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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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seeing our flag in flames evokes a lot of emotion from people... "it makes me angry and upset you know this is the greatest country in the world you know and no ones making you stay here, you should go somewhere else." and from president elect donald evokes tweets. nevada's executive director of the aclu tod story doesn't think much change will come from this. "when i saw that this morning i wasn't sure what to think or trying to understand what was it the president elect was trying to express." so can you burn the american flag? in short...the "the supreme court settled this question back in 1989 in texas vs. johnson." gary johnson burned a flag outside of the republican national convention to protest ronald raegans policies. he was arrested and charge... but appealed. the supreme court ruled in his favor stating his acts were symbolic speech that are protected by the first amendment. "in america you have the first amendment right to be able to say anything and make a fool of yourself
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that's what makes this country so great." and donald trumps idea to revoke citizenship for flag burning? "i don't think that the american people would stand for that, we know what it means to be a citizen that's defined in the constitution, burning the flag is not one of those things." congress is actually in charge of defining citizenship... so it would take a major change from them for that to happen. today i did actually talk to a few people that ageeed with trumps statements.., they just didn't want to go on camera. they did say they think burning a flag is denouncing our country...and if you denounce our country... you shouldn't be a citizen. reporting live kathleen jacob fox 5 news local las vegas the coldest weather las vegas has felt in nearly 10 months is on the way tonight. a freeze warning is in effect for the las vegas valley from 2 am to 8 am wednesday. neighborhoods will be dropping into the low 30s and upper 20s overnight. skies will be mostly
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with high temperatures only in the mid 50s; below average for this time of year. skies stay mostly sunny thursday with mid 50s before a system moves in friday. southern nevada stays dry, but we see more cloud cover with gusty winds. high temperatures hold in the mid to low 50s. temperatures moderate this weekend with highs back up around 60 degrees on sunday. the cold snap has people reaching for their thermostats... and many people degrees on sunday. the cold snap has people reaching for their thermostats... and many people are finding out their furnace is on the fritz. fox5s eric hilt went to a couple of house calls with a furnace repair crew - how busy are they?
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time of year for them i spoke with gibson air conditioning and heating and they have all of their trucks out - even the manager is out doing repairs. he said he most common issues are pretty basic and can be avoided with some routine check ups " "
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also help make sure the heat or air conditioning system is safe. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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the homicide suspect who broke out of police custody-- is now a suspect in two other killings. alonso perez's attorney did not comment on those cases and the several other charges against him.
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perez plans to fight the charges against him. perez has been behind bars since his recapture in september-- after breaking out of handcuffs and escaping an interigation room. perez was being questioned about the fatal shooting of a man at a fast food restaurant. police say just hours after that killing-- perez fatally shot a motorcycle rider in a neighborhood. an arrest report in that case names perez as a suspect in another fatal shooting a week earlier. coming up at 5-30 fox5's miguel will break down the alonso's arrest reports. the "fight for 15 national movement hit the streets of las vegas today. airport... uber... fast food and child care workers are demanding 15 dollars an hour and union rights. the group is calling it their most disruptive protests yet. this is a nationwide movement-- expanding to near 20 major airports and various mcdonald's restaurants. they say they are
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the face of newly elected politicians. "we're not asking for the whole pie. we're asking for our fair share of the pie. we're asking for a decent piece so that we can live comfortably and quit saying no to our families." "we're not asking for anymore than what you would be asking for if you were living in our shoes." the "fight for 15" protests started in new york back in 20-12. a major step forward for the u-n-l-v hockey team. it's a change the athletic department says the next steps forward now that the team is promoted to a division one. and what the school is doing about funding. cowboy up! the rodeo is back in town this week. what you need to know before thousands of visitors arrive for the ten day event. the largest blood drive in southern nevada is happening tomorrow. why one moher is asking for your help to save her
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moving on up... u-n-l-v hockey's goal of becoming a member of the n-c-a-a took one big step forward today... the current u-n- l-v club sport received notice that they have been promoted from division division one of the american collegiate hockey association... something the athletic department at u- n-l-v say they needed to see happen... fox5's vince sapienza spoke with players.. coaches and staff... about how this helps the team become part of the u-n-l-v athletic family... john..christine.... this is a big day and a big deal for
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been more than two years in the making.... and what it does is a couple things... one it shows.. u- n-l-v has the talent and skill to compete at the next level... and maybe even more shows the university.. that there is need and desire to have a recognized hockey team in the u-n-l-v athletic department.... nats the skatin' rebels have scored 117 goals this year. but their biggest goal of the season came off the ice. after the team learned they will be playi one hockey next season. "this is one of the boxes we needed to check off to get our ultimate goal." and that goal is to become a member of the ncaa. but for that to happen the team needs to raise more than 15 million dollars to fund five years of the hockey program as well as a women's lacrosse team - due to title ix rules of bringing up a men and womens sports team at the same time. "we've been working with the womens lacrosse program, it's still a work in progress, but from an exposure standpoint this definitely helps us."
