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tv   FOX5 News at 600pm  FOX  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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starts now. closed captioning will resume shortly starts now. closed captioning will resume shortly plus... u-n-l-v hockey inches closer to becoming a member of the n-c- double-a. why they're thanking the "vegas golden knights"... closed captioning will resume shortly this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas the mcdonalds shooting which led to the arrest, escape, and subsequent recapture of alonzo perez, maybe just one part of crime spree... i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. fox5s miguel martinez valle has
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and talked to the district attorney about the alleged crime spree, he joins us now in front of the regional justice center... most people will remember alonso perez as the man who broke out of handcuffs early september just hours after being arrested for a shooting at a local mcdonald's... well according to police reports and the district attorney... that shooting in which mohhommad robinson lost his life, may not be perezs only violent crime. the crime spree happened in within a month and a half time frame. police reports show perez was linked to a shoo motel on july 25th on august 15 he's linked to a battery with a deadly weapon then august 20 he's linked to a murder that's still under investigation according to the da his two latest murder charges. the one at mcdonald's and the shooting of a motorcycle driver happened just hours apart from each other from august 27th to the 28th. "if these accusations turn out to be true he's a dangerous guy and he's caused according to the accusations a lot of
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why the office of the district attorney is targeting him" most of these crimes are connected through cartridge casings from the shootings. the district attorney says gun violence is a huge problem in the valley. his office is trying to target the problem by increasing the number of lawyers on his gun team and adding a third grand jury to prosecute gun violence . the das office is considering filing the notice of intent to seek the death penalty for perezs murder case. perez is expected back on court next week for one of the battery cases. he will be in and out of court for 5 of the cases against him in the next few months. moving on up... u-n-l-v hockey's goal of becoming a member of the n-c-a-a took one big step forward today... the current u-n- l-v club sport
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that they have been promoted from division division one of the american collegiate hockey association... something the athletic department at u- n-l-v say they needed to see happen... fox5's vince sapienza spoke with players and staff who say.... the assist goes to the vegas golden knights... john..christine.... that's absolutely right.... the application process for the skatin rebels to get to d-1 status took over a year... and really even longer than that.. with having to get the team to a competitive level....on the ice... but make no mistake... the program received a huge push when the n-h-l announced las vegas will be their 31st home... now as big a day this is for the the u-n-l-v hockey program... it's still one step away from their ultimate goal of reaching the n-c- a-a... and to get there i'm told the program will need more than 15 million dollars in funding for the first five years of not just their program.. but womens lacrosse as well... part of title nine.. states that if a school adds a men's sport.. .they must also add a womens sport simultaneously... some members of u-n-l-v hockey i spoke with today..
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quickly they got to this stage..... and they say a big portion of support has been a direct result from the arrival of the golden knights... "we've been here for a while but it brings a new aspect, people didn't know there was a unlv hockey team, now they're starting to figure out hey this hockey thing is pretty cool, let's see a couple games before the vegas knights get here maybe. with the nhl being a viable partner for us being able to move into that facility, you're seeing it become an option, las vegas becoming an option for college hockey players, that's something that even two years ago was not a possible thing." now again.. as much as the golden knights influence is helping... the program knows it's about money.... and no one wants to pay to see a loser... so what did the top ranked u-n-l-v hockey team do to the #3 team last weekend... well they beat them 10-1.... this weekend u-n- l-v host second ranked northern arizona on friday
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for the most part -- it's been a warm november... but the cold temperatures are on the way. fox five's chief meteorlogist ted pret more on how to prepare for the cold weather... but first -- let's check in with sam argier with more on a freeze warning in the valley. the coldest weather las vegas has felt in nearly 10 months is on the way tonight. a freeze warning is in effect for the las vegas valley from 2 am to 8 am wednesday. neighborhoods will be dropping into the low 30s and upper 20s overnight. skies will be mostly clear on wednesday with high temperatures only in the mid 50s;
