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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  November 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. "sirens." "our squad goes after violent crimes guns gangs so forth." metro police say there's been more violent crimes on the strip -- within the last month. what officers are doing to fight crime... and keep visitors safe. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. there have been 3
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the las vegas strip in the last few weeks... metro police are calling it an influx in crime. we sent fox5's miguel martinez- valle out with police friday night to see how what they're doing to combat it... i spent friday night with metro's convention center area command as they patroled the las vegas strip, during the 6 hours i was with them, they made 3 arrests... they tell me some of arrested- could have led to violent crime if they went unchecked... " we heard an alert go out, we jumped in our car and responded... we got there in under 2 minutes" officer calvin wandick was patroling the las
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shot and killed near caesers palace... " the suspect was still armed with a gun, it was malfunction but he had a gun" the shooting happened about a month ago, wandicks squad arrested charles smith for the crime... < boop boop nat> the case is under investigation, but wandick says he's pretty sure he knows what sparked the violence... " that shooting was in referce narcotics deal that possibly went bad" street level drugs: one of many issues the convention center area command fights every night... " our squad goes after violent crimes, guns, gangs, and so forth" police tell me four of the most violent crimes on the strip, 3 shootings and a stabbing. have happened in the
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or reason, or rhyme or reason for it, it is something that caught us by surprise, i definitely have to say we have an influx of crime on the strip" police made 3 arrests while our cameras were rolling... two of them were drug related. officer wandick tells me drug deals tend to turn violent... " to have somebody running down the strip because of a drug deal gone bad, and now youre trying to get your drugs back or your money back, shooting randomly into a crowd of people" this type of shooting is exactly what wandick's squad is trying to prevent still, he says they need more people patroling. " we're definitely in need of additional officers" he's hoping the new tax increase meant to put more cops on our streets... will help his team put more criminals behind bars... " we are getting things done, but sometimes its things that its hard for us to keep up with" by the end of the night police made 7 arrests on the strip, 2 of them-- felonies... mmv, ffn, ll the " more cops" tax approved by nevada lawmakers last week will put 68 more officers on the las vegas strip last year the henderson police department used force 242 times. fox5's cyndi lundeberg
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got a first hand look at how officers train. we must warn you-- some may find the video disturbing. nats- oh goodness... shots fire this is an active shooter simulation.... something police have had to respond to nearly 200 times in the last 3 years. active shooter in a school and they sent you henderson police invtied me to see firsthand situations when officers may have to use deadly force. i did the simulation three times.... drop your weapon so going in my final time.... i kind of knew what to expect... and was still nervous... nats- youre at 160 beats a minute human beings are not meant to operate at that heart rate keep in mind this wasnt a real life situation. i also had to wear this.... nats electricity its used to train officers. when they do something wrong... they get zapped. so this is going to be tough on you i got zapped .... ohhhhhh - .....when i didnt check all my
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let a suspect approach me from behind.... what we're trying to get out of you is the physiological response we want you to feel like what its like to be under stress following the simulation officers gave us this test its kind of what a police report would look like following an officer involved shooting. this test asked me about suspect what people were wearing... i took it about 15 seconds after i finished i can tell you i missed every single question henderson police say this is common. they say during stressful situations your brain fills with chemicals making it hard to remb that's why they thoroughly investigate every use of force .... it is documneted... investigated through the chain of command... then handed over to a special task force dedicated to reviewing use of force cases. jb - this trainign isnt in place to mke officers paranoid its in place to make officers focus on the right thing at the right time the henderson police departments says they want to talk openly about use of force... multiple victims nats shot fire to shed light on how quickly officers have to react in life and
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and admit mistakes do happen. i hated it i hated it it was so hard! but hope doing more excercises with the community can help explain why and strengthen the bond between officers and those they protect... only way to bridg that gap is through education henderson police train every 30-45 days on use of force and when and where to use it. officers today said their main message is when an officer shoots and kills someone... not if its legal... but is it moral. henderson police had one deadly officer involved shooting last year... none this year. at least six children are killed... and more than 23 injured after a school bus crashes into a tree in chattanooga, tennessee. that's according to the hamilton county, tennessee's district attorney's office. the crash happened as the bus was taking elementary school students home. you can see the
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partially crushed. witnesses say kids escaped from the roof hatch. police say the children who died range from kindergarten to fifth grade. "our thoughts, our prayers and all of our efforts are with the families of these children and others impacted by this tragedy." "this has been a great tragedy for us. we have suffered a great loss today. everyone in our community, this has been one of the worst days we've had in hamilton county." police say the bus driver survive the crash. he's been identified as johnthony walker... and arrested for five counts of vehicle homicide... reckless endangerment... and reckless driving. to the weather now... back here in the valley... it started out chilly... and some parts of the valley saw rain this morning. folks in mount charleston woke up to snow! here's a look at lee canyon. there were snow flurries this morning. fox five's chief meteorologist ted pretty has a look at if we'll see any more snow on the mountains... and how cold it
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the system that brought showers and mountain snow around southern nevada is moving off to the east tonight. skies have cleared out and temperatures will be in the 40s overnight. look for plenty of sunshine on tuesday with high temperatures in the mid 60s. a few high clouds drift across the area on wednesday with temperatures holding in the mid 60s. it will turn breezy with 10 to 20 mph winds around the las vegava thanksgiving is looking great with plenty of sunshine and highs in the low 60s on thursday. we'll stay dry through the weekend with temperatures holding in the 60s.
