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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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if you know more information about azucena... you can also leave an anonymous tip at crimestoppers. 702-385-55-55. " recreational marijuana won't go into effect for another year but we're already seeing the impacts of nevadans voting yes on question 2. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. the das office says they're holding off on prosecuting anyone charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. fox5's abby theodros talked with a man who was charged just six months ago- he says this is big news : i want to show you what an ounce looks like- 146 people were arrested for carrying less than this last year. now people like anton mcallister are excited about the news light it (nat) smoke it (nat) eat it (nat) - big changes ahead for marijuana users in clark county anton mcallister: i wish it happened earlier because if it
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charged the district attorney's office - holding off on prosecuting marijuana cases falling under the new law. mcallister tells me he was charged six months ago for carrying two grams of pot - and says this will make a big difference mcalister: itll help everyone in the long run, it happened to me before. everyone don't have to be ducking and hiding- dodging. looking over their shoulders the decision comes after question two passed - making it legal for anyone 21 or older to carry less than an ounce of marijuana joe brezny, coalition to regulate marijuana: it's great that our prosecutors are seeing that it makes sense just to go ahead and adopt that policy now and stop police resources when we can spend them better elsewhere that was joe brezny with the coalition to regulate marijuana. he helped get question two on the ballot and says normalizing marijuana use will go along way for recreational smokers jb: for too long people who have chosen marijuana over alcohol have had to worry about getting a citation
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from going to law school or medical school or serving the military or becoming a police officer- it shouldn't prevent you from doing those things i talked to metro police and they tell me- regardless of the da's announcement - they're still enforcing the current law - criminalizing possession of any amount. 177 people were arrested this year for carrying less than an ounce of marijuana. but things are changing and people like mcalister welcome it mcallister: itll make the world a better place the hold applies to people 21 or older charged w possessing less than an ounce
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effect january 1, allowing anyone 21 or older to possess less than an ounce of marijuana 9 clark county schools have been identified for the proposed new achievement school district. it's a controversial plan that pairs underperforming schools with charter operators. fox5's kat jacob is live at cambiero elementary. she talked to parents and the education association. kathleen what are people saying? christine, john... most people i've talked to are not happy about the possibility of changing schools like this one into a charter school. they're worried that staff is going to change... the possibility of losing their teachers... and they're nervous about moving to a curriculum they're not sure is better. there are 5 middle
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schools chosen. the middle schools are baily, orr, con toble, and brinley. the elementary schools are cambeiro, craig, fitzgerald, and kelly. all of these schools performed in the bottom 5% on the s bach. and while some parents are for the change, many are not and the education association has put forward a different plan. " "parents should be properly informed of what the achievement school district means and it's options for their kids education as well as options under the reorganization of the clark county school district that their schools are in and let them vote and let them make that decision and then let them they have given that proposal to the board and says they're seriously considering it. he thinks a decision could be made as early as this december. coming up at 6... we'll tell you more about that plan and why the idea of changing some of these schools to charter schools has been so controversial. reporting live...kathleen jacob...fox5 news... local. las vegas. we'll also have more from parents about what they want to see come out of all of this. a gun found in a students
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pahrump... it happened yesterday at rosemary clark middle school... the nye county sheriffs office says administrators found out about the gun after another student told them. the gun was not loaded, there was no ammunition in the bag and the student never took the gun out of the bag on school grounds. the district says none of the students or teachers were in danger, but parents say they still have concerns. "closed captioning to resume." the sheriffs office told fox5 they are still investigating how the student got the gun... and why it was brought to the school. a wind advisory remains in effect for the entire fox5 viewing area through 1 a.m. thursday. wind
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40 to 50 mph range, with some of the strongest wind occurring after sunset tonight. a cold front moves across the area this evening, bringing in much colder air for thursday. high temperatures will only be in the low 60s and upper 50s despite the sunshine across southern nevada. the coldest weather of this stretch will be friday morning. low temperatures bottom out in the low 40s and upper 30s; the coldest weather we have felt since february. temperatures will moderate this weekend with mainly sunny skies. there will only be a few clouds at times
