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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  March 6, 2016 8:00am-9:00am MST

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plac oearth." i'm c wae. th donald t t t headedtowawads the nominattn, thehe repuiln pay dgf tei itfap uimbaug ro the@ trump attracting crow they have no ia why trump's crowd is loyal conserve rbo lk sw t h h h r evqnnew. it's a"f"f news nday excs ttn,itt mm join never tru vement,t,nd donal trump fires ba. >> dond tmps a phony, frau is promises areasworthles as a degreeromr univesity. >> he was a fcandite. hehld heeaen prerede obamamveryea. >>'ll lk withtheast
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onth ea nner. us, tdsgrant immunito fost entffer@rel f u hlaryclcltlon's's pr e-mrv. a un nal t nowhebigesteat all r n on "fox news sunday." nd hello again fromom fo news in shington. we beginh la breaki electrults. epublica went tohe polls in four ry, and it was a sppt deci betwn donald trumnd ted cruz. trump posted a win in louisiana with 41 the tnd h took ken wi36 stded dsi kans48% and mee wit 46%. thorall c now has trump with 378delegat.
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rubio and kasii wit 134. 1,237 are needd tinhe nomination. e'll have theemocratic esults a littlel later. the big story thek is ththopen warnside the reican rty.inew minwe tiv th fovern m r r o lncstutina aaht isweekt rst,he king o o fsseaveveouslighho us hio i ri an, , welcome bk tof wsn chishk you. ipt' gat herere the p,p,ks, hav t t intetet meecause don't usually speak in 10 to11-mte sets.` notet mad if has to intpt mto khim the ack w wtso st on. >> tnk you. . >>nd myy best brevi 's sttiitt romn's speh th wek in hi heaallned th
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you sahatts goi to rerump er herersee as sien trywhatii ry liening. explain what he's sing. ell,t's al thatnd mme. ah it not precedente hisad did the same aainst barar goldwat with a caal of establishnt republan gu. e eablishme isn't ne estaishent waing tsier noan cocorvtin'tn no ,hrs,ery i nk te smeng remarkleapingg h%hrehat nobody i talklkngabout. they'r'r skikii the issue.. fohe l lgeimehe licanty h t u tt t ct st relin. and at''y eypo s that'w eypohe moctsa theij sueso go outnd get hispicsr oer norities. gues who doingit. dodold tru is d it. trump hotta coaonhe owt
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nono t aliti publay t ites to win eastand,t, like wh they'e tryg t/t do, get nana trump out of the re bebeuse they'rot ino o it's the mostmazing thihi watctcthihappen. ernorroney omsalongand trs ta put of trum and t's not g gngto wor caalkisupers ouofrtg him. thelyuy that wi be a to do srumph. >> okay. lesaabthbeau thre is lt of entary,y, aomingfr nseseatvewho s that e republican party is int angerer ofein ittelf@ apart. we'veveseen slia es beforev piticaca philosophy, b tt' not what's happeni th me. ishe establishm the grassoots phase. >>ay. iteally isn't anythinnew. they were this wayy witho reagefe@anas
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th to dagan in'76 aned to d rgagan . noconserv u andearovovnor in hispeec weeka abt how threpublicanr must standndor legititmate conservivevalues. they don't. that's why theyeye in the le having the problem 'rerehaving. eyre not conservat th're beingun by t rs. you look at the pmaries s r,o you realale ey n't le cruzher, ted ----chris. in fac maybe they diike cru re thantrump. t cruz truru are t only ys thatave anhing the eabishhnt caides in ththace cnotied thpulicaryry , they'se pri or re aybo butes ahe the pli tahm. know th yu thinkth cruz is teal ccservative iis race,d we'discuss him a moment, but lealk about dd trum trrst. how wo you feel -- you
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w wod u f fel if he en up as the rlican ninee for est? >> l, i wo m flenanybodod` yoyoeaeaithand up geing. i n#nt uer anlusn r, ththt have ay ayin hi i s.. i afr th yoon't n evrying. an ulmatelyha to take at y yget. i hinkn case oftrump, there's a mu biggerupsi thanown sie. a loof peop gree me tshehe w wt omebody wasngn, it's seus is tim i theisconnect betet the replicaca pay estabshmhmnt andhefensemenmocrat establishmed the people of ount is er broaoa ide i'veve seeee it. e people ha been telli us th'' the ones f evei anderythi thth tri to f ty'y'y'
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a.r.p the simus coege educn is a imi bsemu a collee e ecaio i lononer a ste . the aricaneople haveown t thr patiencg ldyb r so-calalbettors at you don knnhw to ive your s the rit way.y. we nee to arrang thingsoror you soyou can do tingsetetr thn yoyowould doyour. people tnknkt's thehother wa arou. theyouldherinst in thvsten o buof peopwashngt who ave aecooo fiin 'saaboar rri head t night lstgh r thisrthtrp w tates. zon t pa ono opop ahis a twman race tween trump and is marco rubio fininied? i't see w ee's ttingnggcti awhere a, ainwhat's h hrmg him? herubioo wonth elct