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over for thousands of hockey fans wanting to know... what will be the name of our new n-h-l team. so far -- all we've been told is the las vegas "something" knights... but fox5's adam herbets is live outside of t- mobile arena... tryi sneak peak. adam? well there have been people who have gotten a sneak peak... today we spoke to a guy who said bill foley showed him the logo... but he still wasn't able to tell what the team name is. and really -- we've been pretty investigative... while i was talking to him... ted pretty was out here talking to the c- e-o of mgm... and he gave them the opportunity
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"is it going to be the las vegas fox5 knights? i would say... no. i think it's going to be the las vegas knights or the silver knights because it's the silver state. no matter what the team name is.... it's going to be a big deal for las vegas... and just in case you didn't know... th big hockey town... it's about to be even more of a big hockey town... this is going to create a ripple effect... there are going to be a lot more kids like these ones skating around and learning the game. starting tomorrow... parents... you can buy those kids a christmas present. a new team with a new logo means... new jerseys... new hats... new t- shirts... new hockey pucks. and really here are the options. silver knights. golden knights or desert knights.
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foley -- said it would be one of those team names... but there's no reason he has to stick with it. we asked the man who saw the logo what he thought... he saw the logo... this was his response. it makes sense to me, silver and the silver state. it's just a guess, but that's my guess. a curveball is possible. i think it's one of the three. so if there were betting odds silver knights would probably be the safest bet. but in some of their newsletters... the colors look different. a lot of reds, browns, yellows. maybe all of this is misdirection. but -- tomorrow all of the speculation will be over. las vegas hockey will have an identity. live at t-mobile adam herbets
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tomorrow's announcement starts at five p-m. we will be streaming it live on our fox five mobile app... and on fox five vegas dot com. the park had it's first ever tree lighting today--transformi ng into a winter wonderland. patrons gathered around the star of the show --a sixty foot silver tip fir tree -- at the toshiba plaza. decorated with three thousand ornaments..13 thousand lights.., branches
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icicles and 16- foot-tall ornament tunnels. families also enjoyed skating on the newly added ice rink-- where they enjoyed hot beverages and holiday treats. "we wanted to do something for locals and tourists alike and we wanted top bring them down here and we thought the ice rink would be great. first ever on the strip right here. we want them all to come down and just enjoy the holiday season with us. " special guests like harlem globetrotter scooter christensen..activ e army national guards..and others joined in on the festivities-- and helped countdown lighting of the tree. many are putting together their grocery lists for thanksgiving dinner. and -- cooking up a big feast is not cheap! how you can save money on the thanksgiving staples... and where you
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there's a science
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first -- if you're trying to save money... always buy frozen over fresh. frozen vegetables are cheaper than the ones in the produce section. the same frozen rule goes for pies. also if you're shopping at albertson's... take advantage of their price match feature. you can also find great deals by stopping by the albertson's ad rack and browsing through their savings magazine. "we just check coupons and look for the bargains in the store" "oh, like, i could save between ten and 20 bucks easy and that's good for a single guy living on an income" another way to save is to buy extra when you see a good deal -- that way you save on leftovers. the "american farm bureau federation" says this year's average thanksgiving meal is expected to be a lot cheaper than last year. one city official is making sure hundreds of families in las vegas have food on the table during the holidays. commissioner lawrence weekly partnered with "three square food bank" to give out turkeys and side dishes to more than 300 families. the giveaway happened at the
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resource center. the families were handpicked by staff at the senior and community centers -- as well as the social service department. "just to be able to know that you can celebrate a traditional thanksgiving with you family and, you know, every day i think it's important that we say how grateful we are but on this special occasion, this is where it's a meaningful holiday and to be able to be here and bless these folks, we're honored." this is the 14-th year in a row commissioner weekly has helped fa now fox5 weather 24/7 the system that brought showers and mountain snow around southern nevada is moving off to the east tonight. skies have cleared out and temperatures will be in the 40s overnight. look for plenty of sunshine
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high temperatures in the mid 60s. a few high clouds drift across the area on wednesday with temperatures holding in the mid 60s. it will turn breezy with 10 to 20 mph winds around the las vegas valley. thanksgiving is looking plenty of sunshine and highs in the low 60s on thursday. we'll stay dry through the weekend with temperatures holding in the 60s. closed captioning
