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tv   FOX5 News at 600pm  FOX  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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live from las vegas fox5 news at 6 starts now. a disturbing story out of pahrump. a dog tied and shot several times... and it appears the animal was used for target practice. now -- the suspect is still on the run. unlv is reacting to the attack on ohio's states campus. i'm vince sapienza, live at unlv comingp a man sexually assaults an 8-year- old girl and now police need your help catching him before he strikes again. this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas a dog is tied to a pole... then shot several times. i'm adam herbets. i'm cyndi lundeberg. it happened near pahrump... and the
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department is asking for your help finding who did this. fox5s eric hilt has more details from nye county. "the nye county sheriff told me the dog was tied to a stake and then used for target practice at this shooting range outside of pahrump...and now they need the publics help to find who's responsible" nats -- guns robert brown has used the bell vista shooting range nw of pahrump for 7 years "at least once a month yes" and that's why he was shocked and disgusted when he heard somebody brought a dog to the range, tied it to a pole, then shot and killed it -- apparently using the terrier for target practice "i was amazed and disappointed in some of the people attitudes today...i think the max sentence should be pushed on him" but before the person responsible can be punished - they need to be found. and the nye county sheriffs department says that now, almost a month after the shooting, it's running out of
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every little tidbit of evidence we could" now the sheriff is asking for the publics help "if someone heard someone bragging, talking about what they've don't, we need that information" hoping to id the person behind the appalling crime...and soon "it's disturbing that somebody would shoot a dog. it could have been a child. we take these things very seriously because they do have a tendency to escalate" spoke to others agree sickening want to see behind it responsible. eric hilt fox five news." if you have any information you are urged to call the nye county sheriffs department. you can find their number on our website -- fox five vegas dot com. police are trying to figure out why
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ran over a group of pedestrians on campus... and then stabbed several people with a butcher knife. within minutes -- he was shot and killed by university police. this info is from law enforcement officials. police say the o- s-u student plowed his car into a crowd on campus... then got out and started stabbing people. eleven people were taken to the hospital. one person is in critical condition. ohio governor -- john kasich -- weighed in on the attack. "ohio state will be stronger having come through this, and we will have le can promise you, from the president of our university to the people that run security here, they will even up their game beyond what is really just an unbelievable, amazing, outstanding and heroic performance on the part of our first responders." law enforcement officials are still trying to figure out the motive. an anonymous source told "the associated press" the suspect was born in somalia...
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s. federal law enforcement officials say they found some posts on the suspects facebook about muslims being attacked. they were posted close to the time of the attack. here at home.. we can't help but think what if that happened here... fox-5 looked into what u-n-l-v police are doing today and how they guard against any similiar type events on campus.... and that's where we find fox-5's vince sapienza who spoke with students and police about what steps they're taking to ensure safety on camp.. adam..cyndi.... you know you see this stuff happen thousands of miles away... saying that won't happen here... but the ugly truth is that it very well could.... and that thought of "could" is what u-n-l-v police spend a lot of their time and efforts guarding against.... police tell it's a situation of hoping for the best... but preparing for the worst....
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that "it" is what happened on the campus of ohio state monday morning. an act of violence injuring several students. unlv chief of police jose elique says even though this happned more than two-thousand miles away, it still very much hits home. "if there is something that keeps me up at night or that i think about when i get up in the middle of the night, it's that." unlv police say they go through a dozen seminars in a years time along with active shooter simulations twice a year. i'm told they had several meetings monday to review what needs to be done in case a situation were to occur on campus. "i mean it's scary that it could possibly happen here with the open campus here at unlv and i do see some scary people so i do get scared." in cases of emergencies students and faculty receive an alert on their phones. similar to the alert students received during the summer.. when a false active shooter notification was sent out. police say it was an mistake...but a positive one. "it showed that the emergency notification system worked a number of people received and
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enforcement responders in the area responded expeditiously." students i spoke with say they had no hesitation coming to school monday. "can't let that stuff stop you from doing life, if someone wants to get crazy can't let them stop you from doing what you want to do." "it's kind of one of those things you think will never happen to me, one in a million, won't happen to me, there are so many people on campus how could that happen to me." message police are trying to avoid. "i never feel 100% protected or a 100% ready simply because of the unknown, you never know what you might have to confront." and if you are unfortunate enough to have to go through an experience like the one at the ohio state university.. police have some tips. "lock yourself in place, you can, if you can escape from the building we ask you to do that, and as a last resort we ask you to fight for your life." now if you have a school email.. you are on the alert system....
