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tv   FOX21 News 10PM  FOX  March 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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3we areorking on thesep stories right w fofo 10. 3 hik last "oma"payton manning says good-e.toto gaga he ves... he rules on n nt.. wigun heul on gun contl. will not ease up..thiss veral bis. .. ithe hou+ 3 focuon one tat te... doing touch.. n have a negative impact onr heal..x21 wst 10 p-m startsow 3 3 3 "when look back on mnfl care, i'll know thout doubthat i gave everhing i d top my talaway wi a win. therrether plays that wermore talented buthereas non who could out-epare me. and because oft, i have no - grets.
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peyton manning..aking it fial..anunci his retirement... t hq chokp.. summinup his 18 ar lon reer..broncos team pnt joe lis calls it "hioric dafor the denvroncos and the nation fooall leue." at newcoerence tay... tu40hi moh, sd e timias simpight to call aento his careermaleaves a e nfl's altime lding pa ainningest arti quarterback, ty one in hiortoin ser bow withnchises.he came to nver on march 20th2012, for the chance to wianother title in the twight his career and g-m johelway d the ueprts. 3 "tre not a guy in the nfl th c wk awaynd say have de erythi...that can possly be done at the quarrback posi in the nfand no o ee can say that... d peytanning c sathat." thatusing his wit to break
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the nfl e t.. interceptions as rookie.. ying "evy ye i pulfor a roie teak that recd. heaid littleroth e mighhaveroken it had started al16 gam his rookie year. 3 ile itgh tsehim go many fa s treally weresurprised decided toiron top.. 3 fo1's ma egeland spo wieval oth this afteoon.d join ne..macy.. nythe pele we spoke peyton's talent ed the brons t backn to.bu wheallmahem ue nsas hernali a attitu od off the d. 3 e joyed everminute of itweeally d. h wonderful. we'reo proud. he's wondeul person, a great man and a te membe that's what's important. he dsesn't worry abt hielf or re anything else. he there to win balme 3 thesfansay nt se will bdifferent with ing on theldbut they pe hll hang around ib taka different
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futu. er way, ay they'lneveforg wha manng dir the cos and oustate.reing ve in thesroo. macy egeld fox2news 3 ear ieand littleooler a syo our south looks to blan wh ouds. cooler numbers tomorro.. ting ohe dayvercast skeis by theide home... numbs thepper 4 and 50sthe chill doesn't last all week. ll let you now wh warmer templook to return
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3 o bo areecovering. afbeing sevel abus.. now a 21 year d puloan.. isacing some serious charges.. cused of d this wey ar oacob sandovf pueblo.'s bee itting the kidnce seember as aavoro th kids lashe twinent two da athis hoe with before being
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followowg thr grandmotr ced something wawronth onewin.d took tm the wherthinries were dieredd thtwin was own to denve..ring thpolicenvestition.. the inju tthe nd twin were ed... followed right awawawi ng theflowver we...during pic qutioning of sdoval...he idheids mogaveim 40's of malt liquor e he s baby h pr shoul't hbeen ri for t kids because he s king.sanl s hiorof domesc olence seemr. he was acd of hing and kki t twi mo.. ppening at t state capitol. a puican-led attempt to expand gunigd coro has failed.. fa..a democrled hoe panel listened tteimon from survivo of gun violence and acvists.bere they rejeed 3f the fi bills. rejectedills..lowi ncead rry dgs publ schooounds... a pef round gazi limit.d bill tallow
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to cry ccealed handguns withoupermitstill the table.a bi removing all perms r lecarry.. and expanding protections against prosn.. en a busisswnerr oyee es ddly foe ainsan truder. 3 tonight two brotrs a he safe...sleeping in their after beingissing for raurs. hos.the boys.. 11 year old macguire a 17-yearld mahew adler-gergel went missing after off-roading in colorado springs sunday.poli say thr jeep was found near forest service road 315... just half a mile of mt. rmanoad. the boys were found d ha mile fr ere... nr the be creek drai area. the boys suffering oninor cuts uises. 3 we nownow thnamethe twmen killed.. i iplane crh near pmer lakethey are 77 year oln murray. anear oljeff kap e crh happedt dnesda. it went down j a huyas om a also started a fire whi burned less tn a quteofn n acn-t-b is iling toure out
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bi- 3 raans ararset... for er fst lady.. ncy reag. an.a privatfunel. lle he friy the ronaldpresidenal librarin simll, california.afterwards she will be laid to rnext to her husbd.. lateresi ronaldn.wedny and ursday..he will e in ree enhas orred l fls atederal buildings d mita institutio ty hf- stf unl the bu.the rmerir lady died sunday at 3 a new find 14-thousand feet below the @rface... surface...a new spec.. eight ard t-op cknamed cial miaiastorfi where thisature was fod.. 3 it was a woday.. but llt tway morr?je thehe weather nter ae havenswecoming up... 3(judgege " "atunt damas do y award the ntiff, erin n drew 55 llion." millioter teary testimony..n detions.. to r a imous veict.
