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tv   KWWL News at Ten  NBC  November 24, 2016 10:30pm-11:04pm CST

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fame-like quarterback, it's an honor to be in the huddle with him, you have a chance to make big plays. i'm grateful for him. i let him know about that today. >> you don't have all of your receivers healthy. they still cannot stop you. how come? >> the guy next to you. throwing opportunities. throwing me the ball. putting me in great positions to be successful. anytime he is opening up the pass, i'm grateful for this moment today. 100-yard rushing game. we had tony dungy up in the booth for a little while. and he compared you to franco harris. that same patience. when you hear that comparison, what do you think? >> i'm honored. you know, obviously, when somebody is comparing you to a guy like that, it makes you real humbling. and grateful. you know? i appreciate the comparison. >> you and i talked earlier. your second thanksgiving day game.
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and there's kids out there watching you tonight. what do you hope they appreciated about the way you played? >> they appreciated some good football. somebody who is passionate about the game. obviously, you love the game of football. for whoever is watching, congratulations. >> guys, thank you so much. >> taking this to the linemen. >> take them to the lineup, whatever you want. and take the balls. take the football. take the football. >> happy thanksgiving. ha >> mike? >> happy thanksgiving, michele. oh, beautiful. thank you. well, there's the playoff picture. this goes with the thanksgiving tradition. this is the night we start to see this. the playoff picture, unfolding in the afc. you slide pittsburgh for the moment, over there. on the 6-5, mark, with indianapolis, dropping to 5-6. houston leading their division.
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baltimore for the moment. baltimore had a chance with nine teams in the afc, than they have. pittsburgh beat cleveland, indy was depleted here. do you get the sense that pittsburgh, they built confidence on what they can do on the defensive side of the ball? >> maybe. that's what it all comes down to. can they just find that formula, despite losing some key players back there? but it was thel and this is the pride of pittsburgh. this is what they do every week in practice. they go one-on-one against the offense. and it looks like there's no way they're going to be able to make a play. and they make a play. sean davis there. and then, a nice play by timmons to get underneath that route. and mike mitchell comes up and makes a big hit on the quarterback, tolzien. and then, they catch a break here on the last one. but every, single one of those are competitive situations. and the pittsburgh steelers, at
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football league. and it showed up on the goal line tonight. >> 16 points for 2 games, against cleveland and indianapolis. a big one against the giants next sunday. kansas city and denver on sunday night. we'll look ahead to that, as we continue from indianapolis, on the postgame in a moment. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. ? this holiday, the real gift isn't what's inside the box...
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? you can't make it up, ? ? it's in your soul deep, ? ? it's in the stars, the stripes, this dirt on my feet ? ?? not everyone can be an all-pro like jason witten, but anyone could save money with geico. ?? welcome back to "the volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." now, mike tirico and cris collinsworth. >> pittsburgh gets the win. we'll see pittsburgh and baltimore play on christmas. also see kansas city and denver on christmas. and the first match-up between those teams when we head out to the rockies here. tomorrow, the game for you on sunday night. denver coming off of a bye. kansas city lost to tampa. you get these teams right now, you know you're going to get good defense. >> no question about it. we talk about denver's defense
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von miller and the guys. now, with justin houston back for kansas city, derrick johnson, derek berry. this is going to be one of the fistfight battles. and it means so much. this is now, when we're getting to the games where the playoffs are clearly on the line, especially in this division. >> oakland plays carolina earlier. oakland is a game ahead. you lose this game, could you be two games behind oakland? limited time left. big pressure on both offenses because of the quality defenses, with trevor siemian and alex you have to make plays in this game. >> that's where the question is for these two teams. if they make a run, the offenses have to be better. >> enjoyed doing this on thanksgiving. let's do this on sunday. >> why not? >> denver-bound. look forward to seeing you from the mile-high city, on sunday night. here in indianapolis, pittsburgh beats the colts, 28-7. coming up next except on the west coast, your local news, followed by a new "tonight show," starring jimmy fallon.
