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tv   FOX5 News at 400pm  FOX  November 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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fox5...and says her daughter may never fully recover from the assault. the victim's mother told me her daughter was trying to get away from her boyfriend -- michael estes -- but that's when he beat her within an inch of her life. "when i close my eyes, all i could see was her being beat, hit, crying for help and i couldn't help her" a brutal morning attack at a las vegas atm that police say is a disturbing case of domestic violence. denise kalinich says on october 28 her daughter kasandra kalinich - an inch of her life, and left with too many injuries to count. "every bone in her face was fractured, she has a break in her neck, she has a break behind her right ear which is affecting her hearing and her eyes, broken ribs on both sides..." "when i walked in i stopped at the door and i looked in and said 'thats not my daughter'" police arrested kasandra's boyfriend -- this man, michael estes -- for the brutal beating. denise says kasandra was in a relationship with estes in kingman
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relationship turned violent. "he beat her three days in a row, locked her in a room so she had to break a window to get out" kasandra ran away to las vegas... but witnesses told police estes followed her. "i don't even know the words to come up with, she didn't deserve this, nobody deserves anything like this" but this is a pattern that hannah brook - who works at safe nest, a local domestic violence non-profit - says is common "if you look back over this past year of all the domestic violence homicides that we've had in the valley, you'll see that of the time, the victim has either filed for divorce or made indidcations they were going to leave..." "so again safety planning is very important." "get help, get away, now" estes is charged with attempted murder and battery... his next hearing is on thursday. reporting live in the newsroom, eric hilt, fox5 news local las vegas eric hilt, fox5 news local las vegas our valley will have more
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patrolling the strip... now that clark county commissioners have approved a sales tax increase. commissioners approved two different taxes today. the sales tax means metro can hire 68 new police officers. those hires should start in april 2017... when the tax takes effect. and a new hotel room tax will help generate the money needed to build our city's new stadium... that could be the future home of the raiders. a 34-year-old woman is facing charges after neighbors spotted 3 tiger cubs roaming freely in her back yard in pahrump. fox5's kathleen jacob has been out there all day talking to neighbors, and shows us where these animals were kept. closed captioning will resume
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operations at an oklahoma airport came to a standstill after a man was shot and killed. passengers at will rogers world airport were told to shelter-in- place. the airport is currently closed... while police look for a suspect. right now now no planes are arriving or taking off. the f-b-i and a bomb squad could be seen searching through cars parked at the airport. police say the victim is a man, and say there may be a second victim as well. no word on why this happened, or who police are looking for. an 18-year-old is behind bars... after police say he tried to run a metro officer over. that officer shot at the suspect... but no one was hit. metro says officers tried to pull an unregistered car over near bonanza and nellis just after 11 last night. the car sped off, and police did not follow it. other metro officers spotted the car near sandhill and stewart. metro says an officer
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when the suspect tried to run the officer over. " when they did this, the vehicle drove at a high rate of speed out of that cult- de-sac, at the driver of the police car. he discharged his weapon at the vehicle, striking it several times. " metro says the officer did not hit anyone after firing a gun, and no one was hurt. 18-year-old daniel prichard was arrested. this is metro's 8th officer-involved shooting this year. the departme will release the officer's name within 48 hours. metro police are investigating their second fatal crash involving a pedestrian in less than 24-hours. police say a man in his 70's ran across the street, and into a toyota corolla. this happened at tropicana and maryland parkway... right by unlv. he died at the scene. police say he did not obey traffic signs. investigators say the driver will not be facing any criminal charges. yesterday police were called out to another fatal crash on
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las vegas boulevard. a woman tried to walk cross the street outside a crosswalk, and was hit by a car. she was 62-year- old "vivian valentine," and the coroner says her death was an accident. a 22-year veteran firefighter died of natural causes last month... according to the clark county coroner. the north las vegas fire department says "yaphet miller" became ill after fighting a fire on september 23rd. he was hospitalized, and died october 6th. the coroner says miller had heart diseases, and he died because of a lack of oxygen. the fire department considered miller's death one in the line of duty. senator harry reid did not hold back today in a speech... detailing how he really feels about president elect donald trump. " take responsibility. rise to the dignity of the office of president of the united states. stop hiding behind your twitter account. and show america that racism, bullying and bigotry have no place in the white
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trump did call on his supporters to stop attacking and belittling people they do not agree with. kellyanne conway... trump's campaign manager... told fox news' chris wallace that she finds reid's comments about trump insulting... and conway said reid should be careful what he says. in about an hour... the cactus gardens at the ethel m chocolate factory will be lit in thousands of tiny lights. fox5's ted pretty joins us there now with what we can look forward to.
