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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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who tell me they're not surprised... "a motorcycle, wah, wah, and then we hear a big bang!" "there were pieces of vehicles around, all over around the area." this was the scene nearby neighbors heard and saw early monday morning. police say a motorcycle and and a sports car were racing east on sahara when another car pulled out of this driveway...causing the motorcycle to rear end the vehicle. leaving so many questions for those who live nearby "oh my gosh, again, what's wrong?" "it's sad you know, it's sad they have to do it down this street because this is a nice peaceful neighborhood." jonathan lives not even 50 yards from where the accident occured. he says street racing happens all the time. but it's gone on a lot more in recent
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when you're driving to work you know, you never know if i'm going to get hit or something." "a couple times there were bikers with video cameras on their helmets and they were racing, they were racing." more than 12 hours later and debris is still littered all along the street. broken glass and even the ignition and key can be found laying near the curb. i'm told patrons of shooters bar couldn't drive their cars home last night because the street was blocked off. many returned today to pick up their cars, but none cared to comment on what took place last night. and for those who live close, surprised? no. frustrated? yes. "theses people (heavy sigh) with racing, i think it's dangerous for everybody." "i walk my little niece down these streets and right there you know, i don't know what's going to happen." now metro issued a release earlier.. saying the motorcycle rider was in critical condition... we called for an update and their has been no change.... as for the other driver who was racing.. police say that person got away.. and is believed to had been riving a white chevy corvette.. near sahara and nellis... vince sapienza.. fox-5 news...local..
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anyone with information related to this anyone with information related to this case should call police right away. you can always leave an anonymous tip with crimestoppers that number is-- 702-385-55-55. a dangerous weekend for police across the country... after four officers shot at in seperate incidents. an officer in san antonion was killed while writing a traffic ticket in his patrol car sunday. and in saint louis-- a sergeat was shot twice in traffic. that officer is expected to be okay. two other police officers also shot on sunday, one in gladstone, missouri and another in sanibel, florida... though it's not
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targeted attacks. this year has been dominated by officer involved shootings... made public by social media and then the protests that follow. today henderson police wanted to try and bridge the gap between their officers and the community and answer questions that arise when law enforcement uses lethal force. the invited fox5's cyndi lundeberg for a special simulation used to help train officers in these life and death situations.. john christine... today was broken down into a couple parts.. one was a le about the numbers... how often officers are killed on the job.. and how often the henderson police department has used deadly force. this year theyve had none... last year they had one. the other part was the simulation... i was given a gun and a belt that shocked me whenever i did somtehing wrong. the first scenario i did was at an atm where a woman was being robbed... and i had to figure out what to do with multiple suspects while
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the second one i did involved an active shooter at a school... there were kids running around and yelling and it was difficult to figure out who was the suspect and who needed help. the offices took my heart rate at the end of the simulation and i was at 160 beats a minute. what were trying to get out of you is the physiological response we want you to feel like whats its like to be under stress we understand youre not going to respond perfectly 9 seconds some of the statistics i walked away from today with is 221 officers were shot this year... 73 killed... today alone around 147 officers around the country will be assaulted... we also went through various police shootings... and an expert in body language and behavioral science broke down the videos... and often times what you see and hear isnt exactly what really happens. tonight at 6 we'll show you what your body does in heightened
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mis-hear and mis- read certain scenarios. live in the newsroom cl ffnll coming up on fox5 news at 5-30 we'll take a closer look at those officer involved shootings around the country over the weekend. the system that brought showers and mountain snow around southern nevada is moving off to the east tonight. skies have cleared out and temperatures will be in the 40s overnight. look for plenty of sunshine on tuesday with high temperatures in the mid 60s. a few high clouds drift across the area on wednesday with
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60s. it will turn breezy with 10 to 20 mph winds around the las vegas valley. thanksgiving is looking great with plenty of sunshine and highs in the low 60s on thursday. we'll stay dry through the weekend with temperatures holding in the 60s. closed captioning will resume shortly
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closed captioning will resume shortly in the southwest valley, n-h-p says a driver was speeding when he lost control and rolled his truck at the 215 and tropicana. the man is currently in critical condition at u-m-c. n-h-p is investigating whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. we now know the name of the man who died over the weekend-- after he was hit by an suv--- while walking near the rio hotel and casino. police say 31 year old vanharris haiola from san diego... was struck last night... near valley view boulevard and viking road. police think he was walking
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the driver cooperated with police and stayed on the scene. a vigil was held over the weekend to honor victims who died in car crashes. in the u.s.-- almost 100 people die every day in car crashes. it's the first time las vegas has participated in world day of remembrance for road traffic victims. dozens of families came together at palm mortuary-- and shared their stories hoping to prevent tragedies that have struck their families. anne-marie ricci woke up from a coma 4 years ago... and learned her boyfriend jessee had died. the young couple was walking on a sidewalk... when a car crashed into them. "she told me that there was a crash and jessee didn't make it and all i remember is just bawling, crying that entire night with her and ever since then it's just kinda been a process to try and get through everything families shared poems...songs...and hung personalized ornaments on a tree to honor their loved ones. world day of remembrance was adopted by the
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the 3-rd sunday of november each year. a 20-year-old was found stabbed to death over the weekend.. and his family says the suspect was his good friend and roommate. kevin zaldana was stabbed in his sleep.. after his family says he opened his home to his friend jacob driscoll.. who they believe took advantage of their loved one. police arrested driscoll.. he faces a charge of murder with the use of a deadly weapon. there is a go fund me page set up for kevin... if you'd like to donate... we have that link on our website... fox 5 vegas dot com. metro is getting into the thanksgiving spirit a little early this week. police officers are filling their patrol cars with turkeys and delivering them all over the valley! the twenty year tradition that's helping families in need this holiday season. it's finally starting to look a lot like winter! at least up at lee canyon. we're talking to park officials who tell us how their preparing for the upcoming season in just a few weeks. never miss the latest local news with our fox 5 mobile app. you can stream our newscast on the go anytime we're on air.
