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tv   KWWL News at Six  NBC  January 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm CST

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came across another vehicle that was broken down in the road. the driver tried to avoid the car -- and lost control on ice. troopers say the driver crashed into the second vehicle -- and both cars went in the ditch. 23-year-old scharaell shavres was not wearing a seatbelt -- and died during the crash. and a second crash ended with a death. this one happend on highway 20 in sac county. troopers say the driver lost control -- and the vehicle rolled. at that point -- the person was thrown from the vehicle -- and to miss the person -- but a second driver went over the top of them. authorities say 19-year-old anthony sanfratello died at the scene -- and the crash remains under investigation. new at six -- cedar rapids police are investigationg three shootings -- reported over night. police responded to gunshots in the 15-hundred block of fifth avenue south east -- around seven o-clock last night. police say a man was shot -- but he is expected to be o-k. then after one o-clock this
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-- police were called to 18th street north east -- where two people experienced injuries from a shooting. the third call came in at 1-45 -- near the 900 block of maplewood drive. police say one person was also injured during that incident. at this point -- authorities are trying to determine whether the shootings were connected -- and no arrests have been made. investigations are ongoing. a waterloo man is sentenced to neaay 12 years in federal prison -- for child pornography. 58-year-old ricky funke was sentenced thursday. with no parole in the federal justice system -- the judge ordered hime to undergo eight years of supervision -- following his release. he admitted to having child pornography last year. prosecutors say he used the internet to download more than 450 clips. 900-million dollars -- and growing. that's what tonight's powerball jackpot has reached so far. it's the largest lottery jackpot in
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drawing is a few hours away. chris pollone has the latest. despite the longest of long odds. (nats: ticket machine) the lure of becoming an "i never played it before. the very first time!" and it's not just michigan and new york. all with two dollars and a dream. s/ stacie fines / sarnia, ontario:21 - :28 need to get powerball tickets, so i'm grabbing it for a few as the jackpot grows, so does the frenzy. pushing the sending people in places without powerball, like alabama, across state lines.. where gas ticket machine) players know the odds are not good. one in 292 point two million. but lottery officials say about 75-percent of all possible numbers will be sold tonight, meaning it's becoming more likely someone will win. in new york saturday morning, sales hit nearly two
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s/ stefanie miller / chicago1:03 - 1:06 "i feel good, yeah. this could be my lucky day." if no one picks all five numbers and the powerball yet again, the jackpot cculd reach one point three billion dollars. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. as a reminder -- we'll have that drawing right here -- on the news at ten o-clock. and here in iowa -- people are testing eir luck and buying tickets. the big question on everyone's mind -- what would they do with others are saying -- they're having some trouble wrapping their minds around that amount of cold advice and try to save some of could live comfortably for 40 years. so when your thinking 900 million, its ridiculous, its a ridiculous amount of money if nobody wins -- the jackpot is expected to raise to one
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billion dollars. with less than a month until the big caucus -- candidates are working overtime. senator ted cruz makes four iowa stops today -- as part of a tour around the state. kwwl's jessica hartmen catches up with senataor cruz at his second stop in strawberry point. she joins us live in the newsroom with the details. jessica? i was not alone -- a large crowd packed the small restaurant -- shoulder to shoulder to hear from the republican candidate leading iowa polls. and after laying out his agenda for the white house - - cruz cemented his vote from many iowans in attendance. several telling me they came to the event undecided and left decided.