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will resume shortly if you could feel your younger self.. say how you felt when you
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millions of baby boomers are.. seeking out age management clinics to feel younger.. doctors say some of what they do is controversial.. but they say science is on their side. " "you'll have old school physicians that don't read the new evidence and they rely on what they learned in medical school 20 years ago. so if you don't keep up with evidence... this is a dynamic field." " when we come back.. we take you inside age management clinics... what they do and why even some doctors are taking their own medicine. things are getting brighter downtown... literally! see the streetlights that are the first of their kind... and how they are helping the environment. get all the news and weather alerts you need to know about with our fox5 app.
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if you could go back to your twenty or thirty- year old self would you? some of the the seventy five million baby boomers in this country would say heck yeah... and their insecurities of
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fueled business for clinics promising a better way to age. age management clinics are expensive.. and some of their reatments are controversial. but that isn't stopping patients, even some doctors themselves, from trying to recapture their younger selves. once a year jeff ocheltree (( oh- kell-tree)) undergoes a four hour "checkup" that looks nothing like your doctor's office. because once the basics like posture and his range of motion are checked out... jeff undergoes what very few of us would in a usual exam... an ultra sound machine measures the amount of cholesterol in his corotid arteries his body's bones are scanned and measured for density.. "so you are within normal ranges when compared to other ethinicities .. men in any age category.. however we do want to see you improve over time" and then comes the real work... at least for jeff.. "let me get this on top of your head" a v-o-2 test where jeff pedals his heart rate to nearly 200 beats per minute... all to measure how well his body utilizes oxygen.
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pushing" the point of all of this is to head off any disease that could prematurely end jeff's life. "our corporate motto is to live well longer, not necessarily live longer. however if you do the former, you also end up doing the latter. doctor jeffrey lake may be a walking billboard for cenegenics. the sixty two year old is active, buffed.. and uses one of the more controversial treatments to feel younger.. testosterone. "there's a lot of bad hormone replacement therapy done out there and there's a lot of phobia of that too." and for good reason... the f-d-a just last month issued a new warning for those who take testosterone and the risk of abuse by adults. the risks include "heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and depression..." but warnings like these have done little to reduce demand for testosterone . "you take testosterone right? i absolutely do. tell me what it does? for me, it keeps me at a
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i found that man, i'm sleeping better, my mood is better" doctor john pierce runs his own age management clinic. he points to plenty of medical literature supporting testosterone use and he says the problem is with back alley clinics that over- prescribe it. it's difficult for them to bring charges because the medical board says they're not in the business of telling people how to practice medicine. it's kind of scary. it's almost like they havent' hurt anybody yet so we'll just let them keep doing this." as a gerentologist dr. lisa rosenberg treats older patients. she is skeptical that age management clinics can do anything more for you than you could do for yourself. "everybody wants to live longer and live better. so what they're counting on is an individual's hope that the supplement will be that magic for them. first and best thing is to grow up with adequete nutrition in a low-stress environment, get
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and have good genes" "if there was ever a case of leading from behind, it's the american physician" age management is booming. cenegenics has gone from one location to twenty dr. pierce's patient load has doubled the business of aging fueled by boomers who witnessed the decline in their parents and peers.. and are deterimined to get better with age. but with old age comes certain diseases that are unescapable... alzheimer's perhaps the most cruel and sinister. but there may be a huge breakthrough in the works. the first drug of its kind being tested at cleveland clinic lou ruvo center for brain health downtown and it's showing a lot of promise. tonight on fox5 news at ten, we will talk to patients and we'll hear why one researcher says 2016 could be a milestone year in the quest to find an effective alzheimer's treatment. now fox5 weather 24/7 the high clouds moving across southern nevada this afternoon are
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windy changes ahead. overnight lows tonight drop into the mid 50s with clouds sticking around. wind will be increasing across the area on wednesday with high temperatures in the mid 70s during the afternoon. a wind advisory takes effect at 10 a.m. wednesday for all of the fox5 viewing area. wind gusts will be in the 40 to 50 mph range. much colder air invades las vegas on high temperatures down into the low 60s and upper 50s. skies will be mostly sunny. friday morning will be the coldest weather this week with lows in the upper 30s. the weekend is trending milder with a few clouds at times. high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s. there is the chance of a few showers on monday
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closed captioning will resume shortly the streetlights
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the streetlights downtown are getting smarter and interactive. check out this video... the city of las vegas is getting the world's first smart street lights. these lights aren't always on. they light up when someone steps on a kinetic energy pad. the lights also run off of solar energy... making them even more sustainable. brand new instruments will be going to one high school in the valley. this generous donation comes from the latin
