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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. three people are injured in a house fire in north las vegas tonight... i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. we go straight to fox5's cyndi lundeberg-- who is live at the scene near civic center and evans with more.
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" my next instict was to go next door because the flames started getting real bad, banging on the neighbors house, telling her to get out and she came out screaming with her daughter and i asked her i said well how many people are in the house, she said well theres four people that live there, one of the gentleman is disabled, and his wife and two girls. " closed captioning will resume shortly a woman is dead and a man is recovering in the hospital after they had to be taken out of a house with toxic fumes. fox5's adam herbets has been out there tonight talking to police... and neighbors
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john/ christine whatever that toxic poisonous gas was, possibly carbon monoxide, it kept crews from going in here taking the woman out of the house for a long time... they had to wait for it to air out and they had to move us further away to make sure that we were safe metro after not too long ago before they left they didn't give us any sort of update but the last we heard they were throwing out the possibility that this was drug- related and the possibility that this was a meth lab now the people we talk to don't believe it was a meth lab they heard the police throw that terminology around they don't necessarily agree with that but they do agree that there have been drug problems in this neighborhood for a while that there have been drug busts in this neighborhood around this house they say that the place doesn't have any power that the nobody is supposed to be living there and they think people were doing so anyway possibly doing drugs and trying to stay warm... in an
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"they had generators (cu) we're all saying it's about time but it's sad to see this situation happen like we were telling them before. it's not over when they did the first drug bust. (wide) apparently the carbon monoxide got to them " at this point it is too early to say how the woman died whether it was from the gas weather was from drugs weather was from a training company is going to court after a costumer claims the dog they bought was untrained, and unhealthy... fox5's miguel martinez valle dug through court documents, and spoke to both parties involved... he joins us now with the story graciolett tells me she needed a protective dog because she lives alone and has
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an online search and found custom k9 services... she says they advertised trained protection dogs but that's not what she recieved. there are those who say pets are priceless... but esther graciolett's dog thor came with a hefty pricetag... " medically, over 4,000 dollars for his procedures and its not over" 4,000 on top of the 65 hundred she paid to get him... graciolett needed a dog for protection. that's why she went to custom k9 services and spoke to susan and terry davis. " he basically pointed me in this direction and convinced me that this was the dog for me..." she brought him home, but says thor didn't live up to expectations. " he was not trained in personal protection at all..." " you can't sell a protection dog if
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trained as a protection dog if you don't have the correct licensing" graciolett and her atorney becky pintar say not only was thor untrained, he was unhealthy... " he's not been trained as a protection dog so that was a fraud, his clean bill of health, the shot records were fradulent" so they filed a lawsuit against the company and the owner dean kajioka represents ms. davis he says there was no fraud... they have a contract that shows graciolett got what she paid for. " the contract for this dog was for a sports dog, not a protection dog." i got a copy of the contract, it wasn't signed... when i asked the lawyer about this, he says the original signed copy was burned in a fire... he tells me the davis' didn't know thor had health problems... and they haven't seen any proof of the dog's medical issues... " would not provide my client with any evidence of that, any vet records or anything" graciolett tells me they've submitted everything they've been asked for one thing both sides agree on, graciolett was offered a refund. " my client offered
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return of the dog, but mrs. graciolett refused to do so" she says at that point she was too attached... the legal dog fight has gone on for months. they even went to arbitration. mr. kajioka has since filed a request for a new trial ... graciolett tells me she has since found out the company was not licensed for selling protection dogs at the time of the transaction... in fact they did recieve a citation for 25 hundred dollars the davis's attorney tells me they were in the process of securing that license but were allowed to sell sport and show dogs... i called the licensing board, they tell me today the company does have a k9 handlers license . mmv, ffn, ll both sides are still waiting on a trial date to be set new tonight-- police need your help finidng a suspect they say robbed a business last month. it happened on november second near tropicana and mountain vista. police say a man pulled out a gun and pointed it at the clerk before
