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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  November 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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a pedestrian is hit and killed on the i-15. roads were shut down as police try and piece together how it all happened. a family is coping after losing two boys in a d-u-i crash. the emotional break down by the mother at the crash scene. one person is dead and another is behind bars after a shooting in a mobile home park. we have the latest on that investigation. this is fox5 news a valley mom is coming to grips with the loss of her two sons... after a deadly d- u-i crash. the family says they were going to the store to get their mom a birthday present. i'm faith tanner. thanks for joining us. fox5's abby theodros joins us live from the scene... near rainbow and smoke ranch... where candles are burning to honor the two lives lost shernie's everetts
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coming saturday - a normally exciting time of year for her...but instead she's heartbroken over the loss of her two boys. traffic at a standstill as a grieving mother confronts her new reality when i close my eyes i see them mom. mommy. robert sean roberts 23 and jermaine asher 22 on their way to buy their mom a birthday gift - killed by a suspected drunk driver. shirley taylor, granmother: they was only out to get their mom a birthday present police say the brothers made an illegal u-turn when the driver of a chevy camaro crashed into them sherie everett, mom: im at a loss for words. i just want to tell the guy - you took my heart. you took my best friends police say 25 year old willie
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going so fast - it pushed both cars across the street and into a neighboring complex wall. on sunday - the family trying to ma ke sense of what happened 29-32 shirley taylor, grandmother: if they were some gang bangers snatching purses or selling dope, you could kind of work it out in your head. but they was good boys. gone too sn. pray that you give us strength through the night and all of the nights that we're going to endure. now the family is bracing one another for the long road ahead. grandmother: give us strength in the name of jesus christ amen police didnt give us the exact speed of the suspected
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of the suspected dui driver but this stretch of tropicana is 35 mph. told he was driving so fast - both cars across the street into the wall of a neighboring complex to donate to the family's funeral expenses ... we have a link to their go fund me account at fox5vegas dot com. a man is hit and killed while walking on the i-15 tonight. police are trying to figure out why he was on the freeway in the first place. it happened just before 6-30 in the southbound lanes passed craig road. police say the driver that hit the man couldn't avoid him because of traffic. they say the driver lost
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across all the lanes-- ending up facing the wrong way. police say the driver was not impaired. but they say the pedestrian on the freeway... could have been under the influence. " only the pedestrian on the roadway, knows why they're on the roadway if it's impairment, if it's carelessness not using a crosswalk being out on the highway i dont know how to explain that. police say the man was in his early twenties. they say there were no broken down cars in the area.. that he could have came from. the i-15 is now back open. a swat stand off ended with a man placed in handcuffs this morning. police got a domestic violence call around 2-30 near the u-n-l-v campus. officers chased down a man with a knife... before containing him in a parking lot. police say they blocked off the area... and the whole situation was treated like a barricade. they say that's when swat teams were called to take over.
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into custody by 6- 30 this morning. police are looking into what caused a man to shoot and kill one of his neighbors in their mobile home park. we're told two men were involved in an ongoing dispute related to a woman. police were called to the park near harmon and decatur around 9 a-m. neighbors tell police they heard the men arguing before gun shots. the victim-- who police say is in his thirties-- was found dead in the street. " this is a quiet complex, there's a lot of retired people so quiet in here. so we're not really sure what precipitated the gunfire." police say the victim was also armed during the shoot out. they say the shooter... who's in his sixties... is now in custody and is cooperating with police. police are looking into a shooting-- after a man... who was trying to rob a conveniece store... was killed. the man shot thursday is identified by the clark county cororner as 24-
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police responded to a silent hold-up alarm at the 7-11.... off cheyenne and the i-15... early thursday morning. police say the man tried to rob the clerk... before he was shot by another employee. north las vegas police say they are reviewing the incident... to decide whether the shooter will face charges. nearly a hundred wounded veterans and their families are in town for salute to the troops. the days long event... honors those who've sacrified for our nations freedoms. "the view is amazing" army veteran aaron causey taking flight today. he and nearly a hundred other wounded veterans and their families... flew 800 feet over the las vegas strip in helicopters. "it was a lot of fun just being here with the other guys and doing this it's really amazing" the rides with sundance helicopters... were part of the salute to the troops week in
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nearly a hundred wounded service members are in vegas for the special event that's packed with activities. "we simply can't do enough to thank the men and women who wear the cloth of this nation people who are willing to give everything for us to have the freedoms that we enjoy and folks in las vegas define patriotism like no others" during the special trip--- veterans also had a chance to see actor gary sinise perform with the lieutenant dan band on fremont street. "it's just good for their soul to be able to get out and get away from what their doing all the time which is just facing the challenges of what they've gone through in service to our country so we want to help them on the road to recovery." event organizers say along with giving back to our american heroes--- salute to the troops is also a reminder to us all... about the sacrifices these brave men and women have made. : "the challenges that these heroes will face for the rest of their lives are very severe and we can't stop in our efforts to
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never forget that sacrifice and the sacrifice of all of our veterans and their families" this is the 9-th year for salute to the troops. along with helicoper tours... other activities include a big welcome reception at the mirage... and shows on the strip. neighbors in a gated community have had it... with animals at one local celebrity's estate. what folks are saying about the nuisance at mr. las vegas's home. local police officers team up with kids on the field. how they're giving them an opporunity to play sports-- that their families otherwise couldn't afford. and before we head to break-- here are a few pictures of from one of our viewers of tonights supermoon! send us your best supermoon pics and you might see them on air! your fox5 weather
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earthquake rattles new zealand's south island-- it happened just before midnight... and triggered several aftershocks and tsunami waves. fox news correspondent bryan llenas has
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(track) a powerful earthquake struck new zealand's south island -- shaking residents awake and causing severe damage to buildings and homes. the 7-point-8 magnitude quake hit just after midnight local time in a rural area close to the city of christchurch. key says: "in terms of the areas that are most affected, that's clearly on the east coast, around that sort of kaikoura area and inland around culverden and the likes. we have had very limited communications there because that's been cut a number of strong aftershocks were felt more than a 120 miles away...and a tsunami was reported about two hours later. new zealand's prime minister john key says the full extent of the damage is still being assessed ... and emergency officials are warning people along the coast to move to higher ground to avoid tsunami waves... key says: "we now know that those around the country that tsunami risk has been downgraded to coastal warnings. but also urge people to continue to be cautious."