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3 ght now..north korea's aderer kim jong un....ssg ing.abt thongog litaryxercises beten the u-s d south koa.roh official news-ader-- rtkorea's reme says... it willaunch a, "preemptand offense clear stke" in rpons e drills.defense ofal telng cnn.. ags cly-monitong the situatand analysts sa.. nth kor is re lily tlach a nvtional or cyr tack th aem aucle 3 vice president joe bidenen. 0 holding ing ba... issuing a annew reat agait isisodx'ri n s more from the vp mileast tour. biden says: "we're ming it for them to manr. we a cutng off tir line, their oil es d their finances."vice president e biden the united arab emiratesony... usesis fst sp on a middlet tour to threaten isaythe u-s d it alli will strothterror group...ich bideferr& as "daesh" a name
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fiffsivebidesays: "we haveo sqeze ththheart of esh inra thananontinutoum theipo ie gion anthe re of thwod.nd that's what d dng wh our coalititpartners, rig daesh fighghrs and aderhaer tn ever." bispoke at a key u-a-e basese.a!in launchntor u. c ctiti oratietis iv syria and irbs : "a.d i w wt to partiy cogne e e y ininchhe u u hasas epped upupnd expandedeei roleleth cpan." biden says: "you capture themages at p pvi us ththhe teige vice ident't's s m thehon says alion n ayrses have d isis weansnsns dot n nr falluj... helplp liisis opns theaea tl is sise in e cityf hill isis trk bomo exoded@d suny at u secit
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anixtyndou anavher ninety f.on mda .morthan fifty died ashes betwty forces andsis militants in tunisi- near the libyan rder.n tag)this amid crsing concernof a growg mberf isis milis in libyaat the white house, rich ed fox ne 3n . fox spts poer erin anews..jury awarng h5 min dollars.. inawsuitver a seetly record nudeideo post onle. online.the jury oseven wome and fiveen foundoth the marriott in nashville ..and miaml barrett guiltydrews ys00inaused her r trtrs lin. h to changed many of hetravel habiattorneys for the owner and former opetor of the maiot.. ardisaointed with t outme aelieve rrt, sd be sely blamfor th2008ideo.. 3 we are disappointed with the sult. we are goingo lo at the ocome, at the pro, , what occurr%duri therial wiwi respe tany issues th exist makaka deci at atoint in time
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clie whether theill be an appeal. appeal.drews had ororinally ededor 7 7millios. 3 ghcleaup i i rw in calilirnrn foowing avavavavs.. this weekend.ththrain floodg some mememe car.. and iggering rkslis.rere thanan0 ininin of ra fallin.. idrdrght-stricken partof calalnia.a.ile it was much need... it's o o muor therea. ame mew w 3 feet w 3 water 3 it looksike we'll have rain our future.but nothin like thajeff.. what's tap for us.
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s...loju a littlcooler nightfor morroweeks of n rly reouou pk up thethki oe renantfromhis th connu tswirut
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u...thhe back ofuds wel li bde tuesday afteoo at some igororodumbe upper 40s with a f 50suple of0s managto make ei acrossherkanririr
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notice thedown dsn last too lg... i ahow e numbero up... ghpartlo nestinin0 15 mph..tay....t sunny.0 peen o hothe ten. 45o 53noast nd10 t.ue c ce ce ofaieruntiht..he rty ter midnht. near 30. nor wds up to ph..wedsd..tly y 1rct t chanan o in sho s se ten. ghs t. uth 0 mpsday nit.rtlo l ar nth wdsarou 1 mpy ug iday..ig 57o 65lowse s. riy ght ro monday.pcl. lows
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chk outh..p unr thsetake l. ctus 3 ieisveit w a diear wa e re ckf s his .an l s e ne r each ar- rara thathe pical wsws it's aob yy soe m lkinabcoon.. ee's sde cruction week
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ng sh.ale carrn a a cwo..whjugg soanthgs at once can do rerearood.
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riw..on abo 1 ofom the trtry.whe nr r ntinto grow iustr seei aalta.
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making g pusho increase dsie worcight n, the' a hanulf won wh won the d -s-stherarnyer dertmes withhe@ l utilcr ficis .. jedo bem tinetion it nugglgnemai et 3 3 "theoo my othe optiononfor many oe high sc colle gat anno tracve neceseso in a t uties crlike ws ecic owar." wa" als aernave foe not o ge and pport a 3 3 in tonig h hh alert mu alitttt s ny ous doinsegs toch b y.. resech t sif lifo s.. thicf f multking ss out.nd a at mu eaeatile dacte
10:23 pm is to taskskt a ti.. saying goooo. . w bteee. on theamat ac. has s`is jemaano a
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idouever rit daid, thyo whenou tew &rdsca f u'isisver fawardrdadd wa eints theso canhau modrin, d l scountou ewdsarhege
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anstinur with mor w mor3 time n f t rocky mo hler spts repo one e t geses..lili quiodo\ peon mni i-i fof bqb ldrerd papapa... vprd lss r plof cpinbuthstrit n colorado. ile the fafawi miss nnnn..annini wilsssheans. lkfollh
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ga, rwss recag h d,ckto sf tsllelf busmiss that nd e withom brady, ceing th 5he tema i froso my t plg rontf mamas, iss plg ro angrfansboth mendd i' even misthiotss mainirinwith aot g g r ror... bu alare t.e ded seaso an e s sheflfloo cordor ice coe e ilday. veryr llor okrtbabr at record.d. aw lu, ttheheafafmanng, cane. . . ileli i hd haveron it if huld ha start all 16eses one team me th had to fly back to wiess manning' remeas viller. mill she woun't have missfor ....
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's had hugimct on mymy nd just t t t t or the t me and he eth orza, t oachcs ays engu okanordn ereyad onh pe 3 wier pqu to wsh mdo tv psonality o o rigig lw... stl ahea.. a red warning... w
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