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tv   KWWL News at Ten  NBC  November 14, 2015 10:00pm-10:29pm CST

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screaming, and just you know, under a body and pretended to be dead. (sot: theresa cede/ attack survivor) theresa: "i was umm next to a guy that got shot in the head, engel: and then did you pretend to be dead? theresa: yes. engel: were you covered in blood? theresa: yes." the gunmen spoke french, but said they were "doing it for syria" syria, of member of the coalition that's been bombing it. in a statement today, isis said the attack was revenge "let france and all the nations following its path know that they will continue to be at the top of the isis target list as long as they continue strikes against the islamic state, and the scent of death will not leave their nostrils as long as they isis has now gone far beyond its middle east strongholds and
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the heart of europe. a french prosecutor today said 7 attackers are dead. they all wore suicide vests and at least one has been partially named by but with no record of terrorist activity. a syrian passport for abdul akbaq b was found near 2:13) and already some of those connections are being and a top security expert here in paris said what by isis, that could also target the united states. hitting closer to home -- a rochester realtor and his girlfriend are
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in france -- and were only a mile away from the blasts of the bataclan theater. he was at this restaurant about a mile and a half away from the concert venue where some of the attacks took place. he said a waiter stood up on a chair -- hushed everyone in the restaurant -- and told them there had been a shooting nearby. but today -- he says there is an its been absolutey amamzing when i got back and i saw all it was flipping amazing to see the amount of people that care. he says one of his biggest takeaways from this trip is the outpouring of support he's gotten from people all over the world -- checking to see if he is ok. and tonight presidental
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hopefuls weigh in on the paris attacks in the democratic debate- we will hear from them coming up continuing coverage tonight -- the search for a missing teen gains momentum. moe sed has been missing for more than three weeks. he is a refugee from burma and a student at waterloo west high school. kwwl's jessica hartman joins volunteers -- canvassing the cedar valley this weekend -- and brings us the very latest. sightings out there the past few splitting up to continue the search. hartman "the search for system in the cedar valley area. volunteers looking for signs of moe sed or his bike with one orange and one blue tire rim." catherine wager "he really enjoyed fishing in those areas home in thailand." catherine and liz wagner - - two of his teachers who have help spear head the efforts to find moe sed.
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liz"i know that's what he was last seen with is a bike. i just feel like we are looking for a needle in a hay stack and how do you ever search?" catherine "there is just a tone of area." they were just one of we weren't the only ones out up any clues.. .but they aren't giving up. "i think until we have answers going to give up or give up hope that we are going to find him and bring him home." if you have any information on moe sed's where abouts -- please call waterloo police -- the number is on your screen. firefighters are trying to
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the cause of a house fire on a farm in eastern iowa tonight. the fire sparked this afternoon -- and the homeowner tells us -- it likely started in a bedroom. he was not home when the fire started, but says it may have been electrical. nobody was injured -- including two puppies inside the home. it appears the home is a total loss -- and the cause remains under investigation. grapple on the gridiron kicks off at kinnick stadium -- and the event now holds the record for the biggest attendance ever -- for a college wrestling match. fans from all around -- attended the first-time event to watch the university of iowa's wrestling team take on oklahoma state. nearly 45- thousand fans attended -- surpassing the thousand people. excited the weather cooperated. (pat lenane/hawkeye wrestling fan) "part of history. fan) "how can you get a better the gridiron performer) "i'm excited to be here, i can't believe we have perfect weather for it. i mean, it's a wonderful day." university of iowa also won
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oklahoma state 18 to 16. plus -- a popular reality t-v star makes a stop in eastern iowa -- but how are people responding? "you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered, with macleod this is the kwwl news at ten."
