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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  November 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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live from las vegas, fox5 news this morning starts now another dangerous day for pedestrians on valley roads. two pedestrians are dead and three minors are recovering after someone opened fire on a group of trick-or-treaters. putting locals back to work. several companies ar hiring just in time for the holidays. coming up, everything you need to know about this week's job fairs. 75 and still shining bright! the el cortez is celebrating its diamond anniversary today. when you can get in on the fun. good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first cassandra
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with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. cooler air will usher into the area today putting highs right around average for this time of year with a light breeze. we will top out at 72 with a few clouds. look for plenty of sunshine wednesday wi northerly breeze blowing across the valley. looking at a high of 76 on wednesday with 79 on thursday. some showers are expected over arizona thursday and friday, but all of that activity looks to stay off to our east. we'll see some clouds at times as temperatures climb into the weekend. we're back into the low 80s saturday and sunday. halloween night takes a scary turn for a group of trick-or-treaters.
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argument with a gunman, who then opened fire on them. it happened around 11 last night at carey and mount hood, near sunrise manor. police say a car pulled up alongside the minors and there was some sort of fight. that's when someone inside the car started shooting. the three people who were hit, were treated at the hospital. they are expected to be okay. police are still searching for the suspect. call police or crime stoppers at 702-385-55-55 if you have any information. you can remain an that tipline and could be eligible for a cash reward. a few miles from that crash, a pedestrian was hit by a car. police say the elderly man was also jaywalking. the man was hit by an s-u-v around 3:30 p-m monday on lamb near sahara. he remains hospitalized after suffering critical injuries. the driver who hit him stayed on the scene and is cooperating with police. police say a woman was hit by a truck while jaywalking near mccarran airport. it happened on sunset near bermuda just before 7 last night. police say the car in front of the driver who hit
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who was outside of a marked crosswalk. that's when the 31-year-old driver of the toyota truck hit her. the 41-year-old woman was rushed to umc, where she later died. police believe she is from los angeles. a desert oasis high school student is accused of threatening to shoot up the school. police say the 15- year-old was arrested after a concerned parent in arizona overheard the boy's plan on skype. c-c-s-d police say a team specializing in hazardous materials, like bombs and chemicals, gathered evidence from the teen's house which proved the threats were legitimate. police say he appeared to be acting alone. they are still searching for a motive. its that time of year again, as the temperture drops outside, more coyotes are coming into our neighborhoods from the desert and mountains. and sometimes these encounters can be dangerous. fox5's miguel martinez valle has tips on how to avoid the wild animals.
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howling" it was a howl jeff smith had learned to look out for... " they were right down in this area, about 12 feet away from this fence" coyotes, roaming the neighborhood, and the surrounding golf course, looking for food... " the pitman wash is just down the way and i am sure that is their highway" "bridge: smith and his neighbors have seen multiple cayotes so far this year, their biggest concern, one of them could attack one of their beloved pets" " we had a toy poodle a couple of years ago that got attacked by a coyote and ultimatly died be he has a new dog now, but that attack has kept him on the lookout... especially this time of year... " as the tempertures from the summer start to cool off, we become more active, so do they" doug nielson from the nevada deptartment of wildlife says wild animals start to move around during the day this time of year... but there are a few things to do to keep them away from your home. " number one is dont feed them" dont feed them, and try to keep their prey away... the more animals like rabbits you have outside, the more likely they'll use your yard as a buffet.
