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tv   FOX21 Morning News  FOX  March 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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3 3 od morningwelce to fox 21 is iday.. march 4 h.i'i'kimberly price price.and i'm craicoey( we're "lanloca ts rnin-- a comg uphis ur..
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3 mororng a tnk y s much wininlet's s live look nextlet'show you t t ather story for an here's3 look aur day planner
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3 new is hou..we could soon learn what csed e h of ney uston'dahter. daughter a aanta jge now rulus unseaeathe topsy sults of b bbi kristininin browe e -!ead s und d uncociou aht of her atlan homin juaryry of l lt year. count ofcialsasa wll ase the infoioiowhen theive sned appral. 3 3 alsosoewhis s rning..... serijclsyeme sa.. g gn sed timent home in t soutrn cyxof aden. 16e e e now dead -- inclin4 indian nuns.
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raedheheome for the e rly t e othershen n shot the 3 they lat h hdcuffed th derly peop- and ed fire.aden deended intoto "lawness" -- aftea a udi- led coition re-crerethe ty fiite houthi bebe stststme suerthmie oup meresmbity for a wavef prior deadly tacks... inclu a suici bombg whickied t t t gornor and seval sassination n tetetsn to offeals.we'lhave me on this develg sty ththughoho the mornqng.. 3 3 to polics now.nd las nis g-o-presidential debate."bare-knuculels" dominad e night t detro. dutre contendersrs exexangeinsu atstse of thein-tradional primary race.right no-- reid binion report t head ght r e repuan party. 3 (kich) "let's op fhtin" jojo kasich,h, trying in vn to n n deba thawamomo` mbn sunce of thire wacuseonal trp.......incling a ment where dended ze of nhd......aeses
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hands, if they arema somethg else must be sllll antee you ere is no prlem.ruruouou questionsaout poli ons that he's chandhe respdebyting h exexititas an asset.t. (t(tmp he s coreneerstrong but veerern suessfero o exible."han came back tbi an exchan tt ew laughter om the audiee.(cru reathe, breathe, breathehe you cado i"(rubio) "when they'rdoneith e yoga, cai answ a questio" ruz) "i really hope e we dodo3 e ga othis stage (rubio) we, [trump's] very exle syou ver ow." inresting moment camam the end ofhe night........uchihi on t g-o establishment's fort tke t t from notionmony ct. thff---- mpcad......when trumps rivils were asifhe uld suort him e wins. crcr: yes,, because imy rd tt t would.asich) "if he eupupthe nomie. i ll sup whoevers e republan nominee for president."(bio) i'll the republican nominee."(morator)r)mr p? yesr ?"(rubio) "i'll suordoldf he's
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3 be the debate... mitit roroeye out t th "ce crcricism" agastonal trump -- layinininto pubmicanrontnt a shr cahahaany is ntenrs he made mae foererassats governornd presidential nominee says the prospd fo a safe furis `grtly y diminished' trumv bec g-o-p nominee.he a - - trtrp phonyfr.. promises a as worthls a degrerefr trump universi... . and he's playi mumbs of t american publ for r sucks.thextraordary y efrt b broro to ken e ontrnes amam at-tch fort among thparty's donorsnd lists .. to oprump from capturing the nominatio he said this presidential election is a "crucialomen in hry mney21 :35 "think of naldruerer
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misosonye absurd third gr3the." ics.3 ere's irony iny's spee... justouyears ag he courted trump' endoem-- ump d t e "bir" ntversagnspresiden barack obama- insting that t obobrelease his birth cereicate to prove he an american citizen. 3 3 in m#me "policalew lodo docrats republics ve "tentivy agre push for nging* the ste's system of oosi presenal cdidateteey want to vea imar electi -- instofaucu cae agreemt co-- afr a ow c ccus" nig day -- iwhich party faithf in both camps *complained*bout t current system of ousas of inct meetings.deat es acrththstate werere fified to caci- -i soer waitino in lnes.ome reblicans s welso angry that theiraucuses *not* includa "presisintiastw
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chairm says ... he andhdhe head of the state demeic pay now agreto ph r a estial *primary* votin 20-2--o allow re peopl toarticipa. 3 meanil..occ candidatbern s sders may haveveon colado on super tuday... but- he witl not get all the degates fromomhe stat ndwothghto 38 delegatas. while par rival llary inn gets 28. b b e former secretary of state had ten sudegates rallyi bd`r --ning legateoloro lle e tpevthddle --pi sanders winning the caucus. now from polics ----o bronconews...ththte's pare d dire to retain d velop ock osweer -- could ell the nd onni cr mileigh city city.acinto04-3 fafadarr mckee in denver -- he reporthe broncos have decided to "me e " from mamcportedrc icidhe broncos't even g gmanning his maatphysical... d already extend an offe osweiler.thisisn onhe