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coming up... the broadway musical "hamilton" closed captioning
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coming up... the broadway musical "hamilton" is back in the headlines... after president- elect donald trump lashes out at the show. why he's demanding an
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"beyonce i was hurt. i heard you said you wouldnt perform unless you won video of year over me. and hotline bling." that's kanye west going on a rant during a concert in sacramento, california this past weekend. the rapper ended his concert after two songs. he also canceled the rest of his stops for the saint pablo tour. according to t- m-z... west has been taken to u-c- l-a medical center
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they say sources claim the rapper is being treated for "exhaustion". the broadway musical "hamilton" was criticized by president-elect donald trump on twitter... after the cast had some remarks for vice-president elect mike pence -- who was in the audience. brian stelter has more on their message. (brandon dixon, hamilton star) "conversation is not harassment." that's hamilton star, brandon dixon, responding to donald trump's twitter fight with the most acclaimed show on broadway. (nat) not giving up my shot.. trump lashed out at the cast.. tweeting it "harassed future v-p mike pence".. after dixon delivered this message following friday night's performance...with pence in attendance. (brandon dixon, hamilton star) "we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us." with the president- elect back in firm control of his twitter account.. he's not letting go any perceived slight.. calling the cast "rude"... and writing: "the cast and
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hear is highly overrated, should immediately apologize to mike pence for their terrible behavior." (president elect donald trump) "they were very inappropriate." and trump's ire is not just reserved for hamilton. (nats) "google what is isis" after saturday night live portrayed him as in-over-his head.. he fired back on twitter: "it is a totally one- sided, biased show - nothing funny at all. equal time for us?" alec baldwin.. who plays trump.. responded: "equal time? there is no more equal time. now u try 2 b pres + ppl respond. that's pretty much it." trump's former campaign manager says his fiery tweeting is a non- issue. (kellyanne conway, former trump campaign manager) "why do you care? who is to say that he can't do that, make a comment, spend five minutes on a tweet. you're assigning malice and you're assigning wrongdoing to him where it doesn't exist. we all should have learned a lesson that that doesn't fly with the voters." some media- watchers are worried trump's tendency to lash
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speech. others say a thicker skin would just serve him well. (bill carter, author, "the war for late night") "he's going to made fun of, as he should be, any president will be and should be, and he's got such a thin skin he can't just shrug it off." shrug it off is exactly what mike pence did after the stars of hamilton spoke up. (vice pres. elect mike pence) "i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave to others whether it was the appropriate venue the say it." whether trump can take a cue from his v-p.. and tone down his reactions.. remains to be seen. brian stelter, cnn, new york. speaking of "hamilton"... the disney's latest movie "moana"... which showcases the polynesian culture. it features an all-star cast... including dwayne "the rock" johnson. "it felt so good in my heart and in my bones that there was an opportunity to showcase polynesian culture to the world." we'll have a preview of the animated adventure film...
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polynesian woman -- who sets sail for a famed island -- debuts this week. it's called "moana". the movie has an all-star cast -- including dwayne "the rock" johnson -- and music created by "hamilton" star lin manuel miranda. fox's michelle pollino has more on the adventure film.
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is a friend of mine) disney's latest animated musical "moana"... features the voice talents of dwayne "the rock" johnson and newcomer auli'i cravalho, (ooh lee- ee / crah val hoo)... with music written by "hamilton" creator lin manuel miranda. (snd full: moana clip 3 we know who we are) the story takes place on an island in polynesia... where a strong willed princess sets sail in search of "maui"... a legendary demigod who she hopes can save her people... (snd full: moana trailer 2 - i'm not going on a mission with some little girl) johnson says: "i think we r made something special. and you never know, you never know how any movie's gonna turn out, you know. and they're always well intended and you want it to do great but with this one, i had a feeling early that at least we had a shot at really creating something special and something unique." cravalho says: "oh well this film is actually inspired by our polynesian culture which i think they did a wonderful job. it's still very distinctly disney with its humor and its characters." (snd full: moana broll 3) for multiple tony winner lin manuel, splitting his time between broadway and this movie was a challenge.


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