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tv   Today  NBC  October 7, 2016 2:07am-3:00am CDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. ? never gonna give you up ? >> oh, rick astley. we're so excited. this is thirsty thursday. linda, do you love that song? >> are you going to cook or dance? i do. >> don't ask her what she's making. she's making fantastic pasta,
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he turned 50 this year. he wanted his daughter to grow up without a famous dad. look who's back. he's got good new music now. >> she can probably handle it now. right? >> he's got good new music. his new album debuted in the top spot in the uk this summer. he'll sing one of his new songs for us a little bit later. >> love. >> then it was a beautiful morning to be outside. we plucked a couple women off the plaza. we're going to reveal their gorgeous makeover in just a few minutes. >> if you have no time to color your root, bobbie has got you covered. the quick and easy fixes that cover the gray. that's jessica getting her roots down. >> when you're done with that, come over here. who hoda. >> okay, one of her signature pasta dishes. one of the greatest chefs in the world. we love her. yesterday was fun. elvis comes along with these artists of the moment or the month, whatever.
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are going to be the next big thing. most of it's not my kind of music as you know. but yesterday, we had this kid on, james t.w. from the uk as well and, oh, my gosh. >> named after james taylor. >> he was discovered by sean mendez. he's only 18 years old. >> the thing about his song is think about if you've ever thought about a song about divorce. not about break-up, not about rc >> right, from a child's point of view. >> james said he met a young boy whose parents are splitting up and he wanted to sing a song for him. and he played this beautiful, beautiful song. just take a teeny look at a little of that video. ? fall out of love sometimes ? ? two homes are better than one ? ? some things you can't say to
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? you'll understand when you love someone ? >> beautiful. >> oh, just fell in love with him. he's been my favorite artist since we've been doing this with elvis. such depth to him and such maturity for a young kid. >> you can't believe the kid's 18. >> and he plays like jt. anyway, chrissy teigen, wise woman, has had enough with twitter. >> now, she's been very vocal on twitter for a long time. i love seeing her tweets, she doesn't care. one time she tweeted me something really crazy and i'm like, someone has hijacked her account. chrissy tweets what she wants but she's decided she's over everyone and their mean tweets back to her, so she has turned her account private. >> i don't know why we don't keep it private to begin with. >> she says my body and mind cannot handle it anymore. >> she said she's absorbing too much bad [ bleep ]. so she is going -- now her 2.8 million followers each need approval if they're going to be on her feed. she has to say yes to them, if they want to get involved.
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tweet or rude tweet, what's -- >> porn. >> or porn. >> uh-huh, well, i look at it first and then i decide -- no, the minute i see what that is, i just completely block that stuff. but if somebody's just being kind of nasty, sometimes i talk to them and i try to respond in a loving way. maybe they misunderstood something. i like to think -- i try to give them the benefit of the doubt. it doesn't always work but it often does. and then if not i just -- i mute them. which is the other option you have. blocked. but i don't have to look at it, see it or deal with it at all. i'm almost 1 million, hoda woman. >> yes, you are. >> i can't believe it. >> well, you're hot. >> no, i'm not hot. >> yes, you are. >> you're on fire. >> you are a million person twitter account. >> you know what they do sometimes, you get close to something, next thing, they take away 10,000, isn't it weird? >> i do think when you get a mean tweet, it is interesting.
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you retweet, that means all of your million followers get to see that person. before that person was -- >> you're giving them power. >> i know you're trying to have a convo with them, but i usually block, like i do with most things in my life that i don't like. >> you don't physically block -- >> i mute my own mind. >> sometimes she does it on the air. >> yeah, happens. all right. so lady gaga has her new music. she's going to be singing at the super bowl. last night, i woke up and said i always go to the twitter trending. i like to see -- usually it tells you what's trending overnight. she debuted four of them last night in nashville. she went to these dive bars and sang. it was like a dive bar tour. so her album is called "joanne." the first stop of her bud light lady gaga dive bar tour.
