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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  November 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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after one person was shot and killed in reno. today is officially black friday... but people have been waiting in line since yesterday. we'll take a look at how holiday shopping is going on around the valley. plus... as the temperatures drop... one organization is making it its mission to keep homeless pets warm. good morning i'm alyssa deitsch, in for maria silva. i'm dave hall. now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast...
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sunny skies and average temperatures today. our high is 62 degrees. a little wind is headed our way tomorrow... and this weekend a low pressure system will roll into our area bringing cooler temperatures. we'll drop into the mid to low 50s and stay there throughout next week.
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way to the checkout aisle for black friday deals... and things are no different here in the valley. here's a live look at the crowds at the outlet mall on charleston and the 15.. stores are busy right now as shoppers get ahead on their holiday shopping! we spent some time at a few local stores yesterday... to see how early shopping was going. "go! safely please. got to go" that was best buy around five yesterday... when the doors first opened. a lot of the people we spoke with said they were in line to get a gift for a loved one or family
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one or family member. eric hanna: "in life they teach you happy life happy wife. so i gotta take her and make sure she's happy. " "i wanted the free bag" we also stopped by target and toys r us in henderson to check out the lines there. a lot of parents were looking for deals on their kids christmas gifts. it is worth mentioning... regardless of the lines, we only saw smiling faces. but of course, no one waits until today to start shopping. all over the country... people have been waiting all week for this. you can see footage here... of people camping out days before. apparently they have time on their hands to do this. some folks hang out in cars... in tents... and even just waiting outside in the rain. and once those doors open... look out store workers. as widespread as black friday is here in the u-s...
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stewart: "..i thought i'll have a look around, to be honest. it's been one of these things that black friday is definitely become bigger and bigger and it seems that more and more things are sort of going on sale, so it's worth having a look. i think everyone seems to be waiting now and to try to pick up a good deal." shoppers in london also headed out early for some black friday deals. according to one retailer.... they were selling 30 large flat screen tvs a minute during last year's sales. police in reno are looking for a suspect involved in a deadly road rage incident. officials say one person was shot and killed near a wal-mart last night. the suspect took off after. police are saying the shooting appears to be becuase of a parking space dispute. they believe the suspect is driving a damaged dark- colored toyota camry or corolla. they are asking anyone with information to contact the authorities. a vegas walmart received a scare yesterday... after a suspicious package found inside the store caused an evacuation.
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store... near lake mead and rancho around four. customers and staff were evacuated... as a precaution. police and the swat team were called in... about an hour later--- the package was deemed to not be a threat.... and people were allowed back inside. a man in pahrump has been arrested for a bomb threat inside of a beauty store... this is jeffrey vonalst.... police say last month--- he walked into the "aztec secret and beauty" shop with a propane tank... threatening to blow up the building. witnesses say he was opening the valve and trying to light it on fire... when police arrived... they found him fighting with another man.... and again trying to ignite the tank. after a struggle -- they were able to get him into custody--- he is now facing a number of charges... including making a bomb threat, resisting arrest and assault with a deadly weapon. president-elect donald trump spent this thanksgiving at his seaside retreat in florida. a lot of focus is on the president elect wanting to keep his new york high rise... but now some are
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his place in palm beach... and how much it'll cost taxpayers.... fox's jeff lennox reports... donald trump's stunning victory.... bringing vehicular and foot traffic chaos around the president-elect's fifth avenue high- rise. this thanksgiving, though, a new challenge.... protecting the next president in palm beach. a cavalcade of cops and secret service agents--- bringing mixed reaction from locals. mos resident: "i hope it doesn't ruin the experience, the place is secluded and quiet." : mos resident: "we are very hopeful that business is going to get better." the f-a-a issuing pilots... similar warnings to boaters from the coast guard which is patrolling the 20-acre waterfront estate. it's a necessity to keep the next commander in chief safe. especially on the heels of such an unpredictable campaign. conway says: "it is unprecedented but everything about donald trump and his rise to the presidency is unprecedented unlike trump tower.... the beachfront bastion---according to a former secret service agent---may be preferred by his