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police say the man is between his twenties and thirties with long blonde hair. they say he's about six foot two inches with a "soul patch" under his lower lip. if you know who this man is call police right away. you can leave a tip with crime stoppers at 702- 385-55-55. so far this year, las vegas metro police have investigated 157 homicides. it's the highest number of homicides in metro's jurisdiction in a decade. fox5 sat down with a metro to talk about how they are responding to that increase. they say they're not seeing any specific trends-- but a disturbing factor this year-- is the increase in younger suspects. metro says the best way to prevent deadly crimes is working with the community. "we're getting an increase in staffing in the homicide section to keep up with the followup and some of the things we have to do after the fact to solve these cases" " metro says even with the higher number of homicides--
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still closing about 75 percent of those cases. that's about the same percentage as previous years with fewer homicides. las vegas streets can be dangerous, but a lot of crashes can be prevented . the holidays are coming up, so that means people will be partying... so first responders spent the day at sunrise hospital with high school and unlv students to show them the deadly consequences of drinking and driving. the students heard from families who deal with those consequences every day. 5422 it was march 19 of 2000. a group of students were picking up trash along interstate 15. 5530 the kids were doing community service on the side of the road among those students? 5418 jennifer booth booth was 16 years old. this is jennifer's stepmother. 5443 we get a phone call that to get to umc trauma, that jennifer had been hit by a van is what we were told
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admitted to taking drugs before falling asleep at the wheel of that van and plowing through the group of teenagers at 75 miles per hour. 541 she hit several of the kids, she killed 5 instantly, my stepdaughter lived for 19 hours and passed the next morning. (nats) 5829 do whatever you do, just don't do it and then get behind the wheel. you have no idea how many people you're affecting by doing that. you're ruining lives. the lives still here are being destroyed. it never ever goes away. it's forever. that's harriet parker's advice to the las vegas high school teens at sunrise hospital today. shared a similar message. 5023 i know you want to go out and have fun, but do it responsibly when derrionna norwood was 13 years old, she was riding in the car with her 17 year old brother when an impaired driver hit them. 4530 the impaired driver hit us on his side of the car, which is why he was killed on impact, i was thrown from the car 60 feet in the air4544 i had a brain injury 4627 my life changed tremendously, my family got ripped apart because of
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month in the hospital, more time in rehab, but the death of her brother hurt the most. 4648 it's not the same wwithout that sibling here bc we were so close 4829 everything i do is for him. (1201 sunrise dui prevention raw jwe) derrionna norwood 4525 i was 13 at the time 4601 he was 17 and a senior in hs , my parents aren't together anymore 4639 i'm absolutely terrified to start drunk drivers. they'll have a sobriety checkpoint set up next weekend. metro is starting a new surveillance program to help them catch criminals faster. but they're asking for the valley's help. "vegas safe cam" relies on the public's personal security cameras to stop crimes. you register your device online-- giving metro access to your footage. this help them track crime from house to house. if you're worried about privacy-- they only use your camera if there's a crime happening around your house and they always ask
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"if we use a piece of video from your house, we'll be careful how we use that or if it's business or wherever. quite often you'll see that we'll show suspect descriptions and we'll crop it down to where you just get the face or if it's a license plate number or a vehicle description." you can join the database on metro's website. the "welcome to las vegas" sign is glowing bright red today. the new hue brings awareness for "world aids day." a few clark county joined representatives from "aid for aids of nevada" to flip the switch. the normally yellow bulbs change colors throughout the year for special months and days. according to "a- fan"... there's an average of one person diagnosed with aids every day. "today they'll be having free clinics that are going to be open and available. you know, we made huge strides in our community along with afan." "we want to be able to make sure that everybody knows the importance of hiv throughout the year. not just today." many other
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strip and downtown also turned red tonight for world's aids day. thousands of cowboys are saddling up and heading into town this weekend. and their bringing the holiday spirit along with them! where to find everything you need before the big rodeo weekend. and another big event taking over the valley-- nascar racers took over the strip this weekend-- to celebrate their victory lap. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next you are watching fox5 news at 11.
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we're following breaking news tonight. police say a motorcyclist is dead after a crash near ann and clayton. north las vegas police say the three vehicle crash sent a total of three people to the hospital. they say that's where the motorcyclist was pronounced dead.
