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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  November 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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it's been a long road.... to bring the nhl to las vegas. ""the board of directors has approved the plan of expansion that will bring a national hockey league expansion to las vegas beginning with the 2017-2018 season." " it took a little longer than expected... but now we know who fans will be cheering for.... at the start of next season. "3,2,1 and there you go---the las vegas golden knights! " vegas wanted hockey.... vegas got hockey... and now we know the name of our team... the vegas golden knights. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. it's been five months in the making.. but as of tonight-- we have colors, the logo and a name. fox5's vince sapienza has been at the toshiba plaza all say... he joins us now with the excitement. tonight was nothing short of historic
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part of something from the ground floor and that's exactly what happened here with the nhls 31st franchise bill foley will tell you it was not the smoothest process... leading up to tonight or even the announcement itself.. but like it or not the vegas golden knights have arrived go, the vegas golden knights!" after months of waiting and wondering the 500 million dollar question was answered many liked it. "it's sharp it's clean
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"i think it's pretty cool." "i think it's a great name." while others were underwhelmed. "it's not really a wow thing but gold is las vegas." "i was kind of hoping it would be the desert knights." for the least few months we knew the name would be something knights. with the first word choices being either golden, silver, or desert. "nevada is the largest gold producer in the country, gold is a precious metal, it's the number one metal versus silver i didn't feel desert knight character to it." character was very much on display at the announcement. bill foley and staff didn't have the smoothest presentation with the introductory video refusing to play. "i promise we will be better on the ice." despite the early stumble true to vegas form the show went on. with fire.. confetti and there was even
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an homage to the army parachute team "i was hoping to get a few hundred people we had five thousand and another couple thousand couldn't get in because it was too crowded." "this is an incredible turnout and if his is any indication this team is going to be a huge success." and for the thousands in attendance. they tell me it was well worth the wait. "had some awesomeness leak out a little bit when foley walked on stage, it's real." "as we were standing there this is real this is real this is really happening, we have a "i mean i just can't wait for puck drop they could have named them anything i'm just ready for the game to start next year." "i wanted to have a successful name and a successful logo and we've done that." now as you heard bill foley says this was a big step to becoming a member of the nhl but he stills considers the team an apprentice... now it's time to get ready for the expansion draft... the entry draft and putting a team
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a lot of unfinished business and speakin of unfinished business john christine i believe we have on record a season ticket wager for whoever was correct... live from the toshiba plaza the new home of the vegas golden knights vince sapienza fox 5 news local las vegas
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name... now it is time to stock up on some team gear. immediately following the announcement.... golden knights merchandise was ready for purchase. online .. you can but any of the hats .. shirts .. sweatshirts for the golden knights.. but it might not be delivered until the middle of december. .. you can, however, head down to the strip .. to the new team store inside the t-mobile arena. the store will be open every day - except for thanksgiving.. from noon to 8. again -- the new team store is inside the t-mobile arena .. and will be open every day from noon to 8 ... except for thanksgiving. want to watch the reveal again... or find out more about our new team... just download our fox5 mobile app... it's free in the app store. oakland city officials say they're making progress with plans to build a new stadium of their own - that could keep the raiders from calling las vegas-- home... but city officials
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is no need to worry. "dont lose faith the raiders are coming, they'll be the las vegas raiders before you know it." local and state lawmakers here in nevada have already approved the funding plan for a new, 1.9 billion dollar nfl stadium in las vegas... but oakland officials are working to keep the team in the bay area-- and have put together the framework to build a new stadium... the lott group-- led by former raider ronnie lott-- is putting private money into the deal. the raiders say they plan to propose a move to las vegas at the nfl owners meeting in january. police found a man's body in the middle of the road near twain avenue near nellis... and now say he had been bhot. there is one witness who says they think the shooter got away in a dark colored sedan they drove toward nellis but really that's all we have to go on it doesn't sound like much but please are hoping someone might've seen something and even if it's something small they want to know about it we also talk to neighbors they all say they heard one gunshot they came out and they
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something turned out to be someone and they all tried to perform cpr they tried to save this man but it was too late angel hoffmann lives in apartment complex "very loud shot i thought it was like a car backfire... i grew up here in vegas but i feel like it's getting crazier and crazier on the east side." right now the only thing we know about the victim is that he is know about the victim is that he is an african- american man in his 20s or 30s they say he's about 6 feet man but of course they're not releasing his identity until they make sure that his family members are notify part of downtown closed... because of a barricade situation at the sterling gardens motel. fremont street is blocked off in between 21st and bruce street. police say just before one this afternoon a man locked himself in a room... after firing a shots at someone... a man accused of stabbing his roommate to death made a court appearance this morning. the judge had a difficult time getting jacob driscoll to stay
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" "did you receive a complaint this morning charging you with murder with use of a deadly weapon? driscoll- what was that? judge- did you recieve a complaint this morning? is there a piece of paper in your hand? driscoll- yeah. judge- did you read it?! (no response) judge- you have to answer out loud we're making the record. do you understand what you're charged with? yeah" driscoll's lawyer also said the 20- year-old was not speaking to him about the case. police say driscoll staed "kevin zaldana" while he was sleeping early sunday morning. zaldana's family told fox5 the victim had opened up his home to a homeless driscoll. there is no bail set for driscoll, and his next court appearance is december 21st. las vegas is a popular travel destination on most holidays-- and thanksgiving is no exception. "triple a" ranks our city number one for thanksgiving travel. part of the reason is our thanksgiving buffets and festive decor that makes visitor feel at home.
