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tv   Today  NBC  November 19, 2016 2:07am-3:00am CST

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wa >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeer plaza. >> you made it, everybody. whew-hoo! good for you. try day, friday. november 18th. that is -- "be mean" by -- dnce. i want to call it -- >> dnce. what's it stand for? >> i can't remember. >> you don't know. a great show today to kick off
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a hit tv series plus a new movie. we're going to talk about all that. >> and the gorgeous diane lane is here, starred in dozens of movies, one of my favorites "unfaithful." >> such a great movie. >> hot. >> and "under the tuscan sun" if you have not seen that, you haven't lived. >> and now done something never done before. how about that? >> and the wine is flowing at thanksgiving, so will the conversation with some fun ways to keep everyone entertained before, during and >> we'll do that. looks like people are getting ready to get in their cars this weekend. >> i hear 1 million more are traveling this year than last year. >> on the road. i wonder if it's because gas is not as expensive? >> what they're saying. >> if you're hitting the road, nine out of ten, everybody traveling by car. bring games for the kids. keep them entertained. >> or jump on a train. even better.
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vegas. >> wait, las vegas for the holiday? >> not exactly a religion one, if you know what i'm saying. >> don't you sit with the family and eat turkey? >> they have turkey in las vegas. a lot of people are avoiding their families. not everyone adores families like i do. and san francisco and orlando. family vacation spots. >> new york ranks fifth. also makes sense because of the macy's day parade and stuff. we have some instagram stars to share with you. a lot of us love our dogs so much we start looking like our pets. >> i wish i was that cute. >> there's kath and hers. remember your old hair? >> no. i hardly do. >> oh, look at little -- i love that dog! well, topher brophy and his dog named rosenberg are no exception. they have become instagram stars. they dress alike. people tell them they look alike
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teamed up way photographer and the pictures became viral hits. >> ow cute. >> oh, my gosh! >> topher says rosenberg loves to walk in the park and fetch balls, but is also very introspective, he likes to sit back, watch, looking wise and regal. of course, super adorable. >> oh, my gosh. his account is, topherbrophy. >> i feel guilty if i don't put a coat on blake. y >> they already have a fur coat. >> that's what joel says. he already has a coat on. >> i can understand protecting little paws because of the salt they put down. unless it's a freezing bitter day. >> i know. >> you have to do a quick walk. this is going to make you upset. >> make you crazy. >> this is the 1955 "good housewife's guide." back in 1955, housekeeping monthly, that was a magazine -- [ laughter ]
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>> it describes the ways women should act to be the perfect companion. >> all right. before we get to the rule, we'll go through them. look at this 1950s instructional film called "marriage is a partnership." >> first monday morning, i was so proud of my man going out to earn a living for us. another thing -- pete's contributions to my sense of accomplishment. i had a lot to learn about cooking and keeping house, and sometimes those things can seem unimportant and dull. a wife does appreciate her husband's appreciation. and, of course, that works both ways. i tried to learn about pete's job. sometimes i shared his enthusiasms, and there were times when i had to help absorb his frustrations. it was all part of the partnership.
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>> i was alive then. i was 2 years old. >> that was good! >> i was very much alive then. and actually, my parents' marriage at the time was very similar to that. it was the norm. it was -- >> the "leave it to beaver" sort of. >> yes. yes. you can't even say that anymore. it's just -- nothing's the same! >> here, by the way, these are the rules that they had in that -- >> if you want a happy marriage, that -- what was it called? housekeeping -- >> housewife's guide. >> no "housekeeping monthly". >> who cares? it's not around anymore. >> here we go. before you see him, take 15 minutes to rest and check your appearance. this is hysterical. >> never complain if he's late or even if he stays out all night. count this as minor compared to what he might have gone through
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>> give him a seat. >> doesn't he know where a seat is in his own house? >> arrange his pillow and offer to take off this shoes. >> this is true, everybody. always let him talk first. be happy, and i like this one. try to be interesting. >> speak in a low, soothing and pleasant voice. >> that one does work. >> how about this one? don't ask him questions. house. [ laughter ] and as such, will always exercise his will with fairness and truthfulness. >> who is this guy? >> you have no right to question him. you were alive then! >> i know. >> okay? >> and i'm not proud. catering for "his" comfort. all the guys looking around,
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provide you with immense personal satisfaction. that's true, it will make you happy. >> but in that list it makes no sense. >> finally a good wife always knows her place. [ laughter ] >> if you know somebody like that -- i would -- we'd like to have you on our show. we really would. i mean, there are still people that think that there's nothing wrong with any -- and there's nothing. you got the right to live your life any way you wt right? >> yeah, you do. it just sounds like you're at his beck and call, get on your knees, say thank you. stays out all night and cheating wildly you say thank you for coming home this morning. can i get you breakfast? >> because you had options. but you came home to me. you know what's interesting? i want to say this to you. so many people for years in the bible. the bible talks about wives, be submissive to your husbands. i looked up what that word actually means in the greek.