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at least 6 people have died in an elementary school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. police did not say how many of the victims are children... but there are no other cars involved in the
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taken into questioning and is cooperating. there were 35 students on board... and 23 people were taken to the hospital. the children ranged from kindergartners to fifth graders. it was a busy weekend at donald trump's golf club in new jersey this weekend as a parade of prospective cabinet members and staff met with the president elect. fox news correspondent, joel waldman, is following the story from washington. as the clock ticks closer to the inauguration, president elect donald trump spent the weekend meeting with an impressive list of heavy hitters in both the political and entertainment world. trump says: "really fantastic days. met tremendous talent, tremendous people. and i think we have some really incredible people going to be working for the country. to make america great again, the fact is." while trump is interviewing some of them to join his administration, his senior advisor kellyanne conway pointed out not all of them were there for a job. conway says: "most people who meet with him are not going to be in his
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numbers thing but they will all have given their advice their council shared their experiences their visions." with the position of attorney general, fbi director and cia director named late last week.... more announcements are expected before thanksgiving.... the trump campaign hinting former marine corp general james mattis could be tapped to be the next secretary of defense and former trump critic mitt romney secretary of state. pence says: "i can tell you the president-elect was very grateful that governor mitt romney came in. they had a good meeting, it was a warm and a substantive exchange." waldman ((on-cam tag)) says: "mr. trump has more meetings planned today at trump tower in new york, including with former texas governor rick perry and oklahoma governor mary fallin. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." now fox5 weather 24/7 the system that brought showers and mountain snow around southern nevada is moving off to the east
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cleared out and temperatures will be in the 40s overnight. look for plenty of sunshine on tuesday with high temperatures in the mid 60s. a few high clouds drift across the area on wednesday with temperatures holding in the mid 60s. it will turn breezy with 10 to 20 mph winds around the las vegas valley. thanksgiving is looking great with plenty of sunshine and highs in the low 60s on thursday. we'll stay dry through the
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temperatures holding in the 60s. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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closed captioning closed captioning will resume shortly
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metro officers delivered thanksgiving a little early to families around the valley today. it was a part of their 20-th annual turkey drive. every area command...includin g laughlin recieved 50 turkeys to deleiver. that's a total of five hundred turkeys and side dishes for a thanksgiving dinner. the birds were loaded into patrol vehicles and delievered throughout the valley.
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with the boulevard mall and walmart to make it happen. henderson preschoolers are lending a hand to help homeless youth in the valley. the life lessons their learning ahead of the holiday on... and how long they have been working to make it all happen. and black friday might be days away but some of those deals are starting right now! we've got everything you need to know
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some preschool kids were able to lend a hand this morning to homeless youth in the community. merryhill preschool students delievered food donations to the nevada partnership for homeless youth. it's the second year students donated supply's to the center's food pantry. one hundred and forty five students students participated in the delivery this morning. the students have been collected food donations over the last two weeks. the school's assistant principal says it's a way of difference between needs and wants. " letting them know that especially during this time of year, not everyone has the needs at hand like they do or like we do. " after the delivery....the students got a tour of the facility teach them how their contributions benefit the community. shoppers around the country are getting ready for those doorbuster deals. but if you want to play your cards right this black friday... plan ahead.
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nerdwallet... says most doorbuster deals start before black friday. they say it's becoming more common for stores to launch black friday sales on thanksgiving. they also say ads don't always reflect what's in the stockroom. most promotions are only while supplies last. but some stores will offer you a raincheck if they're out of stock. walmart's one hour guarantee says shoppers can buy items that sell out the first hour. and the final tip--- be sure to check the return policy. we'll be right back.
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ready for their big thanksgiving meals and for many, that means a big bill at the grocery store. but the good news - your dinner may be cheaper this year than it has been. fox5s eric hilt has tricks on how to save money while shopping for the holiday meal according to the american farm bureau federation says this year the average meal will be cheaper than last year... it says across the nation the price of turkeys and dairy have dropped helping people save money but still shoppers have their own tricks to making sure they get the most bang for their buck i talked to a few today and they told me it all comes down to planning ahead
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through those coupons before you head to the store "we just check coupons and look for the bargains in the store" "oh, like, i could save between ten and 20 bucks easy and that's good for a single guy living on an income " " eric on cam store manager here says another way to save money is opting for frozen veggies and pies instead of fresh. soc


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