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crew working with you on this thanksgiving night. for bob costas, cris collinsworth, tony dungy, and mike tirico, sitting in for al michaels, see you on sunday night. happy thanksgiving. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national football league. no more games, jerry. you saw the deal and hustled to u.s. cellular to get yourself the samsung galaxy s7 and 500 bucks. maybe. "maybe," jer-bear? hmm? got your phone and your $500 and put it under your own tree. that's your writing! you after santa's job?
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it's no crime to gift yourself. get a samsung galaxy s7 this friday and get $500 back while it lasts. now at ten... a roaring fire at a distribution plant ruins thanksgiving day for some eastern iowans. plus... the world's oldest pilot and an
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a full wrap of thanksgiving day from across the u-s and the rest ""you're watching kwwl, we've got you covered. this is the news at ten." good evening, and happy thanksgiving. i'm amanda goodman, ron has this holiday off. a thanksgiving day fire sends one firefighter to the hospital. large flames ai smoke coming from a distributing plant in linn county -- the fire happening at iowa gold distributing - an oil recycling business in central city. kwwl's elizabeth amanieh back from central city --she joins us now live in the studio. amanda-the fire starting earlier this morning at the oil recycling business. sending multiple fire crews working against the clock to contain it,
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relentless fire at iowa gold distributing. brenda "the smoke was just billowing, i mean it was unreal" julie machacek "the smoke got darker and darker and all of a sudden there was an explosion." thick black smoke engulfing the area. creating a safety concern for those who live nearby. one grandma of three keeping her grandchildren inside. brenda "no, because i didn't want them to run out in the street or inhale that black" s for the majority of the day. laura mally "they came knockin on the doors saying kinda keep your windows shut, shut stuff down, kind of just keeping an eye." but those flames not letting down julie machacek "and the flames were so high they were burning into the high wires. leaving neighbors wondering if that fire would spread out into their backyard. hours after the fire started, area so that the fire doesn't spark back up again." neighbors near-by grateful for all
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thanksgiving away from their family and their loved ones and helped out and it was nice to see." at last check- central city firefighters say they still don't know what sparked the fire. but now the linn county sheriff's office as well as the state fire marshall will assist in this investigation. one of those firefighters still in battling that smoke. the fire itself causing thick black smoke - and that smoke showed up on our storm track seven live doppler radar. you can see the cloud on the radar, is actually smoke from that fire. some of you sent us photos of this fire on our facebook page - remember, when you see news - or if you have pictures or video to share... you can do that by going to our page on facebook. you can also "like" our page to
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let's go to storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel now for your first forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack hope you're having a great thanksgiving. the clouds will upper 20s to lower 30s. there light snow shower, mainly for will be the pick day of the dry. a weak system will track will be the pick day of the new at ten -- our next system tracks in sunday afternoon, bringing us a good chance for rain through monday morning. monday's highs will be in the 50s, before
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new at ten -- two children are reportedly abducted from a home in northern iowa. buffalo center police say a man and a woman were seen leaving a home near the 400 block of second street northwest with two children. a babysitter says the two kids, ages three and one, were taken by the unknown man and the kids' mother, ashley machain, who allegedly showed a knife. police were later able to find they were driving in fort dodge and safely rescue the children. machain and daniel smith were taken into custody. machain is charged with burglary and child endangerment -- smith with burglary a cedar falls family of five pushed from their home just before thanksgiving all because of a fire. kwwl's macleod hageman catching up with neighbors who saw the fire -- saying they're happy everyone is all right. sound) heavy flames tearing through the roof of this cedar a wood-burning stove."