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this time of year. skies stay mostly sunny thursday with mid 50s before a system moves in friday. southern nevada stays dry, but we see more cloud cover with gusty winds. high temperatures hold in the mid to low 50s. temperatures moderate this weekend with highs back up around 60 degrees on sunday. the cold temperatures also mean people are firing up their furnaces... but some people across the valley closed captioning
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coming up... it's been a devastating 24 hours in tennessee. wildfires have turned deadly in the state... and damaging homes and businesses. why officials say they're not sure if there's more victims out there. plus... we're a few months away from the grand openings of the first chick-fil-a's in las vegas. how many job positions need to
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era... the student run paper at unlv is getting a new name. the rebel yell was almost renamed to the rebel review... but instead it will be known as the scarlet and gray free press. but fox5's adam herbets found out it could all be for nothing. he's live on campus with an update. yeah john christine it very well could all be for nothing what
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right now could be the very last issue of the rebel yell and the scarlet and gray free press might just be an afterthought that's because of the paper needs money probably even more than it needed a new name (nats page turn) the rebel yell is turning over a new page... see that big question mark at the end? thats because some say the name of the paper is racist... and thats why its going away for good. (nats trash) the rebel yell is the confederate battle cry that's not something we associate a news source that is meant to serve a very diverse student body i won't give a rendition of it here but it's supposedly a pretty frightening screech sot whack a mole (nats) so now the paper is trying to move forward with a new identity. the scarlet and gray free press... i think any name is probably better than the rebel yell. it's kind of a mouthful but in the end i think people will get used to it. ... well, like it or not people wont be getting used to any name... if they paper doesnt get more money. 48:13 it's really not about the name of the paper in their case it's about what they're covering and how well they're doing it 47:50 that's something you would maybe
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mississippi or alabama but not nevada keith moyer is the editor in chief of the review journal... 45:05 i taught journalism at the university of minnesota he admits... you dont see newspapers across the country giving away a whole lot of money these days... but theyd be willing to do it to save the future of journalism. the one stipulation i would have is they can't touch our editorial content the rj says that's no problem... too many good students come from unlv's journal program to let the paper disappear... the classes are great and all but you wouldn't be ready for a job without doing actual journalism well you saw it right there it
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optimistic inside their ad last addition it says they are hiring this morning... outgoing nevada senator harry reid appauled the paper for quote... senator harry reid appauled the paper for quote... "doing the right thing and changing their name." he says many students felt the name was disparaging... because of t civil war and confederacy. raging wildfires continue in gatlinburg, tennessee... and officials are bracing for more overnight. at least three people have been killed in separate locations. official say they're not sure if there's more victims... because it's been difficult to get into all the areas. hundreds of homes and businesses have been destroyed. a level three state of emergency has been issued for the gatlinburg area... forcings tens of thousands to evacuate from their homes.
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wildfires are spreading quickly because of high winds and dry conditions. back here in the valley... the city of henderson breaks ground on a new fire station -- the first in nearly 15 years. "shovels dirt. claps. puts shovel back in dirt." henderson mayor andy hafen along with city officials were on site... to mark the start of construction for fire station 91. it's on on democracy drive -- near anthem highlands. fire officials say it will serve the inspirada and madeira canyon areas. "this is growing area of city adding development in area. importanat opportuntiy services to city and meet our expectations. exciting." fire station 91 will open in fall of next year. construction will cost more than five-million dollars. inspirada donated the site where the station will be built... and also donated money towards the project. this will be the first new station
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now fox5 weather 24/7 the coldest weather las vegas has felt in nearly 10 months is on the way tonight. a freeze warning is in effect for the las vegas valley from 2 am to 8 am wednesday. neighborhoods will be dropping into the low 30s and upper 20s overnight. skies will be mostly clear on wednesday with high temperatures only in the mid 50s; below average for this time of year. skies stay mostly sunny thursday with mid 50s before a system moves in friday. southern nevada stays dry, but we see more cloud cover with gusty winds. high temperatures hold in the mid to low 50s. temperatures moderate this weekend with highs
