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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  October 1, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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"eyewitness news" begins with breaking news from atlantic city, flames sweep through several building within walking distance of the boardwalk and that raging inferno is still burning out of control at this hour, forcing a dozen people out of their homes including several children. good morning "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is on the scene on atlantic avenue where she just spoke to the fire chief, syma. >> reporter: good morning, erika and ukee, this fire is still out of control, stepping out so you can try to see flames soluting from the roof. it is hard to see but it is behind this tree. fire fighters have been trying to battle this blaze for hours here in atlantic city, fire is located on atlantic avenue between north carolina and pennsylvania avenues just blocks from the casino and boardwalk. five build goes have been affected, the at least two of
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those buildings have partially collapsed. the fire startedded around 10:00 and spread to other multi unit buildings. the first floor, mainly storefronts with apartment above. the fire started in an alteration shop, luckily, in one has been injured in this fire but fire fighters have been having a hard time containing it. >> the fire fighters, we have had two partial collapses, and 11:14 and 11:16 and in the rear of 1118 is collapsed. right new wind has been a factor all night. fire got up in the second floor and roof building all night and going in the direction of the wind, and that is our issue tonight. >> reporter: that is true, it is very windy here and wind is something they are battling along with this fire. the red cross is here assisting at least five families, and i'm told about 17 people, including six children and the the salvation
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army is also on the scene but again, erika and ukee, fire fighters have been bat telling fire for hours. they are trying to get it under control considering the conditions with the wind here, they are doing the best that they can. that is very latest from atlantic city, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> let got it latest down the shore, katie. >> erika, part of the reason we have the wind in place right now is still because of relatively just a weak area of low pressure still moving through. not a major system but never to speckle storm scan three with a couple very light showers over last couple hours. really this little line here was a lot more pronounced before the sun went down yesterday. it is just how slow one thing this system is moving but also the fact that it is weakening and over the last three hours it is obvious when you look at how that precipitation fizzle is a way. with that said you will be dealing with again a little bit of the breeze out there but where wind is at its lightes you'll find visability
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dropping off a little bit here. if the wind does in fact wind down earlier or a bit throughout the course of the morning you may end up with lowering visability but right now you're at least 2 miles or great's cross the board here. temperatures in the meantime are generally in the mid 60's across most of the area, but through your outlining suburbs as is typical we know that upper 50's is the general normal for us right now so mount pocono, lancaster and more remote suburbs just outside philadelphia are a tad cooler then we are fining at the international airport. here's how it all shakes out. expect a spotty shower. you don't need an umbrella more than anything it is a storm system i cannot even call it storm system, starts to retreat. we will be left with clouds but we will get sunshine. another milk bag kind of a day, vittoria, over to you. >> good morning everyone. we are hoping for not so much of a milk bag as we had yesterday. we had construction setting us back, a few incident that resulted as -- well, as a result of that but what we are
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looking at now is 95 southbound, as awe approach the area of commodore barry bridge. between 476 and barry we have construction out there. it is active. notice a few folks walking around and one lane to get by. again southbound i-95 between 476 and commodore barry we will have construction zones. if you are traveling on the ben franklin bridge no delays a at all, all bridges are moving really well. ben, tack, betsy, so on and so forth and speed sensors are great. fifty's your average on the schuylkill. fifty-five on 95. fifty-five on 476. pennsylvania turnpike moving well, northeast extension, 20 two. traveling in new jersey we have an accident we want you to be mindful of, white horse pike at white horse avenue. give yourself some more time there. also on the pennsylvania turnpike in either direction between bensalem and fort washington notice a few construction pockets. we have a few of these yellow sensors out here but generally speaking we are not seeing too much volume we are moving well, just a little slower then you would normally at this time, in delays at -- for
