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tv   Today  NBC  November 17, 2015 10:00am-11:00am CST

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ta-da and the austin powers' music start and something takes over, and the evil thing and i wanted to spank you. > okay. that is it. >> and so the adventures of a llfetime by cold play playing. and screen play oliver hudson is here. a cutie. >> and he is star of "nashville" and something happened to him monday that i watched and i tee evoed it. ananwe will do it in the segment, and he is also in "scream queen." >> and a hisis the sonf of goldie hawn and curt. >> and with us is geoffrey zakarian. he has a new d dink that is so exciting. >> thank you, jeffrey, and we are so excited because his new restaurant called the national
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>> and you are givinge e a private preview, baby. >> yes, we will test the machine tonight and see what you think. >> looking forward to it. >> that is why i can't go with you to adade. >> i can't wait for this tonight. i am busting about adele. busting. >> i didn't think that i would like it, but it is quite interesting. i don't thit eea aah de. > eanvtenr. >s have you ever woken up with perfect hair? the answer is no, and so we e e figuring out a way to go to sleep with your hair and arson is going to hem us style it so you will wake up in the the morning with good hair. and we have breaking news. >> i am very, very excited a bt this and remember last year when
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>> "it shine ss." >> yes, and i did a book called "heart of the home" an anyw it did so wl, and all of the profits, and every penny of the profits go to the salvation army and we raised more than $600,000 and so what i did is a that they asked us if f would put it out again and i said if we put it out again, there is bianca who is the food stylist, and i said, let's put it out again and raise more money to the salvation army by adding 24 new page ss and memorial to frank at the end as well. so every penny, again, it goes to salvation army and one of the greatest organizations and around for hundreds of years, and you know that the money is going for something good. if you would like to g this f yourself or as a christmas present go the good >> yes, and there are recipes that you want to use for thanksgiving and christmas and
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wife joy and i have a recipe in there and god knows how it got mine. e that hody knows how >> two ingredients. >> and it sold out so fast last year, and they wanted it and missed it, so please, don't miss out this year. >> yes, as you know, it with bause big news event todayt ta "today" show as charlie sheen came down and sat down with matt lauer to address that he is hiv positive. >> and if you have small children, we are going to be discussing some adult themes so you might want to go to the other room, and this is what happened when matt asked him to address the themes. >> you know that there are a lot of rumors out there, and so you can address them? >> yes, i am here to admit that i am in fact hiv positiveve >> ewhen were you dyingiagnosed?
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>> rough ri four years ago. it started with what i thought based on the series ofluster headaches and insane migraine ss and sweating the bed, completely dren drenched two to three nights in a row and i thg that had a brain tumor and i thought that it was offand after a battery of tests, and that they walked in and boom! this is what is going on. it is a hard three leleters to absorb. you know. it's a turning point in one's life. >> i would say so, yeah. >> he told people that he thought that he could trust about the diagnosis, and he told matt ttt he paid out millions to keep it a secret. mat peitqt upa$ih d'disagree, and he called them shakedowns. he had told people about it, and they were shakedowns, and he said i trusted them and they
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and the ttst turned to etreason is what he said. >> and that on "today" will stop the payouts. >> yes. and didn't it come out in the national enquirer. >> and matt asked him about the relationships. >> have you had uurotected sex since the diagnosis? >> yes. the two people i did it were under the care of my doctor and completely warned ahead of time. >> you since your diagnosis told every one of your sexual partners before you had a sexual en counter that you are hiv positive. >> yes, i have. >> no exception ss? >> no exceptions. >> have you been involve and you oahethta ab the transmission of hiv and they talk about risky behaviors, and would it be fair
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involved in all of the risky e behavior behaviors? no, talking ababt needles and that whole mess, no. >> do you know how you contracted the virus? >> sitting here today, no, not entirely, no. >> and matt did also ask him about the ex-wives denise richards and brook mule mueller to see what they had to say, and here as the response>> report ss that your ex-wife denise richards knew about it for a while? >> yes, that is true. >> and what about brooke mueller, another ex-wife. >> yes, indeed. >> you taked to her about it? >>yes. and you were married to her until 201111, and you have known about this diagnosis for four years and that takes us to the same time period when you got the diagnosis and did you immediatete call her and tell
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be checked? >> absolutely. >> and so you are not thinking of it in the behavior. >> and he did a ou t d n >>attg t are doing that massive amount of drugs how do you know if you are protecting yourself. you would ththk it is a long blur. >> yes. >> we wish him the best. and the reaction onocial media, facebook and supporting and it is positive. and good for him as he goes forward >> some talk about the behavior, but the majority and the #charlie sheen is what people were saying. >> and switching gears to the "voice" last night. and as you know gwen and blake are dating and so things got awkward when blake addressed the elephant in the room. and so he was addressing a singer who sang drake the's ""tline booty call."