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we had great conditions outside for november standards here in evening and we had a nice sunset. this was taken in curchtown, that's in will have a clear night tonight sunday will be similar to increase in the clouds later in storm system that brings us a chance for rain as we head into current temperatures across eastern iowa. we have some temperatures are in the 40s across many areas, with a few areas already we have a wind light out of the south, and that has kept
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our temperatures a little warmer over the next couple of days. here's the storm track 7 live weather network across eastern iowa. we had a few high clouds passing through today, and that made for with a mostly clear sky throughout the overnight hours. satellite and radar shows the clouds tracking through the area earlier this afternoon and early evening. however, those have tracked out of the area so we are left with a clear sky all area, and that will allow for increasing clouds as we head into tomorrow evening as we several chances for rain as we go into next week. here's future track throughout the overnight hours. we'll have a clear sky. the wind calms down just a little bit, and that gets our warmer than where we were at last night across the area thanks to the southerly component to the wind. futuretrack throughout the day tomorrow shows a mostly sunny sky throughout much of the day. later in the afternoon and across the southern portion of the area, but no rain is in the forecast. here's the storm track 7 forecast for sunday. lots of sunshine once again with temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. south, southwest wind from 10 to 15 miles per hour. here's the storm track 7 area on monday. tuesday will bring us a chance for thunderstorms, however we are not anticipating severe weather at this time. the and then we cool down with another
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chance for rain on thursday. now -- decision 20-16 coverage. democratic presidential hopefuls discuss the paris attack during their second debate -- right here in iowa. kim hutcherson reports. presidential hopefuls discuss the paris attack during their second debate -- right here in iowa. kim hutcherson reports. the second democratic debate opened with a focus on followed by opening statements and early questions: "this election is not just about electing a president, it's also about choosing our next commander-in-chief. (bernie sanders/(d)
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"together, leading the world, this country will rid the planet of this barbarous organization called isis. presidential candidate) "my heart goes out to the people of france in this moment of loss." clinton focused on candidate) "i think we have to look at isis as the leading threat of an international terror network. it can not be contained and must be defeated we can bring people people together in a cooperative way, is essential." while sanders hit at clinton's vote for war in iraq in his analysis: the rise of al qaeda." sanders got huge applause with his criticism of health care in the us: "i believe we've got to go further. we've got to end the international embarrassment of the united states of america being the only major country that doesn't guarantee healthcare to all people as a right not a privilege (applause)" and martin o'malley got applause and laughter with his zinger about republican donald trump:
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"let's say it in our debate because you'll never hear it from that immigrant bashing carnival barker, donald trump. (laughter applause) whether minds were changed remains to be seen. i'm kim hutcherson reporting. as a reminder -- the next democratic debate is set for 19th. and we'll be right back reality t-v star -- caitlyn
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people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded byover a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in.
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makes a surprise appearance in eastern iowa this week -- to raise awareness for the transgender community. but not all transgender people support jenner. kw-wl's shirley descorbeth gets to the bottom of that story. it's a night of celebration...with a surprise special appearance in dubuque by reality tv star caitlyn jenner. them, but we have our allies and our supporters." known to many as an olympic champ...jenner rolled into town with her entourage of friends and film crew. it's for "an evening with the stars," raise awareness well-known transgender person on the planet. to get your point
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represents them. she was recently confronted by advocates say jenner is a good role model for them. "you know there's gonna be people in all walks of life...probably the most discriminated against are black women of color who are transgender, but just because of caitlyn's status, it doesn't mean she isn't just as valuable." advocates hope events like this...will help bring acceptance to the trans community. we've got you covered in dubuque...shirley descorbeth, kwwl news. and jenner's t-v crew filmed during her visit in dubuqe. so that means -- her time in eastern iowa could air on reality television. and we'll be right back
