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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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depends on the weekend. you can make a hundred and fifty on a normal day maybe 80 to 100. but david thinks that'll change with the entertainment company's new pay to park program. here are the basics: - valet fees will range from $8 to $18 depending on time and location. - locals with a nevada id get a free pass for self parking - top level total rewards members get complimentary self parking and valet. - and at this time .. no word on what self parking will cost non-locals. david: they are charging for valet. once you pay for valet - i wouldnt want to tip so i wouldnt expect them to tip so i asked caesars entertainment executive richard broome about it rich broome, caesars entertainment: weve made it very clear to all of our valet parking employees that they'll keep their current jobs, they're current salaries they'll keep their benefits and their working conditions will be kept the same. i also wanted to know .. why now ... rich broome, caesars entertainment: we're going to use revenues from this parking program to pay for parking in
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here on the strip and we believe that will make a better experience for all the customers brume also told me caesers has seen a lot of people use their parking spaces but not their services. theyre hoping the extra cost will be a deterrent. this all begins at the end of the year.. it starts phasing at the linq and harrahs in dec when valet serfice sbecome paid linq and harrahs self parking will be free until the install equipment we also checked in with mgm -- a spokesperson there confirmed it will begin charging local for parking beginning december 29th. and we checked with station casino's .. it says it will continue to offer free parking. back to the announcement from wynn resorts.. here are the details.. beginning mid- december, wynn and encore will begin charging for valet services. up to 4 hours will be 13 dollars. 4 to 24 hours ... 18
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and each additional 24 hours also 18 dollars. at this time .. wynn says it will keep self parking at both properties free for everyone. if you want to see all of this information again for yourself.. we have it all .. on our web site at fox 5 vegas dot com. one night -- two more homicides in the valley. in one of them .. metro police are still looking for a man who broke up an argument between a couple by shooting and killing a father. this happened at an apartment co durango between flamingo and tropicana. fox5's adam herbets has been talking to neighbors who say... theyre not so sure the suspect was random at all. yeah john christine we have talked to people who say they certainly have their theories -- some of them are just speculating but some of them were witnesses who heard something that really concerned them
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the couple lasted for about an hour it was loud everybody in this area heard it and then about 15-20 minutes before the shooting they say they heard the woman calling someone, explaining the argument to that person -- apparently she was the loudest... she was complaining because her ex- boyfriend took her keys and wouldn't let her leave the argument spilled out into and that's when the police say a random person showed up in a black sports car... got into his own argument with the man... pulled out a small assault rifle and then shot him in the chest and the worst part about all of this is the fact that their little boy was in the car the whole time neighbor say he was probably about five years old...old enough to understand what happened ... old enough to remember this when he gets older... and that's why they're hoping that the police are right that this was random and that the mother wasn't
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shauncey jackson neighbor "that doesn't sound right. someone just randomly decided to shoot somebody? that doesn't happen. that does not happen." "i just moved from chicago months ago to get away from all the violence and the shootings and the killings and here it is it's like you can run but you can't hide." yanel mercado neighbor "i know she called a third person because i saw her on the phone when they were arguing and then the third person showed up." so the police say the shooter drove away in a car that looks like this a black sports car possibly a dodge possibly a challenger or charger they say he's a black man in his 30s with a goatee about 5 foot 10 and 180 pounds we also asked the police look have you looked through this woman cell phone just to see if the people we've talked to are onto something they said they can't talk about specifics but they always look at all possibilities and they still believe this was a random person if you have any information please call metro pio for an hour live in the southwest adam herbets fox five news local las vegas we now know the father that police say killed his son
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police were responding to another call at an apartment complex off of south rainbow boulevard when they heard gunshots coming from a different building. as police searched the area... gardenhire approached them and led them to his dying son. fox5's kathleen jacob joins us live after talking to neighbors that heard the commotion. christine... john... a very sad story... police tell us they still aren't clear on what exactly happened between the father and son before the but they wanted to get a warning out for people to reach out for help and find calming methods to help handle stress and domestic issues... because no stress is worth losing a life. it happened right here at the covington at coronado ranch around 8:20 last night. when police got to the building where they heard the gunshots... they say 49-year- old michael gardenhire walked out and told them he shot his own son. police walked into the apartment and found the son with a gunshot to the chest. he died in the
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a coroner has not released the identity of the son... but police say he was only in his 20's. people i talked to today said they heard the sirens and helicopter last night. at the time... they didn't know what was going on... but it scared them enough that they stayed inside and locked all of the doors. they say when they learned this was a domestic issue involving a father and son... that fear turned to sadness. " it breaks my heart. i've lived in a lovely home, i couldn't imagine anyone shooting their own son, especially holidays, we just got through gardenhire is booked on murder with a deadly weapon charges. again, police don't know what happened before the shooting... but they're urging people to find ways to calm down and not let stress escalate to a point like this.. police say a big chunk of the homicides they investigate are domestic violence related. they believe that is the type of homicide that can be prevented and that's why they really want to get the message out there to reach out for help. of course we'll keep you guys updated with any new information as we get it.