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running on -- voters say it is his foundation in the constitution and religion they like most. "i think the fact that he is a strong christian and realizes that our country needs a big constitution. it was a good document. it was the best document that has ever been writiten appart from the bible." under that umbrella -- cruz promises to repeal the health care act and common core. after his speech -- cruz was asked about his stance on ethonal. coming up at 10 -- his answer we've got you covered live in the newsroom...jessica hartman kwwl news. at last check -- senator cruz currently has a four point lead over donald trump in the iowa polls. drone and model aircraft pilots are
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the federal aviation administration to operate the devices. the fee to fly is five dollars and the permit lasts three years. but -- many drone users say the new restrictions on registration requirements bother them. they say it paints the hobby in a negative light. " now, due to the actions of a fly, where we fly and so on, and i guess that's a little concerning to me." members of the iowa city aerohawks say the f-a-a is now limiting how high and far you can fly drones from airports -- which could impact the club's annual air show. coming up after the break -- is fur enough to keep your furry friends safe this winter? and whee you see news -- or if you have pictures or video to share -- you can do that by going to our facebook page. you can also like our page to informmation. but first -- here's a live look "you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered, with macleod
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"now your storm track 7 forecast on kwwl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years thth the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field.
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weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: welcome back i'm meteorologist kyle kiel. it's a very cold night out there. we have a winn chill adadisory that goesesinto effect later this evening and lasts until 10 o'clock sunday morning. this is for most of the viewing area. even though washington and cedar counties aren't included in this advisory, it's still going to be
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chills 10 t t 15 degrees below zero. threat tracker is in the yellow for both tonight and sunday because of the bitter cold temperatures. it will continue to be cold on monday, however, not as cold. there's also a slight chance for snow as we head later in the day on monday and tuesday. not a big storm system though. road conditions are slick, especially across northern iowa where there was a little bit more snow, also refreezing from the rain and the melted snow yesterday. here are a look at the current temperatures. these have been falling all day long, and will continue to fall all night long. we have single digits to lower teens across the area. when you factor in the wind northwest from 15 to 25 miles per
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already in many areas. this afternoon many of our western areas began clearing, an that led to some beautiful scenes like this one. these are sun dogs, and many times, not always, it's a sign of thoss very cold temperatures. basically it's the sunlight refracting off ice crystals in the upper parts of the atmosphere, giving that rc to the leet and right of the sun. thanks for everyone sending in your pictures. we will show a few more coming up on the kwwl news at 10 and i'll put them online at kwwl dot com. storm track 7 live weather network cameras show clearrng conditions across eastern iowa. we still have clouds in the eastern half of our viewing area.
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radar shows dry conditions across eastern iowa. we did have a few snow showers and flurries early this morning, but another storm is passing to our southeast and is bringing snow just east of our area. meanwhile, high pressure is keeping us quiet, but cold overnight. here's a look at future track. it is showing mainly clear skies during the overnight hours. we will see a few clouds, especially early on in the evening hours. it will also be very windy as well which is why we have that wind chill advisory in effect for much of the state of iowa. as we go throughout the day on sunday. despite thee sunshine, temperatures will still be very cold in the single digits. some of our
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lower teens. however, it will still be pretty breezy with northwest winds ten to fifteen miles per hour, so wind chills will still be below zero pet owners -- trying to keep their dogs and cats safe. storm track 7's shirley descorbeth joins us live in dubuque with the details. shirley? during the bitterercold weather -- it's important to keep a close eye on your pets. experts say owners need to take (nat sound) not a large crowd at dubuque's pet park -- some dog owners avoiding the cold weather...others braving it. "the dogs still have to get outside, so...i do my best to bring them here, sometimes twice a day." but with temperatures dropping to single digits sunday -- experts
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special care of your beloved pets. "dogs, of courure go outside and do their keep them out as short as time as possible. if you take them for owns two lively dogs -- shadow and charlie -- is more concerned with another issue during the winter. "these dogs seem to love the discomfort. experts say other tips during the colder weather is put a jacket or booties on them...also, cut down on bathing, so their hair is less wet when going outdoors. as for cats... "try not to let them outside...they loo going outside, but with thehecolder weather, it's best to just keep if it's too cold outside for's too cold