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you know what it really means when it was written? >> what? >> it means to reach down and lift up in loving support. completely different than being submissive. >> yes. which is what every one of those things says to be. >> yes. >> let's bring out our don adorable. >> something called emoji lips. a new trend. tiny, temporary emoji tattoos. all right. close-up on donna's lips. let everybody see. >> also on my eye. >> minies. >> on the lips looks like she's got a disease. i'm sorry. >> stick them everywhere you want. don't move, donna. got to get a close-up of your lips and eyelids. $10 for a pack of 100 mini tattoos and -- on your eyelids. i see, and your lips. how do they feel? >> they feel a little bit dry, but -- but pretty fine for the most part. >> what about if somebody wants to kiss you?
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>> what kind of a mood are you in? >> well, check it out. >> -- i mean i like you, but -- >> donna adorable. tip your waitress. you know what time it is, hoda? >> what? >> it's time for a friday funny. >> i love friday funny. >> jokes for the kids for thanksgiving day. okay? >> all righty. >> which means they're going to be stupid. >> i like these. >> not the kids are, but the jokes are. what did the turkey eat >> i don't know. >> nothing. he was already stuffed. [ rim shot ] why do pilgrims pants always fall down, hoda? >> i don't know. >> because they wear their belt buckles on their hats. what did the turkey say -- really listen to this one. okay? what did the turkey say to the turkey hunter on thanksgiving? >> i don't know. don't -- >> quack. quack.
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turkey to be shot. he's a quack. he's a duck. i told you to pay attention, hoda. >> maybe the hunter was hunting for duck. >> that's why i said pay attention. it said the thanksgiving hunter was -- the turkey hunter -- >> by the way, don't forget, you can always find us on sirius xm 108. in case you want to listen, mondays and wednesdays at 2:00. >> she's great. >> you got guests? we got games. >> great ways to keep little dinner.
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>> announcer: holiday entertaining is sponsored by -- pier one. find what speaks to you at pier one imports. >> over the next few weeks you'll be spending time with friends and relatives. we're talking a lot of time. >> whether you want to keep the conversation going at the dinner table or make sure everyone is entertained, we have some creative thanksgiving games. >> here to show us, jenny orsini. hi, jenny. good to have you back. >> good morning, ladies. historically thanksgiving is all about the food but i think it's important to have activities and games for your guests as well. we want to talk about some fun stuff to do on thanksgiving. >> you have a game called peg them?
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one is the pegger, with the clothes pin. find an unsuspecting guest. count down to ten means i have to start looking. look for a pin. you've got to tell me. are you wearing a pin? is there a pin on somebody? is something happening? >> oh. you have it on you. >> okay. >> strategically placed. that's fun. >> now what? >> i have to do a charade. pull one out. you have these ready when your guests come. i read it. nobody sees it. >> we'll g >> easy, easy. >> and a word or movie or -- >> shhh! >> then what? >> then you take the peg and put it on somebody else? >> keep pegging all night. >> what about turkey hunt? one of my favorites. >> you have to do something for the kids. all this involves, go online, getting a free download
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send the kids on a scavenger hunt. come back, they won you get to reach into the treasure chest find yours -- kids really, really love this. >> move on to the dinner table. shall we? >> basically now we have dinner served soon. right? >> looks beautiful. >> but we want to make sure that the -- you know, the talking continues. people feel like they are getting to know each other. >> something called make a statement? >> this is called make a statement. i love music and chose song lyrics. on the bottom of each of your plates. don't look. you lobu anybody. you have a statement. and it's a lyric. your job is to -- during dinner, at some point, you have to make that statement, somewhere. ?? >> like mine -- i was working as a waitress in cocktail bar. i have to say that during dinner. >> say that during dinner. i wear my sunglasses all night long because my corneas are
2:24 am
we have to go! >> okay. first of all, this is actually called actually pluck a feather. gets the conversation going. learn about people. you ask a question -- >> ask the question going to break. >> who's the funniest person you know? >> hoda! >> kathie lee gifford. >> keeps the conversation going. >> adorable. happy thanksgiving, sweetheart. >> walking down memory lane with the lovely diane lane, right after this. ? ? what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen
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diane lane has been in the spotlight nearly her entire life. her film career kicked off at 13 in the coming of age movie called "a little romance." >> loved that movie.