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just days before mch 9 -- the start -n n yearand e g' 9 lln lary becomes guteed 3 after a syee.. youig think it o tgea littlelazyn e weekend.t, up xt...find out why experts y thtx's actual worse for you... when
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wake up in your rst home.wawa uin a home( you'vee a bibibier.keom th a newress wake uin a home thatatoe't even have an address. as your life elves, d dam he vetoo,
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ri veoool amfamomin3 morning and thanko
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neleowouhe weather sty y r the daand here's aoo yr day planneweill ha another update cominup in about 10 3 . yoyo)next weather and traffiupdate in about 10--
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3 a "health alt" this inbeina copotato he wndy be * your weight than working ( at a desl week. 3 excici scitists report as litt aa 20te ductctn sedentaryime saturdays d sundnds. resultedn a of more than two pounds ter one year..e samessno a red in sedtataime during the week. 3 ststy aus y ... people usually althier ring the week.., they bieve"extractiviveded on theweekendsto b nan e chanan in diet.they suggest peleho a a * phicallycte on the weekds to try and redu eir sedentary tiy just... an up and lkg nd.
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cotetein meds availa.. 's often hard d selt the rit - -tr considerinthesoptions:-- brandsike tylenoar populaaminns and ara bebt use ease in.. trt a headhe... or low a fever.however -- dococ say ... . ults should take re thathound lligmsererayay --eanwle, ibuprofe a *anti-flammato* drug -- at works bredung irriion ner whent comes to tatg truauapsartis -- t arand le li adadl... motn ...oa "ger n-s-i-d."-- when s ukiief from mild m merscle aes... cocdn adadads aspin isnother ai- inflmatoryhoe.thkey is find a treatmenthatorks for
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3joarn and "soco-cw star" jilannderson --re e and hihimorng. rninthey'rpreviewing a longtiamimy fun hibition coming tcolorado springs... guys 3 the harlem lobetetttererare ming ttown and me and jillian tried out f#the tete...i.idid well highlightsnd llights ming up ter the break.k
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3 3 next week...he hlem tters retetn to the broadmrlaren... r laughs aaske
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and llian had time tmeet one playerer.d they joi lili andocal wh h re-- d t show ofeir basket skis..odod morning guysys
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3 e iconicarlem gletrotterare coming to thwowod arena in corad spris,o withhe unlemilyho feurinsome o othe greatest athletesn nhmhet. with incredib ball haling wizardamazing rim-rali dunks and trick ots, side- spliing medy a a unealed on-urt fan ion,hts mustee is arte to entererinhehole family crtingemies thatill lala a lifet join globeter s srs after game where they 5lfor anutraphphphotrand fseion ubjectcto aibility).the globetrotters ace a grgrt chalale this yea as thfafaus washiton genera are morrmined ththr t globeters.thgenels, the la team totoeat the globettts, are now by formeer of 71 4heare on a ssioand ll do wher ito n,h w strat isure to giv the gletroers n r
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3 tiets to t hm etrotts, rch a on sale tod at 10 aand start as low3. ticke may be purchased o oe wwbroadmooordarenam,
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aling 520- or by viting the pikeseak center orroador world are box offices. bri a aro t tthe game and se on eket! call groice 47
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33 33 good morning andha yo muchatchg.let's take a live lk tsid..t now.w. xtles s show y t weather orfothand he's look atouday annewe w wl have updada comup in out 1010
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3omckfox2rng - -cpinghe t to othday.reartos p siin .lodots and blan a o r n s st of oong
