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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  November 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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"they already suffered, they don't need to suffer anymore" they're tough "we are bikers" and they protect "they've told her, if you are afraid, call us" fox5 news rides with a local biker club that's giving courage to abused children "we never show up alone, whatever it takes" and... "we are getting things done, but at the same time it's just a pace thats hard for us to keep up with" fox5 heads out with metro how they're responding to crime on one of america's busiest boulevards fox5 news at 10 starts now vegas got hockey... and now we are less than 24 hours away from a professional hockey team in las vegas... with an identity. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. the wait is almost over.... fox5's adam herbets has been trying to figure out the team name for us tonight. he's live outside of t-mobile arena with an update. adam? well john/ christine they're keeping it pretty under wraps... but i have a feeling... somewhere inside this building... there has to be a
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or something with the team name and the logo. the thing is nobody is leaking the secret out there... which is a good thing... because tomorrow's event is too big of a deal to be spoiled. (nats) how do you sell 16,000 season tickets... when your n-h-l team doesn't even have a name yet? we're watching the hockey season this year. you watch hockey season this year. you watch every hockey game knowing some guy on the team you're watching is going to be a member of the las vegas "something" knights. the las vegas "something" knights is a start... but you've got to admit... it's only compelling enough to sell tickets... not jerseys. pretty soon... that changes. (nats) las vegas hockey gets an identity. we're gonna see our logo, we're gonna see our colors, and we're going to know
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i think it's going to be the las vegas knights or the silver knights because it's the silver state. it makes sense to me, silver and the silver state. it's just a guess, but that's my guess. radio host brian blessing said the team's owner, bill foley, showed him the logo... but he still hasn't been able to figure out the team name. we were sworn to secrecy. no cameras. no pictures. foley's promise? it's either the silver knights, the desert knights, or the golden knights... but he also doesn't have to stick to his word. in fact... he admits put out some of those fake names we've heard out. well first he said he did that. then he said didn't do that. i think, to be honest with you... a curveball is possible. i think it's one of the three. the biggest surprise, in this day and age, is that it hasn't been leaked yet... and even the day before... we still couldn't get it out of anyone. i don't want to ruin anybody's holiday or anybody's surprise. one of the
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announcement is because they wanted the n-h-l commissioner, gary bettman to be here. in case you didn't know... bettman is famous for getting booed every time he makes a public appearance. but tomorrow might be the exception. a lot of happy fans... ready for a new beginning. live at t-mobile, adam herbets, fox5 news local las tomorrow's event starts at 5:30--- and the announcement is expected around 6. we will be streaming the announcement... you can hear it on the go... just download our fox5 mobile app... it's free in the app store. it was chilly and wet this morning... but we will get a little bit of a warm up.. chief meteorologist ted pretty joins us for a quick look at the forecast. the system that
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and mountain snow around southern nevada is moving off to the east tonight. skies have cleared out and temperatures will be in the 40s overnight. look for plenty of sunshine on tuesday with high temperatures in the mid 60s. a few high clouds drift across the area on wednesday with temperatures holding in the mid 60s. it will turn breezy with 10 to 20 mph winds around the las vegas valley. thanksgiving is looking great with plenty of sunshine and highs in the low 60s on thursday. we'll stay dry through the weekend with temperatures holding in the 60s. there have been 3 shootings and a
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strip in the last few weeks... metro police are calling it an influx in crime... we sent fox5's miguel martinez- valle out with police friday night to see how what they're doing to combat it... i spent friday night with metro's convention center area command as they patroled the las vegas strip, during the 6 hours i was with them, they made 3 arrests... they tell me some of the suspects arrested- could have led to violent crime if they went unchecked... " we heard an alert go out, we jumped in our car and responded... we got there in under 2 minutes" officer calvin wandick was patroling the las vegas strip the night a man was shot and killed near caesers palace... " the suspect was still armed with a gun, it was malfunction but he had a gun" the shooting happened about a month ago, wandicks squad arrested charles smith for the crime... < boop boop nat> the case is under investigation, but wandick says he's