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that's never happened in iowa football history -- on top of that -- floyd of battle with minnesota -- hawks coming out in their black-out uniforms -- hoping to black out the gophers -- and they got things going right off the bat -- leshun daniels -- three yard touchdown run -- 7, nothing hawkeyes after their first drive -- later -- iowa up 14, 7 -- but the gophers even it up -- mitch leidner deep to brandon lingen -- 40 yards on the touchdown strike -- ties it at 14 -- but it wouldn't stay that way -- c-j beathard -- not exactly known for his scrambling ability -- but you wouldn't know it here -- gets iowa in position to strike before halftime -- big run down to the 14 yard-line -- that would lead to a 2 yard touchdown carry for daniels -- his second score of the night -- hawkeyes would lead 24, 14 at the break -- second half -- gophers back within 6 -- but iowa driving -- tevaun smith on the reception from beathard -- smith will take it
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down to the one yardline -- you'd figure they'd have to score here -- and you'd figure right -- beathard sneaks it in -- his second rushing touchdown of the night -- 2 point conversion failed 33, 21 iowa -- this one is not yet in the books the 4th quarter -- panthers looking to keep their playoff hopes alive at missouri state -- and tyvis smith is going to help out that goal -- just manhandling the bear defense -- takes this one 56 yards -- great start for uni -- quickly up 7, nothing -- aaron bailey's been a monster on the ground this year -- same today -- 3 yard run makes it 14, nothing -- and bailey wasn't done -- this time from the 11 -- takes it around right end -- he had four touchdowns on the afternoon -- this one had the panthers in control 21, nothing -- and the defense shut the door -- deiondre hall will come up with shut-out -- uni rolls 41, nothing -- cyclones hoping for a repeat of 20-11 -- they'd look to once again
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dash the championship hopes of oklahoma state -- and how about this for a start -- joel lanning on the keeper -- takes it 24 yards for the score -- 7, nothing cyclones -- later in the quarter -- lanning to allen lazard -- check out the effort -- lazard on his way to the endzone -- cyclones led 24, down 3 in the 4th -- jeff carr on the reception from j-w walsh -- 7 yards -- cowboys up 35, 31 late -- cyclones with one last chance in the final 2 minutes -- but lanning gets picked -- that will do it -- the upset bid falls just short 35, 31 -- high school football semis -- defending 2-a champ north fayette valley against spirit lake -- tigerhawks fall behind early -- spirit lake's logan backhaus pitches it deep and hooks up with billy brown for a 50-yard touchdown. -- big night for backhaus north feyette valley responds -- jesse mackey takes the handoff and runs past the defense -- 65 yards -- they still traild by one after a
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missed p-a-t -- later -- down eight -- this time it's trey kuhens -- and it's another big tigerhawk run -- he takes it in from 55- yards out, and north 14-14. but that was short lived -- it's backhaus again, this time with a dallas poock. and the indians were just too much to handle for the tigerhawks. they go on to win by a final of 49-34 -- class 1-a -- dike-new hartford and top ranked regina -- regals go up early -- nathan stenger hits ethan suchomel -- 8 yards on the strike -- made it 14, nothing -- wolverines respond before half -- trent johnson -- 9 yards on the carry -- pulls them within seven at the break -- second half -- they get it even -- jacob moore hits connor neuroth deep down field -- he scampers in on a 60 yard strike -- ties it 14 -- but regina gets it down the stretch -- 2 yard touchdown from stenger -- regina moves on 31, 14 -- it would have already been a big meet with the iowa wrestlers hosting top ranked oklahoma state --
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then you add more than 42-thousand screaming fans out in elements -- and you get something truly special -- but the weather couldn't have been better for the grapple on gridiron -- and the hawks gave those fans what they came for -- starting out of the box strong getting a decisive victory from thomas gilman at 125 later a 8-2 victory from second ranked cory clark at 133 pounds. former denver cyclone brandon sorenson gave the hawkeyes there third victory in the first four matches with a 6-1 decision. but sammy brooks had the match of the day... pulling a huge 17-2 tech fall pulling in 5 points for iowa nathan burak followed up with a with a 5-3 decision giving the hawkeyes an 18-13 lead and they pull this one out and sot brandon sorenson so 149/ "it amazes me that it from the fans." sot coach tom photographs and they'll look back on it for a long long time but the biggest thing is they
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uni basketball opener -- hosting former cyclone head man larry eustachy and colorado state -- the panthers got off to a quick start-- jeremy morgan who knocks down an early three, 12 - 9 panthers -- but the rams respond -- tiel daniels fights hard for two -- panthers trailed 42-35 at halftime. second half, panther wes layup -- he finished with 19 points, 7 assists -- but the rams were too much for uni. here's gian clavell with a court win streak with an 84, 78 win -- thanks mark. here's the storm track 7
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