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arelecon -ea of caus. 3ha its "enenyptitiig u-vernnt t ed nns inobaine 'sef t brbrk into t thof e tanerin teor. 3 xt -the mpetn is hot --s ig fltoub20aiou- lietweenhes d . d und-ipot ban citiil a. 3next..coen "104 f's" daenee thbronare -- ovg " omayton mamain.. afffring brock er newewewtract. he says... thtete won't even is ic- d d s ad ed an ferswler.r. next -- ququ "elpo" " efsesesem m kikikio o o d d dex to o e u.u. y y y nditionst t t ththmamamam- secucu prin in mexico erhe's being held are making him siouslyll 3 d the gernment s w sued a "wodwe caution"ameran
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terror groups are plotlt attackght`no... andn eric keep a "hh` leveof vigigance". 33& for nformati on th stie a o k..g oebsite -fo1 ws t com. com.rinow... l l's'soss s er to chmeteorogogog justin chambers for r r your "first loofore." 33 3 3 good morning and thankou so orating.t's take a live look tue...righghnow. xtshow you t t wer ststy r the day.d
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planr.we wl have anoth date cing up in ababt 10 nutes. 3 3
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coming up in about0 mites.s. 3 it's*t l lt* yeststwe brought you t t "most atj/bsen -- a3 dae teg yoyo thp-r omen.. g ader su 3 mb..tetehe 3 3 mber 4. puicelionsoromnucas spialist. 3 3er 3 3 3de - treprene. (iwas mb two o r me nunb
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3 ane er "mo obom" is. ysical thera. 3 3 whncenve wlu ike for to l yr one *alo* ringtire m ml? al?3 foochain is bng ali iltaeece
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on'tt see any sh sachcuer'scacaht, northatntic cod.this codrowsn ter thats coldcleaanpristine full oavorful nutrients, and that comes t tough in the fish. iss the it ur r rtaantsts . so not only doe use hihiest qualy co but we s slllld-babaer it t-fashi w atatkae.e. and wehink we gee be fi filet sandch bau othat iss e be fsa arica
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33 in this rns "bins y thinkr fami cet throu dinne ithoututyo checkin their cecehone? phe?chk-fia is hing to encoagsome "quality mimi time" " minus theell phon b*bribi* customererwi food in n ee ice cream cones!l you haveve to do is silence your phone.then put it in a boxt your tab fhe tire meal. 3 ogs okg to rival e when it comes to y
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announci plans f a mobile yment seice cled 'hands f'it w uss toay - -in*voi comm. 3 thev wl sisi say, , 'lpay withe.' d the pall be ocessud. the seice is cntly bng ed ifrano. 3 finally...n hoof its 75- th anniversa -- m&m's isis roint new *stries*. u-a today reports... some lle "oious" -- like w colors... flavors... a fiinthere could alsoe new ag--e r onea. but, othel be "moubube" -- like ansitioning to *naturur* rather tn *a*aificic colors. colorswilletro agg"an aln p @iets.and new flavs will be veiled - - chili nut... cfee nut...nd honenut.a litt f f fac ..m' of neit mility rered at mars make chocolate foe troops at
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3 3 warmer temod -but a bit brbrzy at time times.chf meteororogis stin cmbs s uru fofocast n ht. nturk prm as l yoyo favoritanne ns of spopws,ana&mo -all ryar h tch wh and wre w wt@ withanfeatat
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ison t g d choosem etet rereackages f y yhome call .. getrt w prism ial tv b yoyollv plpl 40 megs of centurylink it. all for only65 aon.soat, especily if u love sports. ia and u 40 megs of internet only65 month. scoror orou love greavi.... [ uthern accenen helemememee, goget prissential tv up to 4megs of ternet foonly $ mon ah![ ip cracks normrmrmrm cal.. geststted withrism esstialv plusp to 40 gs of interneneee st $65 month f a yea manobevaabin youarea.a.a
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3 3 3 od morojngnd thank yiuiuo` much for watching.let's take a liveook outside...rit now.
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wewer ory f#f#and hehe's a look at youday weill date cg un n t 10 nunu 3 3 t ather and trc upte in out t --
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3 in tay's friday ks....a artist" team up h "zozoopia
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abouan allmal soety. d d g` adydy msive hit th crics. f anast y... it could en with asasasas muchs 70-milon dolrs which wod be "frozen"'"' debut!"ztoa" is rated p-g.u. p-g. 3 xt... it's gegd d tler- versus gerard butlerweekek butler returns to theaters ondon hahafallen." 3 he pys the se secret service agenhe did in "olympas falle" aaron alsoeturn for ththseququ sequelbut, so far,he fm is gettinin*wea reviews."l"ldon
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3 finallblasts into 33th -- thwhiskey ngngfo ip'sededn a journanast memoir about r rortingm ghann anpapaan pakiststit's'seceiviecent reews...and rated-r. rated- 3 3 3 we'll be rightack.