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if it's too cold outside -- cats and dogs can get frostbite. experts say it's important to check often for discolored skin, beneath their fur. we've got you covered live in dubuque...shirley descorbeth... ...kwwl news. medical experts say the colder weather can affect a pet's existing condition. they suggest a visit to the vet at least once a year for a checkup. coming up on kwwl -- a waterloo native looked to lead the north dakota state bison to a 5th straight national championship -- plus -- the iowa state cyclone basketball team looked to stay perfect at home in a big conference battle -- you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in jesup, shellrock, tama and all of eastern iowa
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the 13th ranked cyclones have won 30 of their last 31 games on theie home court -- it just so happens that one loss came against the baylor bears -- cyclones came hot out of the gate -- matt thomas from downtown -- drills the trey for
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-- later in the half -- georges niang with the lob to abdel nader -- iowa state would hald a 4 point lead at the break -- second half -- isu up 6 -- niang pulls up from about i-35 -- and drains it -- 22 in the game for niang to lead iowa state -- but things soon started to go south -- johnathan motely from the corner -- three-ball cuus the lead doon to 5 -- later -- bears down 2 -- that's lester medford on the opposite side giving the bears their first lead of the game -- and they'd finish it -- medford again from the arc -- iowa state's unbeaten at home the last 2 years against everyone not named baylor -- but the bears have now won 2 straight at hilton -- they get this one 94 to 89 --- the course. you can go through a panic. you stay the course. this is a learning experience as and punch them back. iowa state heads to texas on
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the uni panthers -- meanwhile -- will get back on their home court tonight against a drake team that hasn't won in cedar falls in their last the panthers will be looking to snap a bit of a rough stretch -- uni's lost 2 straight and 6 of their last ten -- now uni hadn't lost back to back conference games since february of 20-14 -- as for the good news -- the panthers have been great at home in mvc play -- wining 13 straight dating all the way back to two seasons ago -- tonight's game is set to tip at 7 oh clock -- we'll have highlights at ten -- the minnesota vikings open the playoffs tomorrow against a seattle team missing one of its top weapons -- marshawn lynch did not makthe trip to minnesota and has been ruled out for the game -- lynch had returned to practice on wednesday after missing the past 7 games with an abdomen injury -- but apparently isn't yet ready for game action --
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off at noon tomorrow right here on kwwl -- the playoffs have already started for the chiefs -- and right now they're hammering houston 27 nothing -- kansas city started this year 1 and 5 -- now going after an 11th straight win to keep their season alive -- just over xx minutes to go in houston -- waterloo native and former uni assistant chris klieman looking to lead north dakota state to a 5th straight fcs championship -- facing jacksonville state today -- quarterback carson wentz hadn't played since october -- but looked pretty good today -- hitting andrew bonnet on an 8 yard score -- 10, nothing bison -- and they took over in the early going -- wentz going to do it himself this time -- around left enn-- diving for the pylyln -- north dakota state would lead 24, nothing at half -- fourth quarter -- jacksonville state needing something to stay in it -- but eli jenkins gets picked by jordan champion -- klieman and the bison do it -- that's 5 in a row -- north dakota state
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thanks mark. america is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy,
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raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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(donkey noise) (elephant noise) (mic screech) there's a big difference between making noise... (mic tap) ...and making sense. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security stng. (elephant noise) hey candidates! enough talk. give us a plan. snow tiger that is. check this out. loyal k-w-w-l viewers teresa and bill ruth sent us this photo. they say they both created this
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three hours in the rain last night -- including another hour today with the finishing touches. teresa says this is their third sculpture. wind chill adadisory in effect tonight and sunday morning. here's the storm track 7 day forecast. we will have temperatures recover to the upper teens on monday, but another shot of cold air follows a system that moves through monday night into tuesday, which will also bring very cold conditions tuesday into wednesday. then we start to see a recovery of temperatures by the end of the week, with another slight chance for snow on saturday. thanks for joining us tonight -- we hope to see you back here at
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sun, sand, surf, and romance. it's sandals resorts week.
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ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of america's game -- pat sajak and vanna white. hello. thank you, jim. thanks, everybody. glad you're here. thank you. i'm especially glad you're here. vanna: aww. aww. now you must go and i must go. hi! good to see you all. get ready. your moment has arrived. $1,000 "toss u u" it's an "event." vanna, let's go. [ bell chimes ] sara. destination wedding. yeah, that's it. nothing to it.