2:28 am
relationship to a naughty one diane scored an oscar nomination for her seductive role as a wife who had a dangerous affair in "unfaithful." >> one of my favorites. should have won the oscar. >> yes. she got robbed. >> more than 60 films and tv projects diane is making a broadway debut in "the cherry orchard." the play by about a russian family on the edge of ruin while country's on the brink of revolution. >> yeah. it's a comedy. >> a tragedy, a little sitcom. good old -- >> saying the name like it's the first time you've done something is surprising to me, for some reason? >> i've actually been on broadway in the show before but didn't speak. it's my speaking debut on broadway. >> in "the ensemble." >> when was that? >> gosh, let's see. i need an abacus to count on. >> in 1977.
2:29 am
>> wow. >> vintage automobiles from then too. not the year, it's the mileage. >> whatever you're doing, looks great. >> what is it about this show that made you want to sign up for it? >> gosh, the writing itself. when you have such intense truth to power in the -- in the play itself, and the fact that it was this fascinating adaptation by stephen caram, who was nominated for >> is that all? >> just that. so -- i mean it was a convergence of amazingly talented people. the round-about theater is a wonderful not for profit theater. i support them in what they do. a little like a dare. do you really think you could pull this off? well then i had to try. >> of course. >> i bit this off. am i going to chew? then you have to do it. 91 shows, but, hey, who's counting? >> only eight a week. >> this is limited.
2:30 am
what i hear, yeah. >> good, good. you're loving the whole experience of it? >> i'm having a ball, and we take a break -- yesterday a bunch of high school kids came. >> they do that. >> so much fun. it was like swimming in cold water instead of warm water. so exhilarating. >> they followed it? >> they laughed, cried. with us, yeah. >> doing it years ago in the '70s, doing this play, there's a picture, a photo, i think. ri >> it's a picture of -- i think we have it -- >> let's see. >> there's you. >> i think i see. >> joe, there i am. >> peeking out. >> yes. is meryl streep in there? >> bottom left? >> meryl streep was there with you? >> yeah. she was a fabulous -- mary beth hurt. >> wonderful actress, an amazing cast. >> that must have inspired you to be like -- go do what those women do.
2:31 am
experience, and going back to it, it's very serving of doing the part, because i am haunted by -- what my character is haunted by. it's there for me in the hard drive. >> i have to tell you this, and i don't any my daughter would mind. she's wanted to be an actress all of her life. any time she asks who her favorite actresses are, it's diane lane and meryl streep. >> whoa. that's something to live up to. >> inspire add whole generation. >> tha, runs through december 4th at the american airlines theater on broadway. so come on down. >> from one gorgeous hollywood star to another -- >> dennis quaid gives us something to talk about after your local news. sound familiar? then you'll love this. incredible protection in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet watch this.
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>> we are here with a hollywood star who has the right stuff. >> dniens quaid. >> dennis quaid has been making movies for the pastou fr decades, over the course of his career he covered a wide range of characters from dramas to >> stars in "the crackle" series called "the art of moore" playing a real estate mogul navigating the cutthroat industry. >> i'm going to build the museum of contemporary art. >> are you joking? >> oh, i don't joke about anything with my name on it, and i want you to be my curator. so -- do you want to come with me and run? or do you want to just stay here and take it slow? >> oh. where do you go with that voice? how do you -- >> just heavy breathing.
2:36 am
just a little kiefer. >> it's so funny that the art world is the backdrop for all of this intrigue. you wouldn't expect it? >> a world i'd never seen before on television, not much in movies, either. it's what goes on behind the scenes. i was surprised. >> we usually see it as art heists. >> right. >> something stolen, not the -- the intrigue behind. >> a lot of heists going on behind the scenes. >> a lot going on behind the scenes. >> behind the scenes as well. but the art of moore is about lust for power and money and sex, and all set -- >> never enough. >> behind the beauty of art. everybody wants more. >> but it's not all real art. >> i got mine. how about a little bit of yours? >> exactly. do you know anybody like this? or did you sort of, that you drew from for this? >> my character is a -- he's a new york billionaire real estate
2:37 am
politics. we were shooting the first season. all ten episodes written. we were two months into shooting, and donald trump announced for president. i saw my dialogue coming out of his mouth. >> he does have some fine art. >> yes, he does. >> enough about melania. >> ba-dum-bum. >> are you loving it? you mix it up a lot with your characters. >> i'm having a great time. the cast on the show is fantastic. b >> love him. haven't seen enough of him. >> "princess bride." >> remember how great we was in that? >> i can't stop looking at dennis quaid. >> all right. >> i'm thinking -- full disclosure, hoda, tell him. thinking of the movie "the big easy" pull up that movie and enjoy dennis quaid from that movie. [ speaking foreign language ] >> see? >> you've never been the same since then.