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for this weekend for months. "triple a" say about 318 thousand people are expected to fly into town-- so mccarren will be busy. many of them are locals coming or going home for the holidays. "last year was a record breaking year for us, we had about 4300 guest. this year were hoping to beat that number " "we've been planning this for over six months we've done multiple tastings it's kind of been a work of art that we crafted" other popur destinations are san francisco... san diego... orlando... and new york. the airport will be packed... which means parking will be a bit of a hassel... and a spot isn't guaranteed... but you have some other options this weekend. r-t-c has some park and ride locations around the valley-- and it is free. the spots are first come-- first served. some of the locations include centennial hills transit center-- the west cliff park and ride.... for a complete
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head over to fox5 vegas dot com and click on the links section. black friday comes earlier and earlier every year. it is only tuesday-- and already-- people are lining up to get their hands on some hot deals. you are looking live outside the best buy at charleston near the 215-- where there is a lone shopper waiting...
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more medical professionals to the silver state. by opening its medical school later this year. "len jessup/unlv president: we want to be a great university in this community and this is a way for us to do that. " in a special report-- we look at what the school will offer.... your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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denny's knows the holidays should be shared with friends and family. except denny's all-new holiday pancakes. you won't want to share those with anybody. denny's new fluffier, tastier,
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later this year - unlv is opening a medical school. it's a huge boost for a college looking to solidify its reputation as a top tier university....but it's also a move that will increase the quality of life and quality of care for southern nevada residents. fox 5's kevin bolinger joins us with a look at why the medical school is being called "transformative". kevin on cam: in 2010 nevada ranked 45th in the country in the number of physicians per 100 thousand population....and 46th for primary care physicians. unlv and the state is working to flip the script on that stat - by creating a medical school that will change that state, the university and our state forever. video these nine acres on shadow lane near umc are about to be transformed. it's the home of unlv's new medical
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for the university and the city to move out of the shadow of other cities...filling a need that will benefit everyone. len jessup/unlv president: we want to be a great university in this community and this is a way for us to do that. nationwide we have a shortage of 80 thousand primary care physicians - the largest in history. the supply and demand starts at the medical school level...where there are three times as many students applying as there are sports avaialble. the hope with unlv's medical school is to not on train....but retain. dr. barbara atkinson/founding dean, unlv medical school: if you do a medical school and residency in a city, then you're likely to stay there the rest of your life. unlv is looking to make the med school cutting edge. one example is in anatomy - usually done with dissecting bodies using cadaevers. unlv will use a form of virtual
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dr. barbara atkinson/founding dean, unlv medical school: we have these tables that are about the size of my desk that have bodies that have been x-rayed, mri'd and ct scanned and you can actually peel layers off. like the skin comes off first, then the fat and then it gets down to muscle. or you can just say to the table or the computer that's the table, show me the bones. then put the nerves in, then put the blood vessels in. then put in the muscles. you can see how they're all fit together. that will allow a three dimensional view that gives the same view as seeing the x-ray of a patient. there will be an emphasis on technology, communication, and working in teams that aren't just doctors but all kinds of medical specialists. kevin: while unlv's medical school plans are in its infancy, we wanted to come to one of the oldest and most respected medical schools in the country - vanderbilt here in nashville, where its leaders say unlv's plans will have a huge impact on the entire southern nevada community. dr. bonnie miller/vanderbilt university school of medicine: an academic health center offers special services that sometimes other hospitals aren't able to offer like cancer centers or neuroscience centers that can provide services