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"we work we sweat
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country... and here in las vegas... fast food workers are making their voices heard for the "fight for fifteen". it's a push for a 15-dollar minimum wage. they're calling it a day of disruption. today -- employees rallied outside the mcdonald's on the las vegas strip... and some even walked off their jobs at six this morning... demanding higher minimum wage and union rights. more demonstrations are happening right now on the las vegas strip. fast food eaters have been waiting for the first "chick fil a's" to officially open in las vegas. and -- the restaurant making progress! but first -- both locations need to hire hundreds of workers. chick-fil-a announced it's looking to fill positions for the stephanie and warm springs site... and the eastern and saint rose parkway location. applications can be submitted online. both restaurants plan to open sometime in january. those visiting north las vegas will be greeted by a brand-new sign. the city revealed the new welcome sign -- near pecos and owens. it was adopted by students from tom williams elementary school -- which is close by. north las vegas
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says the old sign needed a makeover... because it was vandalized with graffiti. "this became school project here student council put it on. alot donations. great change for youth to benefit rest of community celebrating their leadership today." students also plan to maintain the sign... and clean up any trash or weeds in the area. up next... some troops will be away from their loved ones during the holidays. and -- a group of local moms are to send them a piece of home. how you can help them send thousands of stockings to deployed military overseas... ?? ?? nobody likes a dog with bad breath. that's why there's oravet dental hygiene chews.
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is making sure our troop overseas who won't be home for the holiday-- still get a little christmas cheer. the "blue star mothers" recruited a whole pack of community members from students... workers... business owners.. and even fox5's own "les krifaton"-- to help stuff stockings for our troops. they've collected over one thousand items to ship with the stockings-- hoping to brighten their day and also to thank them for their sacrifice. "you know, i can just imagine as one of them opens up the stocking with the care packages that are in there and the little notes that the kids do from school and they open it up! i can just imagine how they feel. the support coming from our community here in henderson." "everybody here
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time of year and wonderful thing to do for our veterans that we really support." the blue star mothers is a volunteer organization-- comprised of moms with children who serve in the military. a few kids are smiling a little bigger today-- thanks to a generous donation from the "skye canyon community." to celebrate giving tuesday and their 100-th home closing... they've donated hundreds of bikes and helmets to the "boys and girls club of southern nevada." the bikes come in a range of sizes and colors and for all the different boys and girls. for a lot of the kids-- these bikes are the first es received. coming up... "hamilton" does something never seen before! it shattered a new record held by "wicked". we'll tell you how much the broadway earned... from several shows on thanksgiving week. up next on more access! a legendary film composer has big plans for vegas what he's doing thats never been done before! plus imagine dragons back on the big screen. hear their new song plus a look their strong connection to hollywood! and taylor swifts dominated the music
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why team tay-tay may already be taking over 2017! its all next at 6:30
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here's a look at some of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at ten. the man who broke out of handcuffs and escaped north las vegas police custody earlier this year-- is now being looked at for a series of other crimes. there are plenty of new construction projects popping up.... that could affect your commute.... what n-dot says about staying safe in these construction areas. "passionately waiting expectation reaction im laughing in casaulty. im th tomorrow..." the musical "hamilton" breaks a big sales record... even after calls for a boycott. thanksgiving week is normally a huge week for "broadway"... but hamilton earned more than three-million dollars in just eight shows last week. this sets a new record according to the new york times. the times reported 'wicked' held the previous record. thanks for joining us.. "more access" is
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access" - imagine dragons music back on the big screen! with their latest song featured in the upcoming space epic "passengers" tonight we look back at the vegas band's strong connection with hollywood! plus he's the man thats brought scenes to life in todays biggest blockbus now find out what legendary composer hans zimmer has planned for vegas! then from tears to all smiles! ellen shares detials on her unforgettable experience at the white house! and before reba mcentire and brooks & dunn make their return to the strip find out what huge announcement they have for our city! your access to entertainment


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