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is for faculty... staff.. and students here at u-n-l-v.... but it's not restircted to just them.. if you would like to be on that alert list... you can do so online.. their is a link on our website... fox-5-vegas-dot- com.....and speaking with the police chief today... from u-n-l-v.. i'm vince sapienza... fox-5 news.. .local.. las vegas.. u-n-l-v police again urge not just students... but anyone near by campus... if you see something...say something... police need help... and have released a sketch... pleading for any information about a man they say sexually assaulted an 8- year-old girl on thanksgiving day. fox5's kathleen jacob joins us live outside of the condos where this happened near buffalo street
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she spoke to the police about their leads coming in. adam, cindy... they tell me the tips are rolling in about who this man could be. they have all of their detectives working tirelessly on this case. they say it's their number one priority to catch the man that would sexually assault an 8- year-old girl. i actually spoke to one father that lives right beside where this happened behind me. he actually heard a bunch of commotion that night and talked to police about everything... but he's still shaken at the thought that this could have been one of his kevin hernandez is holding his 4-year- old daughter's hand tightly today. "it's definitely in the back of your head now, you're on edge." on thanksgiving he heard commotion outside of his condo...but didn't think much of it. "the next morning a cop came in and gave us the details and asked if we heard anything and i gave him my info." the details the officer gave? an 8-year-old girl and her 5-year-old brother are playing outside when a man that looks like this convinces the brother to go back
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police say he then took the girl around the building and sexually assaulted her. "we live right up here and apparently it was right around where we park our car so that is definitely a big concern. "anyone that would victimize a child like this is absolutely one of the worst offenders we have and this is absolutely the type of person we have all hands on deck and we use every resource to go after." every make sure this man doesn't attack another child. "we're with them, i'm sorry it happened to them, i can't even imagine what they're going through and i just know that persons gonna get caught, he's gonna pay. police told me they think everything happened very quickly... it was around 1pm so it was light outside... they think it was a combination of the girl escaping from the man and the man getting scared of getting caught so he walked off. he is described as a white male with a thin build and light brown hair or salt and peppered hair. he was last seen wearing black
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shirt. again, they urge anyone that may know anything to please contact them immediately. they desperately want this dangerous man off the streets. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. you can leave an anonymous tip with crime stoppers at 702- 385-55-55. to the weather now... you may have seen snow on top of mountains. winter has arrived at mount charleston! here's a look at the snow at lee the resort says they received about four inces of natural snow over the weekend. this is good news... because the cooler temperatures will help them open up for the season -- on december 9-th. let's check in fox five's meteorologist sam argier with more on what's ahead for the work week. the fall chill has arrived with temperatures staying below average for most of the week ahead. the clouds moving
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disturbance moving across our area tonight. showers will stay north and east of the las vegas valley, but it will turn breezy for your monday evening with 15 to 25 mph winds. overnight lows bottom out in the low 40s. skies clear out tuesday; we'll stay breezy with mostly sunny skies. high temperatures hold in the mid 50s. wednesday thursday morning will start out with temperatures in the mid 30s around las vegas; our lowest temperatures so far a u-n-l-v students is using a class project to help local veterans who are homeless. "nichelle thomas" is challenging her peers to do some good by sacrificing one thing for the day... and donating the money they would've spent to local vets. she came up with the idea for a
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thought it would be a great to try it out in real life. she asked people to share their items on facebook -- and that's where it took off. "it can be anything like your favorite gourmet coffee. it can be. i donated my-- or i sacrificed my sushi burrito. and so i took the proceeds of what i would normally pay for my sushi and i donated it to the go fund me page. we have a hashtag: my sacrifice of the day." nichelle's goal is to raise two- thousand dollars for homeless veterans. we've added her go-fund- t links section on our website at fox5 vegas dot com. coming up... an american airlines flight headed to las vegas loses an engine during the flight... forcing an emergency landing in new mexico. hundreds of passengers were delayed for several hours. we hear from passengers about the scary moment... and what officials believe
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ask your vet about oravet chews. serious oral care made simple it's going to be a very merry someone in tennessee... after winning the entire 421-million dollar jackpot over the weekend! a single ticket sold in lafayette, tennessee matched all six powerball numbers drawn saturday night. it was one of the largest jackpots on record. lottery officials say the winner has not stepped up to claim the prize... but they do have 180 days. there were some over winners this past weekend. another ticket -- worth 2-million dollars for matching the first 5 numbers -- was
