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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 1, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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blocking it but there are still flames shooting from the roof. now this three alarm fire has been burning for hours here in atlantic city on atlantic avenue between north carolina and pennsylvania avenue. five buildings affected. at least two buildings have partially collapsed. fire startedded around 10:00 o'clock last night and spread to other multi unit buildings. the first floors are mainly storefront with the apartments above. the fire started in an alteration/taylor shop and spread from the first floor, second floor through the roof. luckily in one was injured at this time as fire fighters say they have been just having a hard time containing it. >> no injuries to civilians or fire fighters. we have had two partial collapses, 1114 and 1116 and rear of 1118 collapsed. wind has been a factor all night. fire got in the second floor up in the roof area and it is going this is direction of the win. that is our issue tonight.
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>> reporter: wind have been a factor here for the fire fighters, now it is starting to drizzle. i'm in the sure how that is affecting them but if that is getting in the way. wind is main factor keeping these fire fighters giving them a hard time trying to put this blaze out. red cross is on the scene assisting five families a total of 17 people, six of them children. they have all been taken to a nearby hotel. live from atlantic city, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> same, thank you. a pennsylvania state trooper is killed, during a training exercise, at a local gun range. the the trooper david kidra was shot in the chest in the montgomery county public safety training complex in conshohocken. troopers join with philadelphia police to solute the 26 year-old as his casket left temple university hospital last night with the police escort. state police are calling it an accident but they have not released many details saying the investigation is still ongoing. he was a two year veteran
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assigned to troop k skippack station. delaware toddler is fighting for his life after police say he shot himself with the gun found in his home. family members identified him as two-year old aj graves. police say he shot himself in the head at valley run apartments in claymont tuesday morning. boy remains in intensive care at ai du pont hospital for children. shooting just stunned neighbors. >> he was as cute as could he he used to play with his dad. >> two-year old and his mom were only ones inside at the time of the shooting. >> police are still investigating how the the boy got his hand on that gun and if any charges will be filed, erika. man accused of jumping over a fence and running in the white house is due to appear before a federal magistrate tomorrow. omar gonzales is charged with entering a restrict building and carrying a dangerous weapon. prosecutors say he had a knife with him when he stormed past secret service agents and into the east room. the charges were announced as
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lawmakers on capitol hill grilled secret service director about the security breach. >> it is clear that our security plan was not properly executed, this is unacceptable and i take full responsibility and i will make sure it does not happen again. >> i wish to god you protect the white house like you are protecting your reputation here today. >> we are learning about another potential security breach just three days before the fence jumping incident a private security contractor with a gun shared an elevator with president obama at centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta that is a violation of protocol. 5:33. lets get traffic and weather together with katie and system coming our way. >> that is where we are seeing some of the wind we have been discussing here and drizzle out in atlantic city where our breaking news continues to unfold with that fire. our syma chowdhry is out there as well but we will start off just by looking at the wind. when you through arrows it
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shows you the direction where the win is coming from. it is predominantly a northeasterly breeze. where we are seeing that wind in atlantic city top the charts here across the board at 10 miles an hour sustain. there may are higher gusts embedded there. lighter wind you find is up across the north and western suburbs here. as we go next to storm scan 3a check of the area sweep you can see speckles of green this area of low pressure while retreat is weakening with time. so breeze probably at this point is the most noticeable thing you will notice as you go out the door because any wet weather we have got at this point is very much the scattered. so i don't think you need an umbrella but don't be surprised if you end up seeing a couple rain drops throughout the day here. forty-six is our current temperature at the airport. outside we will go to the suburbs where it always tend to be cooler by comparison and that is certainly the case today. lower 70's expect in philadelphia, as well as down the shore here this afternoon. sun will be there but it will be somewhat limited because of
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this, again, retreating area have have low pressure but we will see a little bit of it. just an off chance some could pick up an isolated shower at some point, vittoria, back over to you. traveling out and about rush hour wise it is none in existent. one thing we do have, however is construction on i-95 in delaware county. looking at i-95 commuting in the southbound direction between 476 and commodore barry bridge. you will notice one lane of traffic getting by. the good news we are not seeing too much volume just yet, bad news it is sluggish in this area trying to get down in delaware and further south in delaware county. moving to the schuylkill expressway traveling westbound we are looking good, eastbound picking up a few you more vehicles but still too early to be called a rush yet. fifty-eight on the schuylkill, 55 on i-95, traveling on 476, we have an accident in new jersey white horse pike at white horse avenue so be mindful of that. we have construction on the pennsylvania turnpike in either direction between bensalem and fort washington. might be a good idea to watch
