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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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that time that we're going from our class room to our cars. its scary to think that something can happen to us. unlvs' acting assistant police chief told me the attacker's moti ve isn't clear.. 44-52 jeffrey green, acting asst chief of police unlv: she initially was attacked from behind and she had a backpack on so the initial thought from her was maybe he was trying to take my backpack green also told me he thinks this is an isolated incident. green: this type of incident, first time this ye ar something like this has happened. not comforting words for some students who now feel unsafe.. lacanlale: being right on maryland parkway and this being an open campus - im always looking over my shoulder when im walking. i just have to be really vigilant when im walking. with finals on the way .. green says the library will be a student hot spot. he's adding patrols to the area to ensure student safety. library hours will be extended but more importantly we think its necessary to increase our patrols in that area. "shaken up understandably but ok" no leads. unlv police escort 24 hours a
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unlv has emergency crisis services available to students for a variety of situations ranging from assault to health care. we'll have a link to their resources on our website at fox5vegas dot com. tonight we're learning more about a man who's accused of using candy to lure girls into his apartment to molest them. investigators tell us months. on saturday police arrested this man -- jose azucena. fox5s eric hilt got ahold of azucena's arrest report where he learned more about the disturbing crimes police say azucena molested four girls all under the age of 14, here at the charlestown garden apartments near charlestown and nellis police say he would flash little girls, lure them inside his
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candy and then touch them inappropriately. police say azucena tied up a girl with duct tape, then sexually assaulted her. police say azucena told the victims that he would hurt their family members if they told people. today i talked with people who live in this complex about these new disturbing details and they say it changes how they'll watch their kids "just recently had niece cant come out and play. and enjoy herself it hearts my hurt we want to live free have to watch our back all the time." in the report it says that azucena was convicted of manslaughter in california and had been deported out of the usa twice. he is charged with kidnapping, sexual
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and lewdness with a minor soc a former illusionist on the las vegas strip was charged with possessing and distributing child pornography. today he plead "guilty". 39-year-old "jan rouven" made his plea before the judge today. back in march -- officers arrested him when they found thousands ofxp pictures and videos of young children. the u-s attorney's office says rouven admitted to sharing the pictures. his sentencing is set for next march. before his arrest, rouven headlined "the new illusions" show at the tropicana. police locked down an elementary school because three suspects ran away from a stolen vehicle in the area. it happened around nine a-m near torrey pines and washington. when officers approached the stolen car,three
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gun, so culley elementary school went into lockdown until police took the three suspects into custody. no one was hurt. a man was shot in the leg during a struggle with two armed robbers -- outside the peppermill restaurant. police tell fox5 the man was in the restaurant's parking lot around 1-30 a-m... when two men robbed him. the robbers took jewelry... then shot the victim in the leg. the victim went to the hospital to be treated for his gunshot wound, but is expected to be o-k. the two suspects took off in a red vehicle. anyone with information about this armed robbery- call police or crimestoppers. a teen driver is arrested after trying to run over a police officer earlier this week. side by side body cam footage shows the moments before the shooting. "beeps. shots fired shots fired." police say 18- year-old daniel prichard was driving an unregistered vehicle... and sped off from officers who tried to do a traffic stop --
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nellis. police say they turned off their emergency lights... and followed the car at a distance. the same officers found the car nearby... and police say prichard tried to run over officer scott hinkley. he fired ten rounds at the car as it passed. police say prichard was not hit by the bullets. he later surrendered to police... and was taken into custody. officer scott hinkley has been with the department for two years. he's on routine paid leave... while the incident is under review. we have a major traffic alert for you. closures around the airport connector will cause some big delays for drivers heading to and from mccarran international airport. n-dot crews will close both east and west bound 2- 15 at the airport connector.. it will be shut down starting tomorrow night all the way through monday morning. crews will install parts of the flyover ramp over the highway. those going to the airport can still use the airport connector... but expect a lot of delays. we have all the information you need to avoid the traffic headache. just head to fox5vegas dot
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some people in north las vegas will soon enjoy fresher air... now that the r-c pig farm has been sold. community members are having mixed feelings about the move. neighbors say their sad the pigs are leaving.. but their also happy to get rid of the smell. north las vegas mayor-- john lee -- is thrilled thousands of home will remove the odor restrictions from their titles. the selling of the pig farm results in an increase in property values for the community. the pigs will move to a new home near apex. it's starting to feel more like winter! the wind blew in much cooler temperatures today. fox five's meteorlogist sam argier has on more on the weather change... and what we can expect for the weekend. as cold as it was this morning, temperatures will be even colder friday morning around southern nevada. overnight lows drop into the low 40s and upper 30s around the las vegas valley, staying above freezing
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temperatures will be colder for pahrump and kingman where lows bottom out between 25 and 30 degrees. a freeze warning is in effect for those neighborhoods from midnight to 7 a.m. friday. high temperatures remain below average on friday with low 60s in las vegas. temperatures moderate this weekend with upper 60s; sunday will feature some more cloud cover as a system moves in for monday. look for more clouds on monday with the chance of a few showers. we're dry leading up to thanksgiving with temperatures holding in the 60s. get ready to dance under the electric sky! the electric daisy
