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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 25, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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who is only been a trooper for four years. according to police mccann was hit twice, but managed to strike the suspect. a stolen handgun was recovered at the scene, both the trooper and the suspect were taken to kent general hospital. hicks was pronounced dead shortly before 9:00 a.m. the trooper was transferred to christiana hospital by state police helicopter. >> he is alert, conscious, and oriented, and again, he is doing really well. again, our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family at this time. >> reporter: police say mccann is listed in serious but stable condition, and per policy he will be placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. we are live at christiana hospital, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well in, weather, a steamy, stormy night we are tracking thunderstorms ahead, meteorologist kathy orr is live on the sky deck now with the look at where those storms are, right now, kathy? >> the the humidity is
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amazing, chris. i was out here just a few minutes ago when we have a bit of the sun shower, just with that brief bit of moisture, it is five times more humid right now. so, the the humidity helping to fuel these showers, thunderstorms and downpours. take a look at storm scan three because we have a line of showers and storms moving through central pennsylvania, associated with a cold front but ahead of that with those southeasterly wind, some showers and storms bubbling upright along the i-95 corridor through parts of the northeast pennsylvania, now montgomery, and bucks county, you can see some of these storms and downpours, they are moving towards the north east at 15 miles an hour. at that speed they will be in trenton at 5:08. hamilton at 5:16. the west windsor at 5:42. planes boro new jersey at 5:50. once again heavy rain falling right now, with some lightening, right now in, northampton, warminster, even lower southampton but if you
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have a ballgame around 7:00 or 7:30, no issues. this should be out of the immediate area now coming up here's what we can expect for the rest have the evening. we have scattered showers and thunderstorms, about a half inch of rain potential for localized flooding and occasional lightening so if you hear that thunder bring everyone inside, clear the field, and wait until these storms pass. coming up we will time the storms and let you know, when the sun returns and air feels dryer. we will send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. >> with storms in the forecast this week, stay up to date on the forecast with the brand new cbs philly weather app. it ace railable on the app store and it will soon be available for android. we have all of the down load details on cbs authorities are investigating stabbing of the man and woman in olney. that woman stabbed 15 times. both of them are in critical condition this happened in the 5900 block of north fourth
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street, as "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao tells us, police say their investigation is made tougher by hording and a garden hose. >> reporter: stabbed 15 times from head to toe at their home on north fourth street in will olney a 71 year-old woman is left fighting for her life. fifty-four year-old roommate is in extremely critical condition too, stabbed at least twice. >> i'm hoping and praying that they will be, you know, and they could recognize who did it. >> reporter: philadelphia police are trying to sort out what happened here early this morning but that is proving difficult, from the top floor to the basement, inside and out, this place is pack. authorities calling the homeowners horders. >> this is one of the worst horder houses i have seen where you have to walk through little trails in order to traverse the mess and the debris. >> reporter: making it tough, to say the double stabbing was a result of the home invasion or domestic incident to make matters worse investigators say an 18 year-old neighbor sprayed one of the victims at the scene with the garden
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hose. >> one of the neighbors started hosing the blood down. >> reporter: that mother says her son ran across the street after hearing the screams. >> she cleaned blood off. >> reporter: police are questioning the teen as a witness at this point. meanwhile many neighbors say the 71 year-old victim had trouble here in the past. >> she has had mental problems and as the the years went by they got worse. >> p spca on the scene as well after police say 20 cats were found inside. >> some upper respiratory infections and flees and things like that. >> reporter: now p spca is conduct it own investigation in the living conditions here and it is also trying to figure out how many cats lived inside when they arrived on the scene, many were roaming the streets, they are treating those as strays. reporting from olney, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are searching for a suspect attack a woman as she went inside of her apartment back on sunday, june 15th, the
