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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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"3, 2, 1, and vegas golden nights. vegas golden nights. confetti." "thank you for you coming out wonderful support. we won't screw up the first game, like we did the video." after anxiously waiting several months... and some technical difficulties tonight -- the vegas golden knights were born! the name was unveiled at the toshiba plaza... outside the t- mobile arena... which is the team's home. this is the city's first n-h-l franchise. the vegas golden nights will play their first game in the 2017 to 2018 season. good evening. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck.
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packed outside the t-mobile arena. that's where we find fox five's vince sapienza at the toshiba plaza... where he spoke with las vegas n- h-l owner bill foley as well as fans. tonight was nothing short of historic it's not everyday fans get to be a part of something from the ground floor and that's exactly what happened here with the nhls 31st franchise bill foley will tell you it was not the smoothest process... leading up to tonight or even the announcement itself.. but like it or not the vegas golden knights have
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"3-2-1 and there you go, the vegas golden knights!" after months of waiting and wondering the 500 million dollar question was answered many liked it. "it's sharp it's clean looking." "i think it's pretty cool." "i think it's a great name." while others were underwhelmed. "it's not really a wow thing but gold is las vegas." "i was kind of hoping it would be the desert knights." for the least few months we knew the name would be something knights. with the first word choices being either golden, silver, or desert. "nevada is the largest gold producer in the country, gold is a precious metal, it's the number one metal versus silver i didn't feel desert knights had character to it."
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much on display at the announcement. bill foley and staff didn't have the smoothest presentation with the introductory video refusing to play. "i promise we will be better on the ice." despite the early stumble true to vegas form the show went on. with fire.. confetti and there was even a helicopter dropping pucks from the sky an homage to the army parachute team "i was hoping to get a few hundred people we had five thousand and another couple get in because it was too crowded." "this is an incredible turnout and if his is any indication this team is going to be a huge success." and for the thousands in attendance. they tell me it was well worth the wait. "had some awesomeness leak out a little bit when foley walked on stage, it's real." "as we were standing there this is real this is real this is really happening, we have a team." "i mean i just can't wait for puck drop they could have named them anything i'm just
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to start next year." "i wanted to have a successful name and a successful logo and we've done that." now as you heard bill foley says this was a big step to becoming a member of the nhl but he stills considers the team an apprentice... now it's time to get ready for the expansion draft... the entry draft and putting a team together a lot of unfinished business and speakin of unfinished business john christine i believe we have on record a season ticket wager for whoever was correct... live from the toshiba plaza the new home of the vegas golden knights vince sapienza fox 5
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las vegas was awarded the franchise on june 22-nd. it's officially the 31-st team to join the n-h-l. here's a look at the video meant to play at tonight's announcement... showing how foley and his team arrived at the name. "closed captioning will resume shortly
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we learned about the meaning behind the golden knights name and logo... and this is a look at the secondary logo. you can see it has swords that create the star from the iconic "welcome to vegas sign"... which sits on las vegas boulevard and russell. foley says the name and logos embody the city and mission of the team. right after tonight's big reveal... it was all about the merchandise! you could buy vegas golden knights gear on site... and online. here's a look at the store at the t-mobile arena. fans lined up outside the door to buy shirts... hoodies... and hats. the store will be open every day from noon to eight p-m... except on thanksgiving.
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for gear online -- at the n-h-l official shop! but keep in mind... it will not be delivered until december 16-th. some of the items already sold out... or say "few left". to other sports news... it was a big night for the runnin' rebels! u-n-l-v dominated northern arizona... 110 to 71. fox5's kevin bolinger is live from the thomas and mack... with more on the third straight win. closed captioning
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closed captioning will resume shortly tomorrow night... kevin will have a preview of the battle for the fremont cannon against u-n-r... which takes place on saturday. and don't forget to tune into rebzone this sunday at eleven... following fox5
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sports plus. local and state lawmakers have already approved the funding plan for a nearly two billion dollar n- f-l stadium in las vegas. but now -- oakland city officials say they're making progress with plans to build a new stadium of their own -- that could keep the raiders there. the plan is being led by hall of famer and former raider great, ronnie lott. today on our fox station in the bay area - ktvu - the oakland mayor says she's confident it's a plan that the raiders will be satisfied with -- but local officials say they're still confident the raiders will move. "the lott group has the ability and the willingness...more than that..the passion to actually put the private money into this deal that i believe it will take to actually build a stadium" a sands corporation spokesman says they're not concerned about these developments out of oakland... and that the raiders have told them that nothing
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regarding the team's plans to move to las vegas the raiders say they plan to propose a move to las vegas at the nfl owners meeting in january. 24 of the 32 owners would need to vote to approve that plan for the raiders to move. a man's body is found in the street. police are investigating it as a homicide. closed captioning will resume shortly your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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man's body in the middle of the road near twain avenue near nellis... and now say he had been bhot. fox5's adam herbets is live out there and found out how close we are to finding the shooter. well john we don't have a motive we don't have a suspect description and we don't have the victims name but we do have this there is one witness who says th shooter got away in a dark colored sedan they drove toward nellis but really that's all we have to go on it doesn't sound like much but please are hoping someone might've seen something and even if it's something small they want to know about it we also talk to neighbors they all say they heard one gunshot they came out and they saw something lying in the road while that something turned
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to perform cpr they tried to save this man but it was too late closed captioning will resume shortly right now the only thing we know about the an african- american man in his 20s or 30s they say he's about 6 feet kind of a heavyset man but of course they're not releasing his identity until they make sure that his family members are notify fourth we get any updates will be out here throughout the night to give them to you or live on the east side adam herbets fox 5 newsroom local
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inmates in nevada prisons are suffering and in pain because they're being denied life saving medication. hepatitis c in prisons has long been a problem with some estimating as many as 40-percent of prisoners have the disease... there is a cure.... but the nevada department of corrections isn't making it accessible to inmates. fox5's cyndi lundeberg joins us now in studio... with more on the disease and how it affects even us outside prison walls... hepatitis c ultimately leads to liver cancer... and can be spread as easy as sharing a razor or toothbrush... so why should you care? because 95 percent of people currently in prison will get out and head back into our communities... and because the nevada departmetn of corrections doesnt test for hep-c... most inmates dont even know they have it.