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wh ned? ngf eight. whaterhe realy)is the rcepti i that h we to washhon a tre i wit , qu elihmhm can ct reco m th ha beeb ov mthat. e is seens now t te candid e republin party and s donors havede ry j $115illili and je actuay secembe 2014 thathe s toin this pri no winning it. going to win it winning base voters. theyhavvmaleary want nothi of thir se. they're embabarass of teirr base. marco now is attached to tha estahmef. i don't s his future, not i i th particr cycle. >>ou vvnot dorsed a candidate, b you talk very favorablbout ted uz. iifact,hetrray youai clostst weoi coo rnald r rgan i our liim. ow i kw ronald agagg as l l as yodid d i i d cor m for egh yrs ass preedet.
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reag was menclusive than cruzismo abo trng to soften the edges tot mo ople inde th ttt. >> dthinkat . u in nals.s. i1saidh on t air theotherr dada senatoru'strategyis the rublicanshat didn't ve 2012 isise conventnal wdo ndy@dnau eyn't the inee n' co gh,or thee a relius compent. kowwhwh. a, set cruz tnks th hean get tho rs that- everybody else thmmway ey didn 2012, they can win in aslide. he's tail hisssageger a efion ica hit' limite ap i hehas theh al to ealal erybody. at de the otherigt that ou guys id i ion't mnnhis to insultingo anbody, i'm just teing you what i saw, he was in a different league on a dierena ery s sys w we need sa
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yove grru th othereruys are dg wt eyere doi.. e enad tooy, ye whated saa a s he's inrent league. he ands conservatat becahe is. and his a nice g, aikikble guy. he's not crazy he's notasty aheertatanly not a li. down the mile guyhat ybodyld trt. heha g glenty oftegrity ishaens po the taishmenendodon't lier itotump. e s o he e s.s. e ervati hees to tt rn o o o ople'`livesesnde n't e that.. ll's look dow th line ttlbi the aat tkmon strumum veme okredcoent firsof all, whato you tnk is e cnce oftt? and, cod, ifho to the coveii tr des vthe joty des1,7s moreelegas
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if the estant,as you t it, keephim fr getting the mination? >> well, y kp sharp e ouns this convention? stablishment thesesguyseverertheyarar tht repupulicparty, they run t.t. wawawa the r rles t he lele0 d d drmes eryttng at u asked me out. if tru doesot g 1,he de arepledd to h whethe want to te for him or notthe(first ba er that, it is wide open. thers also, least as of 2012 and i think it's subjeje to bebenged anytime want, ndate in orderbe coidered an opn conveio he have gotn ateast amajoityf delgas in ehttate hecaan that ru thnt. cethe eses heneverrey want.( there are meeti c u prior toothe onvention. sohe wlldoipreict, that if theanop tmp the prary procsshellakee an eort at onen
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>>t wou hpefat we tpss??>> if at hahaens, ers a wawat. you ha ua wllemplify t exactlw atasened t the repuican partydts base. >> hre the questii g ten, rush, from folks i run to. howdoes tory end? >> i t t end wi erying worin out. thinkit enth nee. i actallythink when we get down to this suuer this a cocoes togeherd t frprprssre andn nisn ca , in'lave mievert t t and we'lle susuort i tni wreoingtoe rwaus i iinkt e of allll o thislvebody is going to ultimately@ealize that if the demraparty at is the mostdestructive force in his counr t'nonef th ins d h btopd theyeyebeopped is econ ifhis countrs to @
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principles d thls majority associate. theencats havee st dhaha's bototomom li llalabutupupre serhepucan pay a t wins th naiohebe patyrthinklt of at is overbtown? >> i do buu look, i'm raly wrng but coulde. there mhd be athird pa i ju t tnk that the realization that hillary clinton, the mocratiiparty sed th greatesttthreato our future, childrenndchildren, o that, is t t ring erdy ecarty m foer recoutedd ahng whchay n bad thi ehnn and self , this is realal thisis n a ase. th is n ap cananu herage amec lieve makkpththork thinks tepuic pais actually orie ansts
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ndetsnd o o bie thstheyinhekucountry's i i.. sothe party wil not e healed any of @is. iihink cler wreil anhe corectnemy wll idified, pitic wllll be iififnd`d was l totheo defe whwhwher it is hey t tow up, emocrats, i men.n. >> rush,ank yo as for yr t algok with y i don'thinrr in tveud of ththnk hr m t to be hs. > p nex mitomonthe l in t reblilin py and s a ak odona trump.p.p plus, what do you inkofro y' speeee and tropect of a broker dnventi?