2:38 am
>> how embarrassing that grown women still love you? >> hey -- [ laughter ] it's better than the alternative. it's a little break from the "parent trap" girls. >> oh, yeah. old women still do, too. this one makes a mess of herself all about it. it's really embarrassing. >> "parent trap" girls i tell them, look, i used to be your baby-sitter while your parents were in the other room. >> what do you want to do next? you say that "the right stuff" your favorite and why put that burden on yourself? there could be great stuff ahead. >> could be, but so far. >> can we talk about your music and your band? >> yeah. >> tell us about that. >> we've been together for -- what? 16, 17 years now. and -- a great bunch of guys, and we -- it's just a great time up there. we do like, half originals, half twisted covers. >> twisted covers. >> i like that. >> you let off a lot of steam, i would think. it's so different from -- >> let off a lot of steam.
2:39 am
the bacon brothers. >> you made some history the other day. you were at the new york stock exchange. you took that gavel, you did what so many had done before you, and then this hatched. let's watch. go. go. go! >> broke it! >> ever happened in the history? >> it was the third time in the history that it had broken. one with -- a medal of honor winner and second a golfer who wound up winning the barclays that very weekend. >> so it seems to be good luck. >> dennis, thanks for coming. >> and "crackle" it's free. no sign up. there's no subscription. >> how do you get paid? >> google it, and google "crackle" go and watch on any device. >> how does "crackle" get their money? that's another story. >> it's free. you might be feeling fine, but how's your soul? >> the four elements you need to
2:40 am
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many of us go through life searching for something more, but in the rush of grinds, it's easy to find yourself lost and frustrated. >> so seattle city church pastor judith smith wants to help you find that emotional satisfaction you've been craving. when not leading a congregation of thousands or offering support to celebrities like justin bieber or russell wilson he writes fantastic books. >> now the "new york times" best-selling author is out with his newest book called -- >> "how's your soul." >> great to have you back. >> thanks for having me. >> a great voice for millennials.
2:44 am
you say, how's your soul? >> how you doing, it's elevator music and white noise. how you doing on the inside? overwhelming on the inside not the outside. we should live inside out, not outside in. >> doing it backward, aren't we? >> yeah. >> and home sweet home. that matters. what you consider your home, doesn't it? >> many of us live internally nomadic. on the outside we may have an apartment, condo, townhome, but do we have a home on the inside? a place of reprieve and rest and refreshment? i believe with all my heart home is in god our create around we talk about that in the book what that means and what it looks like in regard to prayer and talking to god. >> if you have that foundation you can move anywhere. you got the foundation. >> yeah. >> we're giving people takeaways things to do day in, day out. one of yours is rest. >> goes back to the original creation, in the garden. we have four elements that provide for us the optimal environment for a healthy soul. first is rest. it speaks that the trees were beautiful at the sight and the
2:45 am
so i think it starts with enjoying creation, enjoying relationship, and getting that margin of life we all need at the velocity of which we're living and traveling. >> stop sprinting. >> you also say rest is important because god had a great plan for us to work. it's important to work and then you rest from it. >> having a job is not a bad thing. it's a good thing. it's a privilege and an honor. scripture says, whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. you will enjoy that and your soul will be buoyant as a result. >> eat with the richest >> affair? >> yeah. >> i guess we hit responsibility. move on to the next one. >> we straight is very important. of course, in the garden we see that the odds were stacked in our favor. all trees were permissible to eat from except for one. there's a thing calmed a necessary know in life. are we saying no to even good things? you can't say yes to everything. got to say no -- got to make a fair trade. one pastor said who you are cheating? are you going to cheat your wife or your kids or others? in other words, you got to say
2:46 am
are most important. >> ultimately you end up cheating yourself. >> absolutely. >> let's look at the last one as we wrap up your book. relationships. >> absolutely most important. that's our connections with one another. bible starts with good, good, good, first not good. adam was by himself. had a lot of pets, but didn't have a partner comparable to him. so eve was created for adam, and they had an incredibility relationship. we think in terms of marriage, but they were best friends. imperative with pour into the key relationships willing to consider who are the key intentional relationships god's put in my life and am i really giving myself to those? >> doesn't it make sense that all of these people go to listen to you? he's so real. >> the real deal, everybody. so good to see you. >> and loved your beautiful family. especially chelsea. god love her and your kids. >> thank you. >> from feeding your soul to feeding your brain about the scary truth concerning alzheimer's. >> maria shriver fills us in on something very important to her that should be really important
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november is national alzheimer's disease awareness month. the scary truth is that according to the alzheimer's association, every 66 seconds, think about that, someone in the united states developing the disease. >> for the last decade nbc's special anchor, maria shriver, has dedicated her energy towards fighting alzheimer's. and today she's here to talk to bo >> tough subject. >> every 66 seconds, two-thirds of those brains belong to women. >> do they know why? >> no, they don't. why i'm focused on finding the answer. two-thirds of all caregivers, also caregivers month are also women. and i'm trying to get researchers and scientists all over the country to focus on gender-based research. is it hormonal? is it menopause? is it depression? is it diabetes?