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suspect followed that woman into the entrance of her apartment building on roosevelt boulevard in oxford circle. he grabbed her, threatened to steel her jewelry and then forced her to call a friend to bring him money. the suspect then force that had woman into her own car, they drove around, and before the friend arrived and gave the suspect cash, that person, then took off, in the the victim's car. well, the -- illegal immigrant charged with raping a woman in rittenhouse square is facing deportation. milton mateo garcia ace accused of attack the 26 year-old victim near 19th and spruce early saturday morning. immigration agents and philadelphia police, previously removed the honduras citizen from the united states in june 2013. and immigration office has lodged a retain's begins garcia and this will allow agents to assume custody of garcia and deport him if ever released from jail. philadelphia police arrest jeffery chandler in connection with the shooting and robbery
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at two gun ranges in the city. his female accomplice surrendered right after those robberies which took place two weeks ago. police say 29 stole nine guns from two men outside delaware valley sports club and one of the men was critically injured when he was shot in the leg. chandler and his accomplice face convicted murder and other charges. two camden police officers are injured during an overnight house fire that broke out just after 11:00 o'clock on the 600 block of cain avenue. fire fighters did quickly get that fire under control, and those who were injured suffered smoke inhalation, there was another person in the house who was also hurt, and the cause of the fire is under investigation. the first half of 300 u.s. military and special operations forces are now in iraq to help government troops in the battle against sunni extremist. cbs news correspondental fans owe van marsh has the story. >> reporter: new government video shows iraqi troops on the offensive begins militants as advisors arrived in baghdad
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to coordinate the fight. >> these teams will assess cohesiveness and readiness of the iraqi security forces. >> reporter: iraqi troops say they have taken control of the largest oil refinery but sunny insurgents launched another attach on one of the biggest air bases. sunni extremist are vowing to topple iraq's shiite led government instead of the regional islamic state. washington wants iraq's prime minister to share power with political rivals before the sunni insurgency escalates in civil war. >> nori al-maliki says he will start forming a new government within a week. he is calling for unity but isn't promising more power to opponents. 120 miles north of baghdad, shiite volunteers are preparing to fight approaching sunni militants. this man says, we are fighting for our honor, for our country and for our religion. alfonso van marsh for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". the speaker of the the house john boehner is filing a law you suit against president obama complaining the president is misusing executive orders, to sidestep congress on issues like immigration and health care. >> the the the cons dogs makes it clear that the president's job is to faithful execute the office, and in my view, the president has not faithfully executed the laws. >> that lawsuit could test the constitutional checks and balances between the legislative and the executive branches. still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 thousands of people including many homeless are getting a free gourmet meal today and $300 cash. hoist behind the generous offering and why is he doing it? that story coming up. also how clean is your favorite spot on the jersey shore. well, a new you report has just been released, we are live with this years superstar beaches. and on line shopping is more popular then ever but not everyone knows there is a way to get money back when you
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shop, three on your side's jim donovan takes a look at cash back web sites when we come back.
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once upon a time newspapers were the the best place to find coupons and discounts, but now that on line shopping is more popular, then ever, there is a new twist. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan tells bus web sites that pay you to shop. >> jesse does all of her on line shopping, through ebates, one of the several web sites that pays customers to spend
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money. e offers cash back on purchases at 1700 on line retailers. when guests click on the link it redirects her to that store's web site, store pays ebates a fee for bringing them the business and ebates gives destiny a cut. >> the the other day i purchased something with apple and i got 87 cents back but it is 87 cents. every little penny counts. >> reporter: she said over three years she has saved nearly $800. many other cash back web sites work in a similar way including... >> i have seen new won launch all the time. >> reporter: on line shopping expert michelle matter says that these sites are good for frequent shoppers but you have to do research to make sure you are getting the best deal. >> what are the percentages you get back, how many stores do they have, and you kind of want to do due diligence were you start using a site. >> reporter: ebates users get a payment once every three months. she says money she gets will pay for a family vacation. ebates says it has paid over 250 million-dollar in cash to
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its members, even offers new customer gift cards as an incentive to sign up. i have posted links on cbs or follow me as always on facebook and twitter. >> do you like this? >> reporter: you you are shopping anyway. >> spend money to get something. >> some people get airline points, and another way to maximize all that stuff. >> nice. >> ready to go. >> thanks, jim. good evening, everyone, the weather could make things tricky, today so lets see how we are doing. traveling on 309 around welsh road in montgomery county it is slippery out there. but we're not seeing too much volume but definitely just take it easy. take a look at the skew you kill expressway, westbound 76 we are seeing high volume towards western suburbs but it doesn't end there. if you are traveling westbound on the schuylkill even as you make your way approaching vine street expressway we are also seeing a hold up around 676, 17 is your average on. ninety-five, you will find that southbound volume from