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efoewsund the #fs.s. ththe new w asses? they are. do i look k arter? yeah, a ttle. you're makakg money w, a y invnvting? we, i'veeen doing some r rea let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he cha i don't know.okayuh youet youesbaf notappy? (dad l lghwo you're la thq('s nothe way the wod works.
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aryou king enough qutititi outh w mag?wewe magt,at ceswab. > a look o wse bway at detroit,itete of rowowox wsmomoraraic wn hhilryinton andern sders ahead of michigas yimary welltk las epuban nominee, mitomney, launcheded brul aack on t year's front-runner, ld trtrp. he joins nowivefr s diego and, govvnor,elcome ba. >> thank chris. od tithyou. >> in therest ofal time, yoyo heardaugh dot to about. do youao > well, alwaysnjoy lien
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often a aee w wth him. sometis i disagreehim. i ink can all this@is verypoantelecon. wdan't wan teilry clinechereside ththates. inin grejori epnstam rs m acr t cry, don't want to see donald trump as president of t t d ststst either. hey're concerned they'see a recececeon d t tink thh are also conceed we'd s s a more ouswowlwl >> herere isheriticism t tat from so pele, andd i guee atould inclu ru ug about y y spspch. you cerererererve a aright, knw, the firndment q` t t t tice e onrump ayhhe'ad esit,eeeeay to spe`asa their wordscon ddessfsfi, e undemocratic inhs t tt, in ef, ue syiolksks reorortrumumonononon know whahey'redo o,o, hee undnd t t wlw ba fooltrump.fiome tote toeot hn thy go di't k
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money to jimmy cro hiry clion an harry reid o john erryry they hear donald tru he's sucuc e eraor success.s& eynoww truru iii a a atruu m m mgagas a a trtr vmin networ trrr eaks a trump taj mamama they y idn'teazezeze ofof eoeo hanred bdona t's ssto becomee ve whyaaccessul nclly,utut guyuyooh not t tn ani ucss the b,,&& the say wao@ m e a as@s@ lo@hhh ahe hur s i n thace. howabou@ agumen@andldl agaiaiai h hd t t fomrrh is ththtablm alrng maintai cotr a guy and push back auy they woun'be abl to control. >> ll,ou can't control cruz for r stance. no o has suged you could dodohat and marco rubio, everyone td stop rco rubir agains a republicanovernor in floridid heidny an. ligethe
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mepullg tr. t't itwoks ere a divili i thhe andhedonld said,d,look, se has to say something. i didn't talk to anysay i'i'g to do a ech. ssoething dion my owcaus ie ve depl about t nt loama. i' coner abbt amecand i bevev the heart andoulof conservatives a republicns regne t trinciples at dona trump is talki about have nhg toowith covasmnothing dwith ngmerica son >> do you seenynectio between your speech and the fact attmp,ho was xp to o n a a fstserday dedein twof th ed wwaa gh czstighttasou ow anthnkhat's ovwhelmg cause peoarakingg a closer look atatdoum hies they got sthe lastdebatat i think tedruz and marcoiorocuteheir ca fe
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awers. when they talk, r instan bout immonndeaeang the tapes from "the new york tim,","g talklkng about xixility a gratioio flexiilit oo t t tre clarly say inthat wht hsaid to "the newyo times very ferenhat e'ng he a anpepepe heth rea@deal. he e lk aboows not goininto ntroll bye moey interes.s.s" do pple uerstand thate' notivmoney h mpai, e loang itt beushexpects to get mone back? hehes ning on ruing a ner electnased on rises ey fhoseeryop e's not. ted@d@d cruz and marcho rub made thaha vy clclar and thth why u saw the ight t happed last night. >> while you took ddonald trump p hardhis week, you ae differt view of him four years ago whenhey ake a@lk. >>ere e e ngng just can'magie happeningn your lilie.