6:26 pm
gilbert, arizona. sara: yes, sir. and let's see. asu graduate. yes. go devils. now, you were in the navy for a good while. eight years. i was on active duty in the navy as a gas turbine systems mechanic. [ laughs ] well, terrific. and now you're in airline reservations. that's quite a switch. yes. two children. two children, beautiful donovan and chloe, 10 and 11. yeah. and you like to sing in the choir? we love to sing. i used to sing in a big choir every sunday at a gospel brunch. okay. and you just won $1,000. i did! [ laughs ] i was here. i saw it. yes. good to have you, sara. $ good luck to you. lisa larusso is from melville, new york. i want to hear all ababt you, lisa. don't leave out any detail, no matter how sordid it might be. okay. i am married for 22 years to my wonderful husband, dan. yeah. we have three amazing children, john, michael, and gina. we love to go to the beach and travel, and i love to watch sports,
6:27 pm
and my son michael playing football for st. lawrence university. go saints! there you go. you got in all the important stuff. you said. [ laughs ] i'm glad you did. good to have you here, lisa. this is kurt dornan who is from north ridgeville, ohio, and a family physician. yes. all right. and what else can we know about dr. dorn and his family? my lovely wife,, ren\e, of 11 years, we have two children -- ben and charlotte. and we actually have twins on the way, a boy and another girl. and i guess twins run in the family 'cause you are a t tn. yep. my twin n other is in the audience, so... how do we know that's you? [ laughter ] um, i can tell you later. all right. good luck the rest of the way. [ laughing ] everybody get ready. the mind boggles at the possibilities. all right. second "toss up." $2,000. "food & drink." here we go. [ bell chimes ]
6:28 pm
everybyby else now. [ bell chimes ] sara. alian flatbread. yeah, that's it. well, you got both "toss ups." you'll be spinning the wheel in -- you seem surprised. [ chuckles ] here's jim. okay, pat. and here is tonight's featured sandals resorts getaway. indulge in a luxury-included vacation created exclusively for two people in love at the sandals resort of your choice. experience the caribbean's best beaches in jamaica, antigua, st. lucia, the bahamas, barbados, or grenada. at sandals resorts, every luxury is included. delight in lavish accommodations, gourmet discovery dining, unlimited water sports, like snorkeling, paddleboarding, and more. visit for more information. [ humming ] okay. "song & artist" is the category. there it is.
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whoa. yeah, one spike can make a difference. lisa. b. s, there is a b. may i buy an e? yes. there are e's up there, ur of them. h. two h's. $5,750. may i buy the a?
6:30 pm
y. sure. one y. w. yeah, one w. i'm gonna go ahead and solve it, please. all right. go ahead. "we got the beat" by the go-go's. yeah, that's it. i bet you never thought you'd say that on national telelesion, did you? very catchy little tune, as i recall. and as we're going to commercial, i dare you not to be singing it to yourself. $6,800 she has, and we'll be right back. [ applause ]
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on average, it takes three hundndd americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, higher minimum wage,
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she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. tonight's sandals resort show is brought to you by the following. people who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma have many questions. that's why we offer this free book, call 1-800-715-1000. look at this face. you think i'd feed him anything but the best? that's why he gets blue buffalo. because when you love them like family, you want to feed them like family. tonight's mystery round is brought to you by unisom nighttime sleep aid. announcer: after a stressful day, you may need a little help falling asleep. try new unisom sleepminis to get a good night's sleep
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unisom sleepminis. a stressful day deserves a restful night. all right, jim. thanks. now, be honest at home. the song is still in your head, isn't it? yoyocan't get it out, can you? well, you're stuck with it. "phrase" is the category for this next round. lisa, there it is. a lot of letters. let's get going. well. didn't last long, i'm afraid. kurt. lisa: come on, kurt. well, the little w we didn't help. i'm sorry. sara. come on, sara. hehe hey, hey. t. well, there happen to be seven t's in that puzzle. while they're coming up, you can grab that sandals trip worth $6,000. right down therere there you go. plus you have $3,500 cash.
