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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  November 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. a man buys a security system after his home was broken into... and witnesses a man being robbed at gunpoint in front of his house. we'll show you why he thinks there has to be a connection. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. we continue to follow breaking news out of columbia, south america. a plane carrying finalists for the south american football championship has crashed. this has been confirmed by the associated press. this is video of when the plane disappeared from the radar. officials say it was carrying 72 passengers... and on its way to
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airport. ambulances and rescuers are on the way. the city's mayor says it's possible there are survivors. it's not clear what caused the crash. a valley man's home was broken into, electronics, money, and valuables stolen, and so he decides to buy a security system... i'm adam herbets. i'm cyndi lundeberg. it was through that system he was able to watch in real time as a man was robbed at gun point right in front of his house this weekend. fox5's miguel martinez valle spoke to the homeowner... and he has that video for us now. there were about two weeks between the time brett palmer's home was broken into and burglarized and this weekend when he says a victim he doesn't even know was robbed at gun point right in front of his house... palmer believes the men that robbed the victim, were the same people who stole from him... " pointed it at him, the guy / kid gave him his money, hit him with the gun, ran away" this gun-point robbery footage
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home surveillance cameras... " got one here and i got one here by my door, and i just put that one there after the latest incident, it was inside my house" but he wasn't the victim of this crime... and he doesn't know anyone involved... or even why they were at his front door. " i don't know the victim, i don't know the suspects, but it looks like a staged drugs deal..." his connections: the robbery happened outside his house... and the suspects may be linked to a home burglary he was a weeks ago... " they match the description of the suspects from the home burglary yea" metro's been investigating the prior home burglary... today palmer sent them these videos... showing them the confrontation outside his home. " having that video surveillance both inside and outside is very critical" " both of the suspects ran out of this storm drain (and made their way over towards the front door)" " (same surveillance) (from the storm drain ) and made their way towards the front door, that's where they attacked the victim, took something from him,( surveillance video) before running away
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< co shots of suspects and victim> " its very important that we identify that victim too... we want to know who they are, exactly what they were doing there in that location, what they had in their hands, and what they did broken into in his neighborhood this year, he's hoping the h-o-a installs a gate in front of the storm drain to keep unwanted guests out... police tell me while other robberies have happened, they don't consider it a crime wave... they are hoping the victim of the robbery comes forward, police say they do recommend surveillance cameras to homeowners, because the more they can see and hear, the easier it is to solve their cases... a suspect is wanted for several armed robberies earlier this month. take a look. this is lamar griffin. police say he's responsible for six armed robberies at convenience stores.... between november 8th and 12th. police say griffin is considered armed and dangerous. anyone with information on where he is should call police or crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55. a big freeway closure tonight... is expected to
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delays. right now the eastbound lanes of the 215 at the airport connector are closed. fox 5's faith tanner... is live at the 215... with a look at the areas you'll want to avoid tonight. you can see right here... crews are working to finish installing parts of a new flyover ramp that goes over the 2-15. in order to do this.. they've had to shut down all eastbound lanes of the airport connector ""i go to the airport a lot so that part is bad.. i guess it's just part of our landscape for now until it's all done" the closures started about and hour ago... and will last until 5 tomorrow morning. this affects the area on eastbound 215 between sunset and mccarran... and warms springs road. also closed tonight---
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diverted to the northbound side of the airport connector. this project has been going on for a while now-- you may remember it required a closure of both sides of the 215 earlier this month. drivers who live in the area... tell me all the road work has definitely slowed them down. "it means i have to get out earlier to get here on time and traffic is already a hinderence and this makes it even worse" there is some good news... the county says tonight should be the last full freeway closure for the project. although some lanes will still close down from time to time. the entire project is expected to wrap up next october. ftffnll. also tonight n- dot has closed two lanes along southbound 95. the right lanes are shut down between rancho drive and the spaghetti bowl. the lanes will be closed from 9 pm to 6 am... today and tomorrow. you can stay up to date with the latest traffic conditions by
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to the weather now... you may have seen a blanket of snow on top of the mountains. this is a look at the snow at lee canyon. the resort says around four inces fell over the weekend. the cooler temps will be a big help as they prepare to open up for the season -- which happens next friday. back here in the valley... it's also getting a little chillier. let's check in with fox five's chief meteorlogist ted pretty. the fall chill has arrived with temperatures staying below average for most of the week ahead. the clouds moving through today are associated with a disturbance moving across our area will stay north and east of the las vegas valley, but it will turn breezy for your monday evening with 15 to 25 mph winds. overnight lows bottom out in the low 40s. skies clear out tuesday; we'll stay breezy with mostly sunny skies. high temperatures hold in the mid 50s. wednesday and thursday morning will start out with temperatures in the mid 30s around las vegas; our lowest temperatures so far this season. neighborhoods on the outskirts of the valley will be hovering around freezing for