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pl of giancm. good mninglcomto f 21 morning ifrid.. march 4th.i'm craig coff ey.and i'kikierlyce. 're "live ananancal" ts mornin a aominibup thihour... ... 3 3
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3 3 odorng much f wating.s ke a ve look oue.righgh nene, let'shsh youhe wehestory the dayaand re's a aat your day planr.we will ve ather
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3 w this morningwe could soso lea what caus the
8:04 am aanta judud now rules unseae e autopsy - results of b b kristina own.e 22-yold was und unconscicis in bat heran h he in j juary asasasarfult count officials say theyeyill release e informrmion when they receiei signed approval. 3 also new this rng.... security offffialslsn yeyen y. gunn ve stormed a retirementome in the sosoheity of aden. ad. p pple e now dead -- inuding 4 indians. ficials say thehgunmen raidede r tht derly day... sepeped the nuns from the others and then ot tm. 3 th l l handcuffethe elderly people -- d ned .adadcended "lawlessneme" -- after a sai- led coalition re-captured the ci fshiiii h hthbe sum suum.e c state grou has clmed reon for wave of prprr dead attacks... includung a s sci bombing icickill the governororndeveral asssssattemp on p ficials.we'll ha me on thisisevelopopg sty y throughout the morng.
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to polits s now.w. aast t's o-presidididal dete.are-ucklpolitics domimited ththght in detroit. oie contendersrs chand insults -- rng the aumts tone their non-traditional prary race.right now -- reid binion reports on t htet reblan.p 3 asich) "let's stop figg!" john kasich, ting in vain toto ick to aolicy discuson... .in n debatetehat was more mbat than subsnceeemuf the irs focused on donald ump.p...including a moment where he defendethsize of his manhood......a.aesponsto rubio's endo days eararar. rump) "he referrededo my hands, if they are small, something else musbemall. i guarantee you there is n n prlem."trump facecetough estions s ababa poat he's changed respd ting his ilititas an set.t. (trump) "i have e very core. i have very strong corerebui've ner sn succesesul person flexiblelelehahahartrtn me cko biimn exchanget drew laughr fr the audience.(crururutu "breatat, breathe, breathe. "(whwh ey'r'rdoneneititthe ga can i answer a queststn?" (cru "i i ally hopthat we n'e yoga on thisistage." [trump's] very flexle s syou never knkn."an interesting momeame at the end of the night......tohing onhe g-o-p estlint's fortkeep trururom the nononaon at alalnynyost. thffort -- perhaps cocoted.d..when trumps rivals w%we asasif they uld supph m ife wins.. uz: yes,ecauau uavavmy word thai woulasic "if he ends up ae nominee. i will suppo wer is e republican nomee foror est."(rubio) i'l
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trumum yes or ?"(rurio "i'll suppppt donald if he the reicanomee."i'm re binioio repting 33 bebe d%date. mitt romn came t t therce iticinstald d ump laying into the repuican front-runnewith a atta than y of his enrs have made.. made.e former massausetts governrn andsisintia nominee saysys t t pspect for a safe future is greatly pminished' if trump becomes g-g-noninee.he added -- tr pho, a frau.. pres as wohless
8:07 am
ivsi... anhe p members ofo americapublic for ckers. suckers.the e exaordiny effort by romn tkeow the g-o-p frtrununr comes amid lditch effofo a ang the party's donorsndnd yalist.. to stop trump om cri the noninatatn. th predentntl elecon ia "ccial ment" in history 3 mney21 -35 "thk of doldru's perl ququities, t t bullying, ,he greed, thowing o, the sogyny, thabsuhird grartheatrics." theaicic"3 there's irony in romnes eech.... four ars ag --e courted trump' endorst 5- e e eafter trump had the e irtrer conty nspresidenen barama -- iisting t obama release his birth certificate toto p pve he is an n american c cizen. 33 3 in mor"political news".. colorado democrats and blicanhave "tentively reedpususfor r hangg*g* thstste's system of oosi esidentialal candidates.they wpmove to a prary ectiond a as.