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mass transit or the at the airport, ukee. a pennsylvania state trooper is dead, following a shooting at a local gun range. trooper david kidra was shot in the chest during a training exercise at montgomery county public safety training complex in conshohocken. troopers joined with philadelphia police to solute the 26 year-old as his flag draped casket left temple university hospital last night with a police escort. state police are calling it an accident but they have not released details saying the investigation is still ongoing. he was a two year veteran assigned to troop k, skip station. the trooper died serving the people of the commonwealth of pennsylvania and the the men and women of the pennsylvania and women of the state police mourn his loss and extend our sincere condolencees to his family and friend. funeral arrangements have not yet been set. developing right now, the united states has its first
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confirmed case of ebola. the unidentified man is critical and is in isolation, at a hospital in dallas texas. cdc says the patient flew to the u.s. from the west african nation of liberia september 19th and began to have symptoms four or five days later. on september 20th he was an ad mythed to the hospital and now tested positive for the deadly disease. officials are tracking down those who were closest to him but do not believe anyone on the flight was sickened becausee bowl ace not contagious until the patient shows symptoms. >> bottom line here is that i have no doubt that we will control this importation or this case of ebola so it does not spread widely in this country. >> reporter: cdc is not sure how the patient contracted the disease. there is no cure for ebola only a experimental vaccine. so far ebola epidemic in west africa has killed more than
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3,000 people. happening today, philadelphia's new cigarette taxis now in effect. the $2 per pack taxis in addition to the state tax but only in philadelphia. the 45 million-dollar generate by the taxis already incorporated in the school district's budget for the year. it is helping to philadelphian 80 million-dollar budget gap. drivers who go through red lights in the in montgomery county community no longer will get warnings. abington police are now writing tickets. the fine for running red light is one hundred dollars. the camera are at three intersections here they are, old york and susquehanna road, old york and old welsh road and fits the water town and moreland roads. bankruptcy auction of atlantic city's former revel casino hotel is continuing to get bids with a new offer. canadian firm submitted top bid so far, back field asset management is increasing to 110 million-dollar but only if it is accepted by 6:00 this morning. so far no comment from the
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company, brookfield owns casinos in las vegas and bohamas. new jersey governor chris christie is criticizing president obama for way he handled threat pose ed biasis. governor christie sat down with cnn. >> i was disturbed by the 60 minutes interview on sunday night when he said they under estimated isis. it should be we, mr. president, it is your administration and when you are the the leader you have to be held accountable for what this he do. >> when asked what he would do if he he were command inner chief, governor christie says he does not have to answer the question because he is not the president. governor christie sits down for another interest right this time on cbs this morning. gayle king asked the governor about 2016 presidential election, g.o.p. future and his weight loss. it is coming up at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. attention for the race for pennsylvania governor shifts to the cbs-3 studios this morning. republican incumbent tom corbett and tom wolf hold their second broadcast debate.
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election day is five weeks from now abe an average of seven independent polls shows wolf leading corbett 52 to 36 percent. you can watch that debate live at 8:00 on our sister station the cw philly, or listen to it on kyw news radio 1060. cbs will stream it live, our chris may will ask some of the questions, and if you have one for the candidates tweet it to us just use the hash tag cbs-3 philly debate. is there much more to come this morning on "eyewitness news" a former president does something only a few presidents have done before. paper or plastic in one state you no longer have that option, we are back in two
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good morning,e'd like to update our breaking news, live in atlantic city where fire fighters are on the scene of multi alarm fire that started overnight on the 1100 block of, atlantic avenue a block from the boardwalk. that fire spread to several other buildings as well, no
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one was hurt but those flames displaced 17 people. we will have more update, throughout the the morning right here on "eyewitness news". there is no let up to the pro democracy protests in hong kong. thousands of pro democracy protesters continue to block streets, disrupting traffic and also business from the the city's business financial district. they are protesting china's a refusal to agree to certain democratic reforms. california will soon have to brown bag it, governor jerry brown signed legislation imposing the nation's first statewide ban on single use plastic bags. starting next year shoppers in the golden state will to have bring their own bags to large grocery store or pay ten sent for a brown paper bag. in 2016 the ban expands to convenient stores and pharmacies, it is supposed to reduce litter and help the environment. and former president jimmy carter celebrates his 90th birthday. he is only sixth u.s. president to live to 90 or
