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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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one of the valleys busiest roads... ...shut down for an entire weekend. "its gonna kind of suck im not going to lie" "prepare yourself to be in traffic" tonight at 9:00 the 215 beltway will close in both directions at the airport... as crews place gurters and make progress in clark county's massive airport connector project. "it's mainly for safety -- the cranes that will lift the gurters will take up all of the westbound lates" east and westbound drivers will have to exit at the airport connector... but crews are asking them to exit off the freeway before they get to the airport. eastbound drivers are encouraged to get off at jones, decatur or las vegas boulevard... people headed west can exit at eastern, windmill or warm springs. "i think its going to cut me down 30-45 minutes just to reroute myself
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"but the 215 closure wont just affect drivers who are looking to take the means more cars on surface streets like these and more traffic for residential drivers" "i have to figure out what is going to be the best plan because just about everybody is going to be looking for a different route" "hopefully its not too much traffic to interfere with our plans" still -- most drivers i talked to are having a good attitude about the annoyance. "i especially you have to go with the go with the flow and take it for what it is" go with the flow...with the flow of least until this big airport connector project is all finished. "its gonna kind of suck im not going to lie" prepare yourself to be in traffic i think its going to cut me down 30-45 minutes just to reroute myself around i have to figure out what is going to be the best plan because just about everybody is going to be looking for a tonight and will stay in effect until 5 monday morning. crews say their biggest advice -- just avoid this area all together this weekend if you can. if you have to travel through here, you'll be able to see that
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website, fox5vegas dot com. soc he ran his car into oncoming traffic and crashed... killing the woman in his passenger seat... but now police say... they can't find him. fox5's adam herbets got a description of the suspect who walked away... plus a couple of other leads. adam? john/ christine we don't know if this guy is injured. we don't know his name... and the police aren't letting on whether the car was even his... but according to the people we talked to, at the crash site, they say -- they recognize that car. it's hard to miss... it's a shelby mustang... it's meant to go fast. but it's not meant to go fast, over into oncoming traffic. they say -- if it's
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for driving crazy... and that he lives in the apartment complex right next door to the crash site. here is the suspect description we got from the police. he's a young hispanic man in his 20s. he was wearing gray sweatpants and a black jacket. he has short hair... and he had blood on his face... and wasn't wearing any shoes. the people we spoke to said that description might add up and now -- they say they can't believe he left that woman in his passenger seat to die. "they keep looking for him. they can't find him. the helicopter coming over and kept looking around the area they couldnt find him either but we don't know how he make it out. the fire station what is right there not too far from the accident but by the time they make it here he's already gone we are not releasing the female victim's name until her family has been notified. but there were two other cars and two other people involved in this crash. both of them were taken to the
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they're expected to be okay. and before we go -- we do have one more lead to share with you. last night -- after the crash -- we overheard on the police scanner a report from a man, possibly matching the suspect description, entering spring valley hospital... looking for a crash victim. police were able to confirm that is definitely something they're looking into... but they also say, it could be unrelated. if you know anything -- please call metro or valley crimestoppers. reporting in studio, adam herbets, fox 5 vegas. a second suspect accused in a deadly home invasion over drugs has been arrested. police say 26- year-old jorge latorre and another man went inside a home on november fifth. a gunshot can be heard... then the two men leave. officer's found a man's body inside the home. it happened on sandpiper way -- near torrey pines and twain. earlier this week -- police arrested 18-year-old cody sullivan in connection to the victim's death.