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is what the teams hopes will bring in that funding. instead of playing teams like montana tech in division two. unlv will now play d1 programs like alabama. "people are going to be drawn out to those games because they have attachments, whether that be from vegas of the midwest, you have more people attached to bigger schools." and for the coaches and players. this is what they've been playing and working for. "the kids that we brought in were for this, they're built for an acha d1 program and a few of the kids are built for the end goal, which is division 1 ncaa." "coaches can promise you the world, and never deliver, but this has been good so far, everything that has been said to me has come true and it's been really good." "that's always been my dream from minnesota, i want to play division one hockey." tuesday's news maybe the biggest win of the season. but it's an even bigger message sent to the unlv. "i think they need to realize how serious we really are, they're seeing unlv now from a national standpoint being a hockey market, where people come to play college hockey, i think it does send a message because
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growth, it's happening right in front of them." now i spoke with the u-n-l-v athletics department... and they told me they are very encouraged by this news.. but they also recognize that in the end it comes down to money and funding mens ice hockey and womens lacrosse ...which could take some time... now i also spoke with the american collegeiate hockey association.. and they sent me this statement.. "we're very excited to out west with the addition of the unlv rebels as our 62nd member for the 2017-18 season. with the addition of the nhl's vegas golden knights as well, what an opportunity to promote the acha's top level to the people of las vegas." now coming up at fox-5 news at 6... we'll hear more from the team.. and just how much the presence of the golden knights have helped their cause... the cowboys are
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town this week. it marks the 32-nd annual wrangler national finals rodeo. the 10-day event at the thomas and mack will begin thursday. rodeo contestants will compete in bareback riding...tie down roping.... barrel racing... and bull riding. 18-thousand fans are expected to attend the rodeo each day. the event attracted more than 170 thousand people at the arena last year. organizers say the rodeo has a 100 million dollar economic impact on the city. the day after a frightening attack at one of the naon largest college campuses, investigators are seeking to pin down a motive for the suspect's violent actions. karin caifa is live at ohio state university in columbus this morning with more. abdul razak ali artan was an ohio state university student of somali descent. university officials say he was the perpetrator of monday's violent campus attack. monica moll / osu director of public safety: the suspect drove his vehicle into a group of pedestrians. there were some injuries that resulted from that. the suspect then got out of the
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individuals in the area the question now: is why? federal law enforcement officials say they are looking at facebook postings, purportedly the suspect's, written close to the time of monday's incident and listing his grievances about attacks on muslims. authorities, however, caution against rushes to judgment. the university is crediting one of its campus officers, 28-year-old alan horujko for his quick response, shooting the suspect when he refused to drop his weapon. ohio state doctor michael drake said preparedness was key in this not being far worse. michael drake / president, ohio state university: we orient students about what to do in case there's an awful circumstance like this and it was good to see that people responded as they wished that they would. and the university is ready to help the victims recover. dr. andrew thomas / osu wexner medical center: we have a great student counseling service here that does outreach to students, both that were injured, but obviously as you heard, there were dozens, if not hundreds of other students that were involved, either at the scene or being barricaded in classrooms, so there will be a big
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the students, staff, and faculty community for counseling, therapy, anything that's needed to help people respond to this. at ohio state university in columbus, ohio, i'm karin caifa. winter weather can really do a number on your electric bill. n-v energy is offering a few lighting conservation and safety tips. they recommend switching to safe...long effictient lights whenever possible. they say not to overload your electriclal circuits-- check your fuses or breaker panels to see what your home can handle. don't run extension cords under rugs around furniture legs...or across doorways. and make sure there's a bulb in each socket of light strings even if it's burned out. if you have a real christmas tree-- keep it watered to prevent bulbs from sparking dry branches. now fox5 weather 24/7 the coldest weather las vegas has felt in nearly 10
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freeze warning is in effect for the las vegas valley from 2 am to 8 am wednesday. neighborhoods will be dropping into the low 30s and upper 20s overnight. skies will be mostly clear on wednesday with high temperatures only in the mid 50s; below average for this time of year. skies stay mostly sunny thursday with mid 50s before a system moves in friday. southern nevada stays dry, but we see more cloud cover with gusty winds. high temperatures hold in the mid to low 50s. temperatures moderate this weekend with highs back up around 60 degrees on sunday.
