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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  November 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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breaking news in north las vegas tonight.. we're showing you the scene outside the walmart near the corner of west lake mead and rancho.. north las vegas police have the store taped off... as they investigate the report of a suspicious package a viewer who called us said his wife works at the store .. and police have evacuated it .. and called in the bomb squad. employees and customers inside the store were evacuated. we have called the store and no one is answering phones. but as of 5 o'clock ... don't count on doing any early christmas shopping at this walmart.. this is the one behind fiesta rancho casino ..
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and lake mead. now to the other big stories today.. we're live at a local best buy where doors are opening .. and more than a hundred people who've been standing in line... will be let inside to shop! good evening.. i'm faith tanner.. i'm adam herbets. john and christine have the night off. today is thanksgiving, happy thanksgiving, but that also means tonight is the start of christmas shopping. even though several stores are keeping doors closed for turkey day .. plenty are opening early.. one of them is the best buy at sunset and marks. and that's where fox5's abby theodros is
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while people across the valley are celebrate thanksgiving... for some .. that meant helping the less fortunate have a happy holiday... fox 5's eric hilt.. spoke with people who got a free thanksgiving lunch from the
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nevada.." and he shows us what the holiday meal meant to them. nats - is here okay for you? seats at these tables at the catholic charities of southern nevada were hard to come by.. nats -- welcome! these tables .. filled with people enjoying a thanksgiving lunch .... many say if it wasn't for this organization .. they wouldn't have been able to have such a nice meal. "aw man i'm full man, it was real good i enjoyed it" but for guests like edward humes -- the annual feast is more than a meal. "people from all walks of life are right here, and its not just about the food, its not about the food its about being thankful on not just this day but every day because a lot of people dont have this opportunity" nats -- happy thanksgiving "today the thanks and the smiles and the meals that the clients get from the volunteers is just as powerful as the food because it really is a way for them to have that human touch and for them to realize that despite their struggles people in our community really care about them" nats -- here you go sir "catholic charities
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expect to feed up to 1000 people with the help of dozens of volunteers, who say it's the smiling faces that keep them coming back and helping every year. "i've been volunteering for more than 30 years, in hawaii and here for about 13 years, its just very rewardring its just the right thing to do, we have so much so we might as well share our time with others." edward says he's hoping he can come back next year .. nats -- eating but next thanksgiving ... he wants to be on the other side of the table. "next year i hope to do a little something here myself, volunteer, help out and give back myself. that's what its about" eric ht, news local las vegas. catholic charities of southern nevada--- is always welcoming volunteers... not just on holidays... you can find information on how to get involved on our website, fox5 vegas dot com. a lot of local restaurants are giving back today... and one of them is doing it by feeding
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for the holidays. "piero's italian cuisine" hosted a "turkey gobble" and served about 12-hundred people a thanksgiving dinner today. piero's employees prepared four hundred pounds of turkey and three hundred pies... and the recipients were certainly thankful. "i heard somebody say it's the first hot thanksgiving meal they've had in the last three or four years. so that was probably my favorite part of the day so far. but you know, just real family, alot of laughter , alot of love. it's radiating throughout the restaurant." several loyal customers also donated to help offset the costs of the dinner. piero's has hosted the turkey gobble for more than twenty years. this holiday-- some people are too busy to prepare thanksgiving treats.. they found it easier to wait in line to pick up from marie callenders. the restaurant helped out more than 4-hundred people-- preparing around 5-hundred feasts today. the staff is happy that they can bring joy to people on the
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"we own the holidays her at marie callenders. and we love to do that. we very much enjoy taking care of people and getting to their thanksgiving dinner and being apart of the lives for ..weve been here 68 years at this company. it's been a long time." the majority of the customers come for the pie. some traveling from as far as arizona... to get traditional apple and pumkin pies. and if you still want or need one .. you're in luck .. it will be open until eight. still ahead tonight .. the fox 5 surprise squad is at it again.. we'll show you why one of our viewers got a second surprise visit... right at her front door. but first ... where mother nature is hard at work this holiday... turning normally calm streams into raging torrents! "they call it the most wonderful time of the year, but coming so close to a contentious election for some, the holidays could be a disaster. i'm joel waldman and i'll have more on that story, coming up." your fox5 weather
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coming up next you're watching fox5 news at 5. local. las vegas
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coming out of italy... where floodwaters are tearing up farmland and small towns. and after three days of heavy rain ... this is now taking
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rushing water - rain the tanaro river is overflowing its banks in the city of garessio -- sending water onto river banks and streets. the flooding has also led to evacuations. the rushing water is crashing down barriers and causing locals to worry about bridges collapsing. store owners are using sandbags to protect businesses. so far -- no word of any deaths or injuries. but emergenc crews are on the scene... checking on people and ready to respond if needed. now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton seasonal temperatures remain for black friday and the first half of the weekend. a strong low then starts to slide into the valley by sunday ushering