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encourage people to maintain control of their pets" keep dogs on a leash, and cats inside... smith is taking these suggestions to heart... he wants to keep his dog wolfie, and his neighbors pets safe. "he's a bigger poodle but folks with smaller animals need to be aware and be careful" miguel martinez valle fox5 news local las vegas>> if you run into issues with wild animals, contact the nevada department of wildlife. you can find their information on ou five vegas dot com election day is one week away! early voting ends this friday, so hillary clinton is making plans to return to las vegas, to make another push to locals to get out and vote early. clinton will be discussing her vision for america at wednesday's rally. details of the event have not been disclosed, but we do know the event will be open to the public. we will pass along the details of her visit as soon as we get them. open enrollment for the nevada
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underway today. nevadans can enroll now through january 31st by visiting nevada health link dot com. there will be an open enrollment kickoff event today from 3 to 8 p-m at cashman center. you can learn more about the online markeplace, and get free assistance to find out if you are eligible for federal tax credits and other subsidies. walgreens will also be at today's event giving out free flu shots . calling all veterans! companies will be recruiting the best of the best at today's job fair at the suncoast. local companies looking to fill more than 400 job openings will be at today's mixer. they are looking to fill jobs in the health and education fields, and much more. the fifth annual "large vision business network mixer" goes from 11 a-m to 2 this afternoon in the grand ballroom. the event will be open to the public starting at noon. that isn't the only hiring fair happening this week. on thursday, workforce connections will host a nevada day
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there will be dozens of employers on hand, looking to fill more than 200 jobs in the health care field, i-t, manufacturing and hospitality. the event starts thursday morning at 10 a-m at the culinary academy of las vegas. event organizers will join us live in studio at 7:45 to talk about the exciting careers available to applicants. the el cortez is turning 75, and you're invited to the diamond celebration! the el cortez has been a staple in downtown for 75 years. today it is the longest continuously- running hotel and casino in las vegas. this property is so unique because it has been family-run since 19-63. the casino will be celebrating the major milestone tonight with champagne, cake and live music on the casino floor. you are invited to come down and help celebrate the occasion from 4 to 8 p-m. the world series is proving to be a big hit with viewers.
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viewers than sunday night foodball, by 32-percent! the cubs and indians matchup has been ratings gold for fox. sunday night's game drew the highest viewership of any baseball game in the last five years. it was also the first time in three years a world series game topped "sunday night football." the cubs and indians will travel back to cleveland tonight for game 6. you can catch it on fox 5. a popular pepper used in eating competitions may be too hot to handle. coming up, the warning from experts that will have you saying, no thanks! it's time to honor those who passed on. today we celebrate el dia de los muertos or day of the dead. where you can go tonight to celebrate the holiday. ((your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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fox5 news this morning with dave hall, maria silva, monica jackson, jason feinberg , . weather 24/7 with cassandra jones and traffic solutions
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this morning. november first marks the day of the dead. better known as el dia de los muertos. the mexican holiday honors the dead with festivals and lively parades in their honor. and las vegas is going all out! "the park" outside the t-mo will be celebrating the holiday with a night of lively music, traditional art, decorations, face painting and much more. an 11-piece mariachi band will join 12 dancers to entertain the crowds. there will also be several art installations honoring those who have passed on. the party kicks off at 5 p-m. as the days gets
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nights get longer, las vegas' favorite hiking destination is changing its hours. red rock canyon's scenic loop will begin operating under seasonal hours starting at 6 a-m. the changes will affect hiking and trails as well as the picnic areas inside the park. the visitor center will operate under normal hours, 8 a-m to 4:30 p-m. the park hours will be extended in march, when daylight saving time begins. speaking of daylight saving time, sunday morning you ca clock back an hour and enjoy one extra hour of sleep. most people here in the u-s, will fall back, thanks to the annual shift back to standard time. make sure you set your clock back one hour before you go to bed saturday night, the offical change takes place at 2 a-m sunday morning. ((anchor chat))
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cassandra jones with fox5. cooler air will usher into the area today putting highs right around average for this time of year with a light breeze. we will top out at 72 with a few clouds. look for plenty of sunshine wednesday with a northerly breeze
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high of 76 on wednesday with 79 on thursday. some showers are expected over arizona thursday and friday, but all of that activity looks to stay off to our east. we'll see some clouds at times as temperatures climb into the weekend. we're back into the low 80s saturday and sunday.
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news... new research shows the zika virus could affect fertility in men. scientists tested the virus on mice, and found that it attacked cells crucial for sperm and sex hormone generation in th male reproductive system. research finds that zika can be sexually transmitted from an infected man to his partner. studies have also shown that the virus can remain in sperm for months. researchers say more studies are needed to better understand how zika affects male fertility in humans. ghost peppers are one of the hottest peppers on the planet. they are 400 times hotter than tabasco sauce. and researchers say, people should
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handling or eating them. "the ghost pepper is quite hot and spicy and if you're sensitive to that, it could cause, you know, burning of your skin where you touch it, it could also cause digestive distress, so you know, burning of your esophagus, nausea, vomiting, probably all of the things you'd like to avoid." experts say if you want to try a ghost pepper, make sure you start with a very small amount to learn if you can tolerate it. and make sure you handle it with care, you may need to use gloves to protect your hands if you have sensitive skin. chances are your child has a bucket full of candy this morning. and parents, its your responsibility to make sure that candy is safe for them to eat.