2:52 am
>> you're talking about caregivers, you know about that all too well. your dad passed away from alzheimer's in -- >> 2011. >> it doesn't just affect obviously you. it affects your whole family. describe what that's like for caregivers? >> he was such a sweet man, by the way. >> he was, by the way, and brilliant. that's what's so amazing about this disease, it robs your brain. i say it's mind-blowing for not just the person who gets it but for the entire family. so it's sp it's a financial journey. it's a personal journey. it's a professional journey. so many people have to leave their jobs to care for somebody with alzheimer's because it's 24/7. so it's really expensive. and it's disheartening, but i'm trying to really focus on the hope that's out there. we launched this challenge 66 so
2:53 am
$666 to fund gender-based research. trying to talk about what each person can do in their lifestyle, diet, medication. >> what are some things you can do? >> exercise. that's really important. the blood that goes from your body goes up to your brain. they're connected, right? >> something you said i didn't know about. not just exercise. you have to do interval training. bursts of it. >> exactly. right. we're developing a whole curriculum for what is the right kind of se right diet, the right supplements, better to eat whole foods. if you can't, supplements. sleep, huge component. medication, science says meditation affects the brain. music affects the brain. coloring affects the brain. all of these things we're learning through science. >> you're teaching a lot of people a lot through something that i participated in with you called "move for minds." something you're doing around the country that's growing. >> it's growing. we partnered with equinox. so important you came there, you
2:54 am
next june and it's really to kind of hit people who are in the gym already thinking about their bodies to remind them that there is more to you than your lips, your thighs and your eyes. right? you have a brain up there and so you want to think about your body and yourself holistically. i talk about alzheimer's as the ultimate women's empowerment movement because we have to think about the effect of our brains. how we use our brains and so if our brain, what good is it going to do? on that event, move our minds, we try to bring researchers, experts, people who can give the up-to-date information about how it all works together. >> is it genetic? have you found? >> there is a component that is genetic, but we're finding out more and more is that it's lifestyle and that your genes are not your destiny. that's really important for everybody out there to remember. your genes are not your destiny. there are things you can do starting today in terms of
2:55 am
>> and for people to learn where is the best spot for them to go online? >> they can go to the women's always movement. we run telling them move for minds event, what women are doing all over the globe. get involved. make sure if they're in this space they can raise money in this space. and if they have a mom or a dad in their 50s or 60s, talk to them about their brain health. notice, how is their brain health? how are they remembering? there's all kinds of tests online they can look at as well. >> maria, thank you. >> we love you. you're an encyclopedia about it. >> we'll be back with more in a moment. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico...
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"ok magazine" wanted to know is it okay or not okay to post emotional rants. >> here's what we had to say about it. >> you certainly can do it, but i can't help but wonder why you would? vent to trusted friends only! >> i le i say, write it for yourself. wait 24 hours, and if you still feel it -- post it. >> you should do that, hoda. >> what evs. >> all righty, then. next week, gary fisher, billy bob thornton. >> have an awesome weekend. we'll see you on monday for fun
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my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'st my job is not just to entertain but to educate and tea you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. new money coming in. we're hearing about it now. we're seeing it. sure, the averages got hit today, dow backsliding 36 points. s&p dipping 0.24%. so far this remarkable post-trump rally has only been subject to the most mild of profit taking and remains as improbable as the election outcome itself. in the old pre-trump days it was


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