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sparked the violence... " that shooting was in reference to a street level narcotics deal that possibly went bad" street level drugs: one of many issues the convention center area command fights every night... " our squad goes after violent crimes, guns, gangs, and so forth" police tell me four of the most violent crimes on the strip, 3 shootings and a stabbing. have happened in the last 30 days. " there's no excuse or reason, or rhyme or reason for it, it is something that caught us by surprise, i definitely have to say we have an influx of crime on the strip" police made 3 arrests while our cameras were rolling... two of them were drug related. officer wandick tells me drug deals tend to turn violent... " to have somebody running down the strip because of a drug deal gone bad, and now youre trying to get your drugs back or your money back, and
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shooting randomly into a crowd of people" this type of shooting is exactly what wandick's squad is trying to prevent still, he says they need more people patroling. " we're definitely in need of additional officers" he's hoping the new tax increase meant to put more cops on our streets... will help his team put more criminals behind bars... " we are getting things done, but sometimes its things that its hard for us to keep up with" by the end of the night police made 7 arst strip, 2 of them-- felonies... mmv, ffn, ll the " more cops" tax approved by nevada lawmakers last week will put 68 more officers on the las vegas strip a man is critically injured in an overnight crash... police believe he may have been street racing. police say the crash happened near sahara and nellis... just before one this morning. they think a
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when another car pulled out in front of the motorcyclist--- thowing him from his bike. neighbors say-- racing in the area... is nothing new. "it's sad, you know? it's sad they gotta do it down the street. this is a nice beautiful neighborhood. a lot of stuff has been happening. to me it's nervous-- when you're driving to work you know? cause you never know when you'll hear something. " police say the other driver involved in the race... took off. they say he was driving a white chevy corv if you have any information... you are asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55. a woman jumped on top of a car just before it crashed into a wall... police tell us a man and woman got into an argument near desert inn and paradise-- he tried to leave...and she jumped on the hood of the car. the man lost control and then slammed into a wall... the woman was thrown off the hood. both of them are now in the hospital. the man police say lured children into his home by giving them candy--
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appeared in court today. no bail has been set for "jose azucena". police say the victims were all little girls who lived in his apartment complex. the mother of some of the girls told fox5 the family trusted azucena... and the girls saw him as a grandfather figure. police say he threatened to hurt family members if any of the girls came forward. azucena is due back in court on february third. "3... 2... 1... light the tree!" cheers the park has transformed into a winter wonderland for their first ever christmas tree lighting. santa clause... carolers and more were in attendance-- but the main star was the tree. it's a 60 foot tall-- silver tipped fir. it's decorated with three thousand ornaments and 13 thousand lights. an ice-skating rink has also been added to the vicinity-- so attendees can really get a winter feel. empowering victims of abuse .
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remove their fear, take away any fear they have of the world in which they live. we want them to be a kid again meet the "angels on wheels" in our fox5 news special
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abuse comes in many forms. child abuse is especially horrific. but help, as we learn time and time again, can come from unexpected
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. i love you. that's teresa and her 7 year old granddaughter. i'm excited to see what's to come for her, what her future holds. there are a lot of people trying to make sure her future is nothing like her past. if this 2nd grader had a normal childhood, we'd be able to tell you her name and show you her beautiful face. but she didn't, so we can't. she was totally afraid of everyone and everything. teresa's daughter lives with her boyfriend in california. the couple couldn't pay the bills. then they had a baby girl. this baby girl. we just thought they're just struggling, what teresa didn't know at the time... they were using drugs four years ago teresa's daughter called her mom to ask for money to pay for the hotel room where she, her boyfriend, and their then three year old daughter were living. something just told me something was wrong. i just started driving and i just went to pick her up. i found them
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to hotel they were all filthy. got home and figured out she couldn't talk. she had massive ear infections in both ears. speech therapists helped. she learned to talk, but with that new gift came new revelations. i don't undrestand how a father could molest his daughter. and how a grandfather could do it. and my daughter sat and watched. how? i don't get it. i can't get it, i'll never get it, and i'm not... makes me really sad to have a little girl tell you "why did they do that to me, why can't i be a happy family? why can't my mom and dad be normal? it's really hard. it's really hard to hear that and i don't really have any answers except i'm sorry. so whatever i need to do i'm going to do to help these kids. midgy helps. so does ogre. and nobody. and echo, and shadow, and hope. do not ever want to