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be in the 50s. another system drops in friday bringing more clouds with gusty winds across the area. we look to stay dry at this point with highs in the low 50s on friday. look for more sun this weekend with temperatures
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federal investigators are now looking into if terrorism was a factor... after a violent vehicle and stabbing attack at ohio state university. fox's mike tobin has more on what we know about the suspect. a monday morning attack at ohio state university... columbus, oh 911: "we have a vehicle that struck several pedestrians, we have gunshots fired, we have one down." officials say an eighteen-year-old o-s-u student... intentionally drove a car into a crowd on campus...using the vehicle as a weapon... then, got out with a butcher knife...and started stabbing people. kapil says: "so, suddenly a car appeared on the sidewalk and it just hit everybody who was in front." schneider says: "i thought it was an accident initially. until the guy came out with a knife honestly. i wasn't processing all of it at once really." a nearby police officer quickly responded...shootin g and killing the suspect. kasich says: "it is remarkable what the first responders did." eleven people were injured in the attack -- one critically. kasich says: "fortunately, from what i'm understanding from
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full recovery." sources tell fox news the suspect was a refugee from somalia...who became a legal permanent u.s. resident. moll says: "we can confirm that the suspect is an osu student named abdul razak ali artan." now looking into motive and the suspect's background...federa l investigators could be seen searching his home on monday. ouhammou says: "i'm completely astonished." ouhammou says: "seems like a very normal guy - he's nice, decently mannered." meantime, the ranking democrat on the u-s house intelligence committee says the attack - quote - "bears all of the hallmarks of a terror attack carried out by someone who may have been self- radicalized." (on cam) law enforcement sources tell fox news... the suspect made a social media declaration on monday... complaining about the treatment of muslims. at the ohio state university campus, mike tobin, fox news. the active shooter situation at ohio state university has many students here at home worried. that's why unlv police are making themselves more visible around campus to make students feel
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"surprisingly, i felt very safe here on this campus. i mean, i don't know, i can't speak for everyone but i know i definitely feel safe walking around here even at night. i have a class at night." u-n-l-v police say no threats or copy c incidents have been reported... but if it ever happens -- police are prepared to deal with the situation. unlv does have an alert system for students.. faculty... and community members. the system sends out mass email notifications to everyone listed of any suspicious activity reported on campus. police hope their constant patrols more comfortable on campus-- but for right now they want everyone to be aware of their surroundings. a woman... kirstin blaise lobato has been sitting behind bars for 15 years for a murder she says she didnt commit. two months prior to the crime lobato told friends a man attacked her and she pulled out a knife and slashed him... her statements aout her attack were used to convict her of the man's murder... but a nevada supreme court ruling says there's evidence that was overlooked. kirstin blaise lobato sits here...
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mcclure female prison in north las vegas. she's serving time for the murder of duran bailey... despite there being no physical evidence tying her to the murder. this is not a crime a woman would commit bailey was beaten with a baseball bat... his teeth were knocked out and his body was mutilated. at the crime scene the body was covered by boxes what was on those footprints male foortprints shes either a person who can beat a man to death and leave no evidence at the crime scene and come up with male dna at the crime scene and happen to wear men shoes that ady or she didnt do it a week prior to the murder... a woman named diann parker told police bailey had raped her... and told police bailey was going to kill her. i dont know of a criminal investigation where a woman is raped and then that rape suspect is murdered and the police barely interview the bf of the rape victim and the rape victim herself kirstin lobato was convicted twice of the crime... lobato appealed her convction... but the judge denied her appeal. however the nevada supreme court ruled
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in this case that must be looked at... stephen jackson- the nevada supreme court said youve been too hasty you didnt do an indepth look into whether or nto her claims were valid you need to do an indepth look into those claims for now kirstin lobato waits as she has... to plea her innocence. in february we spoke to her over the phone... this is what she wanted to say to those who doubt her innocence. blaise- i think a lot of people are skpetical and so i would say dont listen to me dont listen to anyone look at the evidence and form your own opinion because the facts speak for themselves stephen jackson- shes either the greatest criminal in the world or she didnt do it the boyfriend of diann parker-- the woman raped by duran bailey signed an affidavit. in it he says it was parkers friends
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bailey to protect parker. we did a series on kirstin lobato... called guilty until proven innocent... to see that... head over to fox5 vegas dot com. coming up... the student-run newspaper at u-n- l-v could soon go silent. the "rebel yell" needs money... but despite it's financial situation -- the paper is getting a new name we'll tell you what it will be known as... after several months of feedback from students on campus. and... some u-n-l-v students are challenging their peers to pay it forward. what they want people to give up... al help our local