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dollar tickets were also sold in pennsylvania and minnesota. a las vegas flight from dallas that was forced to make an vegas... but instead an engine broke down... and the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing. american airlines says the the plane started having trouble after it took off last night. nearly 180 passengers on board were forced to sit through a six hour delay in albuquerque, new mexico. no one was hurt during the landing... but it was a scary situation that passengers say the crews handlewe "everybody on the plane was calm. nobody panicked, nothing. it just got you a little leery that stewardesses and stuff were moving around more quickly than normal then people started to get a little nervous but no one got panicked, everyone just stayed calm. " crews are still investigating the cause of the problem. they believe it may have been a compressor surge... which can cause an engine to stall. now fox5 weather 24/7
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temperatures staying below average for most of the week ahead. the clouds moving through today are associated with a disturbance moving across our area tonight. showers will stay north and east of the las vegas valley, but it will turn breezy for your monday evening with 15 to 25 mph winds. overnight lows bottom out in the low 40s. skies clear out tuesday; we'll stay breezy with mostly sunny skies. high temperatures hold in the mid 50s. wednesday and thursday morning will start out with temperatures in the mid 30s around las vegas; our lowest temperatures so far this season. neighborhoods on the outskirts of the valley will be hovering around freezing for
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be in the 50s. another system drops in friday bringing more clouds with gusty winds across the area. we look to stay dry at this point with highs in the low 50s on friday. look for more sun this weekend with temperatures pushing closer to 60 degrees. closed captioning will resume shortly
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valley have been taking a spin on ice rinks... but check out this unusual one in japan. it's catching a lot of national attention. the skating rink has nearly five- thousand fish packed into the ice. the owners of the venue say more than 20 species of dead fish were used to create what they call an "ice aqaurium"... but locals living in the area did not like the idea... calling it "tasteless... and a desecration of life". the owner says the fish were already dead at the time of purchase... and were considered unfit to sell in markets. so far -- the rink has been closed. sometimes we look at a piece of clothing in our closet... and think "why did i buy that"? well apparently -- there are some
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are using to get you to shop. we'll tell you what stores are doing around the holidays... to encourage you to spend money. ma with our $3.50 sub of the day, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different. every day of the week, get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. all with no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day
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stores use psychology to influence what you buy. stores are using psychology and research to encourage shoppers to open their wallets. for instance -- if items are on the middle of a shelf and if a price ends in nine studies show people are more likely to buy. how sales clerks treat customers may also influence shoppers. but according to a study the nice guy doesn't always finish first. in fact rude sales people in luxury stores can cause customers with lower self-esteem to spend more. and if you think the music yo random -- think again. the right genre can make shoppers happier and lose track of time. studies show pop music leads to impulse buys. whereas shoppers may not pay attention to lesser known music and instead focus on prices. things to consider to help you shop smarter. for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. consumer scientists have also found that when shoppers find good deals... it activates the brain's reward center... which makes shoppers feel satisfied. christmas is slowly arriving at
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today -- the christmas tree was delivered. take a look. the 80-foot tree made its way to its new home this morning. it traveled four- thousand miles across the country... from a national forest in idaho. only the best for d-c. it also made dozens of stops along the way. more than six- thousand ornaments will decorate the tree... all handcrafted from people living in idaho. some snapchat users use the drawing tool on snapchat here and there... but no one can compare to this guy! he's re-creating iconic disney scenes using the drawing tool and new snapchat filters. we'll show you how long it took to make these scenes from the most popular films. up next on more access! as the holiday season kicks into high gear we look at the long history of celebrity christmas specials. and reveal which you'll see this year! plus boyz ii men ready to spread the joy. tonight a look at their new project
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season and its being called the top contender for next years oscars a look at emma stone and ryan goslings musical movie "la la land"
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here's a look at some of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at ten. a man's home is hit by a burglar... and while reviewing his home surveillance... he catches the people he thinks are responsible... robbing another man at gunpoint. what he hopes police will now do-- to help the neighborhood. another round of closures-- coming to the 215--- what areas you need to avoid... and how long the shut down will be in effect... no one can get on this snapchat user's level! chec famous disney scenes he's created on the app. "pocanhantas nats. frozen nats. mulan nats staring straight at me." "ivan" posted a
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he says it took him four hours to re-create iconic scarf down those leftovers - thanksgiving's a wrap! as we enter the dawn of the holiday season so comes the celebrity chirstmas specials tonight a look back at how the top stars have spread the joy! plus he's going to have us up "all night long" for new years eve but find out what surprising advice vegas headliner lionel richie has for donald trump then forget about the golden ticket! see why a gold can will get you superbowl tickets for life! and no you're not getting rick rolled but find out what huge announcement


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