8:08 am
after a "r"rdy caucus" night tutuday y in which partrt faithf in bothamps *comaid* aboututhe current syemf thsands precinct meengs.mocratic ucusus athe ate e re fillll to cityty- th some leaving... raer tn waititin long lines. s republans re alsosangry that theiraucused ot* include e resideiql sraw ll theheta-o-p an says . . . nd the head of ththate moic rdnoagree to pususfor esidential *primar vote in -20 -- to allomore people ptici. 3 meanwhe... dememrati candrnie sanders may veon corado onon super day... but -- - ililit gel degatetehe 3 sanderern e right to 38 degas... wle party rival hillary clininn gets 28. but the formerbecretara of f state haten degates rallying behind her meanini delegas in colorado will be e splilievenly dowthe midd -- dpite sders wning the caucus. 3w w omitits s s o
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pantesire retain anan deock os -- could sp@lthe *end* of onanan's carr in t mileleigh city.. city.cordinto 104-3he fan's darr mckee in nver -- he rerert tncos ve dovon" from manning.mckee port sououes icsasahe bncoson't even give manninhis maatory physical. an alaladtendndn offer iler.(th dion broncos's' qua comes just days beforear 9 -- e start of the new ar... and ththday ing's $19 ion lary becom guaraned. 3
8:10 am
3 it w a 3 wistoric ght inin nver hococy y y - ringanvanc @ t. night.ststl l ead -- heawhatat hahaened... anansee whwhwon... plus t woo beatan by a -yeaold hole-in-one shot do not
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swit tntylinintv d gethe at chahacable e e s sou, wihaving to dewiable. yes anant.ers olmemevr. wts on dedeptions canchch wh. yes andn `oou guys keep saying that? t first rule of improv.v. by sayin"yes and," we accept e reality creaeadby our comedy partrtrs, paul.s, right, i know. y? ike a hollywd sisir
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3 3 e back...time ririw. a sng lpve look e.take a look's what the satelli andndadar ishowing us right ti
8:15 am
the kihere's your bus stop forecast.ififoure heading out of@ffow hershot of the tionon tempeturered rar.r.wel have m me on your ses forecast in justbominunus.3 3
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3 ... yoyoyoexexweatr an... ys nex p3 . yoexather an traffic upte iout -
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3 3 stah hockey..where la nighthtn denvere
8:18 am
assi on n orida's firsa, -- t ttie gord howe fo third all-time in points with 1,85 jr -- ihis nd on -- thirinoals th43and hi7 assts arxth.h. but t e avalanchchstill ayed win the game. 3 to lhe 2 2iod -- u uby ducheets the oron a wri -- no 3-1... and this would do avale n up -- e ville predators in t t psi ce on satuight. noto the n-f-l. 3 the housustexanselea nng arian f f f-- h ends theure of the most pductive ru ithe team's hry.ime foster pyeininll 16 games was in 2012. missed 122 games in 2015 to injuries. totoololnow... 3 tiger woodod@says he is starti to fe better. ththgh he's nonosuhen n he'll l ...he says be chippinand ing at ho in flflfla wi his s 4
8:19 am
3 and speaking otigewood.. 3 cpcpthis out...he was on n n ha toxwatcone un golf's b moment! 11-)r-taylylylzier beca t t t firir perern h h len-n- w wdsgolf urse abluejackatiol l montmery,ytexaced the 81-rd..par 3 first hole. crozr'dagoeven better as he and his playinpaner at woods bthreshot 3 3 3john martin and "soco-cw star" jillian andern - are "live and lorning. momoing.they'rererprpriewi a oongtime famn exhition& guys... 3the lbrl globebeotters arere comingngngtown and mand jillian ied out for the did nonoend well highlights and lowlits
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3 nexteek... t h rlrm obetroers turn to brdmoor r world arena ... for
8:23 am and llian had d me t er...and theyoin us live a aal with a recaca-- a aongte family fun exhihihion c ming to the springs.goodororng g gs... 3 3 globetrotters s e coming to ring cwith theirir unrivad faly show,
8:24 am