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>> can we hear a little? >> i've got 100 million reasons to wonder why ? ? but baby i just need one good one to stay ? >> whoa. ? stuck in a cycle ? >> it's very kind of kid rock-y, country. >> she's cool. >> yeah, yeah. >> she's got two more. >> talking about the dive bars, one of my favorites in the world is alabama jacks down in t keys. hoda and i are sending our love and prayers to everybody in harm's way with the storm. this is really a frightening one. >> yeah, it really, really is. >> we had a place in the keys for more than 20 years i think. you know, we've lived through some tough ones. this one they're saying is because of so many different
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potentially -- >> yeah, it's supposed to go along coast and it could churn and stick in one area and i think that's -- >> and it's slow moving so it could keep doing damage so anyway. we're excited about this for a couple of reasons. first, we're natalie portman fans. this is the trailer for the new movie "jackie." it tells the story of her time in the white house during the president's assassination. the first trailer is out. and we want to take a look at that. >> people like to believe in fairy tales. don't let it be forgot that for one brief shining moment there was a camelot. ?? there won't be another camelot. not another camelot. >> wow. >> so moving. >> it's that one week. it's just like a week in time.
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oppenheim actually wrote that screenplay. >> good for him. >> oscar buzz. >> fantastic. >> i only met her one time. not natalie portman, mrs. onassis. actually, she was divorced from him. but at her home -- where was she? oh, up in -- the vineyard. the vineyard. and she was just so lovely. but she sounded just like that. >> i got the chills from it. >> just like that. little music? >> yeah. >> all right. this is a little ariana grande with a little nicki minaj. picture yourself in a spin class. >> wait this is i-hoda? >> yes, it is. >> oh! >> picture yourself in a spin class. >> no, two things i hate. >> turn it up, you're on your bike. come on, come on, let's go ariana. ? been there all day ?
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? see you standing over there with your body ? ? feeling like i wanna rock with your body ? >> you're standing over there with your body. >> your body or your buddy? i know i'm with my body but am i with my buddy? ? you've gotta think ? >> you don't know the words to this. >> i don't have to think. ? these friends keep talking way too much ? >> what's it about? >> what a weird question. >> oh. >> it's about rock your body side to side. or something. >> if somebody can tell me what it's about. >> you don't want to know. just stay in the soul cycle class, okay? >> all righty, thank you for that, hoda. we're all better off and light. >> so happy right now. >> if you want to hear more of
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>> why does that make me so happy, one moment on a thursday, i don't know why. >> why does it have the opposite effect to me? you can find us on sirius xm 108. we don't know why you would but you can. you can find the wonderful hoda there every monday and wednesday 2:00. >> that lady gaga video, it's from her facebook page, in case your you were wondering. >> one busy mom, one enjoying retirement. >> both can't wasn't to see their gorgeous ambush makeovers just moments away. of many piecy life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways
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it's a gorgeous fall day in new york city. our plaza was packed with ladies hoping to get primped for ambush makeover. >> they found two deserving women who wanted a brand-new look courtesy of our "today" contributors.
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jill martin. >> oh, yes, i am wearing certain shoes. >> i see some other certain ones. >> yeah, uh-huh, details to come. >> yes. >> perfect. >> all right, louis, tell us about choosing these lovely ladies. >> today was another great day. the weather is just perfect fall weather. just it's summery but it's still fall. it's fantastic. >> there's a nip in the air though. >> it feels great though. make these ladies come alive. >> lisa wilson is our first lovely lady. from oxford, mississippi. a retired high school teacher. she's been married are 35 years. >> 65? >> no, that's not her. >> oh, wow. >> since retirement, she says every day is a whole new world and she just loves having fun. let's take a listen to her story. >> well, this is quite the 65th birthday present for your mom, but this is the ultimate gift you told me. >> it is the ultimate gift. >> tell me why. >> well, she's 65 and she loves
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years. >> so are you ready for something super dramatic, super glam? what's the wish here? >> oh, just whatever you want to do, just make me gorgeous, i'm ready. >> okay, we're in shock that she's -- >> she's 65. >> daughter calley confirms she really is. >> she is. >> keep the blindfold on for just a second. here's lisa before. all right, lisa, let's see the new you. >> oh, my god. >> my god. wow. love the hair. all right. take off your blindfold. >> oh, my gosh! wow. >> lisa wilson, look at that hair. spin right around. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> look how gorgeous you are. >> wow. >> wow.