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academy down towards the vine and then again approaching the area of the stadium. even the walt whitman bridge maybe folks heading down the shore early mid week to get over their hump day. nine is your average on 476 and take a look at traffic we have traveling around that mid in county toll place, eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike is jammed between willow grove or valley forge and willow grove. also traveling in new jersey, 42 southbound right around 295 we have an accident here it is compromising a lane and in turn backing up the walt whitman bridge. be mindful of that as it will effect 956789 roosevelt boulevard southbound atwood ward street we have an accident, this accident is in the outer lanes so that will hold you back so your best eye tea here toys stay toward inner lanes as maneuver through north east philadelphia, and watch out for 25 minute delays in philadelphia international airport because of the weather, chris and jessica. >> vittoria, thank you. still ahead how george clooney is preparing for his upcoming italian wednesday,.
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>> speaking of italy, it is one of of the more dramatic moments when lewis suarez of uruguay bit an italian player. we will have more and charges plus the reaction. also some sad news from the reality tv world, survivor cast off is killed, in a train accident, the insider's kevin frazier will have a details when "eyewitness news"
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difference. >> tough going out there. >> yeah. >> i suggested up due or a pony tail today. >> that would be nice. >> thinks the best way to go, chris may, i think that is the best way today good so humid, it is, it is really humidity. right after it rains it gets much more humid. you can feel the difference this afternoon. we are looking at heat and humidity right through tonight with scattered showers, in store. lets go down the shore where some folks are trying to beat the heat and the humidity. you can see, little bit sunnier down the shore this afternoon looking live at ocean city, cape may county, looking good this afternoon. it is a bit of the different story, we are seeing a line of showers, thunderstorms, moving their way towards the north east, it has been slow but it is going to start to really move fast during the evening period. you can see a few random scattered showers and thunderstorms ahead of the main line over through central pennsylvania, and it is moving north east at 15 miles an hour. right now, centered over lower
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bucks county, and moving their way towards mercer county but you can see heavier rain through 202, near southampton, also northampton, through ivy land and richboro and at this current speed they will be in ewing by 5:24. trenton by 5:00 356789 lawrence township at 5:55. west windsor at 6:09. heavy rain associated with these. i have not seen any lightening but very heavy downpours, northampton, also moving your way towards newtown, it is going to be a logo on these area roads especially heading over towards i-95 north in the trenton area. all this is definitely moving your way. right now you can see hot temperatures. philadelphia 82. trenton 82. wilmington 28. even down toward the shore temperatures quite warm, atlantic city reporting in at 82 degrees at the airport 9 miles inland, down the shore, cooler with temperatures mainly in the 70's, the ocean water temperature is cooling to
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71 degrees. dew point is a true amount of moisture in the atmosphere. not relative to the temperature, like the relative humidity. so when you see dew points in the 70's that is oppressive. look at it, 75. that is annex stream dew point thaw you really see during those dog days of summer. same in dover. impressive dew point of 76. air is very thick making it very difficult to breathe, for some, and that is going to change once the the front moves through. this is scenario for this evening, scattered showers and then later tonight a line coming through i-95 corridor between 9:00 and 10:00. that sweeps eastward and look at what happens drying it out during morning, diffuse spotty morning showers on thursday and then sun returns with the much dryer air mass, so in the wake of the front high pressure takes control, northwesterly flow that blue skies returns thursday afternoon and sticks around for friday and enduring the day on saturday. so the humidity will be shut off as we head towards weekend. during the the &vernight we
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will be seeing drying conditions, temperatures will be in the 70's so still on the sticky side. thursday morning shower or two, partly sunny during the afternoon. we will go in the right direction but still quite warm high of 88. first pitch tonight, looking at the a temperature of 81 degrees with humidity, chance of the thunderstorm as the phillies take on the marlins and on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast friday 86. saturday 84 with a mix of sun and clouds each day looking much better, that is a look at you're witness weather forecast, we will be ba
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welshes hundreds of homeless new yorkers had quite the lunch today thanks to a chinese tie tune. >> the attention loving philanthropist, treated them