etes o oe planet. wi credidle ball handng wird, amaming rim-rattng dunks d icshots, sided spttg coco a unequed on-canntntacti, th st-sguan to entertainheholeamil crebting m morororthat will la a lifete. jn gletettter stata after thehe ga ehehe thehewiy for autraphphotograph a high f fe sessssfor fans ubject t tavaibibibi).the globetrotters ll faca great challenge this year, as thfamous whington generals are me deteined ever to beat e globettters.the nerals, e m to beat e globetrotterer are noached a former f at 19 team. thearo& a ion anwillo o win, wita new w strategy tis sure toe
8:25 am
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3 tickets to the harle glrottttmarch a o o sale todayayt a.m. . arasows 3.3. ticts may y urchasednline at www.broadmoworldana.m, all jckeleseslocationbyby dialin520-sh o visinghe pikes peak nter orroadmoor world arena b ofofce bring go the game and savonvery ticket! callhe seses office
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mnindnko muchof watating.letake
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hehe's a look at your da plne will anonoer updada coming minutes. 3
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thththcrryryhakeareesoich ancrea i know. finally a ake r acionono like mf. wa. yo ahake afiono? nonono a shakaficionadothe ake aficionado.l -whoho-(chucklklklyeah. welllllllls s u could bebeneheoooogo ahead.. .. ere's a coolness. cold, it's col ok. iccrcrm m cold?d?d? stop t t pressssys creams ldldldldysysetetet hurned creama shakes are in2pum f fvo bououou bar
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3 welce backfo1 momoih news- -cappihe top ns stoes othe e y. artoday's totosix 60. 60cololododo docratstsndnd ans w age@e@e@e@sh cnatatats hsing ididtiqianandada t p2imimy elecin of a c ccucucucucu nene.. sders -- ing supporters "don't unt him t ju yet".'s ow f f fghtoin t t t t nebraska a a k ksasaucus sda. maine on - ndayaybut,t,wlwlararar ininn wi bigd.d. p - - jobs pueblo are g cucu-- apia fvrvrvrhuhuow un ra steel mill. this -- beuse of slow oil s s p drillili in e e"e" next 3 3cer star, bran chakaaaas inifhehe brn"orononssseararar shshsaysysyswh sheheies s
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oject th the d darent t veransffai ... and onniversithoolmemecine 3 now northth korea's leader -- kim jong un -- says.... warheada a a mimimia need t t quououo- ororsey titi". his s,s comememekebe t ppppjojolo drillslslilili s sth k... anananthththth s sav 0-sasarm and su -ant for hada fhteropopion tataet a a nwowo tt cicicay y y y y miryryquququnt t t &&&o2istsgngngngn 3 for infnfmamaononn n e stienddthththlololo urebsisisifofonews dot com.cpcpght no let's ts it. er t t tief meteteteogogt ininhnmbers s r r stk forecast."
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,,, odning and thahaououu s s much foratatatlet's takeke ve look outside...right now.xtxttfs shshsh the ather@storfor the hek k yr dada ill l ve ano 4 upda coming up iabout
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... . . has relelsese aiaiai@r thquel t ththlyly popular "finding 5!`h`camendnng g nenonoopulululildldldlququ u u u u u hehehehe`era ed n ntntntntntny nifet@10 uat ming&a&a u u umi
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3 here's wrening...disneyt hahtrailererer the s%s% to e wilylylyly pula"fhio" - ich camee2-yeo.. .. ep"fdidididididi traraqa te t t e e ehow.w.asas yooblz.. e,e,e,e,e,e icesesp the`eaiacter of " "etftft fishsh-- w w wasasididk k hegilmfififi"fngyr w h)h)h)h th junununthththbut, we have preview for you *rig
8:39 am
ouououldwn nanaalat a sky s s me..stp! up!we wte you exaly where and ! audition -- it's our w wkend
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,,,3 as alw there's a lo do aund soutrn coloro is wee. weekene sksox -- i conjunctioth the colorad ris consvatory -- will hostvalalalaudions for
8:43 am
solois, duets, tri and quartetsre invited to au tptar gl bann and g bss a@ica audis art n... o the in stage in chapel hal mall.p rformeill si t cerity s s sce field du the-16 baseball seasaudition arerom noon to 4 p-m..and d ll be on a "first ce rst serve"asis. 3 d are you pintested in keeping your ownwnoneyes... or want to learn more about beekeeping?pipe beekeeper associatiois hosting a cls on how to ge beesthem throu the year. year.the class is on saturday ansunday... and costs 50 llarper's b held abear creek nature make reservation... cal528-5483.