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a flight on its way to las vegas -- that was forced to make an emergency landing -- is now safely back at mccarran international airport. american airlines says the the plane started having trouble with one of its engines... after it took off last night. nearly 180 passengers on board were forced to sit through a six
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mexico. no one was hurt during the landing... but it was a scary situation that passengers say the crews handled well. "everybody on the plane was calm. nobody panicked, nothing. it just got you a little leery that stewardesses and stuff were moving around more quickly than normal then people started to get a little nervous but no one got panicked, everyone just stayed calm. " crews are still investigating the cause of the problem. they believe it may have been a compressor surge... which can cause an engine to stall. now fox5 weather 24/7 the fall chill has arrived with temperatures staying below average for most of the week ahead. the clouds moving through today are associated with a disturbance moving across our area tonight. showers will stay north and east of the las
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for your monday evening with 15 to 25 mph winds. overnight lows bottom out in the low 40s. skies clear out tuesday; we'll stay breezy with mostly sunny skies. high temperatures hold in the mid 50s. wednesday and thursday morning will start out with temperatures in the mid 30s around las vegas; our lowest temperatures so far this season. neighborhoods on the outskirts of the valley will be hovering around freezing for morning lows. high temperatures will
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another system drops in friday bringing more clouds with gusty winds across the area. we look to stay dry at this point with highs in the low 50s on friday. look for more sun this weekend with temperatures pushing closer to 60 degrees. closed captioning
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run newspaper "the rebel yell" has officially changed its name. as of today it's now the "scarlet and gray free press". for the past several months -- they've been getting feedback from students about possible names... then they sat down with staff about the final options. earlier this month -- students were told to raise 30- thousand dollars... or the paper would be shut down. the paper says despite its current financial situation... it will not let business interests control its content. a group of u-n-l-v students are using a class project to help local veterans who are homeless. "nichelle thomas" is challenging her peers to do some good by sacrificing one thing for the day... and donating that cash to local vets. it's called "my sacrifice for the day." the money could be what you spend on a cup of coffee or something you
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thomas came up with the idea for a class project... but started sharing it on social media. she asked people to share what they gave up on facebook -- and that's where it took off. "it can be anything like your favorite gourmet coffee. it can be. i donated my-- or i sacrificed my sushi burrito. and so i took the proceeds of what i would normally pay for my sushi and i donated it to the go fund me page. we have a hashtag: my sacrifice of the day." nichelle's goal is to raise two- thousand dollars veterans. we've added the go-fund-me page to the links section on our website at fox5 vegas dot com. santa's reindeer have a new mission. it's to deliver pizza... but the training isn't going too well. "ahhhhhh. ahhh. running..." why dominos' pizza in japan is trying it out... and why some just feel it's a marketing ploy. and disney's new animated adventure -- "moana" -- sets
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earned at the box office during
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santa's reindeer aren't just being trained to deliver toys this christmas. dominos japan
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jeanne moos has more on the possibility... and a look at the reindeer's progress. who needs reindeer... nats: "rudolph with your nose so bright to deliver presents when they can deliver pizza. domino's in japan says it's training reindeer at a driving school to deliver pizza in one of japan's coldest, snowiest regions. "if a reindeer runs properly, it can go as fast as 80 kilometers per hour. it's especially fast on snow, as though it's equipped with snow shoes." yeah well if reindeer ever deliver pizza at 50 miles an hour, domino's should expect lawsuits. nats: ho ho grandma watch out! the trainers... seemed to be having trouble reining in their pizza delivery reindeer, which would be equipped with gps devices so customers can check on their progress. (jeanne moos) "so how do you say publicity stunt in japanese?" publicity stunt--senden coy. domino's is no stranger to marketing ploys. take the edible box domino's uk dreamed
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just last month domino's in new zealand demonstrated... the pizza delivery drone. it flew to the appointed address and lowered a pizza. company officials in new zealand say that in the next couple of years drones could make up 25 percent of deliveries. and before the drone, domino's in australia presented... nats: the big day arrived the pizza delivery robot. with a top speed of about 12 miles per hour, it can't take to the highway, but it can chat with customers and dodge obstacles. from high tech... tomato sauce making rudolph's
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there's a new film making waves during the holiday movie season. "moana" broke a new record during thanksgiving weekend. how much the movie made during its debut... and we'll hear from the creator of the broadway "hamilton" about working on the moana soundtrack.
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sails to the top spot in the box office... earning more than 81-million dollars. this makes it the second best thanksgiving weekend opening of all time... second only to "frozen". fox's kerin ( ) mccue learns more about moana's soundtrack. disney's animated feature "moana" road an impressive wave of success pp thanksgiving holiday weekend with more than $81 million in it's 5 day opening. the soundtrack is co-written by "hamilton" tony winner lin manuel miranda, who got this gig about 6 months before rehearsing for his hit broadway show. miranda says the songs have an empowering message that fit with the film. miranda says: "the fun of moana is that we're also, in addition to telling moana's incredible


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