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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  November 28, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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morning starts now police are on the lookout... for a man suspected of sexually assaulting a child this weekend. the details surrounding the case. a man is in custody this morning... after barricading himself inside his parents home. we'll tell you unfolded. and the animal foundation is offering a great deal today... for those who want to adopt a new friend. more on this cyber monday offer later this morning. good morning... i'm dave hall. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first cassandra jones joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. good morning i'm cassandra jones
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chance of some drizzle & high elevation snow with afternoon breezes continuing to 30 mph. daytime highs will continue to trend a few degrees below seasonal averages for the next few days with highs only in the mid to low 50's over the next six days. wind gusts to 45 mph can be expected this afternoon across esmeralda and central nye counties. the cooler air will remain in the forecast with some another slight chance of showers returns friday. slight warming back to up 60 degrees is on tap for sunday. a man is in custody... after police responded to a barricade situation this morning. the situation took place at a home near twain and boulder. according to metro...
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parents home... and refused to come out. this started sometime before eight last night. metro said he was the only one in the home. about 15 nearby homes were evacuated or were given the chance to evacuate. the situation lasted until around two a-m... when the suspect was taken into custody. residents of those evacuated homes are heading back... there were no injuries to anyone. police are searching for a man that sexually assaulted an eight year old girl in west las vegas this weekend. this is a sketch of the man police are looking for. they say he has white or salt and pepper hair and a thin build. it's unclear if this man was familiar with the little girl... or if he lives in the same condo complex as her. police say the assault happened around one in the afternoon. we spoke with some parents in the d they are horrified. mike roeder: really upset - you know - kind of concerned about our kids (butt to) autry slay: it bothers me a lot it makes me want to watch my child a little closer.
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to say... they moved to the area of buffalo and lake mead... because they felt it was in a decent part of town... but this incident has them on edge. police say the man was last seen walking east bound through the complex... but that the investigation is still open. if you have any information that can help detectives with their investigation - call crime stoppers at 702- 385-5555 congressman- elect ruben kihuen... is getting ready to step into his new role. he's heading to orientation at the capitol... and planning a tour of his district. from his state senate seat this month. he'll spend this week in washington d-c. where he will learn how to run a district office. kihuen says he'll try to team up with republicans... to work on infrastructure and immigration policy. holiday shoppers are out and about this time of year... but not spending as much as you think. the national retail federation says... more than 150 million people shopped in stores and online... on black friday weekend... but each consumer spent on average 10 dollars less than last year.
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available. those looking for great travel deals... cyber monday is the day to shop. experts say slow summer travel sales... should make for big airfare and hotel deals. some may even last through the first week of december. they say trips to the caribbean and europe... are expected to be cheap. this past weekend was one of the busiest of the year for travel... as many returned home after the holiday. we talked to some drivers... as they got ready for their long trip. bumper to bumper traffic for miles... this is what the i-15 for most of the day. :"i was looking at it on my phone and it looks awful, i mean just awful" drivers headed to california from las vegas--- got caught in a traffic nightmare... many say they had an idea it was coming... : "everyone's funneling into one road and there's only one way to get out of here, so it's extremely packed because everyone's one this one road" the traffic back-up
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plans for the day. : "i was on my way out to primm to go do a little shopping and i saw that traffic jam and i just said no it's not worth it would rather go another day and turned around" the sunday after thanksgiving... is also one of the busiest days of the year at airports across the country. today nearly 140- thousand passengers are passing through mccarran airport. meanwhile over at valley gas stations--- drivers planned out how to make it through the long hours of stop and go traffic ahead. : "i'm gonna just muscle through the portion between here and the state border then we'll see how bad it is on the other side of the border .. maybe stop off eat dinner do some last gambling see if it clears up" we'll relax listen to music, i'll take a nap, and we'll take it as we go what else can you do? according to trip advisor--
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seven percent this year. aaa estimated four-point-seven million americans would travel for the holiday. if you're looking for a new furry friend to spend the holiday season with... the animal foundation can help. today is the last day the foundation is waiving adoption fees. it's part of the zappos "home for the paw-lidayz" adoption special. zappos is reimbursing the shelter for those fees. there are more than 120 dogs... and 24 cats that need new homes. adoption fees normally range between 25 and 250 dollars. fox5's mike doria headquarters later this morning... with a detailed look at their cyber monday deals. nevada's only giraffe needs your help staying warm this winter. his name is ozzy picasso... and the two and a half year old giraffe has outgrown his old home. ozzy lives at the lion habitat ranch... with about fifty other animals. most of them came from m-g-m's lion habitat. the ranch runs soley off donations. the non-profit is looking to raise 20-thousand dollars for thicker insulation for ozzy.