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well, what letter would you like? h. there are five h's. so, that may make this a different kind of decision. you would actually be risking $8,500 and a trip to see if you got $10,000 back there. you're not gonna do that, are you? i am not gonna risk you. i'm not trying to talk you out of it, but don't do it. i'm not. i'd like to buy an e. four e's. you're getting them in bunches. good for you. w. yeah. three w's. $10,200 and the trip, sara. i'm going to solve.. okay. the heart wants what the heart wants. boy, ain't that the truth? yeah. wow! hi! how's it going? hiya! that's a silly question. it's going great. you got the sandals trip. you got more cash. we're just getting,going here and she's got $19,200 cash and prizes.
6:35 pm
reminds you of your old navy pay, right? yeah. [ laughs ]
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sandals royal bahamian offers european elegance and island romance all wrapped up in one unforgettable vacation. thank you, pat. "living things." that's the category. and it's a prize puzzle. kurt. ooh. s. and you get one s. you get that $900. i'd like to buy a vowel -- e. yes. two e's. t. there's a t.
6:37 pm
a. and there are a couple of a's, vanna will show you those. still have $1,100. now what? i'll buy another vowel -- i. yep, o i. and that's the l!st of the vows. one o up there. oh, boy. sara, sara. let's start with a letter. n. there is one n. you ge$1,000 for that. if you hop on the express s no vowels lele -- you just keep calling consonants. you get $1,000 for every one. you don't want to miss one or it's a bankrupt. what do you think, sara? yes. yes. okay, good. [ laughs ] i'm sorry. [ laughing ] so, call a consonant. c.
6:38 pm
yes. one c. $1,000 for that. and it'sime for another consonant. r. sure. three r's. $5,250 here on the express. b. what's that? b. there is a b. now what? v. there is a v. might as well fill in the last one. what's it gonna be? f. there it comes. $8,250. readadhat's up there. vibrant coral reefs! that's it. [ chuckles ] once you were committed to doing it, it worked out fine. and now you're going to turks and caicos. oh! [ laughs ] the perfect family vacation awaits at beachesurks & caicos resort villages & spa. enjoy turquoise waters and a powder white sand beach on this luxury-included family getaway, with luxurious accommodations,
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and unlimited gourmet discovery dining at 19 restaurants. visit for more information. come on, did you think in your wildest imagination all this would happen? $33,450, and there's more to come. give them a good hapap grin out ththe. how could she help it? we'll be right back. nice. closed captioning is brought to you by the following. [ coin clinks ] new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing g me the bacon in no time. sorry.
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this season, stars will shine, champions will be crowned, and orts history will be made. check out "sports jeopardy!" with me, dan patrick, a new episode every wednesday, only on crackle. all right. third "toss up." "tv quote." that's the category. don't hear that very often. so let's see what this one us. we'll know soon. vanna? [ bell chimes ] kurt. the tribe has spoken. yeah. there you go. that gives you $3,000. whoo! that, of course, from "the lone ranger,"
6:41 pm
"thing" is the category for this round, and, kurt, you'll start. r. yeye one r. gets some money down in front of you. i'd like to buy a vowel -- e. one e. i'll buy another. a. two a's. s. oh, no s. sara. sara: l. two l's. m.
6:42 pm
g. the is no g. lisa. lisa: p. no p, either. kurt, what do you want to do? got a "free play." kurt: u. yeah. one u. won't cost you anything thanks to that "free play." i'll buy another vowel -- o. yes, one o. f. sure. one f. well, we're almost there. c. uh-huh. two c's. that should help. $1,650. h. there's an h. what do we got there?
6:43 pm
yeah, that's it. hey, might as well spin, get a few more bucks. you're here to play. yep. hey, you're up to $5,550. thinin going a little better. and we have some time left. vanna has another puzzle. here it comes. and the category for this one is "what are you doing?"