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being nasing agniicent hotel a hving h sement is a delight.t. dona trump has n ra extraoaraby to show an erding howow econy works, to ceatejo f t ameran peoeoe. >> governor, at chaed? >h, l l metell u, i i uye lt st th is a yase sucessuld e a af moey for hiself. buat the amtime take vry close look aoo howany small people c csh a tt way and how nfailurur hee d.d. andwewen talk abo the past atgrat lengt a lot of people whoenede i wouldn endorse f presiden. onamptoee of tewho dodid dootnt to se as esentf th u uedat th l l se erss. 6plioneople d forme. ii@don't think all 61 miii people gg to beredent of unined stas. >ut youre talkngt the bout his extraordinary ility to create jobs, his unrstag ofhe nomy. i meaf,s note everything that dald trump that you believe he did wrong happened
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a of ththse business f flures thatatat ta abouppened 2012 beforo2012 heeas makitheirther aument that esidt amaeededto bithertitiicate becausee wasn bornn ththunitit es. bybylegizg him ck tn@ we youarhe reeon he'swhere iw? >> let'salk aauthat hasn'n' happened or didn't happen ba thn andt happened durghisis campgn, calli george ush a ar, cying up to adimir ptin andaying 's a strrg l ldeapopola with his eoplpl eeqeqvocate@ingf on thehe kulx ktal abo all muslms a theyey oneonolithigroup. this s aaersono csred mexican immigranpits. and his policy pitio afteor, these are posio which are t tally apppppriate. he doesn't want balance the buetet he wts tyothe d& ooer ght addional thisis a whodo
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fufurefe ththepublican party. yoseee this wek, you suggddth h%h ohe thr candidates houl in efct, work togeerotryy to tru, v k kich inoh te fororubub inflora, baally a@a stop t tfl th d. iski that w w. kasich rejed it, ayou knkn, inhe ebate. we nohear cruis acvely campaiing agnst bio floida to t to --ven it means rwins, t#riveub t of trace. re the main a stake h, i thk ty rch run th campaan inhe ayaytheyey is moappte for and leads temto be ome i will t tetel them m w toun thee campaigns. on ohiarar likely to get b bhind john , pop g gernor the. if i re a re of ohio, t' who iould d te fr. in fda a lotf peopleok atruio areery impssed w h traccd, whwh hs de inhe ste. they'rerobably gog toet behind him.m.
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it's clos and in the f faldddalysis, i thi youll see one t t hree a rigig i i ioksks like e d cr whic emerg as theooest tender. that c chan. 'v'v seenlottof@furpsn thimpapgn.n. one of three i'moi endo before theonvention d'm sure hef'm gng ething in my powerer t t mamaure one of thoho three is r nomie. >> thisisome slatioi th when youcall a ccstededed conven that you e opingghe doo scenan whi the end up turnin to you here's how you awered that esti this week. re n n circumances n foeererethatwoululul ply happen. t t say some >> ianfofose n asable scerio i c c c inenen justtttthennn tt dodo.. ambiguouo, yoyoyolllllrun for presin >>im running foresident and i won'tun for prprsi oka is theheii ii - en@n@n@ goas you now is rters. u ouou wowo ror reren bututouououn'n'rule @
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o he bbortunity - > oh, go>> o o now. >>chris, thiis o ridiculous. i'm not ing here. u h p pplp@o $&likekees thomi ng tdors i'oi to campmpigitne e lsnnin fopresid i' ngrunn@r esid andn t wh i's abo u u@ foureopleuving f neistag onef thil ur mie. >> ands geral georg srman said if nomt i will not ru iflectedop i willnot serve? >> thatats absd -- ininy opini,,hat'snnsusu thin to o y. no republblbl shold tpat makak no senenenoror eee say i ithththere d afafafafaf theicountry ey'd say what can tell you is i'm t runni for president. gogogogogogogo g g g g go o o ppt of fouuuopopopopop ou e. ponghree of ririri n. anddme e pep as nizhat by z j td pese
