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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  October 27, 2015 4:30am-4:59am CDT

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mph, although they will become gusty as the morning wears on. there are quite a few clouds out there, with a few holes, but those will fill in as a system tracks in from the west.. which will pull moisture in from the south... and quite a bit of it for this afternoon and tonight. so, rain will be heavy at times this afternoon and winds will be gusty from the east. that will keep highs from climbing much above the mid 50s. we will have more heavy rain tonight and strong winds tomorrow. i'll have the windy and chilly forecast for you in a few minutes. our top story this morning: a surprise budget deal.
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this is a big deal because it government shutdown. and the white house reportedly reached an agreement to raise the debt ceiling. lawmakers could vote on it as early as wednesday --- the same day the house is set to nominate congressman paul ryan to replace john boehner as speaker. government funding is set to run out in december -- so this agreement would take care of that -- setting spending levels through september of 2017. an intense day for many people in two iowa cities. there were reports of a shooter at two different spots. bettendorf police say shots were fired near a business -- not long after police were called to a place in davenport -- after a report of shots fired there. that building in davenport also has a miltary recruiting center inside. monday afternoon, several shots building. police were there within three minutes. they say the office and employees there were not then all of a sudden i heard a back toward the exit for the
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marine recruiting station and he was reloading his gun. you could hear the ch, ch, ch then he ran back in and started firing. later -- the man police were looking for in the davenport case -- took his own life in the parking lot of a business in bettendorf. police arrest an armed robbery suspect inside a barber shop. cedar rapids officers arresting travonte hughes inside style city. police say he jumped out of a chair and ran to a nearby business -- before pointing a gun at officers.. they were later able to get him to the floor and arrest him. he's now facing charges. we've now learned the name of homicide victim in benton county. sabrina hustad's body was found on sunday. she was from cedar rapids. she was 25. her body was found near a home on 59th street trail near shellsburg. earlier that day, one truck was stolen from the same area. another truck also disappeared.
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david miller was arrested -- and is now being charged with stealing a vehicle. the owner of the truck says he saw miller take it -- and even tried running after him. a neighbor with a surveillence camera at his home hhs video of the truck lights coming on -- early sunday morning. neighbors say they later found sabrina's body in their driveway. "we were out in my driveway, just talking, and one of the on the other side of the truck face planted in a pool of blood." no one in the neighborhood says they david miller that well -- they say he just moved in. miller could face more charges. an autopsy is being done to determine how the woman died. an eastern iowa couple hopes someone has seen their soon. he's been missing for days. moe sed was last seen at his home in waterloo thursday afternoon. he's a refugee from burma. his family says they're worried because he needs his medicine.
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"please help us find him. we see his face." his mother says he doesn't know his address. if you know anything that can help -- please call police. authorites are now calling a weekend hotel fire -- arson. that fire happened at the ramada waterloo hotel and convention center. firefighters say it started in the maid's closet on the fourth floor. the fire did not spread to any nearby rooms -- but there is a semi crash leaves one person in the hospital. authorities say dale schindler lost control and crossed the median on highway 20 in delaware county. the truck rolled on its side. he was taken to the hospital. there's no word on his condition. a local mother wants to know how hit her daughter -- with a car -- and then kept going. lyisha dixon was taken to iowa city
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with injuries to her face. now, she's back at home in waterloo. it happened around one sunday morning in waterloo. her mother says the girl snuck out to go to a nearby kwik star when she was hit by the car. but at the end of the day, it was the best day ever. you know still alive. i am still able to talk to her." police are using nearby surveillance video to try to identify the driver. proseuctors believe the driver who ran over people during a homecoming parade -- drove into the crowd on purpose. four people died and dozens were hurt at the parade at oklahoma state. the driver is facing four counts of second degree murder. her attorney and family say they don't believe alcohol or drugs were involved -- and suggested the woman has a history of mental health problems. a harrowing high angle rescue.