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60s. look for more clouds on monday with the slight chance of an isolated shower. most of the rain will stay over california and arizona. a 16-year-old has been missing from las vegas for exactly one year... and police are hoping someone can help find her! this is isabella she went missing on november 16-th. "the national center for missing and exploited children" believes she's still in the area. she's five foot four... and weighs 150 pounds. anyone who knows where she may be should call metro police... or the national center for missing and exploited children. that number is on your screen. it's 1-800-the-lost. bail was set at half a million dollars for the man accused of driving drunk in a crash that left two people dead. 25-year-old willie wortham will be
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bail. police say he was impaired while behind the wheel... when he crashed into a car this past weekend -- near smoke ranch and rainbow. the victims -- jermaine asher and robert roberts -- died at the scene. wortham is charged with d-u-i above the legal limit. she's accused of firing shots at an apartment complex. police took the woman into custody after a standoff near mccarran international airport. it happened around two this morning near maryland parkway and russell. people called police because they heard the gunshots. officers tell us the woman locked herself in a unit... and wouldn't come out. crews evacuated some of the apartments in the complex during the standoff. swat officers negotiated with the woman until she surrendered. no one was hurt. henderson police say they're the first in nevada to use a u-s data portal program. it's a searchable federal internet site... with crime statistics to the public. the police data initiatives system adds transparency for the public about department activities.
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the crime statistics are collected by the fbi... plus information on police use of force and shootings. the program was developed by the justice department. it's being used by more than 120 law enforcement agencies nationwide. a baby fell off a changing table... but his big brother saved him. "miracles can happen always. but since it was me im really thankful." we'll show you the incredible video... an child about why he thinks it was divine intervention. and... holiday spending will add up -- fast! how much shoppers are expected to shell out for gifts. got a parking ticket? pay with a toy donation. we'll tell you more about the program being offered in the valley... and how it's helping families in need. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next you're watching fox5 news at 5. local. las vegas
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the holiday season is always good for those looking for jobs... mainly because it's the time of year where people blow the most
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a finance website called nerdwallet asked groups of people about their spending plans. age groups spend differently during the holidays. millennials were considered impulsive shoppers..they were least likely to stick to their holiday budgets. while the 35-54 crowd planned to spend the most this season..still carrying debts from their 20-15 holiday shopping. "i put a budget of about $500 to $1000 for christmas shopping for like toys and all that. i have a big family and we decided not to give gifts to my cousins but to my nephews and nieces be a bunch of toys" rounding out the survey - baby boomers are most likely to use a credit cards --while millennials are the most likely to use cash. the next time you get a parking ticket... you won't have to talk your way out of it. you'll be able to pay with toys! the city council approved its holiday "toys for tickets" program. any non-public safety parking ticket can be paid with new toys that are the same price as the ticket
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families. it's a non-profit that helps victims of domestic violence. the donations will be passed out during the holidays to those living at the shelter. drivers must bring the parking ticket... and the receipt for the toys. the toys and tickets will be collected until december 15-th... at the city hall parking garage. that's near bonneville and main street. and speaking of toys... there will be thousands of santas taking over downtown las vegas in a few weeks. it's part of the "las vegas great santa run". it takes place saturday december 3-rd. receives a santa suit... and medal at the finish line. fox five will also be there! the festivities start at nine a-m... and the five-k starts at ten. this is opportunity village's biggest fundraiser. and you can stay up to date with our take five to care events... by downloading our free fox five app. it also has the latest breaking news... weather... and traffic updates. the runnin' rebels are back on the court tonight. the team is looking for their first win! u-n-l-v will host u-c riverside at the thomas and mack center. the game starts at seven p-m.
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on fox five news at ten and eleven... and hear from head coach marvin menzies and the players after the game. during tonight's game... the runnin' rebels plan to retire the u-n-l-v jersey of the all-time leading scorer in program history -- eddie owens. the special ceremony takes place during halftime. owens played under hall of fame coach jerry tarkanian from 1973 to 77. he was part of the "hardway eight". it's the program that put the runnin' rebels on the national map... and at their first n-c-double-a final four. owens holds the the most points than other runnin' rebel in history. his number eleven jersey will be retired by the school. now fox5 weather 24/7 a wind advisory remains in effect for the entire fox5 viewing area through 1 a.m. thursday. wind gusts will be in the 40 to 50 mph range, with some of the strongest wind occurring after sunset tonight. a cold front moves
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much colder air for thursday. high temperatures will only be in the low 60s and upper 50s despite the sunshine across southern nevada. the coldest weather of this stretch will be friday morning. low temperatures bottom out in the low 40s and upper 30s; the coldest weather we hav felt since february. temperatures will moderate this weekend with mainly sunny skies. there will only be a few clouds at times with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. look for more clouds on monday
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isolated shower. most of the rain will stay over california and arizona.
