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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  November 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. get ready to see more cops on the strip. what the new increase in patrols means for your tax dollars. the future....of faraday future is up in the air. why the company says it's putting a pause on construction up in north las vegas. do you recognize this man? the violent attack police say this man is responsible for. and how you can help police catch their suspect. this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. beginning next year .. more cops will be patrolling the las vegas strip... keeping tourists, workers and locals safer from crime and ready to respond to an emergency quicker. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. a change sheriff joe lombardo says he's been fighting for since 2005. fox5's cyndi lundeberg has
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the approval of the more cops initiative... will affect you. youre taxes will increase but that increase will go toward those extra officers.. and help fund the future home of the raiders. not everyone agreed on the building of a stadium. motion passes congratulations sheriff and with that the clark county board of commissioners voted to increase sales tax by point zero one percent sheriff lombardo - i need to have officers who are not responding call to call to call sheriff joe lombardo- i was never comfortable iwth the number of officers we had working the resort corridor sheriff joe lombardo addressed the comission urging for the approval of the more cops tax which would put about 68 more officers along
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corridor... something he says is necessary as weve seen a spike in violent crime. sheriff joe lombardo- its a continual sisue we deal with but its improtant that it isa threat and we have to do something aboutit nats todays agenda please step forward and identify yourself also on tuesdays agenda... 750 million in funding for the raiders stadium through a tax increase of about 1-point-4 percent for rooms on the resort coridor... and a half percent increase to hotels off the strip. we believe itll put ppl back to work who havent worked for a very very long time but not everyone supported the tax increase.... or building the stadium. its amazing everyone was able to find 750 million dollars to go towards a stadium but cant fix our deteroiating education systme including county commissioner chris giunchigliani.... several of us have constituents in the shorter term transient housing paying for a billionaires stadium but can barely make their own rent the measures
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the raiders come to las vegas... we tried to keep our process transparent i knwo there were disputes but we kept our process transparent county commission steve sisolak says the increases are still a win for the community. steve sisolak- the public is going to get 35m a year in economic benefit to county and state benefits north las vegas police... and henderson police departments will also benefit from the sales tax increase and will get more officers. sheriff jeo lombardo says theyre already looking at applications to fill the 68 new open spots for officers... but says they cant start hiring until april of next year. the commisison also appointed three members to a stadium committee... the governor appointed three and u-n-l-v appointed one. the sands corporation and the raiders will each suggest two other people to join the stadium committee- which will then have to be approved by the
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owners pushed the pause button on faraday future's one billion dollar plant outside las vegas the electric car company broke ground on the north las vegas site earlier this year after nevada lawmakers approved $335 million dollars in tax breaks and incentives during a special session last year fox5's miguel martinez valle spoke to some involved with the project about what this pause means for faraday and for it's future in nevada... we looked into faraday future's future. there has been a lot of concern about the company's reported money problems with their billionair backer, to payment issues with contractors... but new investors came forward with 600 million dollars, so city leaders tell me they're still optimistic about the future... faraday future's road to a north las vegas manufacturing plant has been a bumpy one... news of the car company failing to pay millions of dollars in bills raised some questions about their finances... and faradays chinese billionaire
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fuel to those concerns by saying his company le-eco was running out of cash... < our video> now the car maker is pumping the brakes terms of construction...