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day to keep the 13 foot tall giraffe warm. the donations will go toward medical care.... food...and providing a safe forever home for ozzy. " but who doesn't want to help animals? who doesn't want to help these beautiful things because they depend on us and their safe here, totally safe, and loved, and we want to keep them warm, in this weather, like us." ozzy isn't just nevada's only giraffe-- he's also the only giraffe in the area he's grown five feet in less than a year. and is expected to grow to eighteen feet. the ranch says-- with the community's help-- his new home will be large enough for his entire adult life. we've got all the info to donate on our website-- fox five vegas dot com. nevada's known for being hot and sunny... but wait till you see how it can look in cold weather. when we come back... beautiful photos of a winter wonderland in the desert.
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everyone beat... when it comes to holiday lights. how big their set
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valley... check out these photos. no, your eyes are not deceiving you.
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charleston... taken yesterday morning... and sent in from some fox5 viewers. absolutely gorgeous... like a winter wonderland. good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. waking up to a slight chance of some drizzle & high elevation snow with afternoon breezes continuing to 30 mph. daytime highs will continue to trend a few degrees below for the next few days with highs only in the mid to low 50's over the next six days. wind gusts to 45 mph can be expected this afternoon across esmeralda and central nye counties. the cooler air will remain in the forecast with some clouds before another slight chance of showers returns friday. slight warming back to up 60 degrees is on tap for sunday.
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another west coast city you wouldn't expect to see snow... but fox's felicia martinez found a
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snow fall bringing out the kid in even adults as san diego gets its first snowfall of the season. l. casillas says: "we are not experts up here. we don't know what we are doing. we probably have the wrong clothes on. but it is beautiful. it's amazing." from snowball fights to sledding, the snow even when it's a little slushy is still welcomed, especially for first timers. g. casillas says: [reporter: "what do you think gabriel, your first snow sighting?"] it's very fun. i never seen snow. [reporter says: "it's cold."] it's a little more chunky than i thought it would be" the added wind and rain making the snow experience a little harder to tolerate, but not stopping anyone, not even the little ones. borges says: "i don't know how many times i've seen the snow but it was really fun [reporter: "are you cold or are you warm in that big
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b. chu says: "i'm warming up. [reporter: you're what warming up] yeah." martinez says: "and some people are so excited by the snow, they're pulling off to the side of the road just to build a snowman." j. casillas says: "well, this is southern california." yes it is. and the snow is also the perfect start to the holiday season especially after that big turkey dinner. a. chu says: "yes. it totally feels like the holiday. like, thanksgiving was the other day and it's just the season has kicked off." d. lopez says: "just being home, eating turkey... this is a good exercise, going up there." martinez say the biggest regrets people say they have is not wearing enough warm clothing. but they say they'll be more prepared next time. in mount laguna, felicia martinez, fox 5 news." for all of you itching to get into the christmas spirit here... you can hop on board the christmas express. the annual event.. hosted by western elite... offers a winter wonderland. there are hay rides.... kiddy rides and lots of photo opportunities. the christmas express is similar to the polar express train ride-- with cottages...
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santa claus even jumps on... and hands every child a present! western elite is also hosting a free military night december eight... to honor and thank our service members. and don't forget to check out the glittering lights at the las vegas motor speedway... the holiday tradition benefits the "childrens speedway charity "... and runs through january seventh. it's 20 dollars a car during the week... and 30 dollars on fridays and the weekends. this time of year... everyone goes all out to put on the best christmas display... but one georgia family may top them all. fox's denise dillion shines a light on this story. dillon says (oncam): the allen family has been decorating their yard for the past 4 months. they say it's a lot of work, a lot of money.... but they do it because they love christmas. j-h allen says: "there's exactly 3300 lights in this archway." it all started 16 years ago. j-h and johnnie gail allen put a few extra christmas lights in the yard for the grandkids.