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to a gourmet meal to publish size the the polite of the homeless and perhaps make a splash for himself as well. cbs news correspondent alexis christopherus was there. >> reporter: hundreds of homeless packed central park's boat house restaurant to dine on sesame trusted tuna and fill he will mignon. >> excellent, first time i'm having fresh tuna like this. >> he is making homeless people feel bet ber themselves. >> reporter: gourmet meal with three hundred dollars in cash, per person is a gift from chinese recycling magnate chen biou. >> i hope you will use this money for seed money for whatever job training or job education. >> reporter: they also performed magic tricks during sometimes bizzarre event. it is latest, outrageous stunt for a man who goes all out to publish size his good deeds, including, selling canned air to highlight china's air pollution. whether mr. chen is promoting
5:25 pm
for himself is debatable, thinks a person whose ego is so big, his about business card read most influential person in china and most charismatic philanthropist. the head of the new york city rescue mission says the mogul's motive are in the right place. >> he grand stands. media wouldn't be here if he wasn't doing this but once he had a platform it is an opportunity to highlight the needs of the poor. >> reporter: the tycoon ended with his signature version of the we are the world, for the crowd. alexis christopherus, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". welshing not have one was happy with the event, more than 100 homeless people, booed him when he could not get in the restaurant but he is also making a $90,000 co nation to the mission. >> i'm sure those who ate were very happy to day. still to come a chose call with mother nature for a man at yellow stone national park, see the terrifying moment, lightening struck just feet from where he was standing.
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plus, ocean is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day, i'm justin drabick a new water quality report is out naming this beach as one of the most safe for swimming, i'll have this years superstar beaches coming up. obesity is a worldwide problem and children are not immune. that is why lawmakers conduct a year long investigation in childhood obesity what they found and how they want to reverse the troubling trends, at 6:0
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i'm chris may, here are the day's top stories, delaware state trooper is recovering now, he was shot twice, during a shoot-out with the suspect in magnolia today. corporal lloyd mccann was able to return fire, he killed the suspect, dennis hicks. also an investigation is underway in the stabbing of the man and woman on north fourth street in olney, both are in critical condition tonight. police say that the victims are horders and that debris from their home is hampering the investigation. philadelphia police are searching for suspect who attacked a woman as she returned to her apartment. this happened june 15th in oxford circle. suspect, took off with the victim's car, and cash. kathy? we have a line of showers
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and thunderstorms that will be moving through the region later this evening. you can see them to the east of williamsport charging towards the east, and a few scattered showers and storms right now moving out of bucks county and northern parts of the mercer county and very heavy rain, and also a few lightening flashes as well. so please be aware of this as it moves from newtown and continues through lower makefield towards the trenton area. we are talking about an evening that is warm and humid and a little stormy. between now and 10:00 p.m. spotty downpours and humidity 10:67:89 and midnight scattered storms moving through even philadelphia after midnight some lingering showers. the humidity will return. we will look at when the sun comes back coming up with that seven day forecast, jessica. >> kathy, thanks. new 59:30 protesters confront governor chris christie at his latest town hall meeting in camden county. governor is macing criticism over his plan to cut planned pension payments in the budget. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter chief brian is live in haddon heights with the
5:31 pm
details, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, governor christie walking in the lion's den today in democratic heavy camden county at a school where we know that christie doesn't always have the best relationship with teachers, he wasn't necessarily bee raided but met with a lot of people concerned about his ideas about the pension system. holding signs several local teachers stood outside the the atlantic avenue school in haddon heights protesting two and a half million-dollar in payment cuts to the state pension fun. >> we are here to let the governor know we are united against his changes in the pension funding plan. >> he is doing damage to state employees across the board not just teachers but fire fighters, and police officers as well. >> reporter: pension fund cut, christie's insistence that state employees and hirees retain further deductions, was deeply concerning. >> i wanted to know what his pension reforms how they would affect people who already are collecting their pension. >> reporter: in answering the question, governor says it is his intention to require
5:32 pm