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fact that the latin grammy cultural foundation as well as ford motor company choose you and then this talented man is sitting right next to us. how do you feel about that? " whoooo a special ceremony was hosted by latin grammy nominee-- joss favela-- and fox5's very own-- maria silva. the donation is apart of an initiative that gives students the chance to learn about latin music. "we give scholarships. we give grants and we also do this cultural event where we try to simulate the students of the schools to maximize the opportunity that they have in the schools and then they will prepare academically." all together-- the donation is worth 20 thousand dollars. last year... the foundation donated to rancho high school. nevadans will start paying more in taxes. we'll take a look at where your money is going... and how visitors will help pay for a future stadium. stay tuned, what
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let's start with a little boy learning his words... he's doing flash cards with his mom... it's going great until the word "as" comes up... the little guy thinks "as" is the other naughty word... watch what happens. "that is not a cuss word... as.. a-s... say as... i can't say that... haha... i can't say that... can't say that." wait till he sees the word "shift"... "shift"... moving on to a story i picked out for ken... let's go to russia. here we are at a stoplight... notice the big red circle in the right corner?? it's a red light... that means stop... the dog obeyed the law... the human did not... jaywalker!! despite the bad example set by the person... the dog still waits for the light to change... he's such a good boy... once it turns green... now he crosses the street... we need a traffic
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in nevada feautring this dog. let's end this with a man.... and his thighs... he can do things with those thighs... amazing things. here is the man... the thighs... and a watermelon... mark this day down everyone... it's the day we all witness a great feat of strength... that watermelon didn't stand a chance against his powerful thighs... the aftermath is kind of gross... but let's not focus on that... after the jaywalking thing in russia... this man has totally redeemed our species... he's very proud... d of him. if you're looking for something to
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mob museum is offering free admission to locals to for " kefauver day" senator toby: "you must something in your mind that you've done to speak of to your credit as an american citizen, if so what is it." frank costello: "paid my tax" john p. crane: president of the uniform fireman association "i promised him the support of the fireman and offered him evidence of that support in the form of $10,000. the day is celebrated every year at the museum to raise awareness of the importance of investat in the early 50s-- senator "estes kefauver" held an historic investigation that exposed the crime industry. a woman driving along the freeway has quite the scare. and amazingly... she lived to tell about it. " something flew through my windshield on 95." " what police say just barely grazed a driver's head as it flew through her windshield. several teenage boys were stabbed in their school locker room...
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was another student who attacked them. why the community never saw any warning signs from the
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fox5 news at 4. we have some new
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locals and visitors will soon be paying more in taxes. that money will help get more officers patrolling the strip, and fund a future stadium. fox5's christine maddela joins us live in the newsroom with what this means for you. these issues have been important ones for clark county commissioners for a long time. a committee has debated these taxes for at least 15 months. but in the end... commissioners tell us they voted with their conscience to pass these tax hikes. today's decision to increase the sales tax was an unanimous one. sales tax will go up point-zero-one percent. that money will pay for 68 new police officers to patrol the strip. metro will start hiring those officers in april when the tax increase takes effect. sheriff joe lombardo says the process will take about two years. henderson and north las vegas police departments also benefit from the sales tax. commissioners also voted to increase hotel
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commissioner steve sisolak says it is an important step needed to bring a team here. "it's now going to be made part of law. they will start collecting that next year. the next step is to get approval for the raiders to come to las vegas. that is done by development partners and the raiders and the nfl. on our end we have to pick a site and start on development agreement in terms of what's neccessary for that site in terms of roadways, infractructure, other things that might be required. " steve sisolak says our valley is expected to earn 35 million dollars a year if a stadium is built. that money won't just be from a possible n-f-l team... but other events that would use the stadium for performances. in the newsroom, i'm christine maddela, fox5 vegas dot com. six teenagers are hurt after a stabbing attack at a utah high school. this includes the boy police say pulled a knife on students. the stabbing
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locker room around eight this morning, at mountain view high school in orem. police say a 16- year-old boy attacked five other teens, and then stabbed himself. staff members and school police cornered the boy in the locker room, and he surrendered. school officials were shocked when they realized who the suspect was. " "as we look at the school district on what can we do in these kinds of situations or how can we have had more support and if we have seen something in a particular student, some of these things are unseen. this is a straight a student, attends regularly who had no prior disciplin issues."" the students are in fair to critical condition. all have neck and torso injuries. police have not said why the suspect attacked the other teens. a florida woman says someone must be watching out for her... after she survived a crowbar flying through her windshield!
