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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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we continue to follow breaking news on fox five news at eleven. one person is dead after a shooting at an apartment complex. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. police say a suspect has been taken into custody. fox5's cyndi lundeberg is live at t rainbow and windmill with more on what happened. closed captioning
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alonso perez, the man who escaped police custody in north las vegas for a few days before being recaptured is now being linked to more crimes... fox5's miguel martinez valle has dug through police reports and talked to the district attorneyand one of the victims family members about the alleged crime spree you may remember alonso perez as the man who broke out of handcuffs and escaped police custody... now police are saying his original shooting arrest may not be his only crime, theyre connecting him to 5 other crimes that happened this summer. " sometimes she just be there, and she will look up, and she will be smiling, i say are you talking to your daddy? did you daddy come visit you?" it's been 3 months since baby malia last saw her dad. 3 months since ketra nestor last saw her son. " i miss my son, it hurts, i don't know how long the hurt will be there, but it hurts... i have to deal with it, i have to" police tell me alonso perez shot mohommad robinson outside a
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now, test results from cartridge casings found at the crime scene have connected perez to a series of other shootings... " if these accusations turn out to be true he's a dangerous guy, and he has according to the accusations caused a lot of harm to a lot of people" i went through police reports. in them, i found perez's crime spree started on july 25th... he shot at a local motel. the report calls it assaulwi deadly weapon... < in corner of timeline video of motel crime> on august 15th another shooting, this time battery with a deadly weapon five days later, a deadly shooting, police are investigating perez for murder with a deadly weapon then, august 27th: robinson's murder. < video of robinson on boxx in corner> just a few hours later, on august 28th... perez is accused of shooting and killing a man on a motorcycle... " had it not been for what happened with mohommad, he probably would still be running a muck, killing people, and getting away with
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shootings, police arrested perez and had him in a holding cell. perez broke out of handcuffs and escaped north las vegas police custody. officers recaptured him 4 days later. the district attorney is now considering the death penalty. " if he's elligable for the death penalty we are gonna take a hard look at it, because the accusations are that he's killed at least two people and caused a lot of harm" robinson's mother says she does not want perez to get the death penalty. instead she hopes he gets life in prison and changes his life around by turning to god... mmv, ffn, ll perez is expected back on court next week for one of the battery cases -- he will be in and out of court for 5 of the cases against him in the next few months. it's a chilly night across the valley. a freeze warning is in effect. let's check in with fox five's chief meteorlogist ted pretty with a first look at weather. the coldest weather las vegas has felt in nearly 10
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degrees on sunday. closed captioning will resume
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drivers are navigating around more orange barrels... as new construction zones are popping up all over the valley. fox 5's faith tanner is live near the 95-- where some lane closures just went into effect tonight tonight-- two lane south are closed... near the spaghetti bowl but tomorrow-- different lanes closures take effect here. we talked to n- dot to get some advice on how to safely nagivate through all the
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: "i've noticed cones everywhere construction zones everywhere" construction zones adding more stress for drivers. many say the road work seems endless. : "that's a real big headache for everybody" starting tomorrow-- one lane on each side of the 95 will be closed at night on weekdays. from rancho drive to the spaghetti bowl. this is part of project neon. "lanes may get slowed down for that little strech so just budget some extra time when reaching your final destination" next week-- construction also starts on the summerlin parkway. with cone zones all over the valley--- ndot wants drivers to slow down when they see the orange barrels. "if you get caught speeding through a construction zone, fines double so it can be a pricey proposition" n-dot also says pay attention to signs... that warn you when work zones are coming up. so you can prepare to switch lanes or move over before you
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be aware of a change comming up" some drivers tell me they've learned to accept all the construction-- and hope it ends up meaning a smoother commute down the road. "it's my ninth year here in vegas, and i would say it's a part of daily life here which i don't mind as long as in the end it bears fruit and we see wide open lanes and less traffic" closed captioning will resume shortly to keep up to date with the closures... and for finding alternate routes on the go... be sure to download our fox mobile app... it's free at the app store. jodi vecchio is fed up. she lives near russell and annie oakley and tells us the theft in her neighborhood just keeps getting worse.
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her s-u-v right out of her garage. what is he doing on the other side of the car? jodi vecchio reviewed her home surveillance video to try to find out who stole her s-u-v out of her own garage you see a man walk around the front, get in the driver's seat, start the car and take off. look how fast he takes off out of my driveway. vecchio says that all happened in minutes monday evening when she went back inside her home to get her rs i was in the house for about 3 minutes, that's when he ran up vecchio told us police officers took a report, then she turned to social media. i went on fb, posted surveillance video, picture of my vehicle, please repost. tuesday morning, she saw a facebook message from a stranger. i get a message on fb from a guy saying he has my vehicle safe and sound in his driveway, and he has it, he bought it off some guy at boulder station for 1000 or 1500$ and i can come pick it up vecchio thinks the man's story sounds fishy, but is glad to have her car back. nats- door close the door handle is
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the back is empty. it was filled with christmas presents for her kids. everything is gone out of the car, everything gone vecchio tells us thieves have been hitting her neighborhood hard, and she wants something done about it. i don't feel safe in my neighborhood, i don't feel like anyone's doing anything about it vecchio told us thieves stole another car from her driveway about ten years another car from her driveway about ten years ago, but more recently they've stolen her kids' bikes, groceries and spare change out of the car. we'll be right back.