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"chelsea says even though the house is damaged, she's happy the family of five was able to get out safely and spend "that's awesome. that's like the best case scenerio for something like that." the family of five staying with relatives two doors down -- salvaging what's left of their property -- while trying to embrace the thanksgiving spirit. "we always have tons of food here, so my mom was like 'they can always come over to our place.' the neighbors are really whoever." the homeowner telling kwwl --she's relieved everyone and all her pets are ok. right now -- the cedar falls family says they're trying to figure what's covered under their insurance
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last year on thanksgiving - police were called to a home in cedar falls for a fire that was deemed arson. a van with thousands of dollars of musical equipment was set on fire. this man, nicholas kollash pleaded guilty to 2nd degree arson charges in may. friends say kollash had a fight with his bandmates earlier in the day - and then set the van on fire. one of iowa's fastest growning cities will soon have a new mayor. north liberty's current mayor amy nielsen was elected to the iowa state house and will ve 9th. the city council has 40 days after nielsens resignation to either appoint a new mayor or hold a special election. if they do appoint a mayor -- a special election can be forced by "we do know of at least one pursuing collecting signatures once i resign so that they can don't know what would prevent that from happening at this
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election to happen signatures of 15 percent of voters from the last regular city election have to be collected which adds up to only 26. the world's oldest pilot is turning 99-years- old next month --and he's from the state of iowa. despite being nearly 100 years old --ernie smith says he wants to keep going. emily szink catches up with him to find out what keeps him flying. iowa loves to fly. and get about 40 miles, 50 and suddenly she starts flying." his love affair with planes started when he was a little boy. (ernie smith, world's oldest pilot) "and they'd fly over just before dark and i'd sit out on the hill north of the house." smith was hooked. he constantly thought about flying. (ernie smith, world's oldest pilot) "i thought i knew how before i ever started really." smith got his pilot's license in his 20's.
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the wall at the red oak airport. (ernie smith, world's oldest pilot) "that's when i first started flying in omaha." he flew for decades. but in his 80's smith's wife urged him to stop flying. he was grounded for sometime. (ernie smith, world's oldest pilot) "my wife passed away ernie.. you've got to get something to keep you living." (sally alger, daughter) "this is his first love, i always say this is dad's first love." in his early 90's, smith re-applied for his pilot's license. (ernie smith, world's oldest pilot) "orville and wilbur wriht no, i didn't know them." every two years smith has to see the doctor and pass a pilot) "he said we'll see you in two years, i said well i don't think so, he said why not?" one month shy of his 99th birthday. amazingly...smith still flies. (kevin mcgrew, red oak airport manager) "we went to the guinness book of world records, looked up the current holder, and found out ernie was older." red oak airport manager kevin mcgrew thought smith deserved the recognition. (ernie smith, world's oldest
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give a darn about that. i'm doing what i want to do." he may not have been for it, but he went along with it. to be considered the world's oldest pilot by the guinness book of world records, numerous documents needed to be submitted...including a copy of smith's birth certificate and pilot's liscense along with video of him flying --it became official this fall. (kevin mcgrew, red oak airport manager) "pilots will come in and we'll say i'd like you meet ernie smith, the that he is so passionate about plane. daughter abby thinks his new record is pretty sweet. (abby, great granddaughter) "i can actually prove that it's real he's the oldest one." for smith the record is great. but still being able to do what he loves is priceless. (ernie smith, world's oldest pilot) "most of the time, i make beautiful landings, but not always." smith usually flies a few times a week. and on this particular
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cross wind." high in the sky--the 98- year-old's love of flight was evident. smith tells me he knows his hobby can't last forever. but for now..he's just enjoying the ride. (ernie smith, world's oldest pilot) "now you've ridden with the oldest pilot in the world." (emily szink, reporting) "i know that's awesome." smith turns 99 on december coming up on kwwl... a full wrapup of this thanksgiving day. "i'm thankful for the cubs." "the hawkeyes." "the uni panthers." plus.. we hear from a group of local kids on what they're thankful for... here's a live look at the storm track 7 live doppler radar....storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel has your full forecast, coming up...
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storm track seven chief meteorologist mark schnackenberg and sports with rick coleman. we've got you
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forecast on kwwl." let's go to storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel now for your forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team:
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temperatures dropping to the upper 20s to lower 30s. there dry. a weak system will track areas north of highway 30. any accumulation would be a half inch or less, and it would be very scattered. friday will be mostly cloudy with highs in the lower to middle 40s. as we head late in the day, there may be a few breaks in the clouds. saturday will be the pick day of the weekend, with a mostly sunny sky and highs in the upper 40s to sunday afternoon, bringing us a good chance for rain through monday morning. monday's highs will be in the 50s, before we cool down by tuesday.we hope you're having a great thanksgiving. the clouds will stick with us through the overnight hours, with
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upper 20s to lower 30s. there may be a few sprinkles or a light rain shower early this evening, but most of us stay light snow shower, mainly for inch or less, and it would be middle 40s. as we head late in the pick day of the weekend, will be in the 50s, before we upper 20s to lower 30s. there dry. a weak system will track very scattered. friday will be will be the pick day of the monday morning. monday'i upper 20s to lower 30s. there light snow shower, mainly for areas north of highway 30. any weekend, with a mostly sunny sky sunday afternoon, bringing us a good chance for rain through monday morning. monday's highs will be in the 50s, before we cool down by tuesday.