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more elegant and classy performance of a song about a booty call. gwen sang it to me one niniht on "tonight" show. >> okay. thank you, blake. moving on to fa rel. [ laughter ] pharrell. >> nobody isisetting it go. twitter called it the most awkwardly hilariously funny. it seemed like fansere saying that blake was making itit official and they the loved to segawen flush. >> are we back in junior high skoolchool or is it just me? >> i liked junior high. >> and adele is going to have a concert where sheis going to sing her new songs. and we heard "hello" and she released another one new this morning and it is on vivo and it
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take a look. and the photograph yes, it is a reminder of wa what we like getting o o and restless i'm so sad i am getting old it makes me reckless >> it is all about exes. this whole c.d., is that about exes? >> i didn't understand the words. i don't know. >> and by the ta way, adele was there at sirius xm and in the fish bowl and doing the q and as, and you know what, people were asking her questions, and she was engage inging the them by asking her questions. she is so don t inn bare feet. >> in november, interesting. she is a unique human being.
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>> and the song "hello"is still number one onthe hot billboard for the third weekek in a row, and she sis on with matt and savannah on the 25th. >> simon cowell tweeted out this picture of him and his mini me. >> he said that happiness is a day off of work. >> he seems to be beside himself with that little boy. >> yes. >> and this boy has four sisters. >> named matthew. >> and sister a a aset of triplets and s mom is pregnant and about to have another baby and they did one of the gender reveal things, and they put pit up on facebook with the fact that matthew is getting another sister. oh, my gosh. >> that is a lot of estrogen. mom laura says that tons of
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raised around girl ss and people always tell her that he is going to be a grhas . hopefuly so, yes. >> andnow, youoekkow the cupcakes that they have? well, they are bitezai oa a sweet fix, you take one, if you have will power and these are gluten free and eight new flavors. >> that is the one that we love. the red velvet. hits the floors today or shipping to all 50 states if you order online at baked by me >> so good. >> and surprise, a gift we will give away later. >> and the very handsome oliver hudson. and wha happened on "nashville"? >> what happened to i love you. love you too. one minute. hi. hi dad.
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he comes from a famous hollywood family and so he is used to living life in the spotlight. >> we are talkii about oliver hudson. you know him from the early days of joey potter's on and off again boyfriend on "dawson's creek." >> he looks the same. >> or the rrcent role on "nashvvle" as the heart broken hunk jeffed forham who is no longer with us. i was devastated. >> yep. >> anyway. >> and went off the building. >> it hahaens. >>yep. >> and now oliver is starring as
10:16 am
protect his daughter from a campus killer on the comedy hit series "scream queens." you get around. >> it means that you must have known gigi which means that -- >> what? do you think that i have anything to do with the murders, val? you are making yourself crazy.) >> stay away from me, dad. >> please -- >> no, dad. stay away. >> ooh. look atathat look. look at the look. >> oh! >> you are have to have fun playing the roles that are so different than what you are. >> well, it is interesting, because it is the first time that the i was a father on the show. i read the script on the airplane and i didn't know which part i was because it is ryan murphy and he so clandestine and i didn't know, an i said, who
10:17 am
and then i said, i guess i am wes who has a 20-year-old daughter going to college. did that bruise you a little? >> yes. >> and aren't you? >> well, i have wilder, bow di and rio. 8, 5, 2. they are watching right now. >> how sweet. by the way, can we talk about "nashville" for one moment. >> hoda, it is over. >> well, i am devastated, because i save one episode and i saved the one that was just on and you take a flyingleap off of the building and what happened? why? >> well, i was doing "scream queens" andt worked out the to where i could not be on "nashville" anymore and they gave me four episode ss, and in the four they decided to kill me. drove me off tbuilding. >> you were so awesome. >> i loved the way i went out, and i talked to dee the creator and there was a redemption
10:18 am
life on track and being nice and fall ing in falling in love and thin went right offe i happily married? >> yes. to the an amazing wife. >> and look at the wedding ring. she just came back om the trip look at tha >> that is not even looking real. >> yes, a yellow tuna. i go out to sea, and my wife hates me and loves me for it, and she is amazing to let me do it. and i caught a fish of the lifetime. 250-pound tuna. and i don't have it right now, because it was bent. my wife and i were in amsterdam totally sober and got a tattoo. >> you always liked fishing? >> well, it is hard core and you want to get up, and you get the line on the reel, and boom, he is gone again, and two hours. two hour ss. >> how many people to drag it in. >> one, , e. >> oitlyourself?