retiree toss pay more for their health benefits or take reductions in how much their plan covered. >> people were promised free medical care for life. how is that even possible? >> reporter: christie was only interrupted once wednesday as loud applause after, how he will respond to billion dollars of new tax that he is lawmakers are planning to add to the budget due next week. >> let me guarantee what you will happen, the same thing that has happened every time, they have sent meehan income tack increase in the nearly five years i have been governor now. i will veto it. i will veto it. >> reporter: today in trenton the unions that have been suing governor christie to try to get him to make the full pension payments were disappointed when judge ruled that he does not have to make about 900 million-dollar in contributions this year to the pension fun, but she didn't rule about next year. we are live in haddon heights, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you. busy day at supreme court as justices wind down their
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term. today high court ruled against air ohio a start up internet company that reports broadcast shows for free and allows customers to access those shows for a free. >> cbs news correspondent craig bosswell is at the court now with more on the ruling and possible impact. >> reporter: supreme court decided with four major broadcasters including cbs in a ruling against the on line tv service, air ohio, under copy right law cable and satellite companies pay television networks billion of dollars a year to bring their subscribers programs like the big bang theory and late show with david letterman. they delivered that same programming, without paying the networks. it received off the air network signals on dime sized antenna, one for each subscribe shore watched shows over the internet. >> broadcasters are arguing that arrow is just like cable so it should to have pay just like cable does. >> reporter: in a six-three ruling the court agreed saying arrow is retransmitting copy righted content and in violation of the federal copy
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right law. writing math report opinion justin steven briar says that the behind the scenes tech lodge differences does not distinguish their system from cable systems. there are concerns that the ruling could impact other services such as drop box that rely on cloud based servicer but the justices went out of their way to calm those fears. justice briar wrote given limited nature of this holding court does not believe its decision will discourage emergens or use of different kind of technology. at the supreme court craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cbs released this statement the on the ruling. it read we are pleased with today's decision which is great news for content creators and their audiences. well, u.s. home land security secretary, jay johnson, makes his first visit to the arizona facility that deals with the ongoing crush of immigrant children and their families from central america. johnson tour that had facility with the arizona governor jane brewer. now the board patrol began sending the children to arizona from texas, last
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month. johnson says that the kids have adequate care, and that there is quote no free pass to stay in the country. children in chester county get a chance to see what it is like to protect and serve at tredyffrin township police summer camp. all week long emergency personnel will perform drills to show young campers how it is done. children will get to see police officers, fire fighters, paramedics and bomb sniffing dogs at work. >> we had a parent dropping off her son, in his first year and then he said because of some of his contact, he wants to be a police officer. >> in addition to learning howie mergecy personnel operate they will enjoy activities such as talent shows and relay games. good evening, everyone. now kathy was talking about some of those storms moving along the i-95 corridor, well, take a look at this in bucks county, the rain is coming down on i-95 not too far from the skudder falls bridge. definitely take it easy around
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that way. also take a look at roosevelt boulevard it looks sunny in this shot here but if you are traveling in the northbound direction, we have gotten word of a disabled vehicle northbound on the boulevard approaching broad street, so, on top of the already rush hour traffic that we have, we have some of that residual delay and this will definite lay affect the schuylkill expressway and it doesn't matter if you are coming east or westbound you'll find delays approaching the area of the roosevelt boulevard. so keep that in mind. twenty-four is your average on the schuylkill, high volume westbound and any approaching 476, major volume on the blue route as well around mid county toll plaza and eastbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike. thirty-six on i-95. watch out for delays on the the walt whitman bridge as well, eastbound we have word of a disable vehicle but keep this in mine this just into wilmington newark line suspended due to police activity at sharon hill and we have about 25 minutes, delay at philadelphia international, chris and jessica. >> all right, vittoria, thank you very much. we have more on breaking news now, vittoria was just talking about of a person who
5:37 pm
was reportedly walking on train tracks has been hit and killed by an amtrak acela express train. the scene is sharon hill delaware county, right at the septa station there chopper three is live over the scene right now. we're told this train was on its way from boston to washington, we will keep you posted, on developments there. still to come on "eyewitness news" amazing video at yellow stone national park. we will show you close call with mother nature that is all caught on camera, kathy. we have a few storms moving our way with some heavy downpours we will take i look at that and show you when sun will be making a come back coming up, hi beasley. eagles training camp schedule is out and i have the dates and locations for open practices. the phillies are at it again at citizens bank park tonight. i'll show you hottest bat on the ballclub coming up, in sports.