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out for guys and girls with the hard hats there. in delays for mass transit, erika and ukee. in business news, how much it will cost to you enjoy changing of the leaves this fall. >> is what up with microsoft? money watch's jill wagner joins us from the stock exchange in new york, hey jill. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. microsoft is giving a world an early look at windows operating system called windows 106789 yes, microsoft skipped nine after current version windows eight received mixed reviews. windows ten is meant to be easier to use, you can create more than one desk top. it comes out next year. general motors wants to move past its recall debacle, today mary barro will outline and long term financial strategy for the company. she wants to make general motors the the most valued car company in the world. the the northeast is the most expensive place to see the fall foliage. trip advisor ranked the
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nation's top locations based on prices for hotels, gas, food and apple picking. average cost for weekend trip five turn and two. the best bargains are in west conn sin and lake tahoe, california. the most expensive location, lennox, massachusetts will cost you an average $685, to spot the colorful canopies this season. forget those cherry slurp he is, 7-eleven teamed up with tony horton, and they will be launching a new line of of healthy foods and cold press juices. they are all meant to be avertible. pricees from 475 to 650. some new options, spicy salad and grilled chicken on a whole grain sub. for now they are only available at dozens of stores in california. sound good though. ukee and erika. they are in the getting rid of the slurpee right. >> no, that is there to say i believe. >> thank goodness.
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right now 5:37. at 8:00 o'clock this morning "eyewitness news" is hosting breakfast with the candidates. >> republican incumbent tom corbett and democratic challenger tom wolf will take part in the second of three debates here in our studios which you can watch live on the cw philly. our pat ciarrocchi joins us from studio b with the preview you, pat. >> reporter: erika, good morning to you. debate studio is ready as you can see behind me. candidates will be here a little bit before 8:00. what should voters be looking for? perhaps will be on the offensive? who will be on the defensive. will tom wolf be more specific about the tax increases that he has been proposing. with five weeks to go before election day bet candidates know this is a critical opportunity to sell their agenda. five weeks to go before election day could democrat tom wolf, the york county businessman, unseat the republican incumbent governor tom corbett? looking at seven independent
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poles taken between august 18th and september 24th, wolf is registering 52 percent support, corbett is at 36 percent and an advantage to wolf of nearly 16 points. governor took his campaign to pitberg where a 28 million-dollar bridge repair project is to begin. >> it says that we were fix bridges, fix the the reds this year, we have already because gun delivering on that promise. >> reporter: promise of education reform headlines first corbett/wolf debate on september 22nd. >> i don't know $27 billion is enough. i necessity if i were doing this i would sit down with the educators and say let's fix this and make sure we are delivering fully on this promise. >> reporter: wolf's campaign launched an interactive web site contrasting the candidate's vision of education in pennsylvania. corbett has been targeted for cutting a billion dollars from pennsylvania's education budget. at the first debate governor defended his reform efforts. >> mr. wolf supporters and public sector unions,
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particularly teachers union, have spent millions have of dollars putting out the lie that i cut education. i didn't good in the meantime the challenger is taking aim. >> i think we need a fresh start. >> reporter: fresh start is what we will see exactly what the specifics are as we come up today at 8:00. watch breakfast with the candidates live at 8:00a in m on our sister station cw philly. you can listen to it as our sister station kyw news radio, cbs will be streaming it live ape here's something that you can do to interact with us and the candidates. if you have a question for republican corbett or democrat wolf, you can tweet it to us pie using hash tag cbs philly debate, thinks the center stage for pennsylvania politics, so we will he see what happens. what he did hope you will join us for breakfast with the candidates on the cw philly at 8:00 this morning. ukee, back to you. thanks very much. see you shortly. new jersey governor chris
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christie is criticizing president obama saying he under estimates the strength officeis. in an interview this morning, governor told gayle king that the president needs to hold himself accountable for his actions. >> what i was talking about in that answer in wisconsin lets say they under estimated mr. president, we under estimated, he under estimated, and you need to be accountable for those things. you are in the always directly responsible when you are need to be accountable. >> gayle asked governor about 2016 presidential election and g.o.p. future. cbs this morning starts at 7:00 on cbs-3. still ahead drivers beware the car you drive could make you a bigger target for police, we will let you know which cars are most likely to get stopped for speeding. it won't be licensing before we start seeing salt on the road when snow starts to fall in a few months and now it will cost more to keep the roads clear this winter. leaves changing colors come on.