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older. long time peanut farmer what's electric in 1976, the highlight of his presidency was mid east peace accord between egypt and israel but the economy and capture of 52 americans at u.s. embassy in iran led to his defeat in 1980, in his post white house years carter focused on humanitarian efforts and diplomacy n to 2002 he won the noble peace prize, happy birthday. how is it looking today, katie. >> today has enough going on in the atmosphere where it is worth a mention but it will not mess with your day. we see cloud cover. more clouds then anything but we will probably pick up a quick shot. not enough that you need an umbrella. >> all right. >> it is just not enough but it is, fueling some of that wind right now in atlantic city with the the breaking news we are covering i'm sure all morning long. that will be a concern and as it pertains to the weather, it is something that the fire fighters need to keep in mind here but as far as we're concerned just as far as
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general synopsis of what is going on with the weather this is not a big deal. this system looking at the last three hours has started to fizzle away, most noteably from philadelphia, getting out of your way here, do you see this little bit, it fizzles out to nothing basically. it is a sign that the area of low pressure is in the only pulling away but weakening. you will be left with a couple clouds and a spotty shower. i heard from one of my grand new followers that he has seen light rain, out, market street at wells fargo right now. that is all you have to deal w storm scan three is taking you back here towards the northern high plains and you can start to see beginning of the much larger system underway. severe weather potential through central plains over next day or so and this will be the next system that does affect us. the let me walk you through this pattern. low pressure weakening, pulling away today. tomorrow is a dry day but very pleasant. most of friday good too but then that front, the the actual center of circulation
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to the north but that front that comes with it will be a bad boy and it will bring with it heavy rain, likely thunderstorms but not severe but gusty wind as well into saturday morning. a at this point timing will keep wet weather around through at least the first half of saturday and then gradually start to clear out. weekend won't be a wash but we have wet wet's long the way. mainly cloudy, cooler. cooler by comparison. seventy-two for the high. we will keep the sun for friday before that potent system makes its arrival, ukee, back over to you. thanks, katie. we have breaking news in your head lines on cbs-3 a huge fire sweeps through four build initial atlantic city and three structures collapse. we have a live report from that scene coming up a at the top of the hour. as of right new there are in injuries but more than a dozen people are in the care of the red cross. an investigation is underway into the death of the pennsylvania state trooper david kidra who was killed.
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he was 25 year veteran of the state police. an unidentified patient is in the dallas texas hospital fighting for his life begins the ebola virus. it is first case of ebola in the united states. man recently visited the african nation of liberia. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this mornining how did a late night host become a dangerous celebrity. but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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eagles got welcomed news as they tune up for the rams at lincoln financial field. offensive tackle lane johnson work out at know of care. he is back in the birds nest after serving that four game suspension for using performance enhancing drugs. eagles offensive line has been decimated by injuries. johnson says he hopes to make an impact right away on the team. i hope so.
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we got it going pretty good towards last year moving the ball really well. lets try to get shady back in the game and we will start backup again. >> welcome back, lane. prime time football tomorrow night check out rivalry between vikings and green bay packers coming to you live from historic lambeau field. pregame coverage begins at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. let's talk baseball, phillies asked all members of their coaching staff to return for 2015 season. phillies finished with identical 73-89 records two years in a row. they finish last in the national league east for the first time in 14 years. flyers/rangers last night at the well in south jersey in the last preseason home game. claude giroux on the ice for the first time this preseason. the flyers won four-two. they will play capitols in landover maryland tomorrow night. fly guys open up the regular season begins the bruins in boston one week from tonight. it is time 4:49.