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grown... and grown. tens of thousands of lights now cover more than 3 acres of land. j-h allen says: "as the grandkids got older stuff got bigger." it takes at least four months to set out the displays... and they change it around every year. j-h allen says: "me and my wife does the majority of it, grandkids come over and help out now, my son, my daughter. when it gets down to the nitty gritty, they come and help." the allens both work and they're volunteer firefighters. they say when they're not on the job... they're setting out lights. johnnie gail allen says: "y'know you just juggle your time. if you're not at work you're doing christmas stuff." the lightbourne family stopped by -- and the children's faces lit up at the sight. nats "i like looking at the candy cane, the swing set, i like the balls and the little god. they're super awesome." cameron says: (what
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"think about christmas." beverley says: "i just think about how beautiful it is and how life has all this joy in it." johnnie gail allen says: "i love christmas its the birth of christ, we can't give everyone a gift for christmas, so this is our present to everybody." dillon says (oncam): the allens say they scour yard sales and thrift stores for decorations and over the years friends have given them some. they say the more the merrier. in pickens county, denise dillon, fox 5 news. it was a big weekend for lady rebel basketball... as they took home a championship just five games into the season. we'll have highlights from their big matchup yesterday. and we'll show you what happens when you combine a huge baseball fan with a sweet tooth. hint: some very strange, yet impressive art.
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mccarran international...
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landing... after an engine issue mid-air last night. according to k- o-a-t albuquerque... flight 1693 lost one of its engines mid-air... and requested emergency landing in albuquerque... where it landed safely... and after a five hour delay... landed here in vegas. the lady rebels basketball team has reached a big milestone yesterday... u-n-l-v took on a five and miss squad at the cox pavilion... in the championship game of the holiday tournament. the rebels started off on a fast start... and keep the solid play going. they won 64 to 57. four players finished in double digits... and for the first time in 11 years... the lady rebels won the holiday tournament. they now move to five an oh themselves. the oakland raiders just keep on winning... and they keep doing so dramatically. the raiders defense was all over carolina early... helping oakland jump to a 24 to seven lead. but then raiders
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and went out of the game. the panthers then started to rally all the way back to take a 32 to 25 lead. fortunatley for raider fans... carr came back... and helped lead his own comeback... his second in six days. the radiers scored a touchdown and a field goal with under a minute left... and their defense held off a final panther push.. they win 35 to 32. raiders are now guaranteed their first winning season since 2002. a big day yesterday for tom brady. on the division rival jets... and it was a close game throughout... but the patriots edged out a victory... 22 to 17... giving brady his two hundreth career win. he now ties peyton manning... for most wins by a quarterback. pretty sure that tie will be broken... within the next few weeks. " " 0:02-0:08 announcer: crowd immediately letting their feelings known on colin kaepernick. the 49ers traveled to play the dolphins
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but the bigger story... miami fans booed colin kaepernick as he took the field... because of a fidel castro t-shirt he wore back in august. kap was asked about the t-shirt last week by a miami reporter... and he said he respected castro focusing more on education... than their prison system. the university of nevada and head coach brian polian... have agreed to part ways after four seasons. under polian... u-n-r could never break five hundred in mountain west conference games. polian, the son of former n-f-l executive bill polian... was 23-27 since replacing hall of fame coach chris ault. he had one year left on his original contract. and in u-f-c news...... the historic reign of two division champion conor mcgregor came to an end this weekend... the self-titled notorious...vacate d his featherweight title in favor of keeping his 155- pound title... that now makes jose aldo...the
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for the title... the now undisputed champion... dana white says mcgregor won't fight before next may... the irishman is taking time off as he awaits the birth of his first child. gerald madero: "everybody here, we're all cubs fans, so, you know being that the cubs won the world series, we just thought it was right to make wrigley field." check this out... a big cubs fan and chef used his skills to relive the world series-- nearly a month after the cub's big win. gerald madero unveiled a gingerbread replica of wrigley field. it weighs more than 400 pounds. it's all edible... except for the players who are made out of legos. jill stein's push for a vote recount is making headway this week... after the the green party is gearing up for this huge undertaking. and a massachusetts college is refusing to wave the american flag. why they're doing this... and the public
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large. what we know so far on the investigation. former cuban leader fidel castro's passing... has some celebrating, but others mourning. we'll show what folks in cuba are doing ahead of his funeral. and a group met
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memorial yesterday to promote peace... but it wasn't a protest. what they did to spread their positive message. good morning... i'm dave hall. now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forecast... cassandra jones joins us now. good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. waking up to a slight chance of some drizzle & high with afternoon breezes continuing to 30 mph. daytime highs will continue to trend a few degrees below seasonal averages for the next few days with highs only in the mid to low 50's over the next six days. wind gusts to 45 mph can be expected this afternoon across esmeralda and central nye counties. the cooler air will remain in the forecast with some clouds before another slight chance of showers returns friday.
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to up 60 degrees is on tap for sunday. ((anchor chat)) good morning. here's a look at your fox5 traffic solutions let's begin with your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps back to the news desk the suspect who


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