2:22 am
oxford, baby. >> wow. >> here i come. >> louis, wow, that hair is gorgeous. >> isn't it gorgeous? >> try not to cry, honey. >> that's of course the great haircut. just how soft and flattering it is. it's just a matter of placement and a slight trim. little bit of layering. >> i love that color. it's like -- >> you see, if you look at her before and after, i just made the color a little smoother. it looks a little more natural. slightly darker at the top. lighter on home easily. >> what are we thinking? >> i didn't recognize her. she looks so amazing. >> you look gorgeous, jill, that is one smart looking outfit. >> i love a black suit. i love a white suit with just a pop of color underneath. >> yeah, yeah. >> just so chic and simple looking. this is from chicos and white house black market. >> let's give lisa a round of applause. you can come join your daughter. our second lady is ashley, she's 33, south hamilton,
2:23 am
alabama to massachusetts for her husband's graduate school. she's a stay at home with her 16-month-old daughter madeleine. and it is a good day for this busy mom as she actually puts on makeup before noon. >> okay, let's listen to her story. >> okay, so madeleine was crying when we picked you from all the attention. but cereal has cured everything so now it's time to talk about you and why you want this so badly. >> it's just hard, you know, in the mornings getting ready with a baby and so this would just be a huge nice thing to do so -- >> well, we are going to take care of yoan care of this gorgeous baby and then you'll see a new mom. >> yeah, we can't wait. >> no, i think the answer is no, but she likes her -- >> ashley is here with her husband nick and her adorable daughter. let's take one more look at her, ashley, before, and bring out the new ashley. >> come on out. >> wow! >> great look.
2:24 am
all right. nick, you ready to look? ashley, you ready? just turn around. look at mommy. >> where's mommy? >> where's mommy? >> whoa. >> she doesn't recognize her. >> oh, yes, she does. >> yes, she does. >> look at mommy. >> she wants her mommy. >> you want to go other? you can go over. >> yes, you can. >> yes, you can, sure. >> ashley hasn't seen herself so -- >> sorry, ashley. >> turn around, honey. >> yeah. >> okay. >> what? >> just gorgeous. >> all right. that looks -- >> you know, here's the thing, when i spoke to ashley, she said i love my daughter's hair, i wish i could have her color. not bad, huh? pretty good blend. >> good blend. >> all i had to do was lighten
2:25 am
it's something that will take her about 15 or 20 minutes about once either six weeks, no big deal, or you can let it grow if you want to go back dark. >> uning are out of time. talk about the outfit. >> and enid did the makeup. >> white house black market and look at these statement shoes from talbots draw the whole outfit together. >> fantastic. >> lisa, come around. >> good job everybody. >> good job, louis. >> good job jill. >> and for your makeover, ladies, this is all your ambush. >> plus, how to make sure you have enough money for retirement. right now. yeah! there's a bazillion ways to top your kids' rice krispies. what's yours? ?a dash of fruit in their favorite color.? ?a bunch of pineapple 'cause hey it's summer!? ?bananas and berries 'cause the letter b rocks.? ?a little bit of yogurt?? ?sure! why not?? the fun never stops!
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all right, now for some new products to help you take care of your hair in bobbie's buzz. from hands free hair driers to customizable cocktails, bobbie has the goods. >> what you got? >> we have had fun testing out the hands free hair drier. this new version is new and improved. and this is going to give you a free hand where it fits on your countertop. and you can lean over it so that -- >> do mine. >> i'll do mine. >> this gives you the ability to use both your hands to get the perfect blowout. >> you got to get down in there. >> obviously, you can also pick it up and use it. i really love the thing. one of our loyal glam squad members was saying how she wish she would have bought five of these so she loves them. next, this other trending tool
2:30 am
it's that perfectly imperfect curl that looks like you didn't really try. >> what do you do? >> it's a really thin plate and you just wrap it around the plate. >> oh, look. >> what it does it is gives you that bed head look, which is the name of the brand, bed head. it gives you kind of that bump without it being -- >> without it being a curl curl. >> that's the secret to the >> are these afford be a too, hon? >> this one base $50 so it's an investment if you like the look. this is the high lie anticipated brand-new touchup stick for your hair. i call it hairliner. instead of eye liner, look, you take this chubby crayon. she sells it with the brush. it's about $20. >> i do need my roots. >> see, kathie, on this side, this for blondes is amazing. for brunettes, it's great. but for blondes, i couldn't
2:31 am
>> looks like you don't need your -- >> and eyebrows. it's a double duty tool. next, you'll see in my hair, i'm wearing a bun cuff. this is hardware for your hair. it's a little jewelry. jennifer atkin teamed up with jewelry company chloe and isabelle along with elizabeth hurd accessories and if you go online to my article, you will customized concoctions are. this is a shampoo you can blend and make yourself. and color wow, amazing cocktails for your hair. >> cocktails for your hair. the '80s and rick astley together forever. >> that's right, he's going to sing for us. we're going to try to help you retire. >> and lidia's here too. >> lidia's going to cook. >> i wonder what she's making. >> pasta! top your kids' rice krispies. what's yours?