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it's comindown to e wire --* "america naliststwere eminated this week.on eht contestantsts left in thfarewe season of e hit mpetitioshow.and right w -- fox'x'michelle pollino s "ido recap hwood. 0:19:24 scott bohetta "amerin idol" mentor 0:24-0:3keh ban / "american " judge0:49-0:50 trt harm / "american idol" contestant-0:56 la'pora renae / "american idol" coestant1:20-17 harry nnick, jr. / " idol" judge1:42-ika vaid / "american idolfinast 1:43-1:48 dalton rapattoni / "arin idol" finali ---------------- -------------------------- ------------------------------------ ------------------ -------------- ------------------------ ---------------------- -------------------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ------------------------ ------snd full: i clip)t top has beerrowed down to eig --aft thursday night's result sput an end to gianna isla and ovi rox dreaf becoming the next amecan id.snd full: i cl)borchta says: "teally tanted avon hasore aartistry and i ink thathat t "tong chois re right ivia probat so much anna's and avan's but still she is an amazin singit's hard to s any them go." snd (ai clip)after learning their fate, the remaining eight singers moved ono ete for amera's vos with new
8:45 am
ip)rmon says: "yo have to rget about it and ke walking."renasays: "yeah, likhe sai it's like cleaningour slate ter ch performa if you goreally good cnts you cashout and dancraise break for a 5 seconds then after that you have t it away."snd fu(ai clip 21::11 ha connick jr. performing)harry connick, junior moved from the ju t tthe e to perform -- "i do like o" -- from his new c-d, " wld be m" connk sayst's nice getting u sin because we s bind th nel so we t itchto perform. sit was jt grt livev. ioved it!snd full: (20:300 mi perfming stone coldemi lovalso made a guest appearance performher hit singleone ld," awell as "coiden wh this seas's t 1finalistsnd full(20:28:07 demiith
8:46 am
a dream co true. she was amazing."pattoni says: "i didn't en si and it was really dopto be mi loto'sk up guirist for the rformanc that was awesome."snd full: (ai clip the compition continues next thursday on fox.n hoywood, michelle pollinox news. 3 3 rmerem today- but brzyt timeme chief meteorologisjuin cmbers will he yourorasnext we'll cebre someocal bthdays.stayith us!
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swch to ceurink pristv and get thsame g g channels cable veyo wiouhao deal wiab/yes and? and...therwhole e mevr. pluss on dema o oions you canatch wter,whenev. yeand? whdoou guys ep s sg at it's t t firir re of improv.
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we aept the alitcread byur comedy paners, ul. yes, rht, i owow do you? feelike hollywinde with prismsmfrom crylink five-te wod champion evr "rl " lyfi veus t $4 al dl from carl's jr a arbrled ubleheesurge ana ispy spicchken sandwich, pl sma fes and ce-colcoke.
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after round, after round. it the hvyweig champion.
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th$4 real al. at rl3 (ad-lib birthdays.)ou or somee you love have a rting g , we want toto know abobo it.t. just emaius at ptu -- rthdays at fox 21 news t comand t forgo ththndndnd
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3 3 good morningndha you much f watching.le veouide...righw. next, t's showou the weatr story fofothe 's a lk at your day planner.we will have anoer dateoming in about 10 minutes. 3 .... next atr d
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3 3 re e somsts this morning thatatl l ke you. whaaaat!?!?!a memadede liceatathap`t a a w york state woman behind bars. bars.e linsplatin queson w madentire of rdard ananpaininen a shiff's dety i h knew it wa'tight -d lledhe drir over over.ththwoman algedlhaa spregistraononndo insunce is now charg thfelony pseioofof foed ien. . lated unts .
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*fortune* in their great grandfdfhfr's s the anymous fafalyecd *sevev* originin ty cobb babababaards- prd in rlth cenry century.the perftly- presesd d cards re in crumplededp r bag scsc wle caning g e lateelive's home. home.there ly 15 similar cas known to c clectone apair ysthe best- prd ofhose seven can easi sl for r than a
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