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be able to be a child. we're not counselors, we're not role models, we're bikers. we just happen to care about abused kids they're bikers against child abuse, or baca. children we deal with have been abused emotionally, physically, sexually any kinds of abuse we want to make sure they don't have to go through that anymore those names? road names. it's for our protection as well as the children we empower. they all have road names as well to protect them. so this... is ponygirl. "hello!" the bikers don't
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her whole story. they don't need to. all they know is she needs their help. first visit, level one for some kids, it's a little overwhelming when you see 40 motorcycles roll up you can hear them before you can see them. they round the corner, and ponygirl waves knowing all this... is for her. the reason why we're able to remove that fear is bc we are bikers. that's the reason it does work. a small child sees a bunch of big ugly tatted up people in leather, and lot of times they'll look at that and say whoever hurt me or whatever hurt me is not any tougher than these guys. my family is a lot bigger and badder than anybody else out there that's what gives them that empowerment, that's what takes away that fear. they're all volunteers. baca members go through extensive background checks and training. they "adopt" abuse victims into their big, bad, unbreakable biker band of brothers... and sisters. they're a family. maybe they can't sleep, they're afraid somebody that's hurt them is out there again, and they need but call
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with them so that whne they are in court and testifying against their perpetrator, they're looking at their family and they feel safe bc a lot of them take the stance that my family is tougher than yours. "who are we? baca? what do we do? empower the children. that's right. (clapping)" baca has brought light and lvoe back in her life. they gave her a "cut" a bear. i think i want to name him baca. (bear) you want to name him baca? baca bear. the way they do everytyhing is so symbolic, how they came, how they hug the teddy bear. they each put their love in that teddy bear. unending love, so if they're ever scared they've got something to be nervous about, they've always got that bear to hold onto. here you go. (girl onto. here you go. (girl hugs) i love him empowerment. she says it all the time. i will not live in fear. we pray for our brothers and sisters. they've given her that empowerment. to not be afraid. and to speak up for herself. and to tell the truth. "im so happy" it just absolutely does my heart good. it really does. it gives me a reason to ride, ya know? something to ride for. just, i love it. gives me purpose. baca's made a huge difference. they've brought joy back to
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she carries that black leather bound love even when she walks alone. (nats- music, walking solo) if you know an abuse victim who needs help or to learn more about bikers against child abuse, visit our website. fox5 vegas dot com. now fox5 weather 24/7 the system that brought showers and mountain snow around southern nevada is moving off to the east tonight. skies he cleared out and temperatures will be in the 40s overnight. look for plenty of sunshine on tuesday with high temperatures in the mid 60s. a few high clouds drift across the area on wednesday with temperatures holding in the mid 60s. it will turn breezy with 10 to 20 mph winds around the las vegas valley. thanksgiving is looking great with
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and highs in the low 60s on thursday. we'll stay dry through the weekend with temperatures holding in the 60s. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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preschool" are learning a lesson about giving back. "just letting them know that especially during this time of year not everybody has the needs at hand just like they do and like we do and
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able to see other benefit from their giving." they've spent the past two weeks collecting non- perishables for "nevada partnership for homeless youth" the student took a field trip to the pantry to personally deliver the donations. this is the second year merryhill has had the drive. it was open to all grade levels. for over a decade-- commissioner lawrence weekly has been making sure hundreds of families have food for the holidays. his annual turkey give-away always happens right before thanksgiving. this year-- more than 300 families walked away with turkeys and thanksgiving side dishes. the families were selected by the staff at the senior and community centers-- as well as by the social services department. commissioner weekly partnered with three square for the event. "to be able to be a blessing to 300 families knowing that these families will be able to sit down at a table and enjoy dinner with one another. you know, that makes me feel real real good and this is what it's all about. when you have an opportunity to serve here in clark county."