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washington post quote ""mar-a-lago is a secret service agent's dream to secure". the compound sits on a barrier island... accessible by just three bridges. and it's rumored to have as many as three bomb shelters residents keeping fingers crossed.... for a quiet holiday. mos says: "i'm kind of hoping everyone is kind of over the hype, but we'll see what happens this weekend." in palm beach florida, jeff lennox, fox news no official word about the exact pricetag... but according to some reports... taxpayers may be nearly seven million dollars in security costs. green party nominee -- jill stein isn't happy with the results of the election... so she is doing something about it. "there were lots of hacks taking place around this election. hacks into voter databases, into party databases, into individual email accounts. and what we also know, unfortunately, is that the equipment that we use ... much of it is not just open to hacks. it basically invites hacks "
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results. she has raised nearly four million dollars in her push for a vote recount in michigan... pennsylvania and wisconsin. stein says the voters deserve an audit of the november eighth voting results in those states. there have been reports that voting security experts originally alerted the clinton campaign about possible hacks in key counties. a missing mother has been found safe... nearly three weeks after california. sherri papini vanished while out for a jog on november second... according to the shasta county sheriff's department... at first she was kidnapped... but then she was able to escape and get help from a driver on the side of the road. "sandra oswald: "it was just a rush of relief and a lot of tears and realizing that it was over in the best possible sense." the sheriff said they are looking for two hispanic women in a dark colored s-u-v who may be armed. the victim was
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now reunited with her husband and children. it's a safe bet both airports and malls will be busy over the next few days... but in san jose... those place are getting some unique tech help. fox's ann rubin has more. if holiday travel has you stressed... piper is here to help. mos 1 says: "it was like, wow, it's a robot! (laughs)" she, along with her robot cohorts norma and amelia, have moved in to the concourses at mineta san jose international airport. they can take a selfie a you... host a dance party.. ... give you directions... and even flirt and wink. mos 2 says: "oh yes, she made google eyes. she's pretty." the idea is to offer travelers that little something extra... information with a bit of silicon valley flair. mos 3 says: "kids simply adore this. adults adore this. i adore this." of course, as with any technology, there have been some glitches. the touch screen has been troublesome and the battery life a
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the robots got replaced with an upgraded model. still, the overwhelming reaction has been positive. mos 4 says: "now i'm gonna remember this when i go home. i'm gonna go tell my boyfriend all about it. he'll be like, "i'm sorry i missed it. [laughs]" and from piper... we go to pepper. that's the name of the robot greeting shoppers at the westfield valley fair mall. mos 5 says: "pepper is completely 2016." there are two peppers in san jose and three up in san francisco. they speak multiple languages, play games and also dance and take selfies. mos 6 says: "s customer's happy or sad. so we really wanna know that, if our customer is delighted to interact with her, that's thrilling. if they're not, then we're gonna change her to make sure that she is something that our guests really appreciate." pepper too is a work in progress. she needed a reboot while we were there. really, though, this is a pilot project, to see if a robot might someday take the place of a concierge service. mos 6 says: "maybe i wouldn't be as hesitant to ask him or her." rubin says: "pepper will learn to give mall directions sometime in december. and if
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could be expanding to other westfield properties throughout the u.s. in the near future. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. a wisconsin man is robbed after trying to sell his car... but gets some help from an unlikely ally. mechanic patrick berry met 20 year old kumasi wallace... after posting a craigslist ad to sell h c when wallace stole his vehicle. as berry was on his way to a police station... he received a call... from the uber driver who dropped off wallace. wallace gave the driver berry's number... but also gave the driver his actual name. berry says: "somebody calls me asking 'where are you?' i said '...i was just trying to sell a car here.'" berry says: "with
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made it so much easier for the police to find him." police found berry's stolen vehicle a block from wallace's home... and arrested him later. berry said he learned a lot from the experience... and said he'll never do this again. a colorado non- profit is doing what they can... to cover up homeless pets during the winter season. fox's christina dawidowicz has more on this touching gesture. winter's around the corner.. and that it means it's time to bundle up.. your cats and dogs. gramm says: "they still get cold, they and hypothermia just like humans. just because they have more hair than us doesn't mean anything." non-profits like coats 4 canines and street petz make sure homeless animals are taken care of year round.. from vaccines, dog and cat food.. and coats. fitzpatrick says: "it's a community. i mean, people in need, need these things and we're here to help them out." even on holidays like thanksgiving.. they still show up near the marian house.. fitzpatrick says: "the animals are the only ones that really give them unconditional love.