6:44 pm
[ buzzer ] sara. c. mm-hmm. one c. [ buzzer ] lisa. s. one s. [ buzzer ] kurt. v. nope. sara. l. one l. [ buzzer ] lisa. p. one p. [ buzzer ] kurt. h. mm-hmm. one h. [ buzzer ] sarara
6:45 pm
no b. lisa. k. there is a k. in fact, a couple of them. let them come up, and then you'll have three seconds to try to solve it. kicking g your heels.. just don't stand there. do it. congratulations. thank you so much. well, you know wha you ended up in second place, but that's a nice haul for a half-hour, don't you think? that's great. $12,800. thanks, lisa, very much for being here. thank you so, so much. a lot of fun. well, it turned out okayhere. yeah. not much happened for a little while, but you got a little hot at the e e. you end up with $5,550. thanks, kurt, very much for being here. thank you. hi. hi. how'd it go? it went amazing. [ laughs ] yeah, it did. $33,450. she's going to the bonus round. i'll go with her just to keep her company, make sure everything's on the up-and-up. we'll be rig back.
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less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor ororharmacist about prevnar 13 today. (phone ringing) (phone ringing) you can't deal with something by ignoring it . but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard and pay into it, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates! answer the call already. all right. navy vet, mother of two. she's had quite a night, over $33,000 cash and prizes. who's in the audience with you?
6:48 pm
my mom, ruthie, and one of my sisters, angie. all right. you got a good-lookingroup up there. and now we're e nna ask you to spin that wheel. let's try to get some more. whoa! very impressive. lot of good stuff out there. we'll find out whatat under the a shortly. grab that for me. thank you. sara, come on. we're gonna head over this way. and i'm gonna ask you to stop on that fit mark. there you go. now, the category tonight is "thing." r, s, t, l, n, e. now she'll stop suddenly, abruptly. all right. three more consonants, one more vowel. h. one. c. two. d. and now a vowel. a. all right. what do we get here?
6:49 pm
well, this looks difficult to me. but, you know, you have 10 seconds. there's a used-letter board. just talk it out. maybe the right thing will spill out. good luck. tough head. tough meat. tough pie. [ buzzer ] well, tough cookies. you didn't -- [ groans ] sure was. it sure -- [ laughs ] well, she got "tough." does she get anything? no, i guess not. oh, thth would have been nicic to have. but, you know, she won more than this. she has a couple of great trips, lots of cash. $33,450. really nice job, sara. hope you had a good time with us. we enjnjed having you. thanks. vanna and i will be right back, right after this. we're looking for smart, enthusstic contestants to be on the show. if you've been solving puzzles from your living room for years, now's the time to shine. go to
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last night when we were getting ready to do the close-out here, you looked back at the lovely beach. i did. and you said, "it would be fun one night to wear a bikini under that and say, boy, i'd love to be there, and then rip it off and then there it would be." yes. is tonight the night? [ laughter ] no. well... i gave it a shot. we'll see you u xt time. so l lg. goodbye. promotional consideration provided by consumer cellular. never pay for more wireless service than you need. announcer: all across the country, people are talking about how much they save with consumer cellular. plans start at just $10 a month. with no contracts. you never pay for more than you u ed. both: that's what i was gonna say. announcer: start your 30-day risk-free trial today. what makes gold bo ultimate so ultimate? it's packed with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. rich yet absorbs lickety-split. skin looks nourished, feels healthy. gold bond.
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where you just want to go back two minutes. just two minines ago, he was laying beside me and he was alive. and now he's gone forever. >> inside a sleeping house, an armed intruder hunts for prey. >> i heard angie scream, "oh, my gogo oh, my god." i could see blood running down his neck. >> i nudged justin, and he didn't respond. >> her fiance had just been killed. but she's calm somehow. >> to me, very calm. i thought maybe there was a boyfriend on the side. some kind of a love triangle. >> but on a dark highway, the case would take a drdratic turn. >> all the hair on my body was
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>> he made you nervous?
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