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the giveaway. you can help those around the valley who may not have enough to eat this holiday season. the fox5 holiday food drive is back... when you go to any valley vons or albertsons-- you will see a display featuring myself, john and ted. the hunger bags are filled with items that will help fill bellies... like peanut butter and beans. the fox5 holiday food drive.... runs now through december 31st. police officers put their lives on the line... day after day.... officers are trained to look for certain dangers... and today--- they took coming up-- we
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this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. on average 147 officers are assaulted every day around the country. between 3 and 15 are shot. these statistics are taught to henderson officers so they can be aware of the dangers they face every day... and know what to look out for before its too late. they invited fox 5 to do a simulation today to show how officers train for these life and death
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henderson police department used force 242 times. fox5's cyndi lundeberg participated in the simulation... and got a first hand look at how officers train. we must warn you-- some may find the video disturbing. nats- oh goodness... shots fire this is an active shooter simulation.... something police have had to respond to nearly 200 times in the last 3 years. active shooter in a school and they sent you henderson police invtied me to see firsth officers may have to use deadly force. i did the simulation three times.... drop your weapon so going in my final time.... i kind of knew what to expect... and was still nervous... nats- youre at 160 beats a minute human beings are not meant to operate at that heart rate keep in mind this wasnt a real life situation. i also had to wear this.... nats electricity its used to train officers. when they do something
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so this is going to be tough on you i got zapped .... ohhhhhh - .....when i didnt check all my surroundings and let a suspect approach me from behind.... what we're trying to get out of you is the physiological response we want you to feel like what its like to be under stress following the simulation officers gave us this test its kind of what a police report would look like following an officer involved shooting. this test asked me about suspect what people were wearing... i took it about 15 seconds after i finished i can tell you i missed every single question henderson police say this is common. they say during situations your brain fills with chemicals making it hard to remember. that's why they thoroughly investigate every use of force .... it is documneted... investigated through the chain of command... then handed over to a special task force dedicated to reviewing use of force cases. jb - this trainign isnt in place to mke officers paranoid its in place to make officers focus on the right thing at the right time the henderson police departments says they want to talk openly about use of force... multiple victims
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how quickly officers have to react in life and death scenarios... and admit mistakes do happen. i hated it i hated it it was so hard! but hope doing more excercises with the community can help explain why and strengthen the bond between officers and those they protect... only way to bridg that gap is through education henderson police train every 30-45 days on use of force and when and where to use it. officers today said their main message is when an officer shoots and kills someone... not if its legal... but is it moral. henderson police had one deadly officer involved shooting last year... none this year. in just one day-- four police officers across the country were shot... one of them killed. sunday night-- an officer in st. louis was shot twice in the face while sitting in his patrol car...
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with police. two other officers were injured during traffic stops in gladstone missouri and the other in sanibel florida. in san antonio-- detective benjamin marconi was killed--- while outside the police headquarters writing a ticket in his squad car. a driver pulled up behind him and shot him in the head. the man responsible-- otis tyrone mccain-- was arrested today... police believe he targeted marconi because he was in uniform. "mcmanus says: "this is the person whose surveillance. we believe he was responsible for the cold blooded murder or detective marconi. " it has been a deadly year for law enforcement... after attacks in iowa earlier this month. and the ambush of police officers in dallas and baton rouge over the summer. a school bus carrying elementary school students crashes in chatanooga tennessee ... killing at least six of them... injuring nearly two dozen more. the driver-- now
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counts of vehicular homicide. mary moloney has the latest on the deadly crash. a tree split a school bus almost in half. the bus carrying 35 kids -- on it's side -- partially crushed. chief fred fletcher/chattan ooga police department: "multiple children lost their lives today in this tragic incident." the children on the bus - all from an elementary school. the oldest -- in fifth grade. the youngest -- in kindergarten. chief fred fletcher/chattan ooga police department: "taking care of the children that are injured is our number one priority." police say the bus driver survived cooperating with investigators. chief fred fletcher/chattan ooga police department: "certainly speed is being investigated very very strongly as a factor in this crash." the bus has a box that collects data and records video. police hope that information will help to shed light on the circumstances of the crash. dr. kirk kelly/interim superintendent: "this has been a great tragedy for us. we have suffered a great loss today. everyone in our community, this has been one of the worst days we've had in hamilton county." many in the community -- trying to help in any way they could -- lining up to donate blood.