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door to aft? >> you kn how ababrd a is? we r@ey r@oplpep hoare@ringhr e#idt. eywwb ureu. chris,the's 100%inty in my. inall desp y theyllllhoue wa unqled b, ee theststgersy samb th mi eyo m.y w. e,s ioay 'll spor him 's e, aatars he' the e? uluporhirt i inkthe w emembe bng of t mpai t aomttto he nee, t dn't imagine itigh b donaldrp perhaps andd@tooke like th erhhng hai gti oseor o tlee ey ma at vybenni. rmfy pld tici ppotingon t
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nasich ain. if theon bme t nominee, prolyin too ttith afi soelunning a eist teineofne i beeld co priden o unid i uld ro of. a w w i bi ireed inancinghe dget keepng icicafwi a strong miliryryd is n n sparagfelow amrins, cameicans,s an ort > rn,nu. anoror w toay. ysooalw)ou ththttou, s uext,e' bri i nd grop dsse owinepspt an wt g toy t pce c helguyo reme sgs overarinorie urciedppachtotoere.soreyo
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..o sehohc c helheostremegsowiteryoomns miennins. ennis, you veey like no other generation. u share ca passworor, ododanan. son ht a pair ntwith today's sday er eve f th saving we ywt todada ur lling foroa tt-mance after the eac won twotates last night. is tim now/f our sunday p. gege ll, lie pace,who rs the wheouse t cacaaigore aociadd press, mik duhme, whoas a to adviser tot goveeor ch chchie'sresiddtial
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"thwashgton post." jonch george, yo make of thiss eevellmenttmp's continowarararhe inatioromney seend is escalilkteubc par tea i i r inknke ss & peak trp,as it willlle kn. don't think mr. roey s unr a lus he was gng talk tru'ssuprters t susuoing him. knows axioyy ct t easoneople t of aositio th havnobeen reasoned intt but wset --is speechh setsesg pheneneno pmeno. h's the e wlle opposed the most recent republicc ee,o way romney c support him, wch of ficause t repulian n w llave sthst recentrerean esidentn shlde!e imch wes y a ene the chaos rts aree@ flimsysysysy tttt datc rty is theoldest
8:34 am
puicc have been frammg this debat in this countr160 ye whaathublican party nee to alowing ups to get a binachoice beteten mr. trump d someolse.. i te evevce that're approng that theeact ththed cruznouu late lastwee's going toten es fl s obably n n doingthat to wiflorida he's probaba doinat t ent maubio frominng hat ens,indeedyou've dayoyo cce you ve t bsthan o n setin th cwhere, w wat you hushu tmp orory ofe lahare delegatesut not a majoty, then hwoulul have a blow-out. >> mike, let me turn to you. we saw last bight's results, 4@ pionhat george said, trumpmpi two states, cruz wins wo states, kasichndoo win nothi trump calli obi
8:35 am
two-man race? >> thie've g toe a t.t. don't'tnknkll know fo re untiarch 15, gver asi and satorbioave eachut ariu on nni s he statat eyha watst om wite b twoers natorcr has ucs no nd ill he eiter gnorichor sennor b win ir tae 'llaveet lea three maring for lononiecein which theectlly is timatey justto strump m getng theajority of delat. >> whato you tink off crz's eyeidea oing intolorida?? ybe noto beab tin the atnea aat` take dow rubub sop t tatt beces uz a trtr > versmart e goal foranybod who wasn naldldrump durghihi mpan goin backsix, sev months t a po`int you can onen-one thk ted cruz vevey smart o th. his ifor-gaof c cas asopposeto 17t as in t . 's a st mtoet atatnonon bo was
8:36 am