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are forecast to last through to at least next thursday. the system that pushes the cooler air into southern nevada will also provide us with a descent shot of some drizzle or rain for sunday and early monday morning. the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade made its way through manhattan. thex featured sixteen character balloons, 27 balloons classified as novelty or ornamental, 26 floats, 11-hundred cheerleaders and dancers, more than one thousand clowns, and 16 marching bands and performance. the parade route measured two and
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the first balloon that ever flew in the parade. he returned this year, carried on sticks without helium, just like during his first parade run in 1927. extra security was in place out of concern the event might become a terrorist target. but there were no reports of any trouble. the macy's parade began in 192 closed captioning
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election season is over .. and it's time for candidates to take down all their signs. in both las vegas and north las vegas... candidates will have to remove the posters by wednesday to avoid fines. in north las vegas.. they can be fined a thousand dollars! and in las vegas "proper" -- the city can charge candidates for the time it takes employees to remove the signs. in henderson... the deadline has already passed. as you've probably seen.. over the last few weeks many peple - on both political sides - have been protesting.. that might be ok outside... but it's the last thing you want inside .. today and this weekend with family. joel waldman looks at ways to avoid conflict between you and your family...
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trump says "..she's crooked hillary! don't you understand that?. this is one of the most crooked politicians in history." clinton says " could put half the trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables." for families with members of opposing political views, reconciling the surprising election outcome could pose major problems during the holidays. dutton says "..this just provides another venue. if you will, or another which people who might already disagree who come together just have a difficult time." doctor mary ann dutton is a psychiatrist and researcher at georgetown university. dutton says "..we all have emotion. and sometimes it's difficult to regulate emotions, and it's difficult for people who are on the other end of that emotion to be able to tolerate it." (on cam bridge) these days, thanks to social media, there's a good chance you'll know how certain friends
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current political climate so at least you'll know what you're walking into. dutton says "..knowing that ahead of time can help create some sort of intention. what's my intention going into this meal? so planning ahead is a good thing." additionally, doctor dutton offers the following tips for how to handle argumentative relations who may try to bait you. work out a pre- planned seating arrangement. take a time-out. simply change the subject. and ultimately, try to remember why you're spending your holidays with these people in the first place. mos says "..i'm just going to share a drink with them and not talk about politics.." mos says "..i just put my head down." waldman says "so, you're apolitical. you're just going to avoid it all?" mos says "yes, because there's nothing we can do about it right now." as the old saying goes, you don't choose your family, but at least this year, you can choose how to deal with them in washington, joel waldman, fox news. even the next president, donald trump, couldn't stay off social media today.. yeah.. he went on twitter.. this morning.. to write... "i am working hard, even on thanksgiving, trying to get carrier a-c
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progress - will know soon!" carrier a-c is an air conditioning company that is trying to re- locate its production facility from indianapolis to mexico. in other trump news -- the future president seemed to be taunting fellow republican, representative joe heck... after he lost the nevada senate race just days after un- endorsing trump. while trump didn't mention heck's name in a tuesday interview with the new york times, he referred to heck as a nevada senator who came out against him and then quote, "went down like a lead balloon." trump was talking about how he helped republicans win the senate majority even though many doubted he could. still ahead -- why a man in chicago is making it his year end goal to give away a thousand turkeys! well your part of our family now... the fox5 surprise squad family... and it was our pleasure to help you! the fox5 surprise squad stays true to its word... and shows the true meaning of family... to a widow
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the fox5 surprise squad is powered by united nissan, america first credit union, albertsons and vons
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promise to one of its past recipients. monica jackson and the surprise squad first met margaret payne in boulder city. her story was one that touched our viewers hearts... and left a lasting impression on the squad. so this holiday - the squad paid her a second surprise visit this time right to her doorstep- to show the true meaning of family. closed captioning will continue
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and the giving continued even after the surprise was over. margaret was left with so many leftovers - she decided to share the food with her neighbors. there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5.. including a look at how veterans in need are getting some help today. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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a disturbing story out of nye county tonight... the sheriff's department is looking for someone responsible for shooting and killing a dog. according to the department... the dog was found dead.. tied up to a pole at the bell vista shooting range northwest of pahrump. this is along the road to death


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