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community members have to travel further away for now. right now - many southern nevadans have to travel to los angeles, houston and the bay area for treatment. the hope is within ten years - many of those specialties will be offered right here. dr. barbara atkinson/founding dean, unlv medical school: that's the goal. we don't want anybody to leave las vegas for anything. but there's more than just a benefit from the medical side - there's a financial gain as well. graphic fiscal impact studies show that by 2030 - the regional impact will be 3-point-6 billion dollars....more than 24 thousand jobs and government revenue exceeding 181 million. vo the state legislature has already approved the operational funding and private donations will build the facilities. unlv president len jessup says that formula means no costs should be passed down to undergrad
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it's a game changer for the future. len jessup/unlv president: we want to be better connected to our community. we want to help. we recognize we need the community for the univeristy to get to the next level but the community needs a great university to get to the next level as well. kevin: here's an interesting sidenote - the local community has stepped up and money was raised to give all 60 students in the first class a full ride scholarship for all four years...meaning they leave medical school without student debt. at least 25 full rides will be given out for the next three classes with making that the full 60. that makes unlv a very attractive option for students and allows the university to pick the best and the brightest of the applicants. back to you. interviews for the first class of students are already underway. the first round of classes begin on july 17th. now fox5 weather 24/7 skies will stay mostly clear for your tuesday evening with temperatures falling into the 40s
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moving across the area on wednesday, bringing just a few clouds with breezy winds. winds will be in the 10 to 20 mph range around the las vegas valley with high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. thanksgiving day will be mostly sunny with temperatures in the mid to low 60s. winds will be calmer around las vegas, but for our friends in laughlin and bullhead city, gusts in excess of 30 mph will still be
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mostly clear with 60s before bigger changes arrive this weekend. a system moves in late saturday afternoon with stronger winds and the chance of a few showers later saturday evening. the shower chance will continue into sunday with temperatures falling into the upper 50s on sunday. monday and tuesday are trending cooler with high temperatures holding in the 50s.
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there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street,
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where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days. if you're looking for a christmas
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just unveiled their new laser light show and christmas decor... in the mystic falls park. "this is a really great show. there's nothing like this in southern nevada. i bring my own 6 year old here every year. it's the coolest thing you can ever see. it's got lights, we do all these christmas songs. really a lot of fun here." the army air corps and a local world war two vet helped flip the switch. the christmas laser show has been a 23-year-old tradition. this year.. they've added new songs and snow-- although you don't need a jacket because it's all inside. the show is free january 1-st. ntil local non- profits-- "veteran's village" and "catholic charities" went head to head in a pie eating contest today. it was all to raise money for their causes. "both of our groups are winners today but at catholic charities we serve over a hundred thousand people each year so really what we won today our clients are the winners." the grand bazaar shops hosted the first annual "battle cry for pumpkin pie" each group had five minutes to eat as many pies as
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three thousand dollars-- while the runner-up got one thousand. attendees also participated in thanksgiving themed activities. grab your tennis shoes... and santa suit. thousands of santas are getting ready to hit the streets of downtown... for the the las vegas great santa run-- benefitting opportunity village. it is saturday december third. and you can join in the fun... festivities kick off at nine a-m and the five k starts at ten. the wait is over. our n-h-l team is the vegas golden knights... but just what went into picking it? up next--- we explain the process to arrive at our team's name.
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10. local. las vegas. if you were watching earlier-- it didn't go quite as planned... here is the video that was meant to play at the announcement... telling us about the road to the vegas golden knights. "closed captioning
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the big reveal happened around 6:15 down on teh strip at teh toshiba plaza.. fox5's vince sapienza was there and joins us live with a look at how it happened. like any good vegas show this one had it all.