10:19 am
it is in the process that is sushi waiting for me at home. >> so your wife loves you. >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> is she an actress as well? >> she was, and she was actually going places, and then we had the baby, first baby and said, okay, we are ready to sort of continue, and she said, nope, i am done. >> she found something she loved better. >> yes. >> and did goalldie and kate love "nashville." >> yes shgs i, i sent my sister a video of me going off the video, and she was crying. i went off&the builling and she was like, oliver, did you -- >> well, she is a good actress. >> i was concerned a about that whether it is was for my benefit or the true emotions. >> you have a great sense of humor and i lle, love, love your mother. and i interviewed your father
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time for brain teaser tuesday when we put your mind to the test with riddless >> put on the thinkinging caps. here is the question. here we go. your mother's bre brother-in-l is asleep on your couch. who is asleep on he couch? okay.. the mother's brother's only brother-in-law.
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a business is forced to do some rebuilding after a semi crashes right into it. the owner of faust millwork and cabinetry in dyersville says a semi from across the street rolled into her businessss police say the brakes hadn't been set. the damage will cost thousands to fix... thankfully no one was hurt. this morning, another message from the state to get a flu shot. this comes after two central iowa men died from the flu. the cdc says iowa, oregon, and rhode island have the highest rates of the flu in lhe country right now. now, let's go to eileen with aa look at weather. showers, drizzle and isolated storms today/tonight with locally heavy rainfall. rain ends wednesay but temps1will for the weekend.. we'll be back in 30 minutes, be
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sure to check kwwl dot com for the latestnews you're watching k- w-w-l, we've got you covovred.
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we are back on the brain teaser tuesday and before the break we gave you this riddle too figureeut. >> your mother's brother's only brother brother-in-law is asleep on the couch. who is asleep couch? >> the answer is your father. >> there is a no-brain, and wish you could wake up and have gorgeous hair like hoda's? well, now you can. and from the salon islouis licari.
10:29 am
because we go the bed and it is looking great and you wake up and it is a mess. >> yes, d niy up at all? >> no. >> and she gets other stuff all tied up. >> and everybody complains that whenever you do my hair and i love it and how do i make it last the next day? so here is three different hairstyles to show you. this is lauren's before picture. >> take a peek. wow. >> this is what she looked like before. >> so she went to bed. >> this is h hw she went tooed, and i are will show you, and wilkt a little net. get it to secure the hair and make sure that it is only one hairpin to keep it secure, and you bring it into a unicorn bun. flip your hair forward >> and shake it, shake it. andhrow it back. >> perfect. >> what happened?
10:30 am
>> so explain that unicorn bun. >> it is about theetwist. the reason it is a unicorn and i wiloyh we did it, and do me a favor. bring it forward again a little bit. foa so the whole point is to make sure it is as a unicorn on top of the ead andnd u twist it, twist it. and you only need one hairpin to seal it. >> and then put the net on it. >> yes. >> and we have two more to do here. okay okay. let's keep moving arson. >> here is simone. look at her hair before. >> look at the before. >> she likes her hair straight. so what we did here is to wrap her hair and kept one roller here for her to make sure that she has the height. so we take these pins off. >> yeah. >> it is only a few pins to keep it secure. >> a couple more in there and careful.