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phillies host marlins in game three of series tonight at the bank. aj burnett takes the ball after being shut out for tenth time in game one of the series. phillies got on the board quickly last night, scoring three runs in the first, two of them on marilyn byrd's 13th home run of the season. codey ash hit a two run double in the sixth and he is hitting
5:41 pm
.368 with three doubles and five rbi in five games, since returning the from the month layoff with a hamstring injury. the phillies won seven-four. check this out. >> tony gwynn, junior, number 19. >> tony gwynn junior got a standing ovation when he came to bat in the eighth inning. that was his first game back since the death of his father, hall of famer tony gwynn last week. once again philadelphia sports fans showing national media that old image of the philadelphia fan does not exist. eagles announced their training camp dates held at novacare complex, players report on july 25th and the first practice is on july 26th. once again, they will hold open practices, for the public, july 28th, and august 3rd at the link, and august 10th at historic, franklin field.
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world cup action, argentina verse nigeria, one of the best players in the world, and he had a great game scoring twice in the first half to lead argentina to a three-two victory and top spot in group f. good stuff. >> nobody like him out there. speaking of the world cup, beasley, it is the bite that has everyone talking, we will have much more on that, the charges, the reaction, and the player from uruguay biting a member of the opposing team, that story up next.
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trend to go day monkeying around, a whale of the tail and a world cup bite. the lets get started with some very cute little fellows right here, look at these little faces right here, these are japanese cats who made their public debut at a zoo in des moines they were abandoned but now being raised by zoo keepers. they are very cute right there it is an experience one kyacker will not soon forget. he was kyacking off canada when suddenly an orca whale surfaced nearly capsizing him. it eventually swam away but the stunned kyacker was left with this really amazing video and quite an experience. and, lastly the world cup bite. fifa has charged uruguay
5:46 pm
lurees suarez of biting the italian defender during a world cup match yesterday. this means the best offensive player could be suspended. he has ton it two other times. he was allegedly bitten on his left shoulder and afterwards suarez grabbed his teeth and then fell to the ground. >> collided with his shoulder. they are casual incidents that happen during a soccer game average monk the top five players on the planet and he cannot get into your head this is a game played with your feet, not your mouth. >> he just collided, yes. >> it happens glow didn't mean too, my mouth ended up biting you this story has everyone talking on our facebook page, mike writes pretty funny he by the the guy and hold his mouth like the other guy stuck his shoulder in his mouth. exactly. maybe watching some of the dive a nba players fake. >> no. >> no. >> boxers evander holyfield is no strange tore getting bitten by a man. he took a nasty bite in 1997 #. here's his hilarious tweet, i
5:47 pm
guess any part of the body is up for eating. >> beasley remind us it is a primitive weapon, that we all possess, but, if you are over the age of three, or so there is really no excuse. >> you should probably stop. >> cut that out. >> good tip. >> all right. well, a lightening strike, at yellow stone national park, is caught on tape. the man who shot this amazing video, was shooting a hail storm, that bolt hit the ground a few feet from where he was. even more unbelievably, he did not know about the lightening, until he went back and looked at the tape, wow, close call there. >> that ace macing. >> isn't it though. >> yellow stony met a woman who was struck by lightening. it was crazy. yes, they say back of your neck, tingles before you are struck by lightening. >> you don't want that to happen today with these storms brewing. >> if you hear that thunder, bringing everybody inside. the whole team in the car, the
5:48 pm
house. we are talking about scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly later this evening. we had one renegade downpour moving through but now we will see breaks in the clouds before a line of storms moves through later tonight. lets take a look outside where we are enjoying, a picture perfect day, no matter where you are, our live neighborhood network takes us across the the region, and you can see, places like rehoboth beach, delaware, even down the shore, where people are enjoying plenty of fun on the beach, in the boards, especially, the temperature this afternoon in rehoboth beach 74. wind south south east at 16 miles an hour. on storm scan three this is the line i'm talking about. showers and thunderstorms moving east and they will weaken as they move closer. here's the ren gate shower i was talking about moving its way through philadelphia county, even montgomery, bucks and now on its way to northern mercer county a lot of lightening and heavy downpours as it makes its way in to north jersey. it is through ewing, peck ton, hopewell and moving towards
