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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  November 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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state that romney won in 2012.... and also flip another state... trump was lookig to flip flordia north carolina possibly new hampshire lets look and see how he did. and its super easy to figure out exactly whats happening using this map... just go to fox5 vegas dot com.... and click on this banner... you can keep an eye on the presidential race... senate... house ballot measurs everything... we're going to keep our eyes on this for you and bring you an update in the next hour... we're keeping a close eye on our key state races tonight. we have team coverage from both republican and democratic headquarters. republicans are at the south point. democrats are at the aria.
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watching the senate race between catherine cortez masto and joe heck. " "
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right to the republican now let's get right to the republican headquarters at the south point with senate candidate joe heck's team. that's where we find fox5's faith
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round one of donald trump's efforts to make a case of illegal voting against clark county came up empty today..... a district judge denied a motion filed that would have made the names of poll workers at early voting sites in las vegas....public record. trumps representatives argued that access would shed light on the late ballots on the last day of early voting friday night... fox-5's vince sapienza was at the hearing.... and has more from what went on inside the courtroom... john..christine... the hearing lasted forty minutes..... and more than 30 was greg hardy... trumps representatives... pleading and arguing their case.... today was not about.. whether or not their was an illegal number of people allowed to vote at the polls.. instead it was about the preservation of possible evidence.... now state law requires clark county to keep all of their data and logs at the early voting polls for a minimum of 22 months.... but they are not required to hand over the identities of the poll workers... that is what donald trumps reps were asking the court to allow today....
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investigation to any illegal voting...they can contact those who were working to find out what happened... judge gloria sturman explained she would not pass a motion that opens workers doing their civic duty.. to ridicule and harassment... "we're asking you to preserve evidence in case it's necessary, that's it, bottom line, if the secretary of state looks at this and says we don't even need that, we know something wrong happened here, then i don't need it either, because if she knows it's wrong, than it's wrong." "why would i order them to make available to you information of peop polls when it's not already a pubnlic requirement to do so people can be harrassed when they are just doing their civic duty." now during the hearing... clark county registrar joe gloria.. through his council expressed a willingness to give the names of the workers if there were to be an investigation... but...again...the judge refused to pass the motion... saying if gloria and clark county are willing to do that... that is their right... neither side commented after the hearing....
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with background checks for certain gun purchases. it's one of the questions we're following closely tonight. what supporters are doing to prepare for tonight's results. and fox5's political analyst mark peplowski joins us after the break to talk about the latest poll numbers. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next you're watching fox5 news at 5.
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hours remain for nevadans to get to the polls. fox5's kathleen jacob continues our team coverage live from the polling place at foothill high school in henderson. closed captioning
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" " closed captioning will resume shortly this election is a lot different than what we've seen in years passed. but as we all focus on the presidential election results--
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look at the bigger picture when it comes to congress. csn political science professor mark peplowski joins us now... to talk about the differences between a tranformational and regressive election. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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closed captioning will resume shortly ballot question one would require background
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ballot question on require background checks for purchasing firearms. supporters around the valley are preparing for tonight's results. fox5's adam herbets joins us live from a local gun shop to explain both sides. well right now if you buy a gun from a gun shop like the gun shop that's where i'm at right now you're already going to have to go through a background check and that's why this is probably one of the most confusing questions on the ballot the people who
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one say there's a big loophole for people who tried to buy a gun outside of a gun shop for example at a gun show and they say this solving this loophole won't solve every problem but even if one life is safe it's worth it most of the sheriffs in nevada are against it except for sheriff joe lombardo in clark county he's neutral the nra is against it the governor is against it joe heck is against it... but the district attorney for clark county is for it all these people who are against it say this punishes responsible law- abiding gun owners it causes more restrictions more red tape and if you don't follow the rules because their complex they're understand that could lend you one year in prison real quick i want to talk to the owner here at the gun shop we actually haven't been here that long and there's already been one customer who came and tried to buy a gun but he wasn't allowed to because he didn't pass his background check my question for you is if question one the way it is right now could he go to a gun show and buy a gun without having to go through a background
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now fox5 weather 24/7 with meterologist sam argier it's one of the warmest presidential election days on record for las vegas with temperatures climbing into the 80s this afternoon. we'lll fall back into the 70s and 60s this evening with overnight lows dropping into the upper 50s. skies will stay sunny again on wednesday with high temperatures holding in the low
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temperatures in the mid to upper 70s through the remainder of the week with a few high clouds passing through at times; especially on saturday. no rain is in the forecast for the next 7 days. closed captioning will resume shortly voter fraud and hackers getting into polling systems are big concerns this
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coming up next we'll hear from closed captioning will resume shortly voter fraud and hackers getting into polling systems are big concerns this election. coming up next we'll hear from state officials on what's being done
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stay with fox5 throughout the night for continuing coverage on tonight's election. we'll have the latest poll numbers from around the country. and keep you up to date on our website and
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this is a live look right now at donald trump's stages in new york city. the room is filling up with supporters. and now here is a look at hillary clinton's stage in new york city. how safe is your
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day? we asked local and federal authorities who oversee clark county polling places. this has been a very contentious election season. there's been a lot of claims, remarks about security it will go, if it's rigged such a perception is extremely dangerous. as it casts doubt upon the validity and outcome of our elections and in turn the legitimacy of our democratic system of government. that's f-b-i agent in charge aaron rouse (roose). we asked him about nevada's touchscreen voting system. nv uses the most reliable voting system found anywhere in the world
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widely considered the most secure electronic voting system in use. metro police officers will be monitoring all of clark county's 278 polling locations, and will physically escort the ballots. metro is involved in ensuring the ballots get to the pollig location for the final count each election night the f-b-i special agent in charge also told fox5 hacking into nevada's voter system is physically impossible because none of the machines are connected to the internet. he also said our country doesn't have a single national voting system, so it can't be hacked or manipulated to alter the outcome of the presidential election. there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. nevada is one of a handful of states voting to legalize recreational marijuana. we'll take you
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for live local news right now. with emmy award winner
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weather 24/7 meteoroligist sam argier. this is fox5 news at 5:30. local las vegas. thanks for joining us for fox5 news at 5-30. we are your nevada election h-q. we have team coverage tonight for everything you need to know about tonights races. fox5's eric hilt is at the local republican party headquarters. and fox5's abby advocates rallying for question two on the ballot. but first fox5's miguel martinez valle joins us from the democratic party
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