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" (voice of angela smith/ 9-1-1 caller/ friday) "i'm bleeding but i don't know where from. and there's glass everywhere." (angela smith/ crowbar smashed windshield) "i hear a loud bang and i grip the steering wheel. after i hear the bang, something hit my head and go down my arm and i panicked, i hit my flashers, went off to the side of the road."" "angela smith" was going about 70 miles on a freeway, when the crowbar smashed through the windshield. it just barely hit smith's head, and she has some bruises from flying glass. troopers believe the crowbar may have been on the side of the road, and another car flipped it in the air. some people with active imaginations are trying to picture the pranks the outgoing obama administration might play on president-elect donald trump. jeanne moos shows us some of the best memes making the rounds. it was as if president obama was trying to wrap his lips around the name... (president obama) "president, president-elect trump's. ah, mr. president-elect. with president- elect trump." some on twitter
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biden.... (nat sound) "now." might play on the incoming trump. and thus was born a meme of imaginary conversations between joe and president obama. (nat sound) "i ordered huge replacement doorknobs, huge. joe, we can't. president tiny hands." from the size of trump's hands to president obama's birth certificate. (nat sound) "c'mon you gotta print a fake birth certificate, put it in an envelope labeled secret and leave it in the oval office desk. joe...." obama's birthplace gave birth to a lot of jokes.... (nat sound) "i left a kenyan passport in your desk, just to bleep with him. joe! oh and a prayer rug in your bedroom. he's gonna lose it! dammit joe." that tweet was written by left leaning josh billinson. (voice of josh billinson) "just trying to be funny at a time when it's really hard to know if it's okay to be funny." josh loves joe biden and has authored at least 10 of these memes. (jeanne moos/cnn national correspondent) "and then there's the one based on a dirty trick that was actually played in real life, when the white house transitioned from bill clinton to george w. bush."
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w's in the white house.. (nat sound) "hillary was saying they took the ws off the keyboards when bush won! joe put... i took the ts, they can only type "rump". josh, who also wrote the t's tweet, got an inquiry from an agent... (jeanne moos) "they wanted to know if you were interested in a book deal?" (voice of josh billinson) "i told them i'm interested in anything at this point." if the election's been pushing your buttons, maybe a tweet will provide relief. (nat sound) "i took a staples red button and wrote nukes on it. joe! tweets to him in russian when pressed." jeanne moos cnn (nat sound) "that was easy." new york the obama family will say goodbye to the white house in january. but they aren't going very far... and their new house is pretty nice. the obamas are renting this 82 hundred square foot tudor home... just a short distance from the white house. you can see it comes already decorated... and the kitchen has all of the latest features. the home has nine bedrooms, a guest suite, and sprawling gardens. the obamas are
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washington d-c until younger daughter sasha graduates from high school. the future is almost here... as self-lacing shoes are about to hit store shelves. but getting your hands on them won't be easy. we'll explain why owning the shoes will be a v-i-p experience... and how much they will set you back. gift bags are getting a lot fancier... hear the back story behind these bags... and why they are a win
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?? ?? nobody likes a dog with bad breath. that's why there's oravet dental hygiene chews. oravet's dual action approach and gets to the underlying cause of bad breath by blocking bacteria to help prevent plaque and tartar. for a cleaner mouth everyone can love. ask your vet about oravet chews. serious oral care made simple you are looking live now at a fire at an oil refinery in torrence, ca. you can see some rigs are on fire, and that blaze is going strong. there is a
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in place going on now. some shoppers might need to start saving now... if they plan on buying self-lacing sneakers this holiday shopping season. those "back-to- the future" inspired shoes will kick you back 720 bucks! nike announce select users of its "nike plus" app will be allowed to buy the shoes first on november 28th. then on december first... the sneakers will appear in two new york city locations. everyone else will have to wait until later in december to either buy them in stores or online.