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shunning them and not helping them, this is their bond. so, that's why we feel they need that, give them their time to eat and then make sure that the dogs are taken care of too." coats 4 canines typically see between 15 to 25 dogs a week. street petz normally give out 300 to 400 pounds of food a week. now, it's a family tradition for some. fitzpatrick says: "we've been doing this for four years. we do the turkey trott in the morning, come out here, do this for a couple hours, and then head up to family up in denver." christina dawidowicz reporting. if you thought buying one or two birds for thanksgiving was expensive... try a thousand. one man gave away that many turkeys... for all the people in his community who needed a warm meal last
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while many of you are shopping this weekend... we hope you'll take a drive
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spectaular. glittering lights is back at the las vegas motor speedway... and the lights are twinkling. the holiday tradition benefits the childrens speedway charity. glittering lights runs through january 7-th... it opens daily at 5:30 p-m.... during the week it's 20 dollars a car.... and 30 dollars on fridays... and the weekends. those that donate to goodwill receive a discount. grab your tennis shoes... and santa suit. thousands of santas are getting ready to hit the streets of downtown... for the the las vegas great santa run it's saturday december third. and you can join in on the fun... festivities kick off at nine a-m and the five-k starts at ten. the santa run benefits opportunity village. sunny skies and average temperatures today. our high is 62 degrees. a little wind is headed our way tomorrow... and this weekend a
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will roll into our area bringing cooler temperatures. we'll drop into the mid to low 50s and stay there throughout next week a chicago man is
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community... thanks to a generous thanksgiving gift. chef quentin gave away one thousand turkeys... his way of
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chicago... there is love out there. last year, quentin raised enough money to hand out 250 turkeys to needy families... but this year, he decided to go bigger. he created a go fund me page with a friend... and folks were very grateful of the kind act. blandon says: "the basic thing you can do for somebody else is help them have a full stomach once a week at least. so, for me, i'm good at it because i have a big family and i'm used to cooking and i love to do it." the go fund me page was a huge success... they exceeded their goal of ten thousand dollars... and completed a giveaway that was a year in the making. an accidental text message from a grandmother to a total stranger... started as an internet hit...but then became something special. nohelani graf has the details on this thanksgiving treat. natsot: "oh yea, perfect" a bird in the oven... natsot: "'s it look?" guests arriving from out of town. it's the family social event of the year.
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but this year, thanks to social media at wanda dench's house, the table is set for a thanksgiving unlike any other. natsot: "hi jamal" her big family.... natsot: "how are you" growing by one more. thanks to a text message mix-up. and an unintentional invite that grandma wanda decided to extend to jamal hinton anyway. (unidentified speaker): "this is our home and lets go do some eating" a simple gesture that gave everyone the "feels." and won over the internet.... (wanda dench, "everybody's grandma"): "i actually had to look up what does it mean, hashtag" hashtag - can i get a plate hashtag - everybody's grandma hashtag - natsot: "grandma's the goat, haha" but no one's more thankful than these two. thankful for a lesson in kindness. (jamal hinton, thanksgiving guest): "she welcomed me into her house, that shows me how great of a person she is, that's what i'm thankful for" thankful for a blessing in disguise. (wanda dench, "everybody's grandma"): "it's come from god above, he's just using us as tools and vessels to bring a message to others" two strangers that made the world smile with their selfies, now standing together. nohelani graf
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i can make a i can make a pretty decent basketball shot... but these next guys raise the bar incredibly high. how dropping a basketball set an impressive world record... when we return. ((music))
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basketball... and there are those that are lucky. you have to look at this incredible video! " "02-14 (nat sound) (cheering) this is from a trio of australian
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world record for greatest height where a basketball was shot. this is from nearly 594 feet in the swiss alps... beating the previous record of 533 feet. plenty more straight ahead on fox5 news this morning... mike doria will join us live from the motor trend international auto show.. with a look at next years hottest cars. plus-- lions.. cowboys.. and colts. oh my. we'll break down the thanksgiving football games. heres a live look
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morning starts right now after people in the valley waited in line for days... we are finally here. the biggest shopping day of the year. cc will continue shortly
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turkey.. this is how we're feeling. good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm alyssa deitsch in for maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first - kathleen jacob joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. sunny skies and average temperatures today. our high is 62 degrees. a little wind is headed our way tomorrow... and this weekend a low pressure system will roll into our


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