2:32 am
bananas and berries 'cause the letter b rocks.? ?a little bit of yogurt?? ?sure! why not?? the fun never stops! how many ways can you snap, crackle, pop?
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it's thirsty thursday. from the first moment you get a real job you're told to start saving for retirement. >> it's not that easy. experts say you'll need to save at least eight to ten times your annual salary before you can stop working. >> wow, so will you be ready? an article in real simple magazine has specific tips for people at every age and how to retirement with enough savings. here is the beautiful host of soul money podcast and the financial contributor to "o," the oprah magazine. >> can you say congratulations? >> yes, you may. >> expecting baby number two. >> we're so happy for you. >> retirement is not something that many 20-year-olds are even contemplating. we're going to go through the decades. >> trying to make ends meet, pay their bills. >> it's not easy but really in your 20s this is the opportune time because with compound interest, you start early, you finish well about if you don't have access to one because you're working for a
2:35 am
account and max it out. >> and is it really -- is it realistic, again, given, you know, how crummy you usually get paid in the beginning and you can barely pay your cable. >> don't get overwhelmled. a little bit. $5, $10 a day. and ramp that up as you start to make more. >> and don't dip into it. >> and make sure you're not spending a lot of money on grad school. a lot of 20-year-olds are saying they want to get higher education. try looking into online schools. >> oh, smart. >> okay, let's move on to our 30s, shall we? >> yes. >> all right, to rent or to buy. a big question. >> we all want to buy homes in our 30s but you have to make sure the math adds up. i like to say keep your housing costs to no more than 30% of your take home pay. that's including the mortgage, utilities, insurance. if you can't make that math work out, consider renting for a little longer. a lot of us in our 30s consider going back to stay at home to raise our kids because child care is so expensive. all i would say to that is do
2:36 am
because when you're out of the workforce, it's not just the salary you're forfeiting but it's also the opportunity to invest in retirement at work and also your social security benefits might get reduced. so just do the math and keep a foot in the door even if you're not working. continue networking with colleagues. >> that is smart. that's smart. all right. we're already in our 40s. >> time has passed. >> this is how fast it actually goes. >> really important in your 40s. you don't want to arrive at retirement with a lot debt. i say prioritize your mortgage and put an extra payment every year towards principal. a 13th payment, if you will. that will really knock down the debt there. and then, you know, a lot of parents think okay now i got to start saving for college and i'll put retirement savings on hold. don't do that. prioritize your retirement. if you're just gung-ho -- >> it's important? >> it's so much more important. we don't have scholarships for retirement. there's no grants for retirement. it's all on you. just make sure that you also enlist your kids in educating them about how they can help
2:37 am
>> student loans add up like crazy though too. >> here we are, we're into our 50s. >> we're in our 50s now. this isn't really so much a financial tip but it does matter for your bottom line. stay healthy. make sure you're going to the doctor. you're staying aware how much you're eating, your physical health, your exercise. keep up with that because that will ultimately reduce hopefully your health costs in retirement. and then, if you haven't saved anything yet, this is really the time to be stepping up. >> it is, but with 401ks and i.r.a.s, you can catch up. there's a provision for us 50 and older. are i.r.a.s, you can contribute an extra $1,000. and with the 401(k), you can contribute an extra 6,000. >> how fast $1,000 goes into today's world. >> i know. >> finally. >> now you're up to me. >> so in your 60s, a few steps. one is, try to delay your social
2:38 am
you can start as early as 62 but the later you wait, the bigger your monthly paycheck will be. >> if social security is still there. >> it will be, it will be, for those of us hopefully looking forward to retirement. 76% of a bigger paycheck from the government if you wait until 70. don't become the bank. your 30-year-old kids might be say, i need help. be realistic and let them help themselves. spruce up your job skills. age discrimination is a real to combat that, bruce up your skills and think long term about your transition. >> you're so good. you did it. >> well, he retired from music at the age of 27. >> we're so happy this guy went back to work. >> now, '80s music star rick astley has a new number one album. >> he's going to sing a new song for us. >> if you need an idea for continue, lidia's got it. >> it's going to be so delicious.