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i have a chronic disease and i dont want to die here that is johanna hudnall.... an inmate at florence mcclure womens detention center in north las vegas. johanna... is hep c positive. jh - its everywhere we spoke with her over the phone with her lawyer scott olifant. in here its a problem its a very scary problem hep c is an extremely aggressive diease that attacks the liver... causing cirrhosis... and eventually liver cancer and death. hep c can be cured with medication... but the nevada department of corrections is refusing to give her treatment. jh-- i ts disheatening its scary im concerned o jh- its ridiculous and it breaks my heart the treatment though ... is expensive. according to the n-d-o- c it costs anywhere between 40 and 60-thousand dollars per
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american... and her tribe has offerd to pay for it.. the n-d-oc wouldnt comment... but we can tell you despite hudnals offer... she has never gotten the medication. so- i would not speculate as to why they would be unwilling to provide her treatment if she can provide the financing hepatitis c can be spread through needles... sex ... or from sharing items like razors or tooth brushes. and according to hudnall... its spr eading quickly in nevada prisons. i dont know what i can say other than its bad its really bad so- i would hope your viewership from a braoder perspecive and that is one of public health when i began researching this story... i had multiple inmates reach out to me... all hep -c positive who wanted to share their story. cassandra thomas- theres not a lot of people who want to say i have hep c another one was cassandra thomas... also imprisoned at florence mcclure. cassandra thomas- these girls dont even know they have a disease and are spreading it within the walls with sex and tatooing and then theyre going back into the commuhnity without knowing they have hep c and spreading itout there so how bad is it? in an email .. the n-d-o-c told me it does not test for hep c... so it doesn't know how many inmates may
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theres been girls who have died in here from hepatitis c ct- were still human beings were still mothers were still peoples daugthers you know so ct- its really hard for me becuase um being in here sometimes you dont feel lke youre human there's also a humanitarian concern.. by not treating the disease ... scott olifant says we're condeming these inmates to death. scott- i think its a natual reaction for you to be apalled jh- weve already been sentenced for my crime i was not given a death sentence ct- no matter where you are or who you are you deserve to be treated like a human being the ndoc does test for hiv and aids... but told me it doesnt test for hep c because nevada law doesnt require themt to. a local nonprofit knwon as n-v cure is c working on legislation to add hepatitis c to the list of diseases the deprtment of corrctions must test for. while the medication for hep c is expensive... in some cases its cheaper than tax payers paying for cancer treatment which costs about 60-thousand dollars a year. now fox5 weather 24/7 skies will stay
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your tuesday evening with temperatures falling into the 40s overnight. a disturbance will be moving across the area on wednesday, bringing just a few clouds with breezy winds. winds will be in the 10 to 20 mph range around the las vegas valley with high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. thanksgiving day will be mostly temperatures in the mid to low 60s. winds will be calmer around las vegas, but for our friends in laughlin and bullhead city, gusts in excess of 30 mph will still be blowing out of the north. friday stays mostly clear with 60s before bigger changes arrive this weekend. a system moves in late saturday afternoon
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chance of a few showers later saturday evening. the shower chance will continue into sunday with temperatures falling into the upper 50s on sunday. monday and tuesday are trending cooler with high temperatures holding in the 50s.
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closed captioning will resume shortly we'll be right
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it seems like black friday comes earlier and earlier. shoppers are already camping out. this is a live look outside the best
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you can see the lone shopper waiting outside the store. our photographer tried to talk to the man... but he did not want to go on camera.
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