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breaking news. theres a water main break near tropicana and dean martin. heres a live look. the las vegas water valley district urges drivers to seek other routes. authorities sieze more than a dozen exotic cats at home in pahrump .. now .. one day later .. some of them remain on the property! earlier this week, sheriff's deputies got a tip that the cats were living in "deplorable" conditions.. when they arrived at the home .. they described it as horrific conditions. fox5's abby theodros joins us live from pahrump.. and abby .. where does this case stand? they've been carefully removing all the cats on property today. and it's quite the challenge - if you take a look behind
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intimidating some of these cats are. deputies tell me there were a handful more in the home including a fennec fox - which is illegal in nv. lions and tigers - not at the zoo but someone's pahrump backyard eb: about here on me. (describing height of cat) abby: it's a big cat eb: oh yeah very big very big ellen bryant lives across the street and says the cats were big - but surprising pleasant ellen bryant: they were quiet and we had no problems out of them and i loved hearing he lions roar. they were here when we came and i thought it was really nice they're living conditions not so much. sgt eisenloffel with the nye county sheriffs department told me 8 siberian lynx a fennec fox and a caracal were living in their own filth sgt michael eisenloffel:(nye
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quality inside was unacceptable the living conditions in terms of hygiene conditions were terrible. animals were dedicating and urinating within the rooms that urinating within the rooms that some of those cats were housed in one of the owners was there today. jacki freman- 57 - was cited for misdemeanor animal cruelty. deputies intend to cite owner abby hendengren as well bryant: i just hope the lions and tigers and cats get a nice home bryant tells me she'll miss the exotic edge the cats brought to the neighborhood- but understands the decision eb: i'm glad they're going to a safe place so i mean that's too small a place for those animals. animal control and the department of wilde life have been removing cats all day. one employee showed me a video of a very aggressive looking panther so they're taking their time with this process.
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usda licensed sanctuary. large cats are legal and will likely go back this is the second arrest within the past two weeks involving exotic animals in nye county. a woman was arrested on monday on felony child endangerment... after having exotic animals illegally.
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say "trisha meyer" allowed her pet tigers and other wild animals to roam freely in the home with her daughter. she took off and came back to pahrump where she used to live. meyer's animals were confiscated, and she is waiting to be extradited back to texas. police say she had permits for the tigers, but not for her skunk or fox. nevada is one of five states where people can have pets normally seen in zoos like tigers. and in pahrump... there are even fewer rules. animals like lions and wolves are legal in pahrump... but a license is needed. we spoke to the owner of an exotic pet store today about what it takes to own a wild animal. he says even though it is legal in pahrump... he strongly recommends not owning a tiger. they eat 40 pounds of meat a day and need lots of space. ken foose also tells us most people are not ready for such a huge responsibility. " the problem i have with people who keep exotics is this: no matter what you buy, whether it is a dog or a cat or a
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for these animals or the property, you take the risk. what i am concerned about is these animals escaping and bothering someone who never agreed to take the risk. " last year, clark county commissioners voted to pass an ordinance that bans future ownership of tigers, bears, and chimpanzees here in the valley. smaller exotics like monkeys and foxes are still legal with a permit. it's been a warmer week than usual for november... but today was a little bit chillier. fox five's meteorologist sam argier has more on what we can expect for the weekend. after sunny skies and low 60s around las vegas this afternoon, temperatures for your friday night will once again be
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we'll see overnight lows drop into the low 40s and upper 30s. temperatures will be milder for your weekend with highs in the mid to upper 60s on saturday. sunday's high temperatures will be around 70 degrees. you'll notice a few clouds drifting across the area saturday afternoon, with more clouds in the picture on sunday. showers will move into the area late sunday night into monday morning. this will not be a big rainmaker for southern nevada, but some scattered showers can be expected on monday. tuesday dries out with more sunshine. temperatures will hold in the 60s through thanksgiving.