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a tree trimmer trapped inside a palm tree is saved. the man was dangling 25 feet in the air when firefighters reached him. it happened in california. rescue crews believe the man is a tree trimmer and are not sure how he got stuck. it took them an hour to free him. strong winds send a construction crane toppling onto the highway. this video is out of israel. you see the crane start to tip. it eventually comes crashing down -- just missing some lanes of traffic. no word on if anyone was injured. a police officer is taking heat this morning -- after video shows what he did to a high school student in south carolina. andrew spencer gives us a look at what happened. flipped over and pulled from her desk... a student's arrest has social media. the richland school district two black parents' association want to know why the could have done that would have warranted that kind of response." "it certainly alarms you and
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makes you a little bit afraid of richland county sheriff says he was "very disturbed" by the video. the officer's actions are under investigation. "the student was asked to leave the class several times by the instructor at the school. the student removed from that location. the student refused, on the video." the exact circumstances leading up to the arrest aren't clear from the video, but the officer can be heard giving the student an ultimatum. "okay. are you gonna come with me, or am i gonna make you?" ...then, there's a struggle... "come on. i'm gonna get you up." "put your hands behind your back. gimmie your hands. gimmie your hands." for now, officer ben fields is on administrative leave. he's been told not to return to school, as his department investigates what
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happened. andrew spencer, kwwl news. although the sheriff's department is calling the video highly disturbing-- they're urging people not to jump to conclusions until the investigation wraps up. it's a risk -- but being called a balanced risk this morning. a new study suggests processed meat can cause cancer. many of you have been talking about this since we first heard about the report yesterday. the study was released by the world health organization's cancer group. the iowa beef council points out cancer isn't about diet alone people need to account for themselves as far as you know what they like to eat and how much of it they eat you know and just kinda keep it within the guidelines." portion control and moderation are two keys we heard about. the experts say a balanced diet is always important to limit risk.
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it's important to note, there is a meat and lean cuts of beef and pork. a dietitian says you can lower the risk of cancer by choosing lean prevention , like fruits and veggies. new rules for e- cigarettes on airlines. in checked bags -- after more than two dozen explosions and fires in recent years. one man says he's lucky he hurt after an e- cigarette exploded in his home -- sending bits of metal and plastic around a room -- even through a wall. the man -- from kansas -- says it was on the charger at the "it just went bam, it blew up apparently it is not because it blew up and did horrible damage, it could have hurt him... it could have killed our son... i just want to let people know that those things are not safe." he says when he took the e-cig back to the store where staff pointed to a sign that read "" cigarettes can explode."
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he says they told him he needed to buy a small computer chip to keep the battery from exploding. a little holiday gift for workers -- announced before the holidays. outdoor retailer r-e-i says it's closing on black friday. the c-e-o says all 12-thousand employees will be paid to do what they love most and that's to get outside. r-e-i is also inviting others to "the idea of being outside on we hope that a lot of people will join us outside." he says his plans for black friday will be to get outside with his three-year-old grandson. a new r-e-i store opens in west des moines on november 6th. firefighters are forced to go up a tree, but this is no cat rescue. they're trying to save a 40-pound boa constrictor. janelle bludau shows us this unusual rescue. meet mona. "she is my oldest boa constrictor, one of three." baby." mona is cool, calm. let her get some sun and she got
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branches, and i couldn't stop her from getting up there, so i just let her go." the next thing he knew, mona slithered up so high - he had to call for backup. "they were laughing their heads off, they couldn't believe a nine foot boa was in one of my gotten a snake out of the tree." this periscope video shot by a fresno firefighter shows the entire rescue. crews tie a rope to the top of the tree, then firefighter brandon griffith made the courageous climb and started sawing away - spending much of the time thinking. "uh how far can this snake strike and i hope she doesn't get mad." the entire time. "as the tree started shaking, she sucked back to the tree, kinda like we would stay safe, im going to hold onto something." and just minutes later, she was safe, back in her owners arms - yet again. "no more escaping." the whole thing created
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neighbors gathered to watch. "it was kind of bizarre, it was a typical fire rescue, but crews say it was just as crucial. "it was important to him. we try to serve the citizens of fresno, that's why we're here, so we were just glad we could get the now, harikian is keeping a little tighter hold on his 9-foot, 40-pound baby. we still have a lot to get to this morning... including an officer -- surprised by all the attention he's now getting. he says he was only doing his job. plus -- down, but not out. a play on monday night football -- that has fans asking each other -- did you see that? mostly cloudy skies are covering