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live...kathleen jacob...fox5 news... local. las vegas. metro tells us this year it has investigated 156 homicides.. that's up in all of 2015 - metro investigated at least 135. cirque du soleil is dealing with another death... at its "luzia" production in san francisco last night, a crew member was seriously hurt during rehearsal and later died from his injuries. cirque released a statement saying a technician was struck by a lift and passed away the victim's identity has not been released. cirque du soleil canceled last night's performance.. fans were disappointed but understanding over the decision... many standing outside the performance tent in disbelief over the accident. meyers says: "i'm in shock. i'm in shock. i'm like sitting here because i really don't want to drive yet. i can't believe that somebody in the show is injured." ortiz says: "yeah, we always come to the shows. they're entertaining, good shows but that's
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everything turns out." san francisco's police department and the california's division of occupational safety and health is now investigating the incident. temperatures remain on the cold side tonight with overnight lows falling into the mid to upper 30s around the las vegas valley. we'll see a few clouds drift across the area, keeping temperatures up just a degree or two compared to last night. skies will be mostly sunny on thursday with a forecast high of 57 degrees in las vegas. another system dives into the area friday, bringing another shot of cool air along with gusty winds out of the north. high temperatures will be in the mid to low 50s with wind gusts around 30 mph. the strongest winds
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vegas along the colorado river. a wind advisory takes effect at 7 am friday for mesquite, moapa, laughlin, and lake havasu city. it stays breezy on saturday with upper 50s before highs rebound back to 60 degrees on sunday. take advantage of the milder day on sunday because even colder air arrives early next week. here in the valley - one of the sports getting all the attention this week is nascar.. and chief meteorologist ted pretty is live at the park .. where nascar has set up a fan experiance for champions week..
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closed captioning will resume shortly get ready to bring out the skis and snowboards out of the garage... find out when you can start hitting the slopes on mt. charleston. get a good meal and boost your brain power. see what's on the menu at cafe with a stamp of approval from
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your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next
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getting federal money for pre- school programs. nevada is one of 18-states getting grants. 13-million dollars will go toward developing early learning programs for pre-school kids from low-to moderate income families.
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to use the money for teacher salaries... expanding half- day programs and making class sizes smaller. there's a big competition happening at u-m-c that has people battling to save lives. the heroes challenge blood drive is happening today and it's one of the largest blood drives in nevada. it's taking place at the east main entrance from seven a-m. to seven p-m-- where first emergency responders are fighting to see who can raise the most blood donations. "seeing everyone means the world to me, you know. it makes me so proud of my community that i live in , and so proud that people are giving a part of themselfs to give to someone else life. it's huge. " donors will get free tickets to local shows and have a chance to enter a grand prize drawing. good news for anyone wanting to hit the slopes on mt charleston.. lee canyon is opening soon! today, the ski resort told us it will be open for business a week from this friday... on december 9th. this will be the
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lee canyon will be open from 9 am till 4 in the afternoon. now fox5 weather 24/7 temperatures remain on the cold side tonight with overnight lows falling into the mid to upper 30s around the las vegas valley. we'll see a few clouds drift across the area, keeping temperatures up just a degree or two compared to last night. skies will be mostly sunny on thursday with a forecast high of 57 degrees in las vegas. another system dives into the area friday, bringing another shot of cool air along with gusty winds out of the north. high temperatures will be in the mid to low 50s with wind gusts
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will be east of las vegas along the colorado river. a wind advisory takes effect at 7 am friday for mesquite, moapa, laughlin, and lake havasu city. it stays breezy on saturday with upper 50s before highs rebound back to 60 degrees on sunday. take advantage of the milder day on sunday because even colder air arrives early next week.