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wondering if their children are safe. chief fred fletcher/chattan ooga police department: "these are families that don't know the status of many of their children. there are families that are worried about their children." as investigators work to figure why the bus crashed -- many families are left to grieve. chief fred fletcher/chattan ooga police department: "our thoughts, our prayers and all of our efforts are with the families of these children and others impacted by this tragedy." i'm mary moloney reporting. the death toll does not include any victims who may have died at the hospital. driver has also been charged with reckless endangerment and reckless driving. they also say that more charges could be filed against him. a man taking a test drive at the l-a auto show crashes into a group of convention goers.... police say the man was outside the los angeles convention center jumped the curb and plowed into a planter... that sent pieces of concrete flying.. at least eight people were injured including the driver and his passenger. an earthquake rocks japan-- triggering tsunami warnings... the seven point
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the coast of fukushima... there are no reports of damage or injuries.... but the japan meteorological agency issued a warning for waves up to ten feet high for the nation's northern pacific coast. fukushima prefecture is home to the nuclear power plant that was destroyed by a huge tsunami following an offshore earthquake in 2011. pope francis has called on catholic priests.... to absolve any woman who confesses to having an abortion... and to their partners and medical staff who participated in the fisichella says: (translated) "the sin of abortion is inclusive. so forgiveness for the sin of abortion is all-inclusive. and extends to all those who are participants in this sin." the pope making the announcement today from the vatican... despite the announcement... the pope say he opposes... calling abortion a "grave sin" which ends human life. many catholic's say the pope's decision-- is another signal of the pope's vision for a more welcoming and inclusive catholic church. the president elect says he is ready to get down to business and has laid out a plan
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in office. "today i would like to provide the american people with an update on the white house transition and our policy plans for the first 100 days. our transition team is working very smoothly, efficiently and effectively. truly great and talented men and women, p[atriots indeed, are being brought in and many will soon be part of our government-- helping us to make america great again. " under donald trump's plan--- he has asked his team to come up with a list of executive actions to restore laws and create jobs. he wants to withdraw from the trans-pacific partnership. and he also plans to crack down on abuses of visa programs. he did not mention his plans to build a wall along the border. workers at chicago's o'hare airport-- say they are going to strike... but they will wait until after this busy travel weekend. about five hundred workers at o'hare say they want the public's support and wouldn't want to mess up anyone's holiday plans. they are demanding better pay...
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the airport and include baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors, and wheelchair attendants. the union is helping the workers, who are seeking union rights and a fifteen dollar per hour wage. " o'hare airport workers often can't afford a proper thanksgiving dinner and know what it's like to miss thanksgiving with their families. however, we respect families traveling to be together, and that is why we're holding off our strike until after the thanksgiving holiday. " the service employees international union says that the o-hare workers are not union members but are working to unionize. a few customers are suing chipotle... saying an so- called healthy item on the menu-- is anything but... the suits-- specifically mention the restaurant's chorizo burrito. chipotle claims the chicken and pork wrap is about 300 calories... but the people filing-- say there has to be at least 700-- because when they ate the burrito--they felt quote- excessively full.
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supposed to help chipotle recover after the 20-15 e- coli crisis. hummus lovers beware--- we have a recall to tell you about... sabra is recalling more than 50 of its hummus products over listeria contamination concerns. the food and drug administration says the hummus was distributed to retail outlets in the u-s and canada -- and, has a 'best before' date through january twenty third, 2017. consumers should check the date on the lid of each package and throou potentially unsafe products. just two days after stopping his concert-- a few songs in... there is some more bad news for kanye west fans. ".... real with you" the rapper has been hospitalized... according to tmz-- police were called to his home this afternoon for a welfare check. they say he was being checked out for sleep deprivation.