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degrees on sunday.
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a blood drive is being held tomorrow at university medical center. all donors will get vouchers for las vegas shows and be entered into drawings for bigger prizes. the blood drive is a competition and hospital staff. a mother and speaker at the event reached out to fox5. she says her son recieves blood transfusions every month to stay alive. she says blood drives like this mean the world to her because without donors...her son wouldn't be here. black friday and cyber monday are over... see the wheels local boys and girls clubs are setting into motion to kick off
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chex party mix. sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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today is the first tuesday after thanksgiving-- also know as "giving tuesday" the purpose of the day is get charitable by volunteering or donating to your favorite charity and kick off the season of giving. the "sky canyon community" got involved by donating 100 bikes
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nevada" they just completed their 100-th home closing-- and thought giving to others would be the best way to celebrate. "the appreciation on these kids face, i mean it's great. we do an event every year. boys night out and girls day and part of that is giving away a couple of bikes and this is quite a bit more than that!" sky canyon says they hope the bikes will encourage the kids to stay healthy and live an active lifestyle. henderson students, leaders and businesses are helping to holidays a little brighter.. this morning...volunte ers including mayor hafen and students from mccaw elementary school... put together stockings to send off to service members. fox5's meteorologist les krifaton was also there putting together stockings. the goal is to fill one thousand holiday stockings. you can still donate items to collection boxes at henderson city hall and rec centers. "it really means a lot to be on the receiving end when
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or some cookies and candy and some deck of cards and things that they can use on a tough day and a tough work schedule that they're on" blue star mothers of henderson and boulder city.... is heading up the effort. if you know of any service members from henderson who are currently deployed... you can submit their names so they can receive their own stockings. that information is on our website... just go to fox-5- vegas-dot-com... click on "links" there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. neighborhoods will be feeling a little safer when it comes to fire safety. the new station that's coming to their community and when it's set to open up. plus-- when nevada casinos bring in the big money-- everybody wins! how much the gaming industry is raking in-- and what the state is getting back from it. and it's not your average school field trip. the new partnership that's bringing a natural
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man who escaped police custody in north las vegas for a few days before being recaptured is now being linked to more crimes... fox5's miguel martinez valle has dug through police reports and talked to the district attorney about the alleged crime spree, he
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regional justice center... most people will remember alonso perez as the man who broke out of handcuffs early september just hours after being arrested for a shooting at a local mcdonald's... well according to police reports and the district attorney... that shooting in which mohhommad robinson lost his life, may not be perezs only violent crime. vo: the crime spree happened in within a month and a half time frame. police reports show perez was linked to a shoo motel on july 25th on august 15 he's linked to a battery with a deadly weapon then august 20 he's linked to a murder that's still under investigation according to the da his two latest murder charges. the one at mcdonald's and the shooting of a motorcycle driver happened just hours apart from each other from august 27th to the 28th. most of these crimes are connected through cartridge casings from the shootings. the district attorney says gun violence is a huge problem


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