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pyrotechnics.. the works.. it even had a crowd that surprised owner bill foley he told me that he was expecting maybe a couple hundred but early estimates show more than five thousand hockey fans came to watch the name being unveiled. i'm told there was another two thousand plus that couldn't get in because of traffic now the name vegas golden knights was met by some excitement and disappointment.. but after bill foley explained his reasoning for the
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"nevada is the largest gold producer in the country, gold is a precious metal, it's the number one metal versus silver i didn't feel desert knights had character to it." now one of the big negatives i heard from fans today was the lack of the word "las" in the name many locals say this is las vegas not vegas. but they were also quick to mention that when you pay $500 million for the team you can pick whatever name you want they also said it won't keep them from buying tickets to the game from the toshiba plaza i'm vince sapienza fox 5 news local las
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a local company is producing a docudrama featuring the vegas golden knights. "board approved plan expansion. city major league dreams. a man on a mission. thousands fan rallied. taem making history. give up nhl hockey in las vegas cheers." levy productions--- followed the story... and will have a behind the scenes look at the team. it will have ten episodes and airs december 7-th on cox cable channel 96. a disease is spreading within nevada prisons... and it could be impacting the community without you even knowing it. hepatitis c according to inmates- fox5 spoke to is rampantly spreading throughout facilities... and the nevada department of corrections isnt testing for it.. or treating it. fox5's cyndi lundeberg joins us now... with more on the disease and how it affects hose
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a commn reaction i got regarding this story... is why should i care... these are prisoners who are behind bars for a reason... so heres why.... 95 percent of inmates are eventually released... and because the n-doc doesnt test for hepatitis c that means the majority of those inmates are going back into our communities and possibly spreading the disease because they dont know they have it. i asked the ndoc if they had any idea how many inmates have hepatitis c.... they told me possibly 40 percent. one of the hep c positive inmates who youll hear from named johanna hudnall... got the disease after being raped by a prison guard.. despite this... shes still being denied the medication to cure her hep c. jh- i have a chronic disease and i dont want to die here that is johanna hudnall.... an inmate at florence mcclure womens detention center in north las vegas. johanna... is hep c positive. jh - its everywhere we spoke with her over the phone with her lawyer
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problem its a very scary problem hep c is an extremely aggressive diease that attacks the liver... causing cirrhosis... and eventually liver cancer and death. hep c can be cured with medication... but the nevada department of corrections is refusing to give her treatment. jh-- i ts disheatening its scary im concerned o jh- its ridiculous and it breaks my heart the treatment though ... is expensive. according to the n-d-o- c it costs anywhere between 40 and 60-thousand dollar inmate. hudnall is native american... and her tribe has offerd to pay for it.. the n-d-oc wouldnt comment... but we can tell you despite hudnals offer... she has never gotten the medication. so- i would not speculate as to why they would be unwilling to provide her treatment if she can provide the financing hepatitis c can be spread through needles... sex ... or from sharing items like razors or tooth brushes.
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eading quickly in nevada prisons. i dont know what i can say other than its bad its really bad so- i would hope your viewership from a braoder perspecive and that is one of public health when i began researching this story... i had multiple inmates reach out to me... all hep -c positive who wanted to share their story. cassandra thomas- theres not a lot of people who want to say i have hep c another one was cassandra thomas... also imprisoned at florence mcclure. cassandra thomas- these girls dont even know they have a disease and are spreading it within the walls with sex and tatooing and then theyre going back into the commuhnity without knowing they have hep c and spreading itout there so how bad is it? in an email .. the n-d-o-c told me it does not test for hep c... so it doesn't know how many inmates may be infected. ct- theres been girls who have died in here from hepatitis c ct- were still human beings were still peoples daugthers you know so ct- its really hard for me becuase um being in here sometimes you dont feel lke youre human there's also a humanitarian concern.. by not treating the disease ... scott olifant says we're condeming these inmates to death. scott- i think its a natual reaction for you to be apalled jh- weve already been sentenced for my crime i was not given a death sentence ct- no matter where you are or who you are you deserve to be treated like a human being
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about johanna hudnalls offer to pay for the medication... but it told me they couldnt comment on an inmates health. the ndoc does test for hiv and aids... but say it doesnt test for hep c because the law doesnt require themt to. a local nonprofit knwon as n-v cure is currently working on legislation to add hepatitis c to the list of diseases the depprtment of corrctions must test for. the ndoc says based on research done upwads of 40percent of prison populations may have hep c. while the medication to cure hep c is expensive... in some cases its cheaper than tax payers footing the bill for liver cancer treatements which costs about 60-thousand dollars a year. five students are dead ... and a dozen more injured--- the school bus driver has been charged. "(crash survivor nats) "he was going real fast and he hit a garbage bagand we had hit a mailbox, then we flipped over and hit
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police calling the crash-- a drastic accident. the driver - 24- year-old johnthany walker has now been arrested and charged with vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. authorities' key focus now is on speed. " "police are aware of a following vehicle so we have that witness but we are looking for other witnesses that can tell us not just about this incident but we talked about previous behavior of that driver." " the national transportation safety board is now investigating the incident - hoping to use video and informational boxes on board to find out just what happened on this bus, and whether it could have been prevented. no thanksgiving feast is complete with gravy for the turkey... but if you were planning on taking a shortcut by buying a jar... you may be out of luck. heinz is recalling hundreds of jars of pork gravy... saying it could be mislabeled. the company recalled 500 cases saying it might be homestyle bistro as jus gravy instead...
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soy--- and could affect people with food allergies. the recall covers 12-ounce glass jars sold in the u.s. that are labeled best by dec. 28, 2017 customers can return the product to the store where it was purchased for a full refund or exchange. there have been no consumer reports of illnesses the runnin rebels continue their winning streak at home.... your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next the vegas golden knights...
