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edition of fox5 news.. tonight we're taking a look back at all the good stories this year. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. they're the stories full of charity, compassion... and gratitude. the news isn't all bad... but when something bad does happen... always watch for the people who step in to help. from fires to floods, we've seen samaritans from the community reach out... and come to another's rescue. in august we brought you the story of jessica, a waitress at a local chili's and her husband robert. jessica's second grade teacher kim nominated her... after robert was diagnosed with testicular cancer which spread to his stomach and lungs. robert had to be flight for lifed to los angeles. jessica was forced to leave their four young children, going between work in las vegas and the hospital... traveled to and
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support her 25- year-old husband. fox5's monica jackson shows us what happened when jessica got a 12-thousand dollar tip. "our surprise squad is in the restaurant undercover....there' s always someone out there who will help you." this surprise
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this surprise would lighten the load for the reboredo family who lost robert shortly after the surprise. the story though touched so many more people, who jumped into action to help jessica in the wake of her husband's passing. we spoke to her recently. she says she received an outpouring of support from not only people in our community... but by those who saw it across the country... who offered prayers on behalf of her family. another story that was a rollercoaster of emotions-- k9 nicky. he captured hearts in the community when he survived a machete attack to the face in february... and was eager to return to work after surgery. his handler, metro sergeant eric kerns appeared overjoyed... and so did nicky... in a video of the two... triumphantly celebrating his survival. ultimately, the 8- year-old belgian malinois gave his life... a little more than one month later during a confrontation with a shooting suspect. he was killed by friendly fire... but metro police said he saved an officer's life that
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saved the suspect's life. "nicky was a lot of dog he had a lot of heart a lot of courage a lot of strength" "im grateful for those memories my family is grateful for the courage of that dog" remembered as the boss dog of the unit for his courage and sacrifice. a short time after his death, the need surfaced to outfit all of the department's k9's with bulletproof vests. those vests cost about 800-dollars each. gavin buchanan memorial foundation held a fundraiser to raise money to provide them gear. when hail and heavy rain came down in june... rescue workers jumped in to save drivers trapped in dangerous flood waters. " i was in world war two, and thats what it reminded me of just now" the flood waters rose faster than devito's car could handle. all of a sudden, devito and his passanger marie lamay were stranded in the middle of the
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the car. he wasn't the only one. car after car tried to drive through the rushing water on green valley parkway... but they ended up just like devito and lamay... adding to the chaos. swift water rescue crews had to go in. they pulled 8 people out. this year was full of countless officer involved shootings across the nation... violent protests... and community outrage. when three baton rouge police officers were killed... a local little girl wanted to act. she was small... but her ambition was mighty. fox5's cyndi lundeberg now with a look back at a toddler who brought hope... through lemonade. a little girl.... with a big mission. do you know what the money is going to do? go to the police officers three year old theresa babcock set up shop outside the henderson court house hows it going... good! armed with a smile... and ice- cold lemonade theresa set out to make some local officers' day. nats- high five her sign reads....
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everyone else... donations... nats we were out here to show our support to the police officers we wanted to let them know we were here to help them because we cared about them with whats going on in our country theresa's dad says she got he idea from watching the disney channel.... its very precious and very heartwarming to see something coming from a little one by mid day as news spread.... theresas lemonade stand was full of henderson police officers... and troopers from nevada highway patrol. this touched our hearts we think its a geat gesuter we just cant thank her enough she alread has a sense of civi theresas grand total... one thousand three hundeed 80 dollars.... she planned to give the money to henderson police as a thank you for all that they do ... but local officers decided the money should be sent to families in baton rouge louisiana. it was making me tear up because it was showing she really appreciated them and she somewhat knows whats going on do you feel good about what you did? yes did you help a lot of police officers ? yes that lemonade
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but it would not be her last. she raised more money during additional lemonade stands... even one for her birthday. gary bettman: "the board of governors approved the plan of expansion that will bring an nhl franchise to las vegas." it's the sentence southern nevada was waiting to hear. hockey on its way to las vegas. team owner bill foley spent 500 million dollars as an expansion fee to secure the deal... money he calls well spent to bring the people of southern nevada something they've been longing for. and when the se 2017 it will be the 100th birthday of the nhl. in summerlin, construction is officially underway to build the nhl training facility for the las team. it is 120-thousand square feet and will including two ice rinks and shops. it will also be used by the area's summer, youth and adult leages. it is expected to be completed by next september. hockey team owner bill foley says only the best for his boys. "the team we draft
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want to live here -- to play here. they want to live on this side of town and be close to the facility. a state of the art facility...we have a lot to sell." it's not just summerlin that will benefit from the team. las vegas stands to get what's called incremental visitors -- or people building their trip to sin city around a hockey game. without the sports component -- these visitors wouldn't have made the trip. along with the new hockey team .. we still have the rebels ... and there's a good chance we will also be hope to the raiders! a move from oakland to las vegas still needs approval from at least 24 nfl owners... but state legislators helped pave the way for relocation... when they approved a nearly 2-billion dollar stadium. nats::: of vote it took a special session in carson
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meet and approve a bill to devote public funds to build a stadium in las vegas. the final vote-- 28 to 13. the 1.9 billion dollar stadium plan features $650 million from developer, sheldon adelson. $500 million from the oakland raiders and $750 million in public funding that will be raised by increasing the hotel room tax by point-88 percent. the stadium will also serve as the new home for unlv football. sot anderson: "we did our job and vetted the bill we went through it and made some amendments we made some changes yesterday late into the morning, but they were things that were great we added representation for unlv we got them essentially free rent in that new stadium" governor sandoval signed the bill to build the stadium. but nothing with concrete or steel will be hauled in until those 24 nfl teams approve the raiders move. if they do.. the raiders will likely play their first season in the valley in 20-19.