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road has been on the las vegas strip since 19-90... but it will be closing its doors. why the company decided to close... and what will happen to hundreds of employees. plus... a new resort on the north end of the strip is almost ready for business. how the "lucky dragon" is preparing for its grand opening later this year. "we were on the other side and the officers said to ride through and i was like 'you don't mind?' so we decided to do it." a mysterious giant blob... fills the streets
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a staple part of the hard rock hotel will be closing its doors for good. the hard rock cafe-- which sits directly across from the hotel-- will be shutting down. it's a strategic move on the hotel's part to get more people to focus on the new strip location. employees of the cafe will be given top priority for open positions at the strip location and their new "hard rock live las vegas" venue. this hard rock cafe first opened it's doors back in 19-90. "i work as a hostess here and people their always asking me where to find the cafe and so it blows. it really sucks that it's closing because it is really iconic. oh, my heart! and people are going to miss it too." the strip location opened in 20-09 and has been considered one of the most state- of-the-art hard rock cafes in the world. this location will
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december 31-st. las vegas will soon see a new resort open on the north end of the strip. "the lucky dragon" plans to hold a soft opening tomorrow. that's according to the l-a times. the hotel and casino -- which sits on sahara and las vegas boulevard -- will create an authentic asian cultural and gaming experience. its official opening date is december third. this will be the first new resort to open on or near the strip... since the cosmopolitan opened back in 2010. in santa clara... a mysterious up near at an airport. take a look. the massive surface of foam is actually fire retardant that was being tested. those living in the area say they heard a loud "boom". the foam started oozing out around noon... and spread into nearby streets. the blob quickly became waist- high... almost overtaking an entire stop sign. many gathered around the area... one guy even rode his bike through it! harrington says: "apparently its like
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hangar there and made a big ol' foam pile in the we decided to do it. "it just feels like soap. kinda smells like it too. "i ran into a sign because i went off the road so i couldn't see." officials no one was hurt... but were on scene telling people not to give in to their inner child and jump in. officials say an alarm malfunction inside a new airplane hangar caused the foam to spew everywhere. the san jose fire department warns people not to go in it -- as it is a known carcinogen and can cause skin irritation. now fox5 weather 24/7
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and low 60s around las vegas this afternoon, temperatures for your friday night will once again be on the cold side. we'll see overnight lows drop into the low 40s and upper 30s. temperatures will be milder for your weekend with highs in the mid to upper 60s on saturday. sunday's high temperatures will be around 70 degrees. you'll
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across the area saturday afternoon, with more clouds in the picture on sunday. showers will move into the area late sunday night into monday morning. this will not be a big rainmaker for southern nevada, but some scattered showers can be expected on monday. tuesday dries out with more sunshine. temperatures will hold in the 60s
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closed captioning will resume shortly
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and fanduel are officially teaming up into a single company. both agreed to merge after months of speculation and increasing regulatory scrutiny. the deal isn't expected to be finalized until later in 2017... and still requires federal approval. industry experts say the merger will likely raise anti-trust concerns with regulators... since the companies control nearly 90-percent of the market. it could also help cut costs as the two fight to remain legal in states across the country. merger terms have not disclosed. both sites are still barred from operating in nevada. hundreds of students are giving back to the community. they're also showing their appreciation for our military. what the group put together for local veterans for the thanksgiving holiday... "that was a pretty small box. i thought i was going to fall out the back end of it." a military dad
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from a tiny box. we'll show you the father and
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at the clark county surplus auction. we're talking traffic signs... dump trucks...
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mannequins! the county auctions off items government agencies no longer need like computers or county vehicles. these items are all online now for you to check out. the auction is this saturday. you can register online or in person. these auctions are held three times a year, and this is the final one for 2016. more than 800 "faith lutheran" middle and high school student gave up their friday to help volunteer-- just ahead of thanksgiving. they did everything from making thanksgiving baskets to painting murals and playing board ga "the u-s veteran's home." it was all a part of the school's annual service event. faith lutheran host the project to teach students the importance of giving back to their community and serving others. "it's such an amazing day because the kids come out and they serve and they're so excited to be here and they're so dedicated and they're really getting a chance to see how everyone lives and how they can impact their community as well. we come back to the school and we worship together and we give thanks to god for our lives and for the lives of the people that we were able to work
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some of the non- profits they helped today include three square... opportunity village and las vegas rescue mission. after being away for several months with the national guard... a father surprises his daughter on the dance floor. "pops out of box. she runs towards him." specialist paul hayhurst got a chance to head home and be with his family. he managed to squeeze into a little box... so he could surprise three year old isabella at her dance class. she jumped for joy when she saw her dad pop out. hayhurst says:"everyone is back together and now it's time to get back in the swing of things and being dad again." hayhurst says:"the hardest part was being homesick. seeing pictures and not really being able to talk to them." hayhurst is not sure how much time he will have to spend with his family... but is thankful he'll be home for the thanksgiving holiday. there's much
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the second half of fox5 news at 5. including extreme road rage recorded in arizona. closed captioning will resume shortly "im still living in a bubble of blissful ignorance." meet the man... who says he doesn't know who our next president will be. why he says it's worth it. mcdonald's is getting fancy. what they're adding to all their restaurants across the country... to keep up with
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in less than four hours ... n-dot will be closing down the 2-15 in both directions at the airport! and not for just a few minutes or hours ... for the whole weekend! it's going to cause some traffic headaches for drivers this weekend. fox5's eric hilt talked with drivers who are searching for detours and is live at the interstate. youre already starting to see some of the


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