5:49 pm
the the north east towards rocky hill and south brunswick. we will be saying good bye to this but additional showers and thunderstorms coming later tonight. still sticky and steam any philadelphia, wilmington and dover. that humidity is oppressive down the shore catching a break with temperatures in the 70's. ocean the water temperature is sitting at 7o the comfort index, not so comfortable tonight. this evening, we're in the oppressive category. as you head south through parts of the delaware, wilmington, dover, it is almost, insufferable close to the 75-degree dew point. really incredible numbers this evening. future weather shows us a few spotty showers in the early evening but here's the line that moved through. it breaks up, half goes to new york, half moves through the delaware valley. heavy downpours and lightening. then it moves out by 7:00 a.m. thursday morning we're talking about the sun coming up, and then trier conditions, working in to the the region. it will be even easier to breathe, out there. so this is the way it will unfold. in the wake of the front late
5:50 pm
tonight, morning sprinkle possible, otherwise we will see clearing skies, drying conditions, friday looks great and so does saturday if you are heading down the the shore no weather issues, or even in the mountains, during the evening, scattered showers and storms expect. tomorrow, drying conditions expected, and then it will be a very, nice day. in the poconos, nice as well, friday and saturday, better days, with temperatures in the 70's, down the shore looking good as well, thursday, afternoon sunshine, on the exclusive eye witness weather seven day forecast looking quite good for the weekend and then getting sticky and steamy as we work our way, through the beginning of next week. tomorrow, for orr at the shore i will be live at the 40th street beach in sea isle city, it was just named a superstar beach in a new water quality report. there are several superstar beach's long the the jersey shore, and you may be visiting one this weekend. we have sent meteorologist justin drabick to one of them today. he is live for news stone harbor, hi justin.
5:51 pm
>> good evening, kathy n all seven new jersey beaches were named superstar beaches and stone harbor, popular spot to visit now. here's one more reason to come down here, 96th street beach, that would be one of the cleanest in the country. there is nothing like a swim in the ocean to cool off a on a hot summer day. it is even better when you know water you are swimming in is clean this beach at 96th street in stone harbor has been named super storm beach by national resources defense council. >> it is great to have water so clean it is recognized nationally. it is very clear and very warm and just a nice recognition to have. >> reporter: stone harbor beach patrol captain sandy says the health department tests water once a week. >> it is tested on a weekly basis. they drive to specific sites and take the water samples and take them back to the lab and test quality. >> reporter: out of the beaches tested across the u.s. only 35 made the cut as a superstar beach. vacationers we spoke to say
5:52 pm
they are not surprised stone harbor made the list. >> it vice important. that is what the life guard told me yesterday best beach around. >> water quality is definitely important. it is a beautiful beach. sparkling. >> reporter: here's other superstar beaches. washington avenue beach in margate, 40th street in avalon, 40th street beach in sea isle city, webster road beach in upper township. and forked road beach in wildwood crest and the swedes street beach in dewey beach, delaware. new jersey as more beaches on the list than any other state, and water quality is important. epa says millions of people get sick each year from swimming in polluted the waters and the the weather, well, it will be great down here this weekend. come down and check it out. live from stone harbor i'm meteorologist
5:53 pm
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former survivor cast member is killed in an accident, justin beiber faces off with photographers and george clooney takes drastic action against the paparazzi. >> lets get that from the insider's kevin frasier in los angeles. >> reporter: chris and jessica new clues are surface nothing
5:56 pm
reality star's suicide was motive for him taking his life, his model wife's night out with leonardo dicaprio. that is andrew stern, looking for love on 2009 episode of millionaire match maker, and asked this mixer basically striking out, until he met deal or this deal model katie clear i. the two married in 2010, and in april, he filed for divorce. representatives for the couple says that the stern suffered from long term depression, and was dealing with financial issues. sunday he shot himself in the head at this target range. rumors surfaced that it was this picture taken in may at canes film festival that may have been the last straw, katie partying with with leonardo dicaprio but their representative says they were discussing a mutual compassion, animal compassion. and kayla bankston, blood versus water died yesterday when a trainee was working on derailed. it is still unclear what caused the accident.