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if you want to eat a great meal, the key is to make a dish that chefs love themselves. >> our "today" food team called up the queen of italian cuisine, restauranteur and owner of a fabulous restaurant, lidia bastianich. >> i just love coming on here, you're all bubbly, ready to go, ready to eat, ready to drink.
2:43 am
all the time. >> you certainly were. into the afternoon, linger. >> we liked our lunch. >> they were lingerers. >> what are we making? >> stop it. what? >> no, let's get started. you know where the -- okay, it's in, north of rome, between umbria and march marque. pasta with bacon just like that. but this is bacon, you know, the jewel of the bacon. and it is -- >>y >> very delicious. >> hoda, i want you to crush that tomato for me. >> i washed my hands because lidia told me i'd be crushing. >> crush the tomato. while kathie and i do the basics. plenty of onion. >> and the bay leaves? >> bay leaves too. >> okay. >> and now the bacon is a little salty so you don't want to put
2:44 am
little. >> i like it spicy. >> okay, then you let that slowly wilt until -- >> on a low heat, right? >> get the bacon crispy. >> yes. >> and then the onions. so here we are. >> i'm not finished. >> by the way, i like cooking. throw it in there, hoda, the whole thing. >> i washed my hands. again, i'm confirmed that, just so it's not -- >> okay, good job. >> okay. all right. all right. >> thank you so much. >> you know what i always do, i always -- i have the -- >> oh, smart. >> wait what are you doing? we cannot waste -- >> why are you doing that? >> i'm collecting all the
2:45 am
>> oh, you're not losing one to tomato. >> put that on the side. let that simmer away. >> it takes a village. >> absolutely. >> i like it clean, nice and clean. until it gets to this point. >> look at this kath. >> i can't wait. we've been foaming at the mouth. >> this is cooking. you're going to fish it out just like that and put it right into the sauce. now pasta, when you cook pasta, ladies, no oil in the water. >> is that true? >> yes. >> how come? i thought that kept it from sticking. >> you want the sauce to stick to it, don't you? because if you put the oil or if you rinse the pasta -- >> by the way, that's so smart. >> so you see, you undercook th >> we have got to dig in here. >> here we are. that's for you. >> this is for kath. >> lidia. >> this is for you. >> what are you having? >> don't worry about it, i have a whole pot here. >> the crew is going crazy.
2:46 am
>> so you tell me, you can make this at home. it doesn't take long. you have pasta. you have the pasta with the hole in the middle. the spaghetti with the hole. but all you need is a little bacon at home, a little onion. >> it's delicious. for the recipe, go to >> a blast from the past with rick astley. he's going to sing a new song. we can't wait. right after this. it's amazing out there means to me the wild and wow of the weather. >> it could be the smallest ice crystal, the biggest storm cloud. >> what does it's amazing out there mean to me?
2:47 am
it's just straight up blue skies. how beautiful is that? the burst of red when the sun comes right over the ocean, when it comes up in the morning. >> watching lightning streaking across the sky from one end to the other. >> in the world of thunder, it's one of the most amazing things. >> that's what it's amazing out there is. what it means to you mentally and the memories you take away from that how that affects our lives, what are we going to wear, wha what's everything going to cost. to me, all those interactions, the weather has real influences on. that's why it's amazing out there. >> what it means to me, it lets the world know what's happening. >> i think it makes the weather channel's coverage unique, we are meteorologists, we know what's going on with the weather. that makes a tremendous difference. >> someone walks up to you in the field and says, thanks for being here.