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whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog. 24/7 the coldest weather las vegas has felt in nearly 10 months is on the way tonight. a freeze warning is in effect for the las vegas valley from 2 am to 8 am
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be dropping into the low 30s and upper 20s overnight. skies will be mostly clear on wednesday with high temperatures only in the mid 50s; below average for this time of year. skies stay mostly sunny thursday with mid 50s before a system moves in friday. southern nevada stays dry, but we see more cloud cover with gusty winds. high temperatures hold in the mid to low 50s. temperatures moderate this weekend with highs back up around 60 degrees on sunday. closed captioning will resume shortly exciting news for u-n-l-v hockey!
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the coldest weather las vegas has felt in nearly 10 months is on the way tonight. a freeze warning is in effect for the las vegas valley from 2 am to 8 am wednesday. neighborhoods will be dropping into the low 30s and upper 20s overnight. skies will be mostly clear on wednesday with high temperatures only in the mid 50s; below average for this time of year. skies stay mostly sunny thursday with mid 50s before a system moves in friday. southern nevada stays dry, but we see more cloud cover with gusty winds. high temperatures hold in the mid to low 50s. temperatures moderate this weekend with highs back up around 60
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closed captioning will resume shortly exciting news for closed captioning
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exciting news for u-n-l-v hockey! "the skatin' rebels" goal of becoming a member of the n-c- double-a took a big step forward. the current u-n- l-v club sport received notice that they have been promoted from division division one of the american collegiate hockey association. however -- the team needs to raise more than 15-million dollars to fund five years of the hockey program... as well as a women's lacrosse team. that's because of title nine rules of bringing up a men and womens sports team at the same time. u-n-l-v hockey's general manager
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help bring in that funding. "i think they need to realize how serious we really are, they're seeing unlv now from a national standpoint being a hockey market, where people come to play college hockey, i think it does send a message because realistically, you're seeing the growth, it's happening right in front of them." some members of u-n-l-v hockey say a big portion of support has been from the arrival of the golden knights... and the n-h-l being a viable partner for the team. and speaking of hockey... the na golden knights" has caught the attention of the u-s army's "golden knights" parachute team. owner bill foley says he's not worried though. that's according to "yahoo sports". the "fayetteville observer" quoted a spokeswoman for the army marketing and research group... saying the military was "reviewing the situation and figuring out what the way ahead would be." foley says you can use a similar name in different industries... and that his team's name "was fully cleared by outside trademark counsel for use in connection with an nhl team."
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in downtown las vegas. it's looking to take movie-going to the next level. "the eclipse theaters" -- near third street and hoover -- features eight movies screens. there's also a full bar... an ultra lounge... and an outdoor patio for socializing. you can watch a film while enjoying one of their premium cocktails. there's also dining options for before... after... or during your movie. "we're looking to offer a really premium and more or less, more so than anything, a unique experience that doesn't exist in las vegas" "but the big factor is that when you go into a cinema, you're going to get full service. there's no concession. you wouldn't take anything in your self. you're going to sit down. reclining chair, very comfortable luxurious seat and a servers going to greet you." eclipse theaters will open to the public and show it's first movie tomorrow night. some troops won't be home for the holidays... but -- a group of local moms want to make sure deployed military know they're appreciated. "as the mother of a disabled veteran it's always important to me to participate in this event
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something for those who are serving our country and making us great as a community." we'll have a look at how many items are needed... to ship out stockings to our troops.
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who won't be home for the holidays -- still get a little christmas cheer. the "blue star mothers" recruited community members to help stuff stockings. students... business owners... and fox5's own "les krifaton" came out to lend a hand. "blue star mothers" says they're still trying to collect more than a thousand items to ship with the stockings. the deliveries will brighten the holidays for military members... and also thank them for their sacrifice. "you know, i can just imagine as one of them opens up the stocking with the care packages that are in there and the little notes that the kids do from school and they open it up! i can just imagine how they feel. the support coming from our community here in henderson." "everybody here that you see, this is really a wonderful time of year and wonderful thing to do for our veterans that we really support." the blue star mothers is a volunteer organization-- comprised of moms with children who serve in the military. and -- the white house is getting into the christmas spirit! first lady michelle obama welcomed military families for a first look at the decorations. this year's theme -- "the gift of the
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it reflects on the gift of life... service... friends... family... education... and good health. the displays features several christmas trees...and 56-lego gingerbread horses -- one for each state and territory in the u.s. this year's white house gingerbread house is made of 150-pounds of gingerbread... and a hundred pounds of bread dough on the outside. almost all of the decorations this year were re-used from ornaments... and supplies already in the white house inventory. first -- cracker barrel came to las vegas... next up -- chick- fil-a... when the new fast food chains are set to open... and how many employees need to
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those visiting north las vegas will be greeted by a brand-new sign. the city revealed a new welcome sign -- near pecos and owens. it was adopted by tom williams elementary school -- which is close by. north las vegas mayor john lee says the old sign needed a makeover... because it had been vandalized. "this became school project here student council put it on. alot donations. great change for youth to benefit rest of community celebrating their leadership today." students also plan to take care of the sign... and clean up any trash or weeds in


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