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temperatures dropping to the upper 20s to lower 30s. there may be a few sprinkles or a light rain shower early this provide a few snow flurries or light snow shower, mainly for areas north of highway 30. any accumulation would be a half inch or less, and it would be very scattered. friday will the day, there may be a few breaks in the clouds. saturday will be the pick day of the weekend, with a mostly sunny sky and highs in the upper 40s to near 0 sunday afternoon, bringing us a good chance for rain through monday morning. monday's highs will be in the 50s, before we thanksgiving. the clouds will stick with us through the overnight hours, with temperatures dropping to the upper 20s to lower 30s. there may be a few sprinkles or a through the area, and will provide a few snow flurries or
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president elect donald trump and president obama
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around the world celebrate thanksgiving. a day for fun, family, and parades. edward lawrence wraps what en thanksgiving in new york city. ((natsot)) "thomas the tank engine. he's been a busy little guy." ((natsot)) "lt. tony georgrio marches his nypd police band down one of the many streets they patrol." millions of people watched the macy's day parade roll down 6th avenue. this year a new addition.. hundreds of sand trucks along the route with an increased police presence because isis told its followers the parade would be a good
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still, no problems.. just fun. ((natsot)) (drum beat )"hey!" overseas troops spread across iraq and afghanistan did the best they could to have a normal holiday ((sot: captain tuan vu / us soldier from florida:42 - :49)) "i am safe and well, i wish all soon." president obama offered a message of unity after acknowledging this was a very divisive presidential election. ((sot: president barack obama / no super:56 - 1:07)) "we focus on the candidate we support instead of some of the ideals we share ... but a few short wk trump added his voice in a video produced by his transition team. ((sot: donald trump, president elect / no super 1:13 - 1:19)) "it is my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and moved forward as one country." a different kind of healing prayer in across the southeast. thousands of fire fighters spent thanksgiving battling huge wild fires in 8 states from virginia to georgia. their hope: to get the fires out, so the people who live there can
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(insert ends) (two second pause) audio outcue: edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. this thanksgiving to get a jump start on holiday shopping. some retailers kicked off black friday sales today. edward lawrence nbc news, washington. iowa senator joni ernst spending thanksgiving today with u-s troops in afghanistan and qatar. ernst, a former company commander in the iowa national guard , meeting with the 211th aviation battalion and the 185th combat support sustainment battalion of iowa ernst saying -- "it was a tremendous honor to spend thanksgiving with iowans who are sacrificing so much in defense of our freedoms - particularly so far from home during the holidays," i am thankful to have shared this precious time with our outstanding iowa servicemembers and i thank them - as well as their families - for their faithful
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imagine cooking six turkeys in a few hours. cedar falls business owner todd steil has it down to a science -- after doing it for 20 years. todd says he starts frying the big birds every thanksgiving morning for friends, neighbors, and employees -- and he's all he's excited to share his secrets. "use peanut oil, that's the key. it's a little more expensive, nice and juicy. the only downfall is that you have to make your own dressing and gravy, but the turkeys are awesome." always deep-frying your turkey outside -- make sure it's thawed -- and allow at least 45 minutes per bird. today is the day we give thanks -- which is a message we try to pass down to our kids. kids from waterloo.. hudson and
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thankful for their families... homes...and school. a lot also mentioned food... but there were some unique answers... "i'm thankful for the cubs." "my neighbors." "thankful for chairs." "my 100 cats.:" "thankful for everything i have because some people don't have it." "happy thanksgiving." a lot of the kids also wrote down paper turkeys for school art projects. coming up next... bobbi petersen and the uni panthers host the missouri valley conference volleyball tournament on thanksgiving night. and the waterloo black hawks and cedar rapids roughriders renew their heated rivalry on the ice
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