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the six game home
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for the runnin' rebels... taking on northern arizona university tonight.... fox5's kevin bolinger is live from the thomas and mack... he joins us now... closed captioning will resume shortly
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closed captioning
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closed captioning will resume shortly tomorrow night kevin will have a preview of the battle for the fremont cannon against u-n-r. and don't forget rebzone this sunday at 11-- following fox5 news at ten and sports plus. now fox5 weather 24/7 skies will stay mostly clear for your tuesday evening with temperatures falling into the 40s overnight. a disturbance will be moving across the area on wednesday, bringing just a few clouds with breezy
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range around the las vegas valley with high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. thanksgiving day will be mostly sunny with temperatures in the mid to low 60s. winds will be calmer around las vegas, but for our friends in laughlin and bullhead city, gusts in excess of 30 mph will still be blowing out of the north. friday stays mostly clear with 60s before bigger changes arrive this weekend. a system moves in late saturday afternoon with stronger winds and the chance of a few showers later saturday evening. the shower chance will continue into sunday with temperatures falling into the upper 50s on sunday. monday and tuesday
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with high temperatures holding in the 50s.
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the vegas golden knights... that's the name of our new nhl team.. owner bill foley unveiled the name today... and so far all of our rants are not liking the name.. mostly because it's vegas and not las vegas.. and why golden knights when desert knights and silver knights resonate more with what las
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differently.. of course we'd like to hear from you. cox says.. golden knights for las vegas hockey team? i hope they knew that name was taken years ago by the united states army parachute team. beto says i don't know how golden represents las vegas! we're known as the silver state! i guess we will get used to the name 'golden nights'. we have a caller! i think the name of the new hockey team is stupid. how are you supposed to cheer for a one syllable team name. it's not like let's go raiders! what are we going to hear. let's go knights! it's stupid. they didn't think of the fans at all when they got the name.19s we're getting the other side in the kerfuffle between the president elect and the cast of hamilton.. you know by now trump wants the cast to apologize after making a public appeal to his running mate who was in the audience. yesterday we had quite a few rants telling the president-elect to back off.. now the other side... voicemails! freedom of speech is one thing but being rude and tasteless
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coming into your place to enjoy an evening out, then you should be punished. 15 freedom of speech is a good thing but you're not there to put on a political display, you're there to put on a play. do your job and shut the hell up! 9 so most of president obama's presidency, we had to listen to citizen trump question his citizenship. that now the vice president-elect attends a broadway show about democracy in america and they the cast cannot voice their concerns about the current administration, without the current president- elect asking for an apology. what has happened to free speech?28 here's delores i want to say thank you to officer sutton and zeta of the tag team patrol. they brought turkey dinners to those in need and painted walls to beautify the neighborhoods. they also have
10:53 pm
neighborhood cleanups. great job officers we do appreciate you and thank you both so much for our turkey dinners. send us your rants to the rant at or call at 702-436- 8285 it is the highest honor that can be best owed upon a civilian... and some very famous faces were among the recipients of the presidential medal of freedom. "pres. obama: "today, every day, in each way, ellen counters what too often divides us with the countless together, inspired us to be better, one joke, one dance at a time." " ellen degeneres is just one of 21 recipients. president obama thanked the recipients for "helping to push america forward and inspiring millions." bill and melinda gates, tom hanks, broadcaster vin scully, diana ross and retired basketball star michael jordan were also honored. repo men typically take things away...
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worker--- just couldn't do it. the move he made--
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a repo-man's job is to take back items that people took out a loan for... but aren't making payments. one repo-man decided to do something unexpected... for an elderly couple losing their car. "ford says: "i pulled over about a block away from their house and called the bank and said... we gotta do something. how about i just pay it current right now." " it was just another day on the job when jim ford arrived at the home of stan and pat kipling. they are an illinois couple... whose bills just started adding up... medications, groceries... and they just fell behind. ford says he knew how much they needed the car--- so he set up a go fund me account-- and raised most of the money they needed in just eight hours. "kipping says: "it's just like hitting the lottery. i'm just so happy, i can't believe it. i just looks so pretty." " ford says he is thinking about reopening the go-fund me account...
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"3, 2, 1, and vegas golden nights. vegas golden nights. confetti." "thank you for you coming out wonderful support. we won't screw up the first game, like we did the video." after anxiously waiting several months... and some technical difficulties tonight -- the vegas golden knights were born! the name was unveiled at the toshiba plaza... outside the t- mobile arena... which is the team's home. this is the city's first n-h-l franchise. the vegas golden nights will play their first game in the 2017 to 2018 season. good evening. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck.


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