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morning announcment-- saying the rest of his saint pablo tour... is cancelled. according to a statement from live nation, fans will receive a refund. west has not said why he's canceling the tour. saturday night in sacramento-- he stopped singing and went on a rant... talking about beyonce, jay-z and hillary clinton. preparing a thanksgiving dinner for the family can be costly... but there are ways to save while shopping.... we have some tips on cutting the cost of your family's feast. this friday is the big shopping day of the year.... retailers cash in on some major sales... but one company is using the holiday crowd to give back.... your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next a teacher humiliates an
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viral on facebook.. we'll show it to you and hear from a parent of an autistic child here.. it's in the rant coming up! (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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preparing a thanksgiving dinner.... is no easy chore... it takes some major planning. the turkey is a no brainer--- but there are so many options when it comes to sides... and the meal can get pricey. fox5's eric hilt has more on how families can save some cash while shopping for the feast. "it's exciting seeing all people out there so that's nice part about thanksgiving as you see all the families" me: "you cant have thanksgiving without a turkey so how can people save money on their turkey this year what are some tricks or what are somethings in the things that u could do when they're budgeting their meal" "some of the things you could do when you come to albertsons as we price match turkeys...the biggest tip is to walk to the ad rack go out there and in pull up your ad and see what the values are for that week" "this is where buyers are going to see their biggest savings compared to last year in the egg much are people going to be saving this thanksgiving compared to last year why are they gonna be saving?" "last year there was a shortage on eggs, this year there's no shortage on eggs. great values are gonna be on your
10:45 pm
"how much were they running last year around this time last year?" "probably about $1.99" "it's not my favorite part of the meal, but i guess some people like some vegetables at thanksgiving i like some of the desserts and other things but what can be able to save money on vegetables?" "you know things that they could do for the vegetables is buy frozen vegetables. one thing about buying frozen vegetables is you could get assorted vegetables, you get your green beans, you get your corn, your carrots. so you can get all that and you could buy it at a much much better price than buying it fresh" "thi part of the meal the pies, your best bet when you're shopping for pies will that be frozen pies over fresh ones?" "you know frozen pies are most likely the retails a lot cheaper, and the other thing about it is frozen so if you buy extra pies at least they'll be frozen so when you take it out of the freezer, you only need to take out what you need so you'll have some extras" eh f5n llv if you aren't cooking... and want to take some
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ordering your feast... you are running out of time. the deadline to order a holiday meal from whole foods by tomorrow. and sprouts needs 48 hours notice to prepare a thanksgiving dinner. at vons, you can pick up a meal at the deli department, but there are limited supplies so it is a good idea to order in advance. and-- mimi's cafe and marie calendars are also accepting orders now. walmart just can't wait... the retailer is taking a page out of amazon's book by rolling the deals out earlier. instead of waiting until cyber monday... walmart-- is offering online friday in an attempt to get more shoppers. the world's largest retailer revamped its website this summer, adding thousands of third-party sellers to triple its product line to twenty three million items. one thing the retailer is holding firm on-- shipping costs... shoppers must make at least a 50 dollar purchase to get free shipping. at least one company is using the holiday shopping rush to help the eviroment. patagonia says it will donate 100 percent of its black friday sales
10:47 pm
the company came up with the idea after the election-- patagonia's vice president of environmental activism said... the country is divided but the environment is something everyone can come together on. the donation could be more than two million dollars. the company already gives one percent of its sales to groups that fight to protect natural resources. now fox5 weather 24/7 the system that brought showers and mountain snow around southern nevada is moving off to the east tonight. skies have cleared out and be in the 40s overnight. look for plenty of sunshine on tuesday with high temperatures in the mid 60s. a few high clouds drift across the area on wednesday with temperatures holding in the mid 60s. it will turn breezy with 10 to 20 mph winds around the las vegas valley. thanksgiving is looking great with
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and highs in the low 60s on thursday. we'll stay dry through the weekend with temperatures holding in the 60s. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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the cast of hamilton went off