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road is closed and they recommend drivers to avoid the area. we will bring you an update on fox five vegas dot com and fox five news this morning. 170-thousand people are moseying in town this weekend... for a little bit of country...and a little bit of christmas. the national finals rodeo kicked off today... along with the start of the country shopping experience---cowb oy christmas.. fox5's cyndi lundeberg has more on the events.... 900-thousand square feet.... dc- its amazing more than 350 vendors from across the country and canada... dc- therses everythign theres leather silver smiths everything we cant get at home we can gt here giddddy up..... cowboy christmas... has taken over the convention center. dana camarena traveled nearly 900 miles to be here... well we came from washington state to do a little shoping wranglers will be able to wrestle some good deals on boots.. spurs... furniture... jewerly... im displaying my
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copper gary thompson has been selling his pieces at cowboy christmas for seven years... he uses things like copper and cactus to make functional art... and he's just one of a herd of hundreds trying to laso in some customers... its a yucca and a plant and it makes a lamp cowboy christmas has been bucking into town since 1986.... and it looks like its here to say... yee haw.... just amazing first time here we hope to make it a yearly thing the n-f-r is in town until the 10th over at the thomas and mack. cowboy christmas will be open daily until then at convention center. the strip is back open after it was shut down for a lot of burning rubber and smoke... "nats of burnout " the 16 drivers from the chase revved their engines to perform burnouts during the nascar revved their engines to
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victory lap. it's all part of the festivities for nascar champion's week. drivers started at the miracle mile shops... did some donuts at spring mountain and harmon... and then hit the finish line in front of the park. events wrap up this weekend... but you'll likely see nascar fans all over the strip through the weekend. the death toll in the gatlinburg wildfires has now gone up to 11. so far... the fires have damaged or destroyed more than 700 homes and buildings. thousands have been evacuated since monday. there are still many people who are missing. officials say the first fires that started last week... were caused by people. now fox5 weather 24/7 skies will remain partly cloudy overnight with temperatures falling into the low 40s and upper 30s. a system diving in from the north will
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across southern nevada on friday. wind gusts around the las vegas valley will be in the 30 to 40 mph range. even stronger wind is expected along the colorado river valley. a wind advisory will be in effect for mesquite, laughlin, and lake havasu city throughout the day on friday with wind gusts in the 50 mph range. high temperatures friday will be in the mid to low 50s. it stays breezy saturday before winds calm down sunday. skies will be mostly sunny this weekend with temperatures back up around 60 sunday. we'll see another surge of cold air for the middle of next week with more wind and below average temperatures. closed captioning
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you see me wearing a suit and e now... but just a few hours ago... i put on a more holiday appropriate outfit. yes... that's me in my ugly christmas sweater.. denise valdez of 8-news-now and i... had the honor of em-ceeing this year's "ho ho horrible holiday sweater party"... proceeds from tonight's event and auction at the s-l-s benefits dress for success. the organization helps women dress professionally so they can find jobs and become independent. so often we find that there are women out there struggling to get a job not because they're not qualified but they simply don't have the confidence to take that interview... and some thing just like professional clothing you can always donate clothing
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boutique on d-i and valley view. a new survey shows the best and worst drivers in the country. which neighboring state is taking the cake for worst drivers. and you might be surprised where nevada ranks on the list. plus-- we're taking a look at how much money the city made off the final presidential debate. why the l-v-c-v-a says it proves las vegas is a place
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the city raked in nearly 114 million dollars in publicity after the final presidential debate. that's more than double what officials thought it would bring in. the debate at unlv's thomas and mack center was the third most watched in history-- attracting more than 71 million viewers. nearly five- thousand media members from around the world were i cover the debate. the l-v-c-v-a says hosting the debate confirmed las vegas' reputation as more than just a leisure destination-- but also as a serious place to do business. senator harry reid announced that a new tier one transportation center will be coming to u-n-l-v. one-point-four million dollars was approved for the project. the center will join others in the country and will be focal point of research by advancing the high-speed rail infrastructure. it will also help boost the
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dependance on foreign oil. this will be the second transportation center in nevada-- after one at u-n-r. we always complain about the horrible drivers in las vegas-- but it turns out we're not that bad! "quote wizard" released a ranking of the best and worst drivers by state. to everyone's surprise-- nevada ranked as the 5-th best state. california topped the list for the worst-- while the best are across the country is rhode island. the survey took incident data from the federal highway administration-- looking at factors like number of accidents... speeding tickets... d-u-i's... and fatalities. some middle schoolers are getting together
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and their painting the town more than just red! the life lesson their learning in the process. take us with you and never miss out on breaking news. the fox5 mobile app is your best resource for and traffic.
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any old santa --
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all your trendy wishlist needs... from a hipster santa. take a look... a mall in portland hired the hispter santa... complete with tattoos.. piercings... and a man bun. he's even got the black plastic rimmed glasses. hipster santa has also traded in his red suit for a more ironic holiday sweater. an army of sixth graders painted storefronts in idaho this week -- to spread some holiday cheer for the fifth year in a row. michael sevren reports. from main street and beyond, close to 90 6th graders from reed elementary brought out the paint and christmas lights to help kuna ring in the holidays. from snowmen to christmas trees, they are all painting to give back to the community. kellee/ 6th grader: "i don't really care about presents, i mean it's more about giving then receiving. i like helping the


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