10:31 am
>> and she has a little bit layer ing in layering in the hair and that is yhpt more pin ss. >> great cut. >> and shake it out. >> and remember, you can always shake it. >>i can't wait.. >> what are you talking about. what? did you really sleep like that? >> you can use a blow dryer with cool air to mess t up. if you feel like your hair is little oily scalp, use the dry shampoo to get it there. >> and arson with the wrap real quick. >> what you do is to put the roll roller -- >> and we know about the roller, but thep eaapat r p around, and wrap it all around to make the shape of the head, and pin it all of the way around. >> that is awesome. >> and now, this vd invest in a silk pillowcase. >> this is important, because we are seeing it everywhere fot s well. >> and creaseless bands that you can get them the at sephora and
10:32 am
>> and th is now on sara. >> she likes her hair curly. whwh we did in here a cool thing. we used the t-shirt. t-shirts. >> you put a t-shirt in your hair? >> i did. it is comfortable. >> and so we twist it. and show you, one pin. >> bobby pin. >> hairpin. >> and so what i waat you to do is to shake your hair forward. >> who knows? >> hey, we have to know these things. c kle. >> look at this. >> oh, my gosh. oh. >> did you think that he was crazy when he said to wrap it in a t-shirt? >> i otw z >hh tee shirt? >> to mke shurure that the hair stays in one place. and wiwi curly hair,, usually on the curly hair, the net won't keep it together. >> you need something bigger? >> yes. >> and with the curly hhir.
10:33 am
>and what about a shower cap, it wouldn't work? >> no, the t-shirt is way gentler on the hair. and so we twist it on one side and bring this one over and all together and one hair into secure it. >> i am totally in. these were all great. >> okay. you can go night-night now. and now, some spuds to tempt yo mmmm mmmmm mmmm (laughter) mmmm, mmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmm, mmm! mmmmmmmm mmm! milk, fruit, cultures
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i'm thankful for helping hands... and for this wonderful time of year that brings us all together. where all it takes to become part of the family is to sit down, give thanks, and share a beautiful meal together. share the wonder of the season and a meal you'll be thankful for. walmart.t. anyways, peeling potatoes is a staple of every thanksgiving table and whether you like them mashed, scallopeded or all o o the above, they are a great side for turkey. >> and so we called in our vorite chef geoffrey zakarian, and he is partner this the new restaurant in greenwich, connecticut, and it opens tomorrow, but i am going there tonight.
10:38 am
>> and a couple of them in new york city? >> yes, opening them up aroundd d this, i love it. >> i couldn't help it. let's have a cocktail, and this is vodka,a, potato vodka -- a ha! and the syrup and cheers. >> and you know, u could do that ink with a potato. >> it is a lot of vodka going on, which make ss it delicious. >> it is your show, right? >> it is reay delicious and not too strong. i don't like it too strong. >> and let's get started on the potatoes and the turkey is dry and the potatoes are good, everything is good. this is a dish no-fail. i like to do a few tips to make it quicker and more successful for you. >> all right. >> onions, and have it a scalloped potato or potato grrtin.
10:39 am
whip, are they, because they are starchy. >> righw. >> you take these with the onion and put them pan, and you do not wash them, because you want the starch. it is your friend. >> so you don't wash them after you peel them. >> it looks like a lot. >> well, it is not. add some butter, and what we are going to do is to start the engine of the potato gratin early. this is magicand things are cooking, cooking, and it is thicking up, aners i le eggs boiling. >> and it is thick here, and know tis -- notice that it is not drowning in the half and hhlf, and so it is starting to cook so when you transfer it to the gratin dish, it is almost there. anddwhen you put them in the oven, it is almost cooked offrne as offhere, some beautiful garlic and some fresh thyme. >> what is that?