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confident in faradays future... " i think its natural to have a few growing pains, and again we're very excited and bullish on faraday future, very bullish on the rest of the industires coming to the valley" north las vegas' mayor also told me he's still confident and looking forward to faraday's showing at january's consumer electronic show. even if plans fall through, tax payers are protected since faraday has to reach certain milestones to get those tax benefits... mmv, ffn, ll faraday future is just one of the many projects going up in north las vegas, others include compans and switch... police need your help finding a man they say violently attacked a woman in a downtown hotel stairwell. police say it happened about a month ago. they say the man ran away after attacking the woman. police are describing the man as six foot three to six foot five. they say he weighs between two hundred ten and two hundred and thirty pounds. if you recognize this man-- call police right away. you can leave an anonymous tip with crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55. metro police are investigating their second fatal
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pedestrian in less than 24-hours. police say a man in his 70's ran across the street, and into a toyota corolla. this happened at tropicana and maryland parkway... right by unlv. he died at the scene. police say he did not obey traffic signs. investigators say the driver will not be facing any criminal charges. if the 215 is part of your regular commute--or if you're traveling this weekend-- listen up. the freeway is closing in both directions near the airport. the 215 will be closed at the airport connector night all the way through monday morning. crews will be installing parts of the flyover ramp over the highway. travelers heading to the airport can still use the airport connector-- but should expect a lot of delays. we have all the information you need to avoid the traffic headache. just head to fox5vegas dot com. we're close to kissing those seventy degree temperatures goodbye. but how close is that cool down? let's check in with fox five's chief meteorlogist ted
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the high clouds moving across southern nevada this afternoon are a signal of cool and windy changes ahead. overnight lows tonight drop into the mid 50s with clouds sticking around. wind will be increasing across the area on wednesday with high temperatures in the mid 70s during the afternoon. a wind advisory takes effect at 10 a.m. wednesday for all of the fox5 viewing area. wind gusts 50 mph range. much colder air invades las vegas on thursday, bringing high temperatures down into the low 60s and upper 50s. skies will be mostly sunny. friday morning will be the coldest weather this week with lows in the upper 30s. the weekend is trending milder with a few clouds at times. high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s. there is the chance of a few showers on monday
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a woman is facing charges after being caught with three tiger cubs in pahrump. trisha meyers..originally from she lived with multiple animals like tigers..panthers, monkeys and skunks. meyers says had a permit for the animals in texas--but not here in nevada. neighbors say they even saw her 14 year old daughter playing with the tigers in their backyard. many people were concerned about their safety and the safety of their families. "my neighbor pointed out to me that there were some tigers behind his house and i looked over, i seen them go back and forth of the fence. what got my attention was it was only a four foot fence." trisha meyer has been charged with child endangerment... theft and having exotic animals illegally. meyer has been extradited back to texas where she faced past charges. the tigers have been taken by
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local charities around the valley are teaming up to help the homeless community. how the project that's been going on for a decade is helping folks get off the streets. you are watching fox5 news at 11.
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thanksgiving is a little more than a week away. and that means shops are getting ready for their busiest time of year-- holiday shopping season. fox 5's faith tanner joins us with more-- on how stores and customers are preparing for the black friday
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: items being scanned "you do get good deals, you do" it's something millions of people look forward to every thanksgiving. hitting up the stores in search friday.... hoping to score discounts on everything this year--- from tv's to virtual reality headsets to popular toys. "it's a family thing, my daughters and i all get together after thanksgiving dinner and we go shopping" with just over a week to go--- stores like best buy are preparing for a long line of black friday customers. : "we have people that will start camping out days ahead of time, there's a guy who always camps out 4 days in advance, it's an experience if you've never done it before it's like no other" just like best buy-- kmart hired extra seasonal workers-- and they're still hiring more. store managers expect big crowds throughout the holiday weekend-- starting when they open at 6 a-m thanksgiving
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"it's kicking off the holiday, but i think it's just the rush of getting those big sales items. and some say they'd rather feel that rush--- through their fingertips. opting to get their bargains online-- where many stores offer the same deals... that customers can score without leaving their couch. "i don't like the crowds all the people pushing and shoving the hassle so i'm just gonna go online and have most of it delivered" but others would rather stick to the in-store experience-- because for many--- it's turned into a family tradition. : "my daughter did it religiously she'd go do it all the time and i thought she was nuts, i went a couple
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other stores starting black friday sales on thanksgiving night include walmart, target, macy's, and kohls. however ... many major stores will stay closed on thanksgiving .. including costco and sams club... home depot ... neiman mars and nordstrom to name a few. we're just over a week away from the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. and we're now getting a first look at some of the floats that will be seen strolling through new york. karen lee reports ... from fantasy conception to tangible magic. (mos) "it's amazing!" (mos) "seeing all the colorful colors and all the artwork." new floats this year are the aloha spirit featuring a working waterfall, the girls scouts' building a better
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halls and krazy glue's fun house. they're elaborate and no doubt expensive. (amy kule,parade executive producer) "we always talk about the parade as being our gift to new york and to the country and when you get a gift, you never ask the price." now that they've been created-- getting 26 floats into new york the day before the parade-- is no easy feat. (john piper,macy's parade studio creative director)"all of these 3-story, 24- foot wide, 30 to 40 feet long floats have to come apart and collapse and dismantled down to no more than 8 1/2 feet wide, no more than 12 1/2 feet tall and they've got to go through the lincoln tunnel." (karen lee/reporting) "at a time when there are political protests dominating the streets right now, organizers say what we need at least for a moment is to see these colors, these lights on the floats, the balloons and, of course, these very happy characters to give a different perspective." (john piper,macy's parade studio creative director) "we are going to move forward with the greatest country, the
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on the planet." in 90 years-- the parade was only canceled for three years during world war 2. it marched on after 9-11. and marched on six days after the jfk assassination. (john piper,macy's parade studio creative director)" "the kennedy family reached out to macy's and said please make sure that the parade goes on because the country needs it, and to do so reminds everybody just how great things can be." now fox5 weather 24/7 the high clouds moving across southern nevada this afternoon are a signal of cool and windy changes ahead. overnight lows tonight drop
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sticking around. wind will be increasing across the area on wednesday with high temperatures in the mid 70s during the afternoon. a wind advisory takes effect at 10 a.m. wednesday for all of the fox5 viewing area. wind gusts will be in the 40 to 50 mph range. much colder air invades las vegas on thursday, bringing high temperatures down into the low 60s and upper 50s. skies will be mostly sunny. friday
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coldest weather this week with lows in the upper 30s. the weekend is trending milder with a few clouds at times. high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s. there is the chance of a few showers on monday next week. closed captioning will resume shortly
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closed captioning will resume shortly over 35 hundred homeless people received services from charities around the valley. today was "project homeless connect." the annual event gives those on the street the opportunity to get help with housing.. medical care... food... clothes... drug addiction help and even taking a shower.