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closed captioning will resume shortly air conditioning company "carrier corporation" will
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this after the company says it reached a deal with the president-elect. donald trump and vice president- elect mike pence -- who is the outgoing indiana governor plan to visit the state tomorrow to unveil the agreement. and it's an even better year to be chicago cubs co- owner todd ricketts.. donald trump has named him as his pick for deputy commerce secretary. ricketts was an early supporter wisconsin governor scott walker for president.. and after walker dropped from the race, rickett's mother, marlene ricketts, poured millions into an anti-trump super pac. in february, trump fired back, alleging that members of the ricketts family "have a lot to hide." trump named billionaire wilbur ross as his commerce secretary. how would you like to get a brain boost for lunch? a full-time neurologist is in the kitchen cooking up a special menu for a manhattan restaurant. fox's melissa etezadi has more. it's a neurologist approved cafe jadot says: main person who inspired us was dr. alon seifan who is one of the founders> a restaurant menu created by a doctor
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wellness. jadot says: what can we do to create a restaurant with great food, great flavor and that is healthy for the body but for the mind and the brain> christophe jadot is one of the co- owners of honeybrains... jadot syas: we created the menu according to five different food groups, legumes, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and omega but there's something else that makes this the 35 seat grab and go style caf0 unique-their use of honey. known for its huge antioxidant components, this ingredient is used in a variety of dishes -- replacing sugar or any other sweetening components on the menu. a honeybar lines a wall of the store, the substitute for sweetener at the coffee bar as well. but what if you don't like honey? don't worry honeybrains offers fresh pressed juices that they say meet all of their customers needs. jadot syas: we have juices that have really complex but active ingredients which can help with being focused, athletes who need recovery after working out, juices that are not only
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but for the brain a new restaurant entering the nyc scene... with the hopes of changing how we eat by providing customers with what we should eat, not what we should avoid. in nolita, melissa etezadi, fox 5 news a top ten ranking for nevada... but not in a good category. where our state ranks when it comes to identity theft and fraud. and.. a night sky that wasn't lit up by stars. the reason behind one community's unexpected overnight glow. grab your running shoes... and santa suit. santas are getting ready to hit the streets of downtown... for the the las vegas great santa run it is this saturday december third. and you can join in the fun... festivities kick off at nine a-m and the five k starts at ten a-m the santa run benefits
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?? ?? nobody likes a dog with bad breath. that's why there's oravet dental hygiene chews. oravet's dual action approach cleans teeth and gets to the underlying cause of bad breath by blocking bacteria to help prevent plaque and tartar. for a cleaner mouth everyone can love. ask your vet about oravet chews. serious oral care made simple nevada casinos are reporting an 11-percent jump in gambling revenue statewide in october compared to last year. the state can thank las vegas in particular.. downtown las vegas and north las vegas each reported winnings jumps of more than 29 percent.. while the strip saw a 14-percent increase. south lake tahoe was actually down 22-percent.
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score from predators is an uphill battle. so wallet-hub is advising people on ways to protect their information from potential crooks. nevada ranks 5-th in the u-s as the most vulnerable state for identity theft and fraud. according to wallet-hub, the silver state sees the second highest rate of fraud in the nation and ranks 14-th highest for identity theft. so to protect your identity, always use strong email passwords, sign up for credit monitoring, and set up alerton accounts to serve as a safeguard. there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. wildfires and wild weather hitting the south... see the damage brought on by mother nature... and the big challenge firefighters are silently facing while battling the
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damage... after heavy storms and suspected tornadoes tore through some areas. and as john roberts reports... in tennessee -- they're still trying to get ahead on wildfires. folks in the southeast are assessing the damage following a series of heavy storms overnight, with several suspected tornadoes hitting parts of alabama, tennessee, louisiana and mississippi. first responders
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through damaged and destroyed buildings, while anxious residents return home. mos says "..we got in the basement, and after it all went by we came over here and the building was tore up" lindblom says: "..we've had a community member lose their residence but nobody got seriously hurt and nobody has lost any life so we got that to be thankful for." but, other communities weren't so lucky. there have been several confirmed deaths -- and, officials throughout the southeast are reporting multiple injuries. many others say they're not sure if they'll be able to recover from the damage. cantrell says "..we damages to some barns and different things, and like i say, trees and some 18-wheeler beds and things that were actually tilted over." meanwhile, further north in tennessee, crews are still battling the biggest wildfire to hit the state in a century. more than fourteen thousand people evacuated from the resort city of gatlinburg as hundreds of firefighters work to save homes and businesses, including their own. burkhalter says "..we've got fire fighters, first responders who are helping put out the fires, when their own homes are being lost. and that's just something that people just don't


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