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brought back memories of a 6- point-3 magnitude earthquake that struck in 2011 -- killing 185 people. new zealand sits on the - ring of fire - an arc of seismic faults around the pacific ocean where earthquakes are common... sintes says: "we've certainly experienced a lot of earthquakes down here. what concerned us was the duration of the quake. it was quite a strong quake." (on cam tag) military helicopters and red cross teams are now being dispatched to assess the damage and help those in the worst hit areas. llenas, fox news. now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton closed captioning
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the strip was
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the strip was officially shut down today for the "rock n' roll marathon" racers lined up on the starting line at the s-l-s... ready to take on the 26 point two mile course. organizers deemed the marathon the perfect distance to let out you inner rock star. and people sure did-- dressed in colorful costumes and flashing lights. a few couples even tied the knot on the track. the marathon was the weekend's big there was another 5-k... and half marathon leading up to it earlier. more than 45 thousand people from all over the world participated this year. "we trained for four months and we're here to run the our first 26.2 marathon." "we just wanted to be out here and prove it. everybody can do it. everybody that wants to do it can do it. we just want to do it." "we're trying to motivate other people"
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can. hopefully we get other people in wheelchairs to do it too. so we're just going for it!" live music was playing all throughout the marathon-- including a performance from "snoop dogg" the rock n' roll marathon will return to vegas next year. wayne newton's neighbors say they're fed up with roaming pests in the neighborhood. those who live near casa de shenandoah... say big colorful peacocks are roaming the neighborhood. they say they're squawking and cars.... and leaving droppings... that caused a family dog to get sick. they say the birds around the 40- acre ranch... are also causing traffic hazards. newton doesn't actually live at casa de shenandoah-- it's used as a tourist museum about his life and career. metro police officers are coaching young athletes on the field. football teams made up of kids... representing metro's seven area commands... squared off saturday. these are
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championship held at rancho high school. officers mentor and coach the young kids... who could not otherwise afford to play sports. it also gives kids a chance to interact with police in a positive way. local business are showing their support for the l-g-b-t-q community. and they're looking for new hires. the l-g-b-t-q career fair is happening at "the center" tomorrow afternoon. the fair showcases a number of local corporations... and small businesses with job openings. these companies have worked to provide an equal workplace employees of all sexual orientations. it's free and open to the public. now you can own your very own white house! we'll tell you where this replica is up for sale.
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whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth!
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you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog. a scaled down version of america's most famous home... the white house - is up for sale in texas. the former texas governor's mansion... is going up for auction next month. the home was built in 19-27... by former texas governor ross sterling. it includes all its original floors... fifteen bathrooms... sunrooms... a butler's pantry... and an original walk-in ice box. it was on the market earlier this year for five and a half million dollars.