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around the country... there's a need for older youth from foster care to be adopted... and for more people to get involved in adoption programs. today -- adoption agencies are raising awareness about the issue in honor of "national adoption month". "adopt us kids" encourages
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older kids and teens from foster care. they say they have lower adoption rates than younger kids. national campaigns hope to change that. "i found that older children are great. they deserve families just like anyone else. you could sit down and have a conversation with them. you could do a lot of activities that you can't do with younger children and they'll enjoy going on vacation with you. they'll enjoy sitting and watching a movie with you. every child deserves a family and not just the little infants." and there's a way you can help foster kids in our valley. you can be part of the casa program. it stands for "court appointed special advocates". it helps abused and neglected children. tonight at six -- casa volunteers will be sworn in at a ceremony. the goal is to get a casa volunteer for every child in foster care. it's being called a miracle. incredible video shows a nine- year-old save his baby brother who fell off a changing table.
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mom turn away from the infant... who begins to roll off the table. the little boy swoops in at the last second to save his baby brother from the fall. the nine-year-old says he's not sure how he rescued his younger sibling... who weighs about thirty pounds. "i would have never caught him i cant run that fast. i felt like something came and pushed me forward. i ran and caught him." "i would never be able to do again i cant carry brother." the incident happened last month. the boy's mother says she wanted to share the video as a lesson to others... because she says it can happen to anyone. 'i messed up. i did something wrong but then i realized that, really, it was a miracle. i must have done something right to have been deserving of this little guy, running in at the right time and catching him at the
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"obviously im more careful but it can happen in a second our lives could change in a second." the boy's mom says she's thankful for her son's quick thinking... and believes miracles can always happen. las vegas is lucky... when it comes to las vegas residencies next year. first the backstreet boys... now ricky martin! "nats of ricky martin performing" we'll hear more on his
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"im a desperado. feel a bad connection. shake your bon bon. latin lover..." that's ricky martin performing on the ellen show today! the "livin da vida loca" singer announced his las vegas residency at the park at monte carlo. the crowd was excited... but ellen had another surprise! "im really happy. screams youre all invited. tickets go on sale monday youll get 2 tickets and 2 nights at monte carlo. crowd
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it's been a big year for ricky martin! he's also engaged to conceptional artist -- jwan yosef. martin told ellen he met his soon to be husband while looking for a piece of new art. coming up on "more access" at six... we'll hear from ricky martin about when the las vegas residency kicks off. there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. a minnesota police officer who shot and killed a man during a traffic stop... has been charged with manslaughter. "based on the evidence, we do not believe castile ever removed or tried to remove his handgun from his front, right pocket, which was a foot deep." we'll hear more from police about the deadly shooting... and how the family responded to the charge. and... we're learning
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former southwest airlines employee... who shot and killed another worker. what police believe the motive was. plus... we know election stress is a real thing... and you can get some therapy here in the valley. when u-n-l-v will host group
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chex party mix. it's what thanksgiving is made of. ? sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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"after the final shot, reynolds frantically yelled, you just killed my boyfriend. philando castile muttered and moaned his final words, i wasn't reaching for it to which reynolds loudly said, he wasn't reaching for it. before reynolds completed her sentence, officer yanez again screamed, don't pull it out. reynolds responded by saying, he wasn't." a ramsey county attorney says the shooting death of a man by a minnesota police officer was not justified. you may remember this video when 32-year-old philando castile was shot by an officer... while his girlfriend taped it on facebook live. officer jeronimo yanez now faces a second degree manslaughter charge. castile was fatally shot during a traffic stop in july in the suburb of falcon


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