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use gift bags and wrapping paper over and over again until they rip through. but now, amazon is helping people stay environmentally friendly and save a few bucks on wrapping supplies. check out these velvet bags. amazon is using these instead of wrapping paper this year, for anyone who requests gift- wrapping for their presents. the bags come in five sizes and three colors... and it won't cost you any more than the paper did. the move actually saves amazon some money, as velvet is cheaper than paper. and speaking of amazon... the company may be coming to southern nevada! according to the las vegas review journal... amazon is considering building a fulfillment center in north las vegas. the center would be at lamb and tropical parkway and it would create about one thousand jobs. the ethel-m chocolate factory is about to get a lot brighter. and fox5's ted pretty is counting down to this year's big light
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it's what i want. and she gets what she wants! don't wait! call now! fox5 news coming up at 5 o'clock. christine maddela joins us from the newsroom with what to look out for. thousands who live on the streets were given everything they need -- all in one place. we'll show you how hundreds of organizations are at cashman center... to help our homeless community. and... you can hitch a cheaper ride with uber... but you have to carpool with strangers! we'll have more on the new feature... that just debuted in las vegas. and these aren't your average nachos! we'll have a look at which local celebrities cooked up some fancy nachos... to benefit a charity in the
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the high clouds moving across southern nevada this afternoon are a signal of cool and windy changes ahead. overnight lows tonight drop into the mid 50s with clouds sticking around. wind will be increasing across the area on wednesday with high temperatures in the mid 70s during the afternoon. a wind advisory takes effect at 10 a.m. wednesday for all of the fox5 viewing area. wind gusts will be in the 40 to 50 mph range. much colder air invades las vegas on thursday, bringing high temperatures down into the low 60s and upper 50s.
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morning will be the coldest weather this week with lows in the upper 30s. the weekend is trending milder with a few clouds at times. high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s. there is the chance of a few showers on monday next week. closed captioning will resume shortly
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sneaking up on us... which means the rest of the holidays are right around the corner! and it's not too early for christmas lights! fox5's ted pretty joins us from ethel m chocolates... where their famous light display will turn on in just a few minutes. closed captioning
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need a game for your holiday
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can be really cheesy. the clevelant cavaliers got a little silly with four of their fans... but the internet loves the nostalgia of the game they picked. " on your mark, get set, go!" we have a nice prize which team is going home a winner? yes... those fans are playing a human version of "hungry hungry hippos"... complete with costumes! they look like they had a blast. no word yet if they'll try "chutes and ladders" next! thanks for joining
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you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grains as our first ingredient.
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in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square. ? you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. live from las vegas, its time for fox5 news at 5. a pahrump woman making national headlines... after being charged with child
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for having exotic animals in her home. we hear from neighbors who saw the animals roaming in the backyard. "her face was like 4 times its size, his footprint was embedded in her forehead" a woman is beaten by her boyfriend... in a shopping center. we hear from the victim's mother about the attack. closed captioning will resume shortly this is fox5 news at 5. local. las vegas a bizarre story out of pahrump. a woman charged with child endangerment, theft, and having exotic animals illigally... after three tigers were found roaming around her property. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. police say she had the tigers and other exotic animals including monkeys, a panther, a fox, and skunks in her texas home... running freely around her 14- year-old daughter. that woman then moved to pahrump...where it
5:00 pm
catch her. fox5's kathleen jacob has been in pahrump all day talking to neighbors...kathle en are people just in shock? yeah, john christine. they're shocked... they're relieved now that the tigers are no longer here. look at this behind me... this is the yard where the they were... look how short this fence is.. and you can see the this cleared area at the edge where neighbors say the tigers would pace back and forth. we talked to one neighbor who described these tigers as having huge paws and...although being as tall as him on their hind legs. he was shocked when he spotted them. my neighbor pointed out to me that there were some tigers behind his house and i looked over i seen them go back and forth the fence and what got my attention was there was only a 4 ft fence. in pahrump you can have exotic animals but you must have a permit for them and follow strict


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