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a direct appeal to the vice-president elect who was in the audience. the actor who plays vice president arron burr appealed for the trump administration to represent all americans. pence was on his way out of the show but heard the appeal in the lobby .. he said he wasn't bothered by it but his boss was. president-elect trump took to twitter to demand an apology from the cast. that got us rants. voicemails! the cast of hamilton, addressed our future vice president to uphold american values and to work th the people. our thin skinned future vice president, wants an apology, says it was rude. pence getting up to leave, while they were speaking was rude. all pence had to do, was assure the cast and the audience, that they would do their very best and that would be good publicity. we have free speech in america, trump get use to it! we now have a better picture of who the president-
10:51 pm
apology from the cast of hamilton to the vice president- elect for their gentle words. what happened to free speech? perhaps we should now demand an apology of the president-elect for his words about women, handicapped people and a war veteran hero of our country. i really do understand why people want to give the president -elect a chance. give him enough rope to hang himself. take a look at this fa from west virginia. a teacher grabbing the mic before an autistic student had a chance to speak at a thanksgiving play. it's devastating to the child.. and this caller, who is a parent of an autisitc child, is furious at the teacher's behavior it is very unacceptable, it is very uncalled for. and now that child [was] left on that stage very hurt, and i feel sorry for
10:52 pm
commend [his] parents for doing the right thing but if that was me, i would have handled it a lot [differently]. miller tells us drivers are still terrible in las vegas.. i see so many careless and reckless drivers, running red lights, tailgating and even people getting out of their cars banging on the drivers windows at red lights wanting to fight because they cut them off. david has a case in point.. thank you to the la d on buffalo & elkhorn in the middle of the two lanes with her child in the front and not in a car seat! every time i tried to drive around her, she would play chicken with me and cut me off. oh and by the way neither of her blinkers worked. send us your rants to the rant at or call at 702-436- 8285 here's a look at what's coming up... on fox five news at eleven. the popular broadway musical "hamilton" is the
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after president- elect donald trump tweeted against it why he wants the cast to apologize to vice-president elect mike pence. and... disney's upcoming movie "moana" is expected to be a blockbuster! we'll hear from actor dwayne "the rock" johnson about why he wanted to be part of the film. we hope you will take a drive through a holiday spectaular. glittering lights is back at the las vegas motor speedway...and the lights are twinkling the holiday tradition benefits the childrens speedway charity. glittering lights runs through glittering lights runs through january 7th... it opens daily at 5:30 p-m.... during the week it will cost 20 doollars per car.... and 30 dollars on fridays... and the weekends. those that donate to goodwill receive a discount. it's almost time to grab your tennis shoes... and hit the streets of downtown las vegas with thousands of others dressed up like jolly old st. nick.... it the las vegas great santa run... the event-- sponsoring opportunity village will be help saturday, decemeber third. and you can join in the fun... festivities kick off at nine a-m
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some things just look different to different people.... and it is causing some tension online... why this picture of flip flops has
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debate over the dress... was it black and blue or white and gold? now the debate is back... but it is over a pair of flip flops posted online--- are being debated. the multicolor flip flops were posted online... and immediately people started a heated argument. are they blue and black or are they blue and brown? some even say they are blue and gray. but you need not worry-- the flop are putting the back and forth to rest.... and you're all wrong--- havianas says the flip flops are actually blue and navy blue. fox5 news at 11, your only local
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denny's knows the holidays
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enny's all-new holiday pancakes. you won't want to share those with anybody. denny's new fluffier, tastier,
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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. "sirens." "our squad goes after violent crimes guns gangs so forth." metro police say there's been more violent crimes on the strip -- within the last month. what officers are doing to fight crime... and keep visitors safe. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. there have been 3


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