10:40 am
>> lemon zest. we will stir that. >> okay. we have a minute here, kid, and not the rush anybody, but. >> and the secret here, put it in here and no particular order and it does not matter, and -- >> here you go,,kath. you try it. >> hoda is getting bossy. >> no, i want to get to everything. >> i will spank you. >> and some cheese and more in the oven, and there you have it in front of you in an hour. bread crumbs on top. >> i can't get it on the dadgumed fork. >> everything is cooked the same, right? >> everything you do is perfect, geoffrey. >> i feel like french fries. >> and no butter or cream. and sosof you can't have those, regular, and you have roasted potatoes with a lemon vinegarr inegarette.
10:41 am
>> ic like it with the lemon, and that is nice. >> little olive oil and lemon. and i love sweet potatoes. >> yes. >> and we have had at lot of the sweet poe ta itos creamed, but this is roasted with olive oil and ginger and lemon peel, and roast it with herbs. >> how long? >> 45 minutes. and you take them out warm and make a vinegarette with sherry wine vinegar here, and add some spspces, and no butter. >> i love the flavors. >> go ahead and top that for me. >> okay. >> and beautiful. so that is it. that you can have done ahead of time and garnish it. >> look at how beautiful the plate. >> and put it into pla here. >> and you have used pomegranate seeds. >> yes, and you bring it out to the table and it is beautiful
10:42 am
here, almonds and pomegranates and scalliis. >> a a if you want to stick with the no dairy, leave off the feta. >> and if you wantnt it really delicious leave off the scallop s s. >> i can eat just a little bite without getting too ill. >> and for these recipes go the (christmasasusic) thanks to, i'm making a lot of wishes come true this holiday. yeah, you scored girlfriend! we scored, with low monthly payments. (laughs) shop today and save $50 on your first order of $200 or more. with over 350,000 items to choose from there's something for everyone. makes e holidays happy. and me happy! the reininer... not so happy.
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>> announcer: the singing concert series is proudly pre precepted to you by citi. >> after taking on the role in lay mez alfie boe became an international sensation. >> now the famous tenor hasstake then on the biggest billboards in times square. >> and if he is big enough for
10:47 am
there, he is big enough for hoda and kathie lee. >> and what are you going too be singing, alfie? >> i am going to be singing" bring him home." >> get out the clean nexs. o lord hear my prayer
10:48 am
for me is here he is afraid have him heaven blessed bring him home bring him home bring him home he's like the son might have snoen if god had granted me a son the summers die one by one how soon they fly on and on when i am old and nearly
10:49 am
bring himm peace bringhim joy he is lost he is oy a boy you can take you can give let him be let him live
10:50 am
let him live bring im home bring him home bring him home >> woo! woo! >> thank you. >> that makes up for about 100 ihodas. that makes up for 100 of them. what are you doing next week, and thank you as well.
10:51 am
>> he is on broadway with les mmserables. and what are we giving a a away?
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[ screaming ] rate suckers! [ bell dinging ] your car insurance goes up because of their bad driving. people tryryll sorts of ways to get rid of them. [ driver panting ] if you're sick of paying more than your fair share... [ screams ]
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>> before we say good-bye, we want to make five lucky viewers very happy, because it is time for -- >> give it away. >> in is a snowblower hybbd. >> it is a corded and battery-operated powered and no oil ouat t h button, a ideal for snow removal. who is going to be shoveling first first? >> susan from tampa, florida. i have lindsey rice from sherwood, arkansas a. >> i love her. debbie hundley from chesterfield, virginia. >> >>like deb. >> and jamie from rochester, new
10:55 am
>> and briana keeley from vandalia, illinois. >> congratulations to the winners. guess who is coming up tomorrow? >> jus tin beebtin bieber. >> have a awesome boozeday tuesday and it the spanky wanky. assume the position, hoda! don't enjoy yourself. that s part of the un.noonn. hitting the road, r the skies this thanksgiving -- a holiday forecast to be released today. and the syrian refugee crisis continues to spark debate. what presidential candidates are
10:56 am
ca >> today on the meredith vieira show and actor charl sheen is hiv positive. and the latest developments in paris. and a video released threaten a major american city. how safe are we. and amber riley. talking about the wizz live. >> and the mystery celebrity get away week. can blind folded viewer guess
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