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"321 start...whooo." imagine traveling 4-hundred miles in 30-minutes... that's what you see demostrated here in small scale. it's a dream becoming reality for the north las vegas company "hyperloop one." the lightrail-like system promises to cut a commute from san fransisco to los angeles...down to just 30 minutes. the technologies company demonstrated the futuristic device at apex industrial park yesterday. the multi-billion dollar project promises speed and comfort. developers hope to be able to transport cargo in 3-years and passengers in 5- years. "the ride experience that we will design will be more like elevator ride than the thrills that we see on a roller coaster and the expereince we'll design in hyperloop should be just like riding an elevator not like riding a roller coaster. "
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transport cargo in 3-years and passengers in 5- years. in may, hundreds of people checked out las vegas' first ikea. it opened with freebies that had many people camped out and wrapped around the parking lot. after waiting for two days, the very first person through the doors took a look around the place... claimed her gift card and free sofa... and then left to go home and shower! back at the entrance others grabbed pencils and lists - and prepared to spend. "a cutting board a side t turn table..." some "nat bag" "canisters for my kitchen - these are only 299 by the way"" the first few weeks of the store's opening was a lot like the first day... without people drawn in ready to see, touch and buy any of the store's more than 10- thousand products. the 350-thousand square foot store was a triumph for the southwest area of town. it created hundreds of jobs including more than 300 positions
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385th store the swedish company has opened worldwide. a couple months later-- the wait was over for everyone waiting for a las vegas cracker barrel. the first of two locations to open this year welcomed guests in at the location near the silverton at the end of july... and there was no shortage of excitement... " first thing i ordered was the double meat breakfast with bacon, sausage, eggs, eggs with cheese and grits. grits are my favorite." the first restaurant opened near dean martin and blue diamond. fans could not wait to dig in... they started lining up at four a-m get a taste of the home cooking. "i just love cracker barrel. it's just a fun and enjoyable place to come. there is always stuff to see. i have never met an unhappy cracker barrel employee in all of the ones i visited." the second cracker barrel location opened in north las vegas in october. ..and play. "dave and busters" kicked
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with a ribbon cutting ceremony. the 87-th franchise location sits in downtown summerlin. with progress came saying goodbye to a piece of the past. the riviera stood for 60 years in las vegas... before closing last year... only to come down in not one but two implosions this summer. "nats of implosion" with the press of a button... the monte carlo tower... and other parts of the property came tumbling down august. the monaco tower was demolished in june. it was back in may of 2015... when locals and visitors made their final visits to the iconic hotel. workers removed the bronze display of the "crazy girls" show that was attached to the front entrance of the resort. it is now on display at planet hollywood. the oland where the riviera once stood now becomes part of the convention center expansion which will eventuall stretch
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if there's one thing many people will be thankful for at the end of this year ... it's "pokemon go".. either you love it because it got thousands of kids out of the house and walking around local parks and sidewalks till all hours of the night... or you love the fact not as many people are playing it anymore.. a look back at the craze here in teh valley when we
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this summer... pokemon go took over the country and the valley. the popular virtual reality
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out of the real world... uniting them on screen with a common goal.. to find pokemon! the craze led to people burying their faces in their phones... it even led to some crashes and violent crimes.. but we mention it because overall, it did bring people together, like this group at town square in july... and that is something to be thankful for! there were meetups like this all over the valley -- including one at sunset park where police figured a few thousand people came out at night to catch 'em all. back in august, local kids went back to school in style.. and students at one scho welcomed in a unique way. there were plenty of moms and women who were active at the school... but noticeably missing... were the men. so, not only did the kids at matt kelly elementary school get the red carpet rolled out for them... it came complete with male role models. alyssa deitch takes us back to that special moment with a look at the men who cheered on the kids that morning. " closed captioning will resume shortly
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for some children in the valley - time away from home is looked forward to all year.. that's because they get to spend time at camp cartwheel.. it's a secluded home away from home for young cancer patients ... something we and many families are so thankful for being available. we'll take you there when we