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it could be a rather wet 24 hours.... i'll have the
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: rain will be heavy at times today and tonight with strong winds bringing in cold temperatures tomorrow and thursday. right now, stormtrack7 live weather network will just show some clouds, but later this morning, rain will begin to show up. temps are in the upper 30s to mid 40s this morning in our area, with warmer temps to the west... where the clouds have been thicker for longer... east winds have taken over... they are 5 to 15 mph across the state and will become gusty
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today. we have one area of clear skies, but that will fill in as moisture moves in from the south and the west... the low is to the west... that has energy and some moisture but there is a lot more moisture to the south and that will track our way as it is pulled into the system. rain will be heavy at times and will add up to over an inch and, in some instances, could top two inches! we have the rain starting later this morning and becoming widespread this afternoon with gusty east winds keeping us in the mid 50s for highs. rain continues tonight and will taper off on wednesday. strong northwest winds on wednesday will keep temps steady or falling in the afternoon. breezy and cold for thursday before getting back into the mid 50s for halloween, but trick-or- treaters may have to dodge some raindrops. change your clocks back an hour for sunday as highs
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continues tonight and will taper off on wednesday. strong northwest winds on wednesday will keep temps steady or falling in the afternoon. breezy and cold for thursday before getting back into the mid 50s for halloween, but trick-or- treaters may have to dodge some raindrops. change ur clocks back an hour for sunday as highs climb back to around 60. fall is here -- so it's time to get ready for the fall classic. a for the final series -- the world
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which begins tonight. plus -- the true test of back to around 60. fall is here -- so it's time to get ready for the fall classic. series -- which begins tonight. plus -- the true test of someone's character is what they do -- when they think no one is watching. what one officer did is being praised this morning in a big
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going to have a world series champ we haven't seen in about 30 years. tonight, it's game one. the new york mets are in kansas city to take on the royals. the royals last won the world series in 1985 and the mets did it in 1986. an n-f-l running back is turning back the clock this season -- but this morning -- his turnaround run is getting a lot of attention. arizona hosting baltimore on monday night football. chris johnson gets the handoff.
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it looks like he's down, but he never touches the ground. johnson pops up -- and runs 62 yards. the cardinals went on to a state trooper says he's humbled by the attention -- but says he was only doing what he could to help. the trooper from alabama was spotted on camera -- giving meals to a father and a son on the side of -- shared the good deed online -- where it went viral. he's been a state trooper for nine years. as the weather cools off -- it doesn't mean the real estate market has to at the same time. some tips for buyers to use this time of year to their advantage.
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better weather -- but there are some advantages to shopping for a home in the fall and winter months. karin caifa tells us why. with children busy in school and the holidays around calendar moves toward november and december. laura schwartz, a real estate agent in northern virginia, says
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summer months, but there are some advantages to home shopping in real estate's off-season. fall and winter tend to be more better price. there's also usually less competition. schwartz says most sellers putting a home on the market in the colder weather months have to move out for a specific reason, and may be up against a certain deadline, giving a buyer the upper hand. the drop in temperatures in the fall and the arrival of snow in winter can provide an important perspective for potential buyers. does the basement flood? is the roof leaking? is it sunny at the house, or are there patches of the grass that are still covered in snow three months later? it's a really different vantage point than looking when it's sunny and the trees are scheduling closing dates around the winter holidays, when banks and courts may shut down for a day or two, slowing or halting transactions.
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for consumer watch, i'm karin caifa. here's a look at storm track seven live doppler radar. the forecast from eileen loan is next.
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chforecast. rain tracks into the area today and may be heavy this afternoon and tonight. showers taper off on wednesday but strong winds could keep temps steady or even falling for wednesday afternoon. breezy and cold for thursday and then a chance of showers on halloween with temps "you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered. this is
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homeowner avoids disaster after walking outside -- seconds before it explodes. plus... republican presidential candidate donald trump will speak at an iowa high school tonight. but, an online petition issking the superintendent not to allow trump in their school. and it may not be smokey the bear, but this animal is doing
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