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friend--- ladies, meet your new pal! this "sky blue diamond" could fetch up to 25- million dollars... when it goes under the hammer on wednesday. blue diamonds are hard to find. and this more than eight-carat stone is one of the largest of its kind. the diamond will be auctioned off in switzerland. police are investigating a hate crime on a college campus. why one man threated to set a student on fire. you may be seeing more people wearing safety pins on their clothes. we'll explain why still ahead. you're watching
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two brothers killed in a dui crash days before the mothers birthday. fox5's abby theodros joins us live near tropicana and smoke ranch where that crash happened - she talked with the mom today jermaine and
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their mom a birthday gift...made a u-turn on tropicana to go northbound and a drunk driver hit them. closed captioning will resume shortly sherie everett, mom: "im at a loss for words. i just want to tell the guy - you took my heart. you took my best friends" police didnt give us the exact speed
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stretch of tropicana is 35 mph. told he was driving so fast - both cars across the street into the wall of a neighboring complex to donate to the family's funeral expenses ... we have a link to their go fund me account at fox5vegas dot com. one person is in the hospital after a single-car crash last night. it happened in a neighborhood near smoke ranch and jones just before 7. witness tell police... a honda accord... ran a stop sign and crossed the interestion. that's when police say the car crashed into a utility pole. police say the driver and three passengers got out and ran away. the remaining passenger was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police are still investigating. anyone with helpful information can leave an anonymous tip with
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a fire sparked at a republic service transfer station today. henderson fire crews say the flames started after four p-m. this is near sunset and boulder highway. crews say the fire did not get close to any other buildings. officials are still looking into exactly how the fire started. no word on any injuries. now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton
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lighting up. according to new data from the c- d-c... cigarette smoking rates
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researchers say the number of smokers dropped about 15-percent... between 2005 and 2015. but the c-d-c says more anti-tobacco action is still needed. experts say nearly half of patients diagnosed with cancer... are linked to tobacco use. the c-d-c says smoking rates are highest among men. a man in texas is coming forward and admitting he was wrong... after he tweeted that busses near an anti-trump protest... were used to bus people into the area. the message went viral... and became part of a national controversy. fox's raeann christensen has the story. tucker says: "i thought going on twitter was not a big deal, i thought, i have 40 followers, i post twice a year on twitter. i'm not a professional blogger at all, laughs, ya know." what eric tucker thought was not going to be a big deal - turned into a social media frenzy.... seeing a bunch of charter buses lined up on 5th street near waller on
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coincidentally around the same time an anti-trump rally was being held in downtown austin he says was unusual... so he took to twitter with the claims the buses were being used to ship in protesters. tucker says: "i hadn't really fact checked at all ya know it was just all kind of circumstantial and then before i know it, it's a story, i am over 10-thousand tweets by the next day," within 24 hours - president elect donald trump also took to twitter about professional protesters saying "just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. very unfair!" tucker says: "i kind of felt like maybe i am in reasonable company, maybe i'm not wrong." but when people started questioning tuckers claim - so did he. turns out the buses were being used as hotel shuttles for the tableau conference being held at the austin convention center. tucker says: "was i wrong in this case, yes i was." but for many they believed it was part
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protesters are being recruited and paid. tucker says it's a lesson learned for the more than 16- thousand who retweeted it. tucker says: "i don't want to speculate too much but i do think that it does speak to sort of shallowness of this current election cycle." and a lesson learned for him. tucker says: "i'll be more careful, especially if i know that it's going to be picked up by this many people (laughs) yeah." several swastikas have been found on the walls... inside a maryland the principal sent home a letter about what she calls "heartbreaking" images... drawn on the wall of the boys' bathroom. the school doesn't know who the culprits are... but says everyone there is saddened by the incident-- and this kind of behavior will not be tolerated. local parents aren't sure what to make of it. "silverstein says: "so many things are terrifying right now and to see this in a middle school with children.... it's definitely a big concern and i
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principal for dealing with it as she did." this isn't the first swastika-school incident in that county. it was also found burned into a high school football field.... and spotted at an elementary school. police are looking for the man who threatened to set fire to a university of michigan student... because of her hijab. the unidentified student says she was walking friday night-- when a man came up to her and threatened to set her on fire... if she didn't scarf. she complied and was not hurt-- police are still taking the incident very seriously. the school sent out an e-mail talking about the quote "hate and intimidation." abdrabboh says: "hateful words have a lot of impact and we as a community are very familiar with the impact of that and we're just kind of bracing for impact as to how things are going to unfold." some students and local muslim groups believe the incident is a result of the
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election... something that has not been confirmed by authorities. anti-trump protesters have adopted a new symbol for their movement. they're wearing safety pins. it's to symbolize that they're allies with groups including the l-g- b-t community... minorities and women. the symbol was modeled after a "brexit" campaign started in the u-k. while the movement has many supporters... critics call it an "empty gesture that's not accompanied by action." a set of twins will have a hard time explaining who's the older brother. being born during day light saving time-- has put the twins in quite a pickle. we'll explain. next.
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time explaining who's actually the big brother. little samuel was born first... but technically his brother-- ronan-- is older. that's because the twins were born in the middle of the daylight savings time jump. according to hospital records... samuel was born at "one-thirty nine a-m" on sunday november 6-th and ronan was born 31 minutes later... but since the time fell back an hour... his birth certificate reads "one-ten a-m." thanks for joining us for fox5 news
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thanks for joining us for fox5 news at 10. but don't go anywhere! fox five sports straight out of the gate on fox-5 sports plus... goal being scored rebels soccer punches their ticket to the big dance....again.... plus....u-n-l-v football loses their best offensive weapon for the rest of the season... bishop gorman grad shows he's more than a runner....a bonanza high goler putts his way to a top-5 finish... and kyle busch battles for a spot in the championship four... i know you're tired...but stay with me.... fox-5 sports


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