5:57 pm
caleb appeared on survivor in 2013 alongside his dramatic fiance, colton. also, trending another justin beiber car wreck. web site tmz obtained these photos of the crash, beiber, left driving the vehicle and was hit by another car in beverly hills a car driven by paparazzi chasing justin's escalade when a bmw smashed into beiber's suv. in other star news george clooney's paparazzi problems n italy george was granted two new protection laws preventing fans and pop race friday getting close to his residence until after his planned wedding to human rights lawyer am al-zawahiri pond dean. george and amal have been considering several wedding location news latest news seems that mexico are out and lake cuomo is in. chris and jessica i'm sure you will be there. >> if only, thanks kevin. you can see kevin and insider crew tonight and every week night at 7:30 right here on
5:58 pm
cbs-3. a summer favorite returns to cbs-3 tonight. >> big brother is back, that show follows a group of people who lived together in the house, and this is outfitted with 76 high definition cameras and dozens of microphones. they record their every move, 24 hours a day. catch the season premiere of big brother tonight at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 we are following new details in a deadly shooting, that involves a delaware state trooper, latest on the officer's condition and what we have learned about the man who was killed here. kathy? we are tracking some showers and thunderstorms on storm scan three we will time them out and show what you to expect and when the sun will return without this humidity, we will take a look the at that with the seven day. new at 6:00 a close call at the summer camp a five-year oldies rescued from the water, hear from eyewitnesses who saw it happen. also what happened, inside of this philadelphia home, two people were attacked, and they
5:59 pm
are fighting for their lives tonight, we will tell you what is making the the investigation difficult for police, next on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we will begin with breaking news chopper three above a deadly accident involving a amtrak train and pedestrian. >> lets go to "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones live with the breaking details, todd. >> reporter: jessica, people here tell us that this is what happened around 4:45 this afternoon when a woman was trying to cross tracks right here at septa stop in sharon hill, when she was struck by an acela train, again, this happened shortly before 5:00 o'clock this evening. the 2163 acela express train operating from boston to washington, struck the woman on the tracks right here near sharon hill stop. 272 passengers and crew on the train at the time, were not injured but again, this is a fatality, woman killed on the tracks here. it happened around 4:45 this
6:00 pm
afternoon. the exact circumstances of why she was trying to cross here are still unknown but here's what we do know that septa services on this line has been shut down and that the amtrak service has been reduced to just one lane but once again around 4:45 this afternoon a woman struck and killed here, she was trying to cross tracks here at sharon hill, shop. septa service, in both directions and right now amtrak service has been reduced to one lane. that is story reporting live from sharon hill, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you todd for the update there. shot in the line of duty, a delaware state trooper is recovering from two bullet wound after a dangerous run in with the suspect. trooper stopped the suspect on birdie lane in magnolia kent county. and then shots were fired. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry has details now on the investigation. >> reporter: corporate rally with lloyd mccann is here at christiana hospital


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