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lets check business news. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. investors looking forward to a new financial quarter october 1st what will they be watching. >> reporter: well, good morning, ukee and erika. investors keeping a close eye on the tension in hong kong. the those pro democracy protests are growing and closing streets in the hong kong districts. many big banks in the area letting employees work from home. now this morning we will also get a lot of data on auto sales. wall street did finish off september which is traditionally the worst month for the markets on the down side. dow jones and nasdaq both fell slightly. ukee and quarter. >> we think of jimmy kimmel as a dangerous celebrity but that is the warning from one software company, what is up with that? >> reporter: yeah, who knew, right. you have to think twice before you google your favorite celebrities especially fit is jimmy kimmel. a computer software company has deemed him the mess dangerous celebrity to search for on line, you'll have a
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19 percent chance of landing on a web site with a virus or malwear. bruce springsteen, chelsea hand letter deemed dangerous searches. kimmel said it is hard to believe a kid who played clarinet and carried a briefcase to junior high grew up to be the most dangerous celebrity, in 2014. ukee and erika. >> i didn't realize he played clarinet, that is pretty good. thanks, jill, a appreciate it. >> reporter: i was surprised about the briefcase actually. coming up, traffic and weather together. we will do it on the
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let's get traffic ape weather together, good morning vittoria. >> good morning everyone. it is very quiet, serene and calm on all of our majors right now. as we look at 95 unfortunately we have a construction zone but traveling southbound on i-95 between 476 and the barry even though you are traveling only using the left-hand lane
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you still will have a problem making any sort of commute traveling further southbound into delaware county and into delaware. just be mindful. north bound looking just as nice. we are now you over the schuylkill expressway over south street. it is so dark but you can see we have a few headlights moving through on that westbound side but both sides of the road not only around center city philadelphia but between your western suburbs, speed sensors high up in the 50's on the schuylkill. that is a great way to start your day. no problems between northeast philadelphia and center city. fifty-five on 476. we have an accident in new jersey, white horse pike at the white horse avenue. this is compromising one of the lanes there be careful of. that watch out for overnight construction on the pennsylvania turnpike between bensalem and fort washington causing a touch slow down but you nothing major. weather-wise today nothing major but just a few sprinkles, that is great way to put it, torey. >> yes, that is what we will
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be find to go day, nothing that would necessarily mean you have to bring an umbrella along but there is still low pressure that we are tracking that is responsible for any clouds you see today. it is responsible for this very isolated little sprinkling, i like how torey put that of a couple little showers right new but not only a retreat area of low pressure but weakening area have of low pressure. i don't think you have to where bye anything but a spotty showers. just enough that it is worth a mention but in the enough to really plan around it. low 60's is the general normal from drexel hill to hainesport and hammington. bethlehem pa in the lehigh valley you will be in the upper 50's as we speak. we have included cover overhead this morning. temperatures are very much what we have seen in recent mornings, even despite the fact that today isn't as warm of a day. part of that is because clouds will be around throughout the the day to limit that sunlight, getting down to the surface to help warm things up. tomorrow looks nicer by comparison more sunshine, milder and most of friday looks good too.
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ukee, back to you. here are some stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 will be following. consultant hired by philadelphia city council to analyze proposed sale of pgw find several concerns with the deal. serious respiratory virus moves across the country it is perfect to know what you need to do to keep you and your children healthy. microsoft is rethinking things when it unveils its new version of the windows starting with the name. check in two, three, four times a day, kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial, erika. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are continuing to follow breaking news. more than a dozen people forced out of their homes after a massive fire ripped through five build initial atlantic city this one has been burning for almost seven hours now. another stunning security lapse involving president obama how a man with a gun ended up in an elevator, with the president. we are back at
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breaking news right new flames ripped through five buildings in atlantic city overnight leaving more than a dozen people homeless. the raging fire has ben burning, all night long, we are live as fire fighters still at work to put out that massive blaze. also another tragedy for pennsylvania state police, for the second time in three weeks a trooper is kill on the job. this time a training exercise leads to a tragic accident. hello everyone good morning it is wednesday, first day of october, i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. also for you this morning, the stage is set for candidates for governor to face off right here in our studios this morning. we will let you know what to expect during today's breakfast with the candidates, katie. erika, while things are very quiet for us currently on the sky deck we have a pretty persistent wind slowing down
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the shore, we will talk about that coming up but also a very potent system waiting in the wings and we will time that out coming up, torey. we are sort of waiting on that rush, but we have construction zones like this one on i-95 southbound in delaware county not causing too much trouble but when sun comes up, rush comes in, we will have have more coming up, stay with us, ukee. more on breaking news huge flames in atlantic city leave a does up people home less including several children. we shot this video earlier this morning as the three alarm fire burned through the roof of that building on atlantic avenue. >> we will get out to syma chowdhry live at that scene where fire fighters are still trying to get a handle on that blaze, syma? >> reporter: still trying to get a handle just hours after the fire started. i will step out of the way so you can see what the situation is like right now. you can still see flames shooting from the roof from these buildings. we are just a few blocks away from the boardwalk and casinos and this three alarm fire has been burng


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