylist joins us live to talk about the fashion hits and misses on the red carpet. an act of compassion and teamwork on the field. "we want robby. we want robby." find out why they "want robby" next. the paralympics in rio wraps up with
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ceremony tribute. how the athletes
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morning with dave hall, maria silva, monica jackson, jason feinberg , . weather 24/7 with cassandra jones and traffic solutions
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this morning. the cooler temps are a sure sign of fall. we will officially welcome autumn on thursday. the fall equinox marks the first day of fall in the northern hemisphere. no matter where you are in the world... the equinox means that day and night are almost the exact same length... 12 hours a piece. so get out there and enjoy your final few days of extra sunshine... "winter is com
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we start off the week with sunshine with increasing clouds throughout the day. high pressure is moving east over the next 48 hours as hurricane paine pushes north off baja. paine could produce some drizzle of showers for the valley monday night into tuesday. a strong trough north of us starts to slide south tuesday. monday's triple digit temperatures will drop to the mid 80's for tuesday. as the trough continues to slide south midweek winds are going to pick up. the uv index for monday is 7 or high harley-davidson is
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motorcycles aren't just for boys. this weekend. the bike shop hosted a class... just for the ladies. during the motorcycle safety class. women tested their skil through different courses. instructors also helped the ladies brush up on road safety rules and how to be a confident rider. "i think it's nice that i did it with my friends, that i'm not worried about what i look like or if i'm messing up and we're all kind of cheering each other on and i think if more women do it that way then it wouldn't really be scary, it wouldn't matter. i think it's a really empowering feeling to be on the bike and have control. i've ridden on the back of bikes many times, but it feels really good to be in charge." there are at least
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scheduled each month. you can sign up at the harley davidson on las vegas boulevard or the one in henderson. if you take the class you can bypass some of the steps needed to get a motorcycle license. it will also lower your insurance rate. our local first responders went toe-to-toe for the annual guns and hoses soccer game. members of the police and fire departments came together saturday at the soccer field over at u-n-lv. almost a thousand people came out to cheer on our local heroes. out las vegas fire and rescue... for the win. final score there... two to zip. proceeds from the event benefit the "injured police officers fund" and the "burn foundation." the 20-16 paralympics have come to a close. during the closing ceremony on sunday tributes were paid to the iranian cyclist who died saturday after crashing in a road race. china finished the games with 239 medals, 107 of which were gold.
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came in second with 147 medals. followed by ukraine with 117. the united states secured the number four spot with 115 medals the baton was passed off to tokyo, which will serve as host city for the 20-20 paralympics. now to an act of compassion and team work on the field. a michigan student with down syndrome scores the touchdown of a lifetime. it's a moment his they'll never forget. "he brings that infectious enthusiasm that our kids love. no matter how bad a day he's having it's a smile from ear to ear and the opportunity to put that helmet on tonight, i mean it brought tears to my eyes." high school senior robby heil typically serves as his team's water boy. but friday night he took on a new role. robby took center field and
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his terminally-ill mother. it was all thanks to the opposing team. robby's mom had no idea her son was going to score a touchdown, so she broke down in tears. "i presently have cancer and this team has just been so instrumental in helping me get him to practice while i'm at chemo and it takes a village to raise my son and this village has been really outstanding." "everyone was saying 'we love robby,' how did that make you feel?" "made me feel happy." the opposing team made a special jersey just for robby. homes for heroes. "these are my brothers and sisters out there on the streets, and we didn't want to see any veteran suffering." a group is clearing land to build a community of tiny homes for
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"welcome home...thank you welcome home. (cheering)" built to last. a wounded warrior gets keys to a brand new home... designed just for him. how the improvements are
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something bigger. what started as a vision to help veterans. has become a reality. "we want to give them something they can stay in, call it their own and then socialize and re-integrate at their own pace." a group in kansas city, missouri got together over the weekend to lend a hand to our nation's heroes. the team of former veterans are building a tiny community of homes for homeless veterans. they say they're happy to give back to others who have served. and a veteran from texas who suffered a traumatic brain injury gets a brand new home. the special home includes more than forty special accommodations and the best part. it's mortgage free! fox's zack hedrick takes a look.
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lined the street of sage run... anticipating the arrival of chief warrant officer tamarsh thompson. (nats - "welcome home...thank you welcome home. (cheering).) in march of 2012, thompson sustained a traumatic brain injury after the apache helicopter he was piloting crashed while returning from a combat mission. (nats - "it's not just the sacrifice the tremendous sacrifice by the wounded warrior. it's a tremendous sacrifice on the family.") surrounded by dozens of family members, including his three children... thompson received the keys to a mortgage free home with more than 40 special adaptations while the improvements will certainly help thompson, this home means even more to his family. thompson says: "right now there in a rental and it's a little tight so there have been some strains with that so...look at this home it's amazing." all costs for the home will be covered by a
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summerling says: "they're going to be able to come here on the holidays and christmas..and spend time with their father and that's a wonderful thing." summerling says: "this is just the beginning." zack hedrick, fox san antonio.>> california's power grids are working overtime. so-cal got blasted by extreme weather over the weekend. how the triple digit heat sidelined some l-a rams fans. the president is taking a stand against the opioid epidemic. how he's raising awen those we've lost
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suspects and a motive after a "planted" bomb goes off in new york. coming up in a live report... what we are now learning about the devices fo overnight in new jersey. when your child gets a cough... its second-nature to reach for the cough medicine. doctors are now warning parents to think twice. the important warning you need to know about. going the distance. local teens put their skills to the test at the las vegas motor speedway. how a weekend crash course in driving is getting them prepared for our valley roads. good morning i'm maria silva. now it's time to get a first look at
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forcast... les krifaton joins us now. we start off the week with sunshine with increasing clouds throughout the day. high pressure is moving east over the next 48 hours as


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