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also it is scold scariest show of television we will take you behind the scenes of the new thriller stalker before it premiers tonight on cbs-3. we will be ride back. i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
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thnot tonight. introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99. smoky double bacon sirloin. parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. seventeen people are in the care of the red cross after flames destroyed four build initial atlantic city.
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fire broke out around 11:00 last night but fortunately no injuries to report. investigation is underway in the death of pennsylvania state trooper david kidra who was shot during a training exercise in montgomery county. the the trooper was a two year veteran of the state the police. unidentified patient is at a texas area hospital being treated for ebola virus. that patient is the first ebola case in the united states. authorities say the man recently returned from a trip from liberia. just past 5:43. lets get traffic and weather together. a little windy out there, katie. >> yes, wind is quite light in across central pennsylvania: we have fog that may develop in those spots but it is location dependent as to what you find out the the door. the bottom line is is this, is there a weak area of low pressure and you can see here, the three hour loop here back across take a look here do you see that? it fizzles away. this is in the just a retreating area of low pressure but weakening area of
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low pressure which does mean that those two things combined will keep us in the clouds here today, or a stray left over shower but once this gets out of here you don't to have worry too much. we will have a clearing skies later tonight. the next big thing is starting to get its act together this will be very heavy thunderstorms crossing from kansas into missouri. you can see rotation that starting to on here with that counterclockwise throw into monday tan a that is the storm system that brings us our next round of very heavy rain and gusty win and probably thunderstorms. currently we will look at visability. we have wind down to the shore right new but you gradually drops off and here in lancaster we are under a mile visibility. a little bit of fog, maybe not as pronounced or widespread as yesterday produced but it will be out there. your school day forecast, we have a b, you'll find some clouds, perhaps a shower but not enough we have to lower that grade much more than that. it will still be a smidge
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cooler then yesterday was because of the cloud. won't warm things up if you don't have as much sunlight. both thursday and friday, during the day, look great but by friday night that next front comes along and first half of the weekend looks dreary with rain and thunderstorms now in the forecast. but maybe you'll love watching the rain rolling in. if you are a weather geek we want to you join our team of eyewitness weather watcher. sign up by heading to cbs for all of the details you need to know. really cool new program we have just begun, vittoria, over to you. >> good morning everybody. we are watching this construction wreak havoc on your commute right now and it is shocking because we don't generally see a lot of volume at this time but one lane only maybe not so shocking, right. traveling southbound i-95 maneuvering through delaware county you'll have one lane between 476 and commodore barry bridge. you'll net thinks squeeze here in the south wound direction. now because of this traffic it is blocking or not so much blocking but it is backing up
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476 and that is blue route for any within trying to get to i-95. if you are traveling southbound i-95 construction zone is between 476 and commodore barry. the the the delay on 476, it is stemming back to route one. any plans to head to i-95 you will want to watch out for that delay. traveling on i-95 in northeast philadelphia at center city, 50 on the schuylkill expressway, 55 other parts of the 476, definitely in the every where we have seen. traveling to new jersey white horse pike and white horse avenue we have an accident. be mindful of. that overnight construction in both directions on have the pennsylvania turnpike between bensalem and fort washington. we have yellow here, so just a touch of the slow down but keep in mind, don't forget you can get updated backup information about traffic anywhere in your area by down loading new your drive app, down load that app for iphone, android devices by going to cbs drive. with the winter fast approaching demand is out
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pacing supply for road salt. get ready to pay more for it. trade group says it cannot mind salt as fast as cities and states are ordering it. it stems from last winter pennsylvania salt prices, increases are eight to 9 percent. state transportation officials say they used more than a million tons of road salt last year. all you rode warriors out there this is for you. if you neil need for speed don't do it in these cars. new study by reveals subaru wrx is the top ticketed car in america. pontiac gt the o came in second with run ins with the law. also making the list top 5scion srs, and subaru tribeca. olympic great michael phelps is apologizing after being arrested for driving drunk for a second time. police pulled over the the swimming superstar yesterday after going 84 miles an hour in the 45 miles an hour zone.