2:48 am
>> we have a charge, a responsibility. we have a drive to provide information to people, to help them help the communities stay safe. it matters so much. >> you start linking the people side up to the weather and the science and zeta, it makes a real connection. >> i love weather. >> i do love weather. >> i love the weather. i love working with people who love the weather. this is what we love to do be something spectacular.
2:49 am
"why are you checking your credit score?" "you don't want to live with mom and dad forever, do you?" "i'm making smoothies!" "how do i check my credit score?"
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> all right, when you hear the name rick astley you can't help but get nostalgic for the '80s. who can forget "never gonna give you up" and "together forever." it's been 26 years since his album was released in the u.s.
2:51 am
uk. >> it is called "50." he wrote, produced all the songs in his own home studio. >> coming back with a new record of actual original material for a change is kind of -- yes, it's really special, feels great. we've had some success in the uk. >> some success? i think you're number one. >> okay. >> call that fantastic. what are you going to play? >> a song called "angels on my side." >> they are. >> here he is, rick astley. >> thank you. ?? ? sometimes i just don't feel like waking up ? ? wanna stay inside my dreams ? ? sometimes i feel like i'm
2:52 am
? do you know just how that feels ? ? hope is for the hopeful ? ? it's a dream that never dies ? ? faith is for the faithful ? ? i see it in your eyes ? ? and i got angels on my side ? ? i got angels flying high ? ? and everything gonna be all right ? ? 'cause i got angels on my side ? ? i need the people that i really love ? ? to only give me truth ? ? don't fake it i can't take it ? ? my heart is close to breaking ? ? it reminds me of my youth ?
2:53 am
? it's a dream that never fades ? ? faith it for the faithful ? ? and i will not be swayed ? ? 'cause i got angels on my side ? ? i got angels flying high ? ? and everything gonna be all ? 'cause i got angels on my side ? ? everything gonna be all right ? ? everything gonna be all right ? ? everything gonna be all right ? ? everything gonna be all right ? ? everything gonna be all
2:54 am
? everything gonna be all right tonight ? ? 'cause i got angels on my side ? ? everything gonna be all right ? ? oh, yeah ? ? can you see them ? ? can you see them ? ? i got angels on my side ? ? whoa yeah ? ? angels flying high ? ? and everything gonna be all right ? ? 'cause i got angels on my side ? ? you got angels ? ? everybody got their angels on their side ? ? it's all right it's all right ? ? i got angels you got angels ? ? everybody got angels on their side ? ? everything gonna be all right all right ? >> whoa!
2:55 am
>> rick astley. all right. >> thank you. >> congratulations, everybody. >> that was awesome. >> fun to have you back. >> we're back with more in a minute. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. honey, aren't we having friends over? it reeks in here. i know [goat noise] i stole the other team's mascot for good luck. we need to wash this room. wash it? yeah, wash it with febreze. for all the things you can't wash, wow [inhales] it really smells great in here. dog barks and try pluggable febreze, with up to 4 times the freshness in one refill. pluggable febreze and fabric refresher [inhale + exhale mnemonic], two more ways to breathe happy ziploc presents: cafeteria chaos. school lunch can be difficult. one little struggle... can lead to one monumental mishap. not with ziploc easy open tabs.
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by the way, everybody, if you visit one of lidia's restaurants around the country, 20% of the proceeds from this
2:59 am
earthquake that struck in august. >> yeah, you can have a delicious meal and help people. >> time for okay or not okay. is it okay or not okay to wear sunglasses at night? >> celebrities like kylie jenner and amber rose all sported shades in the dark. here's what we had to say about it. >> you can wear whatever you want but it does seem pretentious unless you've got conjunctiv. >> i say unless you had recent surgery, no, it's not okay. >> how do we do it day after day. >> tomorrow, the adorable ashton kutcher's going to sit down with uss. >> from "orange is the new black" and "girl on the train" laura prepon is here. >> and lilliana shows us lux for less. >> hoda wishes she were eating and not talking. have an awesome thirsty thursday, everybody.
3:00 am
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