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make sure you inspect every piece of candy before letting them dig in. next, only keep the factory-wrapped treats. toss anything that's homemade. if candy wrappers are torn or look like they've been tampered with, throw them out right away. you should also check expiration dates, and be wary of brands you've never heard of. basically... when in doubt, throw it out. a massachusetts boy living with epilepsy, ts of his very own. as juli mcdonald explains, its all thanks to a group of students who put their heads together for the cause.
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a day. as he rolls up in his army tanker. . the people who love him know the real fighters is underneath that costume. (erik plotkin/ dad) "he's had almost 30 surgeries, i think. about 26 have been on his head. he had half his brain removed when he was 15 months old. he's probably the toughest kid i know." heather and erik have gotten creative over the years. . but this halloween. . they needed some help. "he's happiest when going fast. whether in a car or remote wheelchair. he likes to move." so these juniors from nashoba valley technical high school spent three months converting a power wheels escalade into a remote-controlled vehicle. . sending tyler zipping through his neighborhood at the hands of mom and dad. "faster!" "hi honey!" "just as we were about to park it and call it done for the night, he goes, 'had fun!' it melts your
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lot of words, he doesn't have a lot of sayings. but when he says something and you know he truly means it, it's the best." simple words and a sweet smile. . that make this halloween feel more like christmas. "bye!" (laughs)>> and then there were three! as the world series of poker enters day three, there's a lot on the line for one local player. we'll bring you up halloween is over so now it's time to focus on thanksgiving. how you can help those in need here in our valley by simply donating a turkey!
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day three the world series of
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today at the rio. the final five competitors sat down monday to stay alive to claim the 8-million dollar prize. the remaining three players will walk away with at least 3-million dollars a piece. las vegas local, qui nguyen heads into day three of the final table with a huge chip lead cliffe josephy and gordon vayo. the tournament began in may with more than 67- hundred competitors. the holidays are almost here, and butterball is going digital to make sure your bird is cooked to perfection! if you have a turkey emergency come thanksgiving day, the staff over at butterball has your back. this year, the company will let you text in your questions for the first time ever. butterball says it expects the most-asked question to remain "how long does it take to thaw the turkey"? the texting option
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starting november 17th. catholic charities of southern nevada has a new food pantry to help feed those in need this holiday season. catholic charities serves more than a hundred people every day, and between 3 and 4 thousand people a month. those numbers skyrocket during the holidays. so, the charity will be collecting turkeys again for its annual food drive. if you'd like to donate, you can drop one off at their office off las vegas boulevard... or make a cash donation online. a little girl on a mission, shows off her determination one lawn at a time. "i remember that daddy had always told me his stories of mowing, like how he got to six flags he mowed to get the money to go, so i was like can i mow to help raise money." 10-year old addison pickering raised almost 26- hundred dollars over the summer mowing lawns, to help her school dance team go to
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perform at the holiday spectacular parade in california's disneyland in anaheim. wish granted! a local judge dons her magic wand and gavel to make adoption dreams a reality. how she is creating stability with the wave of her wand. plus... you can say a fairy godmother or two made wishes come true for these special kids at u-m-c. how volunteers made sure these kids at umc enjoyed a fun
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mommy and he cant talk to her." we're learning more about the mother shot and left to die in the middle of the street. what her long time boyfriend has to say about the man accused of killing her. for many a trip to the emergency room may be a last resort. patients are often met with long wait times here in the valley. what hospitals are now doing to get to you quicker. our local first responders spent their halloween, building relationships with our community. we'll take you inside "treet sreet," next. good morning i'm maria silva. i'm alyssa deitsch. now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... cassandra jones
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good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. cooler air will usher into the area today putting highs right around average for this time of year with a light breeze. we will top out at 72 with a few clouds. look for plenty of sunshine wednesday with a northerly breeze blowing across the valley. looking at a high of 76 on wednesday with 79 on thursday. some showers are expected over arizona thursday


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