d wanta r agast cz ca wwe @hasasac l v wgo penvia ifrnia ngo bat crurury. >> iinkhe's'st. i nknkhe w thatwell. i ke'sgotttt tthoit he fes he co up s well.l. yohave tohow atev of confncehat yore nn afra everyodyelse i soti for d hwill hve a vantntoveredcruzuznnome ofhosetenditthe h aigficaeleg adtagg ife d w floridand99 deegates tre heill contitie w wthe mgi tenrrs e fox reubcanebatehis ek. >> reathe, brath brth you can c rehe. noe it's hard. knonono's hard bu ju t---- >> wherdonnwitth gacacai anavquestio , bb ul, ith you'r cocoring t mpmpignnut y also talked tfolks the white hohoe and you talked to democrats, t, on the campaign trail. whatato they mama o tru? what do thkekef al ofthe theatricthat wre sing,
8:37 am
anddo they tnk at the repuicans ararjustanding ththhe prsidency, or dotheyeyey tual worryouhpal thththumppd abity b i notots? >> th you'' enen evolionn w w demoats trump. intitilly t waas was sa fto deat if t c cd t let umy in t t r andontio s s tt thali a ot of vot demts ne inenraraeconhi ulde augi d bacal give hay cliton en theprprencnc iftah've seen, houghom fom w wg eplilinsale trump and iseazaon that yan't't t st gve h a pathw and let m sefrectnd r n have gups arou hla clton and inidththhiary cltopapan aa preparing for a gegeral election tchchithi and taking it very serisly loking at his sissred, at things he's beeniabout women,bo nories, a 4ey ul ru anrecampnecee y jtdon' wld hap u kd of veo ke e ssstion hout
8:38 am
windodo and you have toook at e main apotenlly fferer way. uldltbay th@ a a rri e p pth la lose e t ar for a toh caai. wdo t t tmaf the fa whetherou l lhim rot this ge e ehusm gap wit rfcoco turno aubcarary afrr prim and not partirlstng turno i the mocr nst? >> abolutely is igoing t a turnout game ithe general elt no matterho e nomine of the pae, yo haveveournut your bae. and tru iin ability toenee pleget them shoupua thes. we l rylin rrher kaito hata p wan g outnd vote f you and so thy knott is s ulbe an sufo er. havingngososthe popor ini out of he last si ectiwnsthera aainste isisoretratiti ra witnat i vermuc o hehee. e'anacto >>thkkrumoul a touher andatatr
8:39 am
onnohe the iihengn but h fo them to tell who`wod d her.. >> uck i wnt go ck to ourururic qeti at the gigining of th pgm, is all th tlkboututhe reblca rtcaring it teaing itself apart? is thaoverown s partync par teitre wd ss irl opan t ways. the fst way isust prpects for tgenerallecton. ifou lo at theostcent gaga p numbrs,the st arigure imaru. nduungng all@l@l@ fofalccididandal thehe money at rcrara and marcioanthe o ef sn, te crand donalt, e rst rality goingntnt veer theeides,e ideogynd
8:40 am
party he ben scrambd by thisamaig f yo dowbalote licapay, i i yu' rug r iou're nningrnes, evenen ste isure,u noyeidib who's gointotobe e top of k a whatou'r'r-- whourpaner itt t top of @thicke is g g be. it's destabzed. iwoult saypl.. amatose h hpletdeabli the pay theyeyea doing retty g gd cts, re c cncee of tang t t predency. ww doet -- i knw u y y i sg uctue ahas s rissrmutations but how ea party srvive, he two lelei ndatat, tmpnd ruwho ying there e couptnth're going g change e in. >> urvives bplnnng
8:41 am
repuan senatoal cdidas, incuents and ther alannng t anelevith s tgion e mat hh h d >>oure relica atatatk adsagain l n is second,he rblican py lloeth the e biness s ing o ancsese thvenoar beclos truas losti ofofem. ss t questiois, is this a stile tatataver of@ reblican p and t recans ve think wheth they to go forward year aftere year v tnerable to is. >> all rht.t. pane weweave toake break here. when we co a n twist in the hlaryryinton-mail al. wtouiteanororer ion ,hat uld , tk e panel aout the f inestaton o clton' e-i?