5:49 am
officers say phelps also failed a field sobriety test. he reached a plea deal after his fires dui arrest ten years ago. phelps later apologized on twitter saying i understand the severity of my actions and take full responsibility. i know these word may not mean much right new but i'm deeply or toy everyone i have let down. your time 5:49. new this morning a major honor for a local landmark. also flyers fans erupt in cheers but doesn't have anything to do with the team's performance, we will show you performance, we will show you what got fans fired up last
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the word is, thriller, the new show stalker premiered right here on cbs-3 tonight at ten. >> unlike any crime show we
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have seen before, i spoke with the star maggie hugh who says the death of her character convinced her to sign up. >> she what's pit my of what a strong women is, and toss work their circumstances, and i think as we unravel her people will admire her strength of character and that is something that isn't in the sort of stuff i have done before but something very real to me now. >> q's aided by dylan mcdermott they delve inside mind of stalkers as member of the threat assessment unit of the lapd. catch the priest mere tonight at ten on cbs-3 followed by "eyewitness news" at 11:00. a special honor for philadelphia's famous reading terminal market. it has been named one of the ten great public spaces in america. from great food to unique crafts you can find just about anything there. american planning association will officially give at ward
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to the market, later on this morning. say that is a cause for a celebration lunch down there. >> game on, game on. >> they have everything there. >> they all do a great job. 5:53. what do you think how are we looking today. >> i was going to say i hear apple cider doughnuts at the market are the best thing in the world. >> oh, universe. >> oh, man now i'm really hungry. let's get some food up in this joint. storm scan three we are act a i have and watching low pressure still making a retreat. but a few speckles of green will show up here today as a result of that but it is more nuisance then anything. october chill waits in the wings a very potent front on the move by friday night it gets here bringing in heavy rain but up until that point generally we will keep that weather quiet. vittoria, over to you. thanks very much, katie. as far as quiet majority of our commute is quiet but not if you are traveling on i-95.
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we are seeing a delay a approaching the area of 476, down toward the commodore barry bridge. it is within lane only as a result of construction now. because of that construction zone it is backing up 476 which is blue route, something awful between route one as you make your way down towards i-95. definitely one area you need to give yourself more time, everybody else not awful but we will see what happens, stay with us, we will thnot tonight. introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99. smoky double bacon sirloin.
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sign up now and get $300 back with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v flyers are back on home ice october 9th and they won't be only ones getting cheered on that night. >> flyers ice girls, they are back. the crowd cheered when this video was put on the jumbo tron at the well, during last night's practice game win over the rangers. now ice girls were let go, fired after last season but the ice guys were roundly booed during every appearance this preseason. >> poor guys. >> the team will be pick after a try out at the skate zone, this sunday. i love it.
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i love that. >> yes. >> hey, coming up, next half an hour on "eyewitness news" this morning. >> we are live with an update on the breakining news, we have been following this all morning, also all night too, massive fire in atlantic city has been burning for about eight hours and it is still not under control. twilight fans rejoyce we have word that new twilight movies, are about to be released, we are back at the top of the hour good
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my one word to describe ac would relaxing getaway fun unique beautiful serenity shenanigans refreshing shopping surprising happy place you know what i mean? i want to say friendly. exhilarating adventure the boardwalk #nosleep it's a great weekend. there is so much to do here. it's so great to have it so close. it's just a great location, a great place to be. we love atlantic city.
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good morning everyone thanks for joining us. thinks our breaking news flames pour from the roof of the building in atlantic city. >> three alarm fire leaves more than a dozen people homeless and five buildings destroyed. "eyewitness news" reporter
6:00 am
syma chowdhry joins us at that scene with the latest information, syma? >> reporter: good morning, fire fighters are still, battling, this fire, as you take a look you can see flames, and smoke, shooting from the the buildings. it has been eight hours since this fire has started and fire fighters are having a hard time containing it. flames light up the sky just blocks from the boardwalk and casinos. three alarm fire burns for hours, here in atlantic city. fire fighters have been having a hard time putting it out. >> we felt probably a million or 2 gallons of water on it and we're still going. >> reporter: it started 10:00 o'clock on atlantic avenue between north carolina and pennsylvania avenues. five buildings affected. witnesses say the fire started quickly. >> there were flames shooting out at once. >> two of those buildings have have collapsed. first floors are mainly storefronts with apartments above. about five families have been displaced. the fire started in an