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back to las vegas! e-d-c announced it will be back june 16-th... 17-th... and 18-th at the las vegas motor speedway. more than 200 artists will perform on several stages... from dusk to dawn. e-d-c celebrates life... love... and music. this will be its 21- st anniversary. save the date -- tickets go on sale november 28-th. many of us are relieved the election is finally over... but some still have fears and stress about what's to come. u-n-l-v wants to help! we'll hear from students about new group therapy sessions being offered. a local student is helping out her school... with brand-new science books. how much money she needs to raise. and... "the king of country" has a reign on las vegas. how long he'll be extending his residency for... your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next you're watching fox5 news at 5. local. las vegas
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nearly a million dollars will be given to nevada to try to cut the rate of prisoners who re-offend. the u-s government announced the grant for the plan today. it would focuse on men convicted of drug crimes or who committed property crimes where drug use was a factor. the plan will try to give prisoners skills to adjust to life outside prison... so they don't end up back behind bars. the director of the nevada department of corrections says property crime was 80-percent of all crime in nevada in 2014. the henderson mom who made national headlines after painting on her garage wall... is now speaking out about the challenges of raising an autistic adult as she ages with him. "judy mckim, mom: as people like zach get older, it becomes more and more difficult. the public is less understanding. less kind. when you take a person like my son out in public you always have to deal with very unkind remarks and now we're to the point that wedont leave any more
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report looks into state resources available to families like judys. we hear from judy about her challenges as a single mom. we also talked to the department of health and human services. fox5's abby theodros will have this special report tonight at ten. u-n-l-v has started offering group therapy session to help people cope with their feelings regarding the presidential election. "we were hoping that a support group would help people understand that they we're alone and whatever feelings they're feeling are okay and give them strategies to navigate some of those relationships." the sessions are free for u-n-l-v students and staff. they're led by u- n-l-v director of marriage and therapy program and graduate students. "part of what was happening in our clinic was a number of the clients who were coming in the week after the election were talking about the results of the election and were talking about the changes in their family systems and
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feeling not safe and afraid." the sessions are also open to anyone in southern nevada for a ten dollar fee. you can sign-up by calling the centers office. a middle school student is making strides at her school by hosting a fudraiser for new textbooks. allie noticed that the science textbooks her school were using were out-dated and falling apart. she says a teacher told her they were about 16 years old. allie came up with different ideas to raise money -- including raffles... games... and even a hula hooping contest-- set for tomorrow after school. she has 200 dollars so far -- but needs about 3-thousand. "this is why the thing is called science funding for the future, because it's not specifically for this class in this grade currently. it's for many different people like the 6th graders, 4th graders, 5th graders. all of them who will be coming in and using it so it's for their future." brown junior high has placed a donation jar in
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wants to help. now fox5 weather 24/7 as cold as it was this morning, temperatures will be even colder friday morning around southern nevada. overnight lows drop into the low 40s and upper 30s around the las vegas valley, staying above freezing tonight. outside the valley, temperatures will be colder for pahrump and kingman where lows bottom out between 25 and 30 degrees. a freeze warning is in effect for those neighborhoods from midnight to 7 a.m. friday. high temperatures remain below average on friday with low 60s in las vegas.
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weekend with upper 60s; sunday will feature some more cloud cover as a system moves in for monday. look for more clouds on monday with the chance of a few showers. we're dry leading up to thanksgiving with temperatures
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two-weight u-f-c champ -- conor mcregor -- takes a shot at one of the best in boxing. he wants to fight floyd "money"
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mcgregor wants for the bout... and why he says he'll even fight under the boxing rules. and... "the cowboy" rides away to las vegas! george strait extends his residency on the strip. we'll have more on which dates
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property in arizona. front porch you can see the sea. oceanfront propety in arizona. through the golden gate...." the "king of country" plans to hang his hat in las vegas a little longer. george strait extended his residency for next year. the concert series is called "two nights of number ones". the country icon will sing his sixty number one hits... back to back nights. he has more number one hits than any recording artist. the show dates take place in april... july... september and december... at the t-mobile arena. tickets go on sale december second. you never know what to expect with two-weight u-f-c champion conor mcgregor. well -- now he's calling out a new competitor! floyd "money" mayweather. "as far as true fighting. floyd dont want none of this. cheers. he dont want none of this. he want boxing
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"hes afraid of a real fight" this is video from "t-m-z sports". inside a new york city nightlclub -- mcgregor said he wants a hundred million dollars for a match against mayweather. mcgregor says he'll even fight mayweather under boxing rules... because he's scared of a real fight. back in august -- mcgregor made similar comments about a mayweather fight during a news conference in las vegas. both have been casually beefing on social media. las vegas native -- kris bryant -- has a new title besides
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he's now the most valuable player. we'll hear from the chicago cubs slugger about the award... plus... a bernie sanders supporter loses a bet... he'll never forget! we'll introduce you to the man -- with a picture of donald trump inked on his back.
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las vegas native -- kris bryant -- is a world series champ... and now most valuable player! the chicago cubs slugger was named the 2016 national league m-v-p today. the 24-year-old had 39 home runs -- the third best among the third baseman in m-l-b this year. this is only his second season in the majors. bryant was with his father and fiancee when he found out he won. "this is you cant really put into word what this feels. its been team im getting married. i dont know man this is unbelieveable." bryant also won the national league "rookie of the year" trophy from the 2015 season. to national headlines now... the finance of a man shot and killed by a minnesota police officer -- while it


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