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
twier oxewnda wy yuresn o we ha taenn t entir liticiststisment. te a sta @r@r stat >>idd oledg dat un i'reateful everyone e rnout t pppp u ut aaeyurn chga rnie sande aryry cltoacacng tlit rdict in tee races sturd ht,an picked up win in two caucstates. in kans he won w68 and nskait56 buonwo e uian primary with 71%. anth takes t ovall deat dele c t 12 cnto79 for sanders, 2,383 s nde t he motin. we'reback n with th an
8:46 am
dartmentranteimmunitto a flow w diaia a foro s s dept fer, forr lyclinton 2008taffer, w ss up clintn'svate e-mail ver. ere istruzz aboutth >> ln, in inoudeentn hary into hehe flipand goes to the feds, it ain't gd for fat y. i loveolitica discoue. k,ou aur legaly th nel. how g a deal s grant of crcralalmunityor th guy wh setp h h erver? what degree doetho nnclton lexre ere -crimal legalalposure? >>do agr wh ted crut i th in hiown colorful yhe summarized it prettyel t fbi e not w wr serio ink k ere
8:47 am
into strkipbryapagli to find ou he s. 's s e guwhhad s hand ine, lele se of e nd et era,et te. ll me th tre unn aealinstin, atoncern t s crimalctiity iffot illary herself b her whch would almst as bad r d s ifirms e tuatn that o al along.. she hahis cud ovr he ad. and it notbafiion be in as aresidei nominenen% >> sh keeps talkg out this is just a security review, it' ot a criminalveson don'eeimmunityo soe e imnal ocutiessthat att lea, t tha it going to ppen b it's ouer. >> that iscorr. hehehaha oce, en t fifton th. ,,mlf,adcril exsurrwhichealing it >>sk you forueis for the nelhis on facebookokom jfgoldein.
8:48 am
thesson decrinee wnnt i idid a frco truruef is obvus jng tha hehe ank t we e se autorsese scenario, she gets indicted, either befor afte a ninati? >erers a lot act talk abo that sceeri rit ow. you haveo remember the ite (o really cme dwnnn thedede of hilllinto they thie has handledhe uatioor th thkit miskekeor tove ivate r he. he prnt ot unititd st hasut aasaid ereott'soinnto cut in an invigion at will rove to o rinal. i thinhe bigger q qion for illa, sheas tten f pasheemoctipr ssueause be sannrs stood down. shi get frepn & elen. if you actllykt her swersh have evd or sev sn't'tav ananer
8:49 am
lkd ththhpolo bck times. i thishe w wbeunder a croscopen a wy she hasn't e the democratic pimimim.. >> b thest yur owlnd you'rere very good rererter,noan "b"b" out ere. nodo evennsuti well, at? >no ii inn heaan acvealkbouha >> mike, all right, let's tk abououwhat if the geral ti en u as tru versus clin crade b dl in the debte a he o lamayav her sut is proems. he hasis civilit over trump universrsnd he al po outatrump gve lot oltononn vch of a obl wld f trump? >>i ink if it t gto pbll evenen s a pro durhe geerer lecti. ll u issss t in somet will helplp d dna trumrunbacko the miid in the waynother repcan wouldt. peoplven't tlaed a aut t yet.
8:50 am
th publi ptyrimary on wiwin n n g neral. >>ntereststcbuse erer are mentsn ts ebebtethe rpublanane wheettbeadping l b b a gegegelecon rateg@y. hp sasa, the aboion aspe s aller th line,bu pla renoodoes a lot good things for womn. talks bouinfleble about immon aree interested inthat i have to think that you must ehatvoasasas haash g d d doooo towhe walk ba some ofhe pitionse's taki. tshws the coooence lel where heheisofof m rds tomination b--is sitions dininthe republin imary h been pin do that m ate so on right. hat's y hehe mre o acodrm tte deatic parrz tha ted cuz doe geoeoge, sho of thelegal
8:51 am
classififd inrmatio is thereythjngin practicacasens slernie sadersis nghss hilllly clofretethedemocraticmition?n? >> > d thinko b wht u is doininin he's runn a camign that's son eugh rpute its own us the e se f the cpaign is domitethis. 7llbr sheaise0illio and heid it with sm conutio. ananose and losd lnd le off tha. he h goi tontinue th in thisrrt@ed struge,e,if ititcane callel astr, 'reithe g g s h become ater@ cdate toughghpractice or we'r goioi to ut the more e ople s her tmore thy don't really like her. >> the or ,oror, sander i dng v v@ sle ww isiswi theee o@ th um cpaiai agst hililary becau's ng t me aboqqr. odi t t mesgebout trade.