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in august .. a recently diagnosed cancer patient was stolen truck, and it was a viewer who helped make sure the truck was returned. doctors recently diagnosed carolyn with stage 4 breast cancer...she used the truck to get to and from chemotherapy. the day after we first aired the story of the stolen truck .. a person found it at a gas station at nellis and twain .. but didn't recognize it. they called a tow company to take it to impound, but the tow truck's driver recognized it from our story -- and called police. "i was looking at facebook this morning and somebody had said the truck was
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wasn't sure how to react ." " thanks for coming together as a community, you just made my life a little better" john and carolyn say they think whoever stole the truck got scared by all the attention it was getting from our story and dumped it. this year the term community policing has been a big topic of discussion nation wide.. its a policing style las vegas metro police takes to heart, assigning officers to certain areas so they get to know the community they serve. fox 5's miguel martinez-valle shows us two metro officers who not only got to know the community, they joined some of them in a quick game of basketball the site of police isnt uncommon on kari lee "i look out my door and i seen the police car and i was like oh shoot what happened now, because we do have a bad rep," but what cynthia moore saw monday afternoon, caught her by surprise... " the police got out of the car and started playing basketball with the kids and i thought, thats what we need
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" i'm really proud of the officers, their names are andrew shark, thats the tall red headed guy,and matt occonner, thats the burnett guy wearing the gloves." moore wasn't the only one enjoying the game.. kevin goowin just moved to the neighborhood... he pulled out his phone and started recording... " got my wife and we looked out and they was playing basketball, and we smiled instead of crying" in a time when community and police relations are facing added strain nationwide... las vegas police are trying to build bridges with the people they serve... " those two officers care about the area they patrol, that is the area they patrol" bridges these locals are more than happy to cross " i just want her to grow up in positivity you know, learn that the police is here for us, and we shouldnt be against them like that" " everytime a police officer comes on kari lee, i am glad
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in august, a local charity that helps families of kids with autism was devastated-- by a fire that destroyed the foundation's wherehouse near polaris and harmon. piles of burnt backpacks and charred clothes was all that was left after months of work. fire nats "you work so hard to help so many children around the valley and to come and in one second have it be gone." the wherehouse belonged to the people's autism foundation... and was filled with school supplies ready to be given to students struggling with the disorder. but as fast as the fire devoured everything-- support erupted from the community. a drive to recollect the lost supplies was held. the goal was to fill up a trailer with school supplies. but the foundation was caught off guard by the outpouring of donations. businesses and individuals came to their aid. las vegans stepped up and helped the foundation raise more than 1- thousand backpacks full of supplies for ccsd students with autism... and their
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they even had enough to donate the extras they had to teachers for their classrooms. fox5 loves camp cartwheel - woooo! the heat of summer didn't stop fox5 and our take 5 to care partners - from going to camp! camp cartwheel is a special place where patients of the nevada childhood cancer foundation go to forget about their illness and "just be kids"! there's dancing... arts and crafts... plus a huge lake with lots of water activities. our team had a great time with the kids! to help send more kids to camp - fox5 and our take 5 partners presented the nevada childhood cancer foundation with a 25-hundred dollar donation! downtown summerlin is just one of many places across the valley to already be in the holiday spirit with a large tree lighting ceremony earlier this week. "i'm super passionate about southern nevada. i've lived here since i was 4 years old. went to green valley high school. i currently am enrolled at unlv and i've been all over the world and i always come home and so for me just any time i can be involved in the
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that was local b-m-x olympic gold medalist-- connor fields. thanks for joining us.. and from our family to yours ... have a wonderful thanksgiving. they've given us great music - but imagine dragons love "giving back" just as much. tonight a look at how the vegas band is helping local families with their incredible foundation. then - she always looked good strutting to catch that morning train but did sheena easton fake her choreography? i call it the flick and wiggle. that was the only choreography i could pull off! our fun interview with the singer and her confessions of her 80s pop stardom! plus, he's the fresh prince's right hand man! but what confession did d-j jazzy jeff just admit to more? i used to be... my wife got me out of that


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