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been going on for over a decade. it's supported by all the cities in southern nevada-- including las vegas... henderson and boulder city. "we really do like to see the large number of folks that we're able to help with this project. obviously we 'd prefer if this problem didn't exist in our community but it does and so this is a good way for us to try to address it." "i'm here to try and get my act together. i need my social security card. a way to get a job." there were more than 150 local agencies at today's event. a local organization called rosie's wish is helping las vegas families this thanksgiving. they hosted a "help us help them" charity event -- they gave more than one hundred low income families turkeys and other festive foods for the upcoming holiday. families had the chance to mingle and spre holiday cheer with other families at the event. rosie's wish foundation is a non-profit that promotes health
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c-c-s-d students are feeling the heat in the kitchen. they're going head to head in a culinary competition. we'll tell you the school that's taking home the cake in their "diced" challange. and one local school is getting a big gift. the local celeb's that were at the event today to kick off the
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clark county students went head to head in the kitchen today-- for the third annual "diced" culinary competition. five teams put their kitchen skills to the test during the competition. it's apart of c-c- s-d's week long celebration of american education week. the young chefs had to incorperate mystery ingredients into their dishes-- which were lemongrass and duck breast. " our chef he always tells us that, well he treats us like we work in the food industry, like he's prepping us for the real world, and i really like that because it gives us the right amount of expereinece we need...after we graduate. " chefs from restarants around the valley where there to judge the competition. southwest career and technical academy took the cake as the winner of the "diced" challange. a generous donation is putting the power of music into the hands of students at "desert pines high school"
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cultural foundation gave them 20 thousand dollars worth of instruments. the school held a special ceremony to celebrate the gift today. it was hosted two-time grammy nominee-- joss favela-- and fox5's own morning anchor-- maria silva. this isn't the first time they've helped a local school last year they donated to rancho high school. the chips and salsa were flying at three square food bank. local celebs put their nacho making skills to the test. the contest was sponsored by restaurant-- "nacho daddy." they've been raising money for meals to feed the hungry all year. strip headliner-- terry fator-- and austin "chumlee" russell of t.v's "pawns stars" formed competing teams. the winner got their creation on the "nacho daddy" menu- plus-- 5 thousand meals donated to three square in their name. one of the biggest movies to hit the big screen is now hitting stages around the world. cirque du soleil's newsest adventure to take on "avatar" and bring it to life through acrobatics. take us with you on the go! stream our newscasts anytime we're on air.
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app. it's the best resource for breaking
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bringing the movie avatar to live on stage. and the show will be traveling to arenas throughout north and south america. the highest grossing movie of
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du soleil in "toruk the first flight" the new touring show is inspired by james cameron's 2009 "avatar"-- it combines puppetry, cutting edge visuals and the imaginative world of pandora. there are 41 performers traveling with 26 semi trucks of equipment. "landau says: "they've made it about something, they've turned people to pandora. but they also ground it in that same philosophy where you know, there's a connectivity issue that we present in the movie and if the hero of toruk situation, connectivity is gonna be lost 3,000 years before our movie ever opens." director james cameron says he's finishing up wiritng the fifth movie of the series. a texas woman is re-unied with her dog four years after he went missing. and thanks to a good samaritan-- the dog ended up at an animal hospital right


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