8:52 am
althe tings th wept witit naananring the fir clntnt admiston, cltodministtis, exse e,e, the a a t tmes ump hasn hamering a a pi up intes likikhihihi ohio... >>elelef i it'p nst hilala, h willllllrun h le toscoopuphe disaffected sandersvotes. as tepcanin? >s. >> one popul` messagag o oheheoplousessee tha the game is gg thatt t i understand capitali and underanyyre a gtingng thth s of the icknd i cafixx it. >> a lssve' j jpiwayy head and not with being march oaprillororven t ention, let'so ahe the al mike, both clint and tru veryghunrab eiei wate are underer.. mor peop dislike t tm th li thm. will we be looking foard a totally negative cpapa
8:53 am
haa the or guy een mor th yes. tnwill see aaiy negaticampaign. ey will ha t tgiveeop,a reon tootot forthe they're bothso wellown d,d qui frank, s h negativesitssoing toe ry much, itnk, agative mpaigogog i n't thinkerp real y aund that. causus /thaeach cpan l t movov up their owow fforables. >> li >> i aea with when ou talk a a base tutuoutt elctctct ye talalg dire scen t twhe th ses are fighti where yave to rat andou hav have c cts oer pea i think ararclon is goingng toeedoo turnou ispa a vototr@s, ypeople. donald truilillooo he is ththnononee, tornouomehesaaected sanders ts. if cruruheominee, wi l tn t onrvativwhe who mae have stay he i pa lectns. thisll beh pti ulling t tibb >> thetpti-washiton ssagth has worked so well ring therimaryitll con ptyseamlely tohehe general. you saw pdede obaith ha type ofcces in 2008 with the sa messag went
8:54 am
orks well. >> aveess tan 30se left. talk bese obviously the counry is tuore toto le cor, m tititithattrmpmp chanan uld be th he'd'd totoet superrturnout from and espelly wite en. >> i think at gh h havav to do be with noriti thanow ats pro fhe reican party. >>i'utt say iniiunds like n nememr inch both manaes a tellilg ththr voters whato fearrromhe@ other de. man,, that i#i apiritid wawa totond t t discusson.upxtn isthe, d n yoexain why recommensynthetiov car? "super foo" tha a alalhi?'sreat sl, b is e right onr r?r?i!i!s reny br th thononyou ut year? if we consolidate suppers,s,what's'she sings there?
8:55 am
8:56 am
sure..ok.bubue aski enoououhow wealth isis? alth manat chlehwab. >> w w whe camaign ra naldtrump s sidd frounn stat. ththree rmaiing g cantesesev a fmerr pubcannominediad up e atck we gon e tail.l. >>8 i ie k p p ll fnd that hard beeve buiee,@ iamunuer >> yu en hisand? y're like th. w whatheyboutut w smalhanads >e waed to be doices a itsn workedecause he ne down ionalsn'the noee in all likelioooo ar ece ne president ofof the uned stat.
8:57 am
wilher" me. die w wnt us tbe a ountnthere wewe anr ag thiign is ut is sang, yu know what we can create the nataton we wa to become. >> if epublicansne donald t a nomine,t ospects a a sndnd ro fut are@ gly dimished. aiisabanan it wasn embaasento evrydy cluding the repub party. >> m mkeke h@uhe presidenof e unitestates of amica. >> believ me, knono >> tsss gam >>owhh'sappith the economy. yo dt ow. hnswer t t teconomy quest >> you hav't epl ininou lifeenepesoso >releaeaeaththtae. > you're e. p e me i'v' anwer,te gianwer. lastgovno stanng. here our o , a 'r the ltle eng that c
8:58 am
is inotresnt mariqilks, ievee. >fou don't wa ald to be our minee then isk you, come oius. angerernr fear is not lan. it a eling. yyan usemotiou takaconbu btself ot #lrobls. >> n't pics great? nek ththstak get een gr. nexteek w wh publicn primaries are winra al rogram ure te e oec rortor.m.m.m ststrna towowow oioiwiththcric eses cdidate hilliry anan rnie san it'sccnt firsteararae onox newsin twtw yes.
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ve grteeknd we'll see yoyos sun p marty stouffe l specif amalseeet ich ee uely adapter rviv thnen damag mayaye hoofededclawed,adadd,ebbed, fufuedathered. andheyform a v


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