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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  November 3, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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live from las vegas, fox5 news this morning starts now "here's the o1. this is gonna be a tough play, bryant, the cubs win the world series! (cheers)" there you have it, the chicago cubs winning their first world series title since 19-08. you saw it there, hometown her kris bryant playing an important part in that final play. good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. the world was watching as the cubs broke the curse. cnn's scott mclean joins us live from chicago, where fans are still celebrating. good morning scott--- ((ad-lib))
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celebrate the moment they've been waiting for ... as chicago emerges victorious from world series 2016. they beat the cleveland indians eight-to-seven in ten innings. it was a nail-biter of a game that featured a rain delay and went on past midnight, but the fans didn't seem to mind. mos:"fifty one years i've been here. a die-hard cubs fan from the south side. it hasn't been easy but the cubs are awesome and the supporters and fans mos:"i'm just like ... weeping openly right now. i'm covered with beers and tears and i just can't believe that this has happened." the cubs took three in a row to close out the the indians in game seven of a dramatic series. mos:"the anxiety was inane, you know, from down three-to-one, it was a one game at a time mentality. and once we were here today we knew it was just a matter of one game showing up and it happened exactly as it should have. some ... disappointed this series between the two clubs had to have a loser. mos: "the cleveland fans were awesome. the cubs were
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great night." when the game ended, chicago erupted in celebrations one hundred and eight years in the making even the president joined in the festivities, tweeting: "it happened - cubs win world series. that's change even this south sider can believe in">> ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) kris bryant's star
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world series. the las vegas native celebrating his team's win on twitter overnight. bryant tweeted out world series champions, saying chicago, we're coming home! within 10 minutes of posting the tweet, it was shared and liked thousands of times. now let's check in cassandra jones. looks like we've got a cool down on the way, right cass?! good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. skies will remain mostly sunny with northerly
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across southern nevada. the strongest wind will remain focused along the colorado river valley where gusts up to 35 mph are forecast for the laughlin area through 5pm tonight high temperatures will be pushing 79 degrees thursday afternoon. we'll see a few high clouds at times friday as showers develop over arizona; all of that rain will stay off to our east. temperatures remain mild with highs around 80 starting friday through the middle of next week. no rain is in the las vegas forecast over the next 7 days. bill clintonil be campaigning for his wife in las vegas today. clinton will join d-j steve aoki for an event over at u-n-l-v. clinton and d-j aoki will be encouraging locals to get out and vote early. there will be a free performance inside the cox pavillion. its part of hillary for america's "love trumps hate" concert series. doors open at 5
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clinton is expected to speak to the crowd at 6. early voting in nevada ends tomorrow. donald trump junior will be rallying for his father in las vegas today. trump's event is being held at ahern manufacturing on bonanza road. the event starts at 3:15 this afternoon. hillary clinton made a final push to voters in our battleground state. yesterday, clinton spoke to labor leaders at the plumbers and pipefitters training center. following the rally, supporters went door-to-door encouraging undecided voters to get out to the polls. "i thank you for being here to volunteer to get out as many votes as possible in early voting. nevada has a big role to play in chosing our next president and commander in chief" during clinton's visit, she also made a stop at a field office in north las vegas, where she greeted campaign workers and volunteers to thank them for their support. as we head into the final days of the election.
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and donald trump continues to tighten. fox's jackie ibanez, has the latest on the fbi's investigation into clinton's emails.
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strong lead... the democratic nominee reminding voters of trump's comments about women and minorities. clinton says: "imagine with me what it would be like to have donald trump sitting in the oval office come next january. someone who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos and african-americans. clinton also campaigned in republican-leaning arizona wednesday. lerer says: "it's a sign of how unconventional this presidential race that both campaigns now consider arizona a state that's in play in the presidential race." (on-cam tag) thursday .. clinton will hold events in north carolina .. while trump will also campaign in the well as, florida. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news.>> parents will have another chance parents will have another chance to voice their concerns tonight over andre agassi prep's proposed merger with an east coast school, called "democracy prep." things got heated at last night's town hall meeting.
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the merger, yelled at each other and the board from democracy prep. the proposed merger would result in a 6-day school week with 10-hour-long school days. people opposed to the merger, cited issues like cutting sports and lack of special education opportunities for students. the academy's board members have already approved the merger, but the final vote to confirm it won't take place until mid-december. tonight's town hall meeting is set for 6 p-m in andre agassi's cafeteria. the world was watching as the chicago cubs and cleveland indians went 10 innings in game 7 of the world series. and it was a huge night for cubs fans here in the valley! fox5's miguel martinez valle joined local baseball fans to watch the cubs make history.
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the only first... " first time we've ever been in a bar together watching any sporting event so it is kind of cool actually" we first met mark weinberg during game 6 he said if the cubs made it to game 7, his 80 year old dad would make it to the bar with him "here he is" "i've been following the cubs since 1949" even with an early lead they were hesitant about flying the w too quickly "we're having fun but he seen a lot so we're still nervous still nervous not over till it's over " then again, this is a win theyve both been waiting for their whole lives "it's way overdue quite frankly" the cubs beat the indians to become the world series champs... a memory that will last this father son duo a lifetime " he's a wonderful son let me tell ya his birthday is next month so it'll be a great 80th birthday present" miguel martinez valle fox5 news
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the holidays can be an exciting time, as your kids rip through their presents. but things could take a turn if toy safety isn't a top priority. we have tips to help you pick the good toys from the bad. plus, a unique shopping experience for children with autism. see which retailer is dimming the lights for this autism-friendly
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the world are in town to check out the latest in the industry! the "sema show" is taking place this week at the las vegas convention center. it stands for "specialty equipment market association". more than 140- thousand people attend the annual car convention. auto industry insiders say the technology and trends are shifting from motorsports and racing. "...over the years, cnsumers aren't just modifying racecars... you can modify your suv now. you can make your vehicle fit you like a glove. the "sema show" is celebrating its 50-th year. the show wraps up tomorrow. it is closed to the public. but mike doria will be joining us live in the next hour to show us all sema has to offer. the sema show is all about the latest and greatest
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and there's much more than just booths to look at. i got to experience first hand, what its like to burn rubber on two wheels!
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new tire, the 'extreme contact sport' it's a brand new tire we're coming out. new hp high performance tire. for cars like bmw's and some of these other corvettes and camaros that we've got on display here. but really a tire built for the enthusiast, who really enjoys the experience of driving their car. alright i can smell the rubber in the air, what kine of a ride am i in for here? you're about to get - shook? i'm about to get shook. all shook up as elvis used to say? shifted back and forth in the seat, that's for sure. one side to the other. alright, travis thank you sir. i'm gonna go hop in the car. enjoy your time here in la gonna go take a spin y'all. hopping in the car right here. how you doing, what's your name? my name's adam. adam, nice to meet you, dave. let me strap in and we'll go for a ride. ok what kind of a ride am i in for here? an exciting one. ok let's go, let's see what this feels like. you ever done this before? i have not. here we go, i'm putting a lot of trust in you man. i am putting a lot of trust in you. today's my first day, so. oh great, today's his first day! not really, not really. whoa! oh my gosh! good thing i haven't
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is insane! you got this right? yeah i got it. he says he's got it. burning rubber y'all. burning rubber. dave hall sema show, continental tires, i'm out. [tires screeching] ((anchor chat))
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cassandra jones with fox5. skies will remain mostly sunny with northerly breezes blowing across southern nevada. the strongest wind will remain focused
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gusts up to 35 mph are forecast for the laughlin area through 5pm tonight high temperatures will be pushing 79 degrees thursday afternoon. we'll see a few high clouds at times friday as showers develop over arizona; all of that rain will stay off to our east. temperatures remain mild with highs around 80 starting friday of next week. no rain is in the las vegas forecast over the next 7 days.
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hustle and bustle draws near, it can be an especially tough time on those living with autism and their families. toys r us is here to help. the retailer says it will offer "quiet shopping hours" on sunday for these families. the goal is to make holiday shopping easier for individuals on the spectrum. as part of the shopping experience lights will be dimmed, and music and the p-a system will be turned off. around a hundred u-s locations will be participating in
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the holidays are a joyous time, but they can also be dangerous if you don't make safety a top priority. here are some tips to help prevent your kids from getting hurt during the holidays. experts recommend following toy age recommendations. it's essentially a safety guide that lets parents know the toy is safe for their child's developmental abilities. next, read package warnings and instructions! parents should also teach their kids how to safely play with the toy. pay attention to small toy parts, especially if you have children of different ages in the home. and don't forget about where you store the toys. the toy chest should be made of soft material, so your little ones don't smash their fingers. and always secure shelves to the wall, so they don't tip over. two of country's finest honored at the c-m-a's. we'll tell you about garth brooks' big win and beyonce's surprise
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country music's finest come together to honor some of the biggest legends in th hosts, brad paisley and carrie underwood were back at it co- hosting country music's biggest night the show opened with a performance from ben haggard, who performed in his father's memory, country music legend merle haggard. there was also a touching tribute to randy travis, who suffered a stroke in 20-13. he was just inducted into the country music hall of fame. charley pride, alan jackson, reba mcentire and many more performed
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country music legend garth brooks won the coveted entertainer of the year award. brooks says: "pretty cool to win it on the 50th, but also 20 years ago, we went home." brooks went on to tip his hat to the audience, thanking them for a wonderful run. and then it was time to honor the sweet and talented dolly parton. she was awarded achievement award. "i really am proud to receive this award and of course they asked me to hurry it up, they say they're behind, but you're talking about a lifetime here right? (laughs) (cheers)" over her career, parton has written more than 3-thousand songs. she received her first c-m-a award
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the biggest surprise of the night came from a country outsider. we started hearing about this on twitter early on yesterday... beyonce suprised a lot of people by making a last minute commitment to perform her song "daddy lessons" alongside the dixie chicks. (music) "daddy lessons" is as close to a country song that beyonce has
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that beyonce has ever released. " ... 8-7 in 10!" and with that, the chicago cubs are the 2016 world series champions!! the last time the cubbies won the series was 108 years ago in 19-08. but now the curse of the billy goat is no more..
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indians ... 8 to 7 in the tenth inning. welcome back and good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. it took extra innings in game 7 to make the chicago cubs world series champs. chicago finally ending their long title drought. cnn's scott mclean is in chicago this morning, where fans are still celebrating! good morning scott--- ((music))


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