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tv   FOX5 News at 530pm  FOX  November 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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victims name yet... a lot of people in this area say they knew him for all the wrong reasons. (nats ambulance) nobody had to dial 9/11 at the 7-eleven to report the crime... instead somebody inside pushed a secret button to report an armed robber... and the police were on their way. (nats) but one of the workers inside dealing with the slot machines didn't wait... he took out his own gun... and kill it's really kind of tricky. we obviously would like people to call police and allow us to handle that, not put themselves in danger. 14:27 steven come over here boy! 14:20 that's my step son steven... and his dad... are friends with some of the employees here.
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got shot was notorious. 12:45 he always come to rob this 7-eleven like previous times. (cover) 13:38 he was robbing the taco bell and a bunch of other shops in this area and finally they got him. (nats) the man who runs this smoke shop next door... says the guy just robbed his place two days ago. he says hes not happy the man is dead... but he is happy this place is a little bit safer. 14:10 you want to be safe! you take yo kids and you want your kids to be safe there. 51:44 here it doesn't seem like it was unreasonable at least from the facts that are at play here. (nats?) now police are just trying to make sure everything was done by the book... and lawyers are hoping nobody gets the wrong idea just because this case is going smoothly. 51:36 we don't want people being vigilantes. that's not what we want and the law will actually go after vigilantes. (nats?) 53:29 assuming this gentleman did everything right, he still took somebody's life and that's going to take an emotional toll on him and his family. at this point -- nobody has been arrested... nobody has been detained... technically its still under investigation... but at this point unless some new information comes up... it looks like the shooter will not be charged. police say he has been very cooperative. live in north las
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vegas. in another violent act today... metro police said a man was critically injured after a shooting this morning near lake mead and nellis. in another violent act today... metro police said a man was critically injured after a shooting this morning near lake mead and nellis. this happened around 4:15. according to police, the man was found lying on the ground after multiple gunshots were heard the man suffered from multiple gunshot wounds and was transported to university medical center in critical condition. protests after tuesday's election continue across the country. we showed you live pictures from minnesota earlier... this is a live look at denver where people are marching in anti- trump protests. there are a number of other demonstrations going on tonight in chicago, baltimore and los angeles. " not my president
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teenage protesters in san francisco took to the streets-- chanting "who's streets, our streets" and "not my president." thousands of high peacefully at city hall... even though overnight in oakland... 30 people were arrested and three officers were injured in massive protests there. two civil war monuments in richmond, virginia were found defaced this morning. the words "your vote was a hate crime" were spray-painted on jefferson davis and matthew
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during the civil war, davis was the president of the confederate states of america. maury served in the u-s navy, but later joined the confederacy when the civil war began. police are looking for the person responsible for the vandalism. worry can be seen on the faces of many mexican kids in utah. haney says: "one of the little kids in our elementary school indicated he didn't think he'd be back at school the next day and when they asked him why he said because donald trump was elected president i may have to go back to mexico." how some kids are feeling the results of tuesday's election more than others. and how one girl is trying to turn all the negativity... around. you can stay up- to-date... with fox five using your mobile device. just head to fox five vegas dot com... and download our app. it's the best resource... for breaking news... weather... and traffic. this is fox5 news at 5:30, your only choice for live local news right
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displays that have been dazzling las vegas for the past 12 years is produced by winterland, inc. of marion, in. winterland inc., was started more than twenty years ago with a passion to create unique holiday decorations. over the years they've evolved into the leading supplier of drive through light parks as well as high quality and long lasting decorations aimed at the professionals. winterland, inc. produces the lighting displays for the nation's leading drive through light parks and are truly lighting geniuses! more information about their impressive operation can be found at: http: the election has been concerning to even the smallest of kids. what's worrying a few of them in utah-- and what has others questioning their place at school and in the community. and a strong message that counters the negativity... to bring us all together. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next
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choice for live
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some mexican students in salt lake city claim they're being bullied and taunted after donald trump's presidential win this week. fox's matt mcdonald spoke with school officials about the districts' plans to address the election results with students. angelica and aylin gomez, a sophomore and senior at kearns high school share almost everything. nats "this is what sisters do" a day after the election... they shared something new at school. aylin gomez says: "you wetbacks need
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mexico." angelica gomez says: "hey man you get a free trip back to mexico, you should be happy." racially charged comments, referencing donald trump's presidential win. it's not just kearns high school. horsley says: "we've had a complaint of kindergarten student behind harassed by a fellow kindergarten student and up to the high school." it's not just comments--it's fear. haney says: "one of the little kids in our elementary school indicated he didn't think he'd be back at school the next day and when they asked him why he said because donald trump was elected president i may have to go back to mexico." canyon school district spokesman jeff haney says school psychologists are working on material for teachers to use to talk about election fears. but some lessons don't start in the classroom. horsley says: "because they hear their parents saying offhand comments in the privacy of their own homes, they might think it's ok to take those statements to school." the result when it's heard walking down the hall? angelica gomez says: "it's fear and anger and frustration." it's not the lesson they wanted to learn--but with each other to hold
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it's not the last lesson they'll take away. angelica gomez says: "i want my voice to be heard and for mexicans to not be afraid for standing up for themselves. i know i'm not the only one living in a state of anxiety." a little girl had a thing or two to say about the elections and her speech inspired every grown-up around her. standing on the steps of the capitol in austin, texas, her powerful message had the captive audience repeating every single word she spoke. (little girl) "i am a female. (i am a female.) im race. (i am mixed race.) i am a child. (i am a child.) and i cannot vote. (and i cannot vote.) but that will not stop me from getting heard. (but that will not stop me from getting heard.) (applause, cheers) love is love.
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love trumps hate. (and love trumps hate) (applause, cheers) that speech has nearly 13- thousand likes on twitter so far, and has been retweeted nearly nine-thousand times. mckinney said the girl was "truly an inspiration" and her words moved everyone there. now fox5 weather 24/7 with meterologist sam
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we normally wouldn't use the word "tough" and mike doria in the same sentence but this story is the exception. the tough mudder is back in town this weekend and it's a combination of all the best obstacles from all their courses. fox 5's mike doria tested one out. closed captioning will return
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it's safe to say we all need a good ol', light hearted release. let this woman take the edge off whatever's troubling you... up next.
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the ticket to lighten things up this week. it's the result of what happens when you - as the french call it-- (( lacher-- or let loose! bleacher report posted this clip with the caption whose mom is this?? with more than 150-thousand shares and tens of thousands of comments... thanks for joining us.. fox5 newat ahead.
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live from las vegas fox5 news at 6 starts now. nationwide protests continue anot as president- elect donald trump and president barack obama meet for the first time. we'll hear their message of unity to the